Crash felt the ground under his feet and knew that he was back on Earth. The minute his sister saw him holding Cortex in his arms, she had ran over to them. Chick and Stew quickly turned the camera away. Nacey and Nina both ran over. Nina was in shock, understandably so. This gave her hard sense of deja vue. Aku-Aku floated over to the media. He told them that Cortex had won and to give them a few hours to get him back on his feet.

Everyone cheered. Uka-Uka kept his distance from the action. He remembered how the hypnosis was supposed to work. He hated biding his time. But he knew that he had no other option right now. Right now, as he understood it, the hypnosis would not work until Cortex was awake.

He remembered what N. Trance told him, "You have to be very specific. You can't tell say declare over and over again. I made sure that he would not figure out the key word and give the victory to Aku-Aku. Wait til he awakens. Then ask him or tell him: declare the winner. If you say it like that, the hypnosis will work."

Meanwhile, Coco was trying her hardest to fight off her worry and the deja vue. Since Cortex didn't lose a lot of blood this time, she had asked Nacey and Nina to standby. The two did as they were told and waited. Crunch came over with the Nitro Squad girls in tow. Isabella, seeing Crash's horrified look, placed her hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her, sadness in his green eyes. He looked like he was losing his best friend. That made her heartbreak.

"I am sure that he will be okay..." She whispered.

"Thanks..." He whispered back.

She gave him a gentle squeeze to his shoulder. After a moment or two, Cortex started to stir.

"He's waking up!" Coco gushed.

Crash turned to him, seeing that his sister was correct. Cortex slowly opened his eyes. His vision was blurry at first but the minute it refocused, he saw Crash.

"C - Crash...?" He asked, a bit weak. He tried to get up but was forced back down by the weight in his shoulder.

"Take it easy! Your shoulder is really hurt." Crash insisted.

The bandicoot was trying his hardest not to be super happy. But it was hard to when he saw that Cortex was alive. It was a huge load off his chest.

Cortex's eyes widen in realization and complained, "Oh that stupid alien hit me in the shoulder after I won fair and square!"

Uka-Uka instantly perked up at that. He knew that "evil" Cortex wouldn't care about that. He thought, 'That means he will pick Aku-Aku to win. Not on my watch...'

The evil magical mask turned to them and asked, "So... have you decided on who you will declare the winner?"

Cortex groaned a bit. For a brief moment, his eyes turned pink with a blue swirl in the middle. Uka-Uka smirked darkly. He did his job beautifully but the glare from Aku-Aku made him worried.

"He will declare the winner when he is ready." Aku-Aku stated wisely.

Cortex groaned again. Once again, his eyes turned pink with a blue swirl in the middle. Uka-Uka's eyes went wide. While he knew that his brother had no idea what they were up to, he couldn't help but be suspicious.

He huffed, "He will declare the winner now!"

Another groan from Cortex. Aku-Aku was getting suspicious. Crash was getting upset.

"Hey why don't you stuff it already? Can't you see he's been through enough already?!" Crash hissed.

"Why don't you stuff it?" Cortex asked, a bit rudely.

That got Crash's attention as he did a solid 360. He looked at Cortex like he grew three heads. Everyone was looking at him the same way. (Minus the bad guys.)

"Neo? Are you alright?" Nacey questioned.

"I'm fine Nance! Just let it go!" Cortex insisted.

Nacey stepped back a bit and thought, 'What just happened? He hasn't been this snippy in a long time...'

Nina folded her arms in front of her chest and asked him sharply, "Hey Uncle why don't you cool it?"

That's when Cortex looked up at her. He sharply replied, "Why are you throwing evil away? You were so good at it, Nin. You could've taken over my stationery, for Pete's sake." That raised all kind of red flags.

Aku-Aku turned to his brother and demanded, "What did you do to him?"

Uka-Uka cackled evilly, "Let's just say that my old friend did us a favor."

Cortex got up to his feet and took the mic from Chick. Crash was stunned. The only time he would act like that was when...

"Oh no..." He whispered.

But it was too late.

"I declare the winner to be Uka-Uka!" Cortex stated.

Uka-Uka laughed evilly. That's when the sky started to turn dark and grey. Lightning and thunder collided as the wind picked up. There was no rain but it felt like a hurricane.

Spyro asked, "W - what's happening?!"

Before anyone could explain, Uka-Uka floated up to a lightning bubble, striking at his brother. Aku-Aku immediately turned to stone, plummeting to the sand.

"Oh no! Aku-Aku!" The good guys all cried out in a scared unison.

"The world is now mine to control!" Uka-Uka declared. He turned to N. Trance and added, "I usually don't like biding my time but what you did was a big help."

N. Trance bowed in loyalty and stated, "I would do anything for evil."

N. Tropy came up to them as he reminded the hypnotist, "Just be glad that I warned you ahead of time that he was going to choose Aku-Aku."

N. Trance just said nothing to that comment. Cortex came over to them, his eyes glowing red. He was now dressed in a dark red suit with black undershirt and dark red sneakers.

"What now master?" He asked, in a hypnotized voice.

Uka-Uka turned and saw that everyone had fled. He commanded, "Capture all that were here. Make it double on Crash, if you can. We can't allow him to get the victory. Kill him if you have to. Anyone else, bring back to me alive."

"Yes master." Cortex agreed. He turned to N. Gin and asked, "Help me, N. Gin?"

N. Gin nodded in fear. It was like Cortex had become some sort of Phoenix. He paused for a moment as an unwanted shiver went down his spine. He couldn't help but wonder why.


Wishmaker1028: That's it for the bad ending! I know it had the same start as the good ending but I wanted to do it that way. Don't forget, I am hoping to do a series of one shots following this series and two sequels to each ending. Hope to see you all soon for that. Please read and review! And always think outside of the box!