It'd just been a typical ghost fight. Danny's ghost sense had gone off in the middle of Chemistry, he'd bolted for the door, and casually phased his arm through his locker to grab the Fenton Thermos before he bolted. With the Thermos in hand, Danny ducked into a janitor's closet and flew out of the building.

As he said, it was typical一routine.

The fight didn't last long. Today it was Ember's 'next-next biggest debut' for her new album destined to top the charts. It was called 'Something-Something-Death-Love-Something-Fire'. Admittedly. Danny hadn't been paying much attention.

After about a fifteen minute battle (that was mainly just mundane exchanges of puns), Danny got the upper-hand. With a trained precision, he furrowed through his belt and detached the Fenton Thermos. He pointed the device at the incapacitated rocker and it pulled her into its light. However, as Ember was being pulled into the thermos Danny realized that there had been an odd sloshing sound. He hadn't noticed before, but it was also heavier than usual.


But, it was probably nothing. After all, it was just a typical fight, right?

Back in school, Danny didn't have enough time to phase the thermos back into his locker. Instead, he obscured it in his jacket and returned back to class as fast as possible. Mr. Falluca was probably already getting suspicious.

"Welcome back to the wonderful world of polar molecules, Mr. Fenton. Please pick up a worksheet and retake your seat," Mr. Falluca chastised.

Danny groaned, grabbing a paper, and trudging back towards his desk. He slumped between Sam and Tucker, who gave him sympathetic looks. Thankfully, they were able to give him pointers with the worksheet, helping him with what he had missed in his absence.

Right when Danny was about to attempt the last question, the thermos (which was still crammed between his ribs and his jacket) began to vibrate. What the hell… Ember should not be able to escape! She was much too weakened when he captured her to put up much of a fight inside the thermos.

Following the tremors, there was a sharp crescendo of high-pitched whining and what sounded like… bubbling? The noise quickly became loud enough for the rest of the class to hear and drowned out any nearby conversations. Danny was panicking. This wasn't good 一this wasn't supposed to be happening-

"What's that sound?" Paulina wondered. She was sitting by the door, halfway across the room from him. Seriously this was bad一!

"That sounds like it's coming from you, Mr. Fenton," Mr. Falluca assessed. He narrowed his eyes. "What do you have?"

Danny tried shoving the thermos deeper into his jacket, but Mr. Falluca noticed the motion. Shit , he was caught. Not good not good not-

The vibrating suddenly ceased. The thermos became still and the sound deepened into a measly groan. The pressure inside the device gave one last tremor, and then even the groaning stopped too. Whatever Ember had been doing, she had given up.

But that still left the trouble that Mr. Falluca was approaching him now. The short man callously regarded Danny's attempt at hiding the thermos and placed his hand on Danny's desk. "Take it out."

Danny couldn't refuse. He glanced nervously at Tucker and pulled out the thermos, standing it on his desk. Somewhere behind him, Dash snorted.

"I know that a thermos wasn't making that noise, Mr. Fenton," Mr. Falluca deadpanned.

"It一it was," Danny laughed awkwardly. He looked around the room, brainstorming an excuse. Then, one hit him. "It's one of my Dad's failed inventions! It's a thermos that warms food with an internal microwave! I guess I must've bumped the microwave button! Th一that's it!"

"Uh huh," Mr. Falluca wasn't convinced. "Then you wouldn't mind me examining it, would you?" He moved to unscrew the lid, but Danny reacted first.

"No!" he protested. "Y一you can't open it! Microwave technology is really, really dangerous! You一"

Mr. Falluca ignored him and popped the lid off. A foul red mist wafted in his face, making him crinkle his nose. "Ugh, that's sour." He glanced into the confines of the thermos, a chunky, red substance sloshing around. "What kind of soup is this?"

Danny's heartbeat (as slow as it was) stopped. "What?" Where was一where the fuck was Ember? What did Mr. Falluca mean by soup一 ?

And then it hit him like a freight train. That morning, before he had crashed flown through the front door, his Mom had told him that she'd made him some homemade herbal soup. What she hadn't mentioned were the blood blossoms.

Danny watched in horror as red plumes continued to rise from the thermos, churning with the nasty smell of death.