Okay so some of yall wanted more GioGio and I will oblige.

Pairing: Giorno Giovanna/Reader

Rating: T

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure belongs to Hirohiko Araki.

You tried to smile at Trish as she and Sheila E escorted you through a luxury shopping center at Giorno's behest. The young Don deciding to hunker down in what would be your baby's nursery trying to assemble a crib and changing station with both Mista and Fugo, while also sending both Trish and Sheila E out to go get baby clothes with his wife.

Something in you twisted as you thought of that, being the wife of Giorno Giovanna was not easy. While he was a handsome young man only a year older than you, you were sure that underneath that gorgeous facade was a monster. If given the chance to warm up to him and get to know Giorno you were sure that you would have fallen for him at one point. But waking up in a bed while in chains, and being told that you were going to marry someone really put a strain on any potential relationship that you would have had.

From age fifteen you had worked in that little cafe, being more than happy to be a well known face in the community. Someone that if you needed help, they would help; that's the kind of person you were. You thought of Tiramisu and her brother, wondering if the children were still with their abusive drunk of a mother. You would wonder about the old ladies that would come in every Thursday at noon to play chess or dominoes, would they sit there and wonder why their drinks weren't made exactly like you made them? Or would they even notice if you were gone.

A small sigh escaped you as Trish held up a cute onesie with a little cartoon lion on it saying, Mommy's Little Lion. You didn't even get the chance to say that you hated that shade of yellow before the pink haired woman threw it into a cart. Instead Trish would choose what she thought Giorno would approve of, and you were relegated to saying nothing.

You didn't want to be married to Giorno, you wanted to have a baby on your own terms! Not because he had a deluded dream of you all being a happy family. You wanted to have a family of your own, but instead you got to watch Giorno and his group of friends get closer as a family while you were just the stranger looking in.

Tiny little thumps against your stomach had you looking down with a small smile, genuine this time, and you rubbed at where the baby's foot or hand was. You heard a little gasp from Trish and saw that the woman had come up to you with a wide smile on her face, "Is the baby moving? Are they awake?" You didn't have time to tell her that you didn't want her touching your stomach, before her manicured fingers traced lightly on your baby bump.

Her eyes light up with wonder and you could feel the phantom touch of her 'Stand' touching your stomach alongside its user. "Wow, a spirited little thing aren't they? I can't wait to see our little prince or princess!" Trish squealed as she finally stepped out of your bubble, "This is the best thing to happen to this family since Fugo came back!"

You scoffed at the thought of you being apart of their family, but let Trish drag you over an aisle to look at cute little baby blankets. Finally stepping a little away from your watchers you picked up a soft green colored blanket, little flowers were stitched into the fabric along the edges and tiny animals and ladybugs filled up the gaps between the flowers. You imagined a little swaddled bundle cooing from underneath the green blanket, and smiled brightly.

This would be the perfect blanket for your baby.

"Aww that green reminds me of vomit," Trish said as you placed it into the basket, "What about this one instead?" She held up a bright pink blanket with an elephant toy stitched into it. Trish went to replace then one that you had picked out when you stopped her.

"No," you said quietly, "This is the one I want."

"Are you sure? It looks fine but this one is-" Trish started.

"This is the blanket I want for her," you said as you pushed the cart from that aisle to the register so that you all. You didn't care what she said to you, at least of everything that they chose for you this was the one thing that you would chose for yourself.

It felt like a victory to tell Trish what was going to happen for once instead of the other way around. As you paid for the clothing with Giorno's card, and ignoring the cashier's insistence of that the Don's wife didn't need to pay, you noticed from the street a dark haired man in a business suit standing near the entrance as he talked into his phone. You tried to grab the receipt and the bags from the cashier only for Sheila E to grab them for you, and the two women herded you out of the building.

A small gust of wind blew your hair into disarray causing Trish to try and fix it saying, "The Don's Wife should be presentable at all times."

