I feel as if there aren't enough Yandere stories at all, so here is where I'll compile yandere one shots. For AO3 only

Pairing: Joseph Joestar/Reader

Rating: T

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure belongs to Hirohiko Araki.

You wanted to go outside again, you wanted to feel the sun on your skin once more. It was a fever dream sometimes, to realize how close you were to these normal ideals and how you realized that you would never experience them again. But you spent the past three (or so you've been told) in the tender, loving care of one Mr. Joseph Joestar.

It all started so innocuously, it had been unfortunate for you and a blessing in disguise for him.

You had been a barista in a coffee shop that Joseph frequented in New York, and you were besotted with the nice older couple that loved the cute latte art you produced. They had been adorable at the time, with Joseph being attentive to his wife Suzie while they ate and drank their coffee. Never did you suspect anything cruel or misleading about the elder gentleman. He came in at times either with or without Suzie, and always left a generous tip for you to bring home. He had been the perfect customer.

One cold winter day you had been chatting with a rather cute boy that you knew from one of your college courses when Joseph came in. His demeanor changed when he saw the bright eyed student sit and chat with you in between customers; the man went from happy and joyous to stoic in the span of one second. You didn't really notice, seeing as there had been days where Joseph was more grumpy than others. So when he ordered his own coffee, you were more than happy to make a little heart from the cream in an attempt to get him to smile.

It had never failed before, but it did that day.

You went back to the boy and Joseph watched from a corner of the small cafe, a weird glint in his eyes.

Then the next day, the boy that you had been chatting up was killed in a car accident; the car never identified and the driver going free for his death. You were shocked and felt bad, but life went on for you and Joseph kept up his visits to the cafe. You didn't notice how Suzie's visits began to dwindle as well until she wasn't coming anymore. When you mentioned it to Joseph he said that she found a new brunch restaurant to go to and that was the end of that.

From that first boy, anyone else talking to you in more than a friendly or professional fashion ended up dying in someway or another. You were convinced that you somehow the mafia or what not was following you and when you told Joseph, the older man relaxed and promised to investigate it further with the Speedwagon Foundation. You were happy that the elder man was willing to have SPW members canvas your home and for one of them to shadow you on your walks in the city.

Until you let your guard down, and found yourself in a windowless room covered with the color pink.

Everything was pink, from the bedding to the walls to the carpets. Little stuffed animals and dolls were all shades of the girlish color and everything was of high quality. Including the door that separated you from this room and the world outside of it. In that first day of captivity, you had been worried that whomever had been targeting you got to the people protecting you.

Then on the second day, Joseph walked in with a tray of food in his hands.

You felt betrayed, you lashed out and screamed at the elder man; not noticing how his chiseled face grew dark with anger. He slammed the tray down onto a table and lunged forward with a quickness that you didn't think that an old man should have. He gripped your neck with his prosthetic hand and pushed his weight onto you, trapping you between him and the bed.

"Everything I'm doing is for you own good!" he growled angrily, but when he saw the fear in your eyes he backed off. The same body that hurt you had enveloped you in a tender embrace, "I'm sorry. I don't mean to hurt you, I want to protect you from the world."

You sat in his embrace, numb and deaf to everything that was happening. With normal people, the threat of being hurt didn't faze you because they had no power to do it with. But Joseph wasn't normal, he was a real estate mogul and had connections with the Speedwagon Foundation. There was no way you were going back to your normal life and knew it, ever since you had been in the windowless room.

Joseph was a stern man with a daddy kink and he made you into his perfect baby girl. He wanted for you to be happy, but only on his terms. You learned early on to be good and do what Joseph said or else you would be punished for it. He had about two rules that were indefinite; one, don't ask to go outside, and two, never lie to him. You knew that breaking these rules would result in terrible consequences but you never got to see it.

When you snapped out of your thoughts, your gaze shifted to where Joseph was peeling an apple for you. He hummed happily as he cut the apple into pieces and hand fed you. "Open up!" he smiled and you dutifully did so.

The pink room was suffocating and the lights were terribly artificial to you. You tugged on the bottom of the pink nightgown, Joseph bought specifically for you. He noticed immediately and looked at you questioningly, "Something wrong dear? Maybe you would like a peach or pear next time?" He kindly ran his real hand through your hair before letting it come to rest on a bruised neck, a silent warning.

"No," you whispered.

The hand tightened menacingly, "No what?"

You swallowed nervously, "No Daddy."

Joseph nodded, "Good, now what is it you want honey? Daddy knows you want something."

You were beginning to sweat, you knew that if you changed your answer at the last minute you would get into trouble. So you looked at Joseph's bright blue eyes and gulped nervously, and you eyed the paring knife in his other hand. But he merely waited for you to answer him.

"I uh, I-" you started and Joseph smiled encouragingly at you, "I want to go outside, please Daddy."

He sighed and the hand left your neck; the elder man stood and for a second you had been sure that your wish had been granted. But his eyes were dark and he grabbed you by the hair; Joseph ignored your screams and apologies as he drug you from the bed.

"Why does it always come back to this?" he promised that you would never want to ask him to go outside again.

Joseph felt bad later when he lay with you in your bed, he held you as you cried softly from the pain. It wasn't his fault! He loved you too much to let you go, to let the world take another person he cared about too early. He would have to live with helping you do even the most simple of things and he would have to be extra careful with you during sex. He might have clipped your wings, or in reality your Achilles Tendon, but it was the price he was willing to pay to keep you with him.

At least now you knew better than to ask to go out again.

I'm gonna try and do as many of these for the characters that I know, I won't do any for parts that I haven't watched or read.

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