Then you heard a voice say, "White Rabbit!" and the ground under you opened up and swallowed you into a hole. You tried to reach out for Trish and Sheila E but just as you did the opening of the hole closed up and you were surrounded in darkness. You screamed when you felt something brush your foot, and then two bright red eyes winked at you from the darkness.

"TRISH! SHEILA!" you cried out as you backed up desperately in the small confines of the whole.

Small bumps from your stomach reminded you that there was more at stake here than your life, your baby's life was at risk too. You might have hated the circumstances in which your baby was conceived, but dammit this was your baby! You would do anything for your baby.

With a sinking heart you realized, however, that this was something that you would probably not be able to protect your child from. You didn't have a 'Stand', you couldn't fit in your sixth month of pregnancy, all you could do was hope that someone would save you before it was too late.

Dark tendrils rushed at you and you ducked and held your hands over you stomach, but the darkness pulled you up and wrapped you up as if you were in a straight jacket. A cold grip on your throat halted what breath you had and you were left kneeling in the dirt while being constricted by the cloying darkness that was around you. I'm going to die, I don't want to die, you thought desperately as the life slowly began to drain out of you.

Someone help me, I want to live, I want my baby to live.

Your heart beat picked up as your heart struggled to pump oxygenated blood to the different parts of your body.

Trish...Sheila E... help.

A strangled gasp was wrestled out of you as the tendrils got tighter.

Giorno, Giorno, please help. Save... our... baby

Tears streamed down your face as your heart finally began to give up with the useless task of keeping you alive. Your baby kicked lightly inside of you, responding to your panic, and then you knew nothing.

You weren't sure how long it had been since you went shopping with Trish and Sheila E. In fact the only reason you knew you weren't dead was because of the small little hits from your baby. A small sigh escaped from you and you smiled a bit, well it was more like a twitch of your lips more than a smile, and if you were awake then you would have cried in joy. Your baby was alive, you were alive, and you were sure that the two of you were safe.

A finger light touch brushed against your nose and you wiggled it irritably, wanting nothing more than to be left alone so you can sleep in peace with your child.

Somewhere off to the side you could hear muffled talking, and ignored it in favor of sinking deeper into the bed that you were placed on. Your fingers twitched when someone placed their hand in your own, causing the other hand to tighten possessively around yours. You breathed in and let yourself fall deeper into sleep, just happy to be in darkness that didn't threaten to kill you.

Time passed and when you found yourself being pulled back to the land of the living, your stomach was significantly bigger than you last remembered it to be. You breathed in deep and then choked around something constricting your throat. You panicked and went to reach up to instinctively pull whatever it was out of your throat.

"Calm down tesoro! Please don't panic!" the voice of your husband called out from near you.

"Fugo! She woke up!" you were startled by the loud yelling that could only come from Mista and whimpered when your throat constricted once more.

You opened your eyes to see Giorno sitting on the bed next to you and for once he wasn't the picture of perfection that he tried to present himself as. His hair wasn't styled into its Victorian curls and was left free of its braid. Dark circles were under his bloodshot eyes and his clothes were all wrinkled. The fingernails on the hand that you could see were all chewed short and you were struck with how much of a disarray he was in.

Giorno Giovanna looked absolutely ragged for the first time since you had first laid eyes on him in the little cafe you worked in.

"Shhh, shhh, tesoro, I'm so sorry that you were targeted. Please don't cry," Giorno murmured as he wiped tears from your face.

You hadn't realized that you had been crying.

When Fugo bustled into the room in his night clothes you had been glad for the distraction from the different Giorno; he checked all your vitals before he removed the feeding tube from your throat. The albino was more than happy to let Giorno climb next to you in the bed and pull you up in a sitting position to rest against his chest. Fugo said something along the lines of getting painkillers into the IV in your arm and brought Mista with him out of the room.

You grimaced when you took in a deep breath without the tubes and smelled the sour stench of sweat coming from Giorno.

"Wh-when was the last time you showered?" you quietly asked Giorno. Your voice was hoarse from both the abuse from what had attacked you and disuse.

Giorno chuckled and ran an idle hand over the swell of your stomach, "A couple of days tesoro."

"Go take one, you stink."

The young Don chuckled and finally allowed himself to relax, and you could practically feel the tension melt from your husband. "I will in a bit cara, I'm just happy to see you awake," he said as his thumb passes over a protrusion which could only be your child's foot. "You've been in a coma for a month and a half," he admitted as he pulled you into his body.

"Was I?"

"We thought you would never wake up cara, we were worried that you were brain dead. I used Gold Experience Requiem to heal your throat and brain as much as I could, but you wouldn't wake up," Giorno shook against you, and you were surprised to see that he looked near tears but refused to let himself cry. "I thought our baby could die. I thought our family would fall apart."

You paused, he counted you as family. Was it merely because you were the mother of his child? Or was it because he genuinely loved you, not some demented version of what he thought you to be.

"I was scared, I thought we were going to die," you admitted as you curled into Giorno's embrace.

He tightened his hold on you, "I won't let either of you die! I, Giorno Giovanna, will let no one else hurt my family! Whenever you or the baby are hurt I will be there to heal your wounds, to soothe your pain, and to dry your tears. I won't let anyone get to you without my say so."

You gently smiled, reassured by your husband's words, and maybe, despite the way he kidnapped you and forced you to marry as well as carry his child, you thought that you could one day return the love Giorno felt for you.

"Thank you Giorno."

The young Don was startled slightly, you never had said his name with such affection before and his twisted heart blossomed with the love he felt for you. He gently placed you back onto the bed and tucked you in, "Rest cara, I will be here when you wake up," Giorno commanded before leaning down to kiss your forehead.

He left the room silently and went to his office where Mista and Fugo were waiting for him.

Mista grinned at Giorno, "So it all went to plan then GioGio? She finally accept her place in our little family?"

"Yes, she seemed reassured that I had healed her and the baby and refused to let anyone hurt her again."

Fugo leaned against a set of double doors and hummed in contemplation, "The risks that came with contracting Arancini for the use of his Stand, White Rabbit, were high Giorno. If he didn't have absolute control of his Stand then your wife could have died along with your child in your bid to make her feel comfortable around you. If we weren't shadowing the girls that day, and relied on faith that Arancini wouldn't actually kill them, then maybe they both could have been hurt beyond Requiem's ability to reverse the damage."

The Don nodded in agreement, "Ahh, but Fugo the benefits of hiring someone to make an attempt on her life outweighed the risk. Now she will be more comfortable around all of us, she will have to depend on us for protection now that she understands the dangers of being my wife. It will be the family that Bucciarati would want for us, that Narancia."

At the mention of their fallen friends, Fugo's face softened up and he nodded, "You're right Giorno, I'm sorry for doubting you. I just worry. I don't want to see any of us hurt by her and the baby dying, so I worry"

"A little too much! Come on, everyone will be much happier now that Giorno's plan went off without a hitch!" Mista said as the Pistols all swarmed him clamoring for food, "Besides this means that Giorno won't looked like a kicked puppy whenever Y/N gets short with him."

Giorno glared at Mista but didn't disagree with him, since he did know that he was going to mold things to his liking. He craved the happy family that he was always denied and would do anything, anything, to make it happen. Even if it meant placing your life in danger, all that matters was that they would all be happy in the end. Even if it meant that his child would be endangered. It didn't matter because with Requiem's power he could reverse both your and the baby's death, and he was safe with the knowledge that you would never be in actual danger. You would be safe with him. He knew you would come to love him in time, but after this entire situation it was most likely going to happen sooner rather than later.

Ever since he saw you in that cafe, mothering those two kids, Giorno knew he had to have you.

And have you he did, you were too far in his clutches to ever live normally without him again.

His twisted heart fluttered with joy.

I hope that you all like the little sequel for the first Giorno piece I did! If you are confused what happened was that Giorno basically set everything up to have a Stand user attack you so that he could gain your love and trust through saving you and your unborn child. That crafty little bastard ;)

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