Prologue- Morbus

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-10 years earlier-

A girl in a school uniform who appears to be 19 with blonde hair and glasses is walking down the halls of Beacon, looking for someone.

'How can someone as intelligent as he forgets that we're supposed to be training?' The woman asked herself as she continued walking down the halls. She was about to walk past the chemistry room when she began to smell something that she could instantly recognize, burning chemicals.

She poked her head through the door.

"Alex are you experimenting again?!" The girl asked as she looked at a brown-haired boy who was wearing a hoodie, jeans, and a button-up.

The boy looked up as he took off his glasses.

"Oh, hey Glynda, what are you up to," Alex said to his partner with a smirk.

Glynda scoffed at Alex as she pointed at him.

"I was looking for you so that we can get your training done for the day," Glynda said with a scowl. Alex continued smiling as he rinsed the beaker that was full of chemicals.

Suddenly someone's voice was heard over the intercom.

"Will Alex Mercer please come to the office." Alex sighed as he placed the beaker back to its proper place, "Well, training is going to have to wait." Alex said as he went to the office.

Glynda was in her team's dorm room, waiting for Alex to come back so she can hear the news about why he was called to the headmaster's office.

The door opened revealing Alex with a face that people could describe as emotionless.

"Hey Glynda," Alex said as he slowly went to the closet and pulled a suitcase before he walked to his dresser.

Glynda adopted a confused expression as he started packing the case.

"What are you doing?" Glynda asked as Alex placed the last shirt into his suitcase.

Alex closed his suitcase and sighed.

"I was hired by the Gentek at Mountain Glenn, and the headmaster said that it would be a good idea since I only know how to fight using boxing methods," Alex said as he sat down on his bed.

Glynda looked at him with a frown on her face.

"When are you leaving?" She asked as Alex took out his scroll.

"In a bit." He said as he then looked at Glynda.

"Is it fine if I have your number?" Alex asked, causing Glynda to adopt a look of shock.

'Alex never asks for my number before.' She thought to herself before she nodded and gave Alex her number. She then remembered that she planned on giving Alex a present for his birthday which was tomorrow. Alex got up and grabbed his suitcase before he started to head to the door. But before Alex could open the door, Glynda tugged on his hood to get Alex's attention.

Alex turned around to see Glynda slightly blushing while holding a box.

"I was hoping I could give this to you on your birthday, but considering that you're leaving today, I figured that I should give this to you today." She said as Alex put his suitcase down and grabbed the box.

When Alex opened it, he saw that the gift he received was a black leather jacket with two white stripes at the sleeves and had a red tribal mark on the back. Alex then zipped his zipper on his grey hoodie and put the jacket over his hoodie.

He then looked at the sleeves and noticed that they were slightly too big. Glynda stifled a laugh, "I'm sure you will grow into it." She said as Alex nodded with a smile before leaving.

-10 years later-

A 28-year-old Glynda was sitting on her desk with a groggy expression.

"I swear, that Coco Adel will be the end of me," Glynda complained as she stood up and started to go back to her home. While she was walking home, she felt her scroll buzz, causing Glynda to gain a confused expression. She grabbed her scroll and opened it. What greeted her was a message from Ozpin.

'I need you at my office immediately.' Was what the message read, causing Glynda to adopt a confused expression.

Glynda was working here for only a little bit, but she always had the same questions in her mind, 'How does Ozpin know so much?'

When Glynda got into Ozpin's office, she could see signs of sadness in his eyes. Suddenly, Glynda felt her scroll buzz, causing her to open it and see that it is a voicemail from an anonymous speaker.

Glynda was about to ignore it, but Ozpin said bluntly, "Listen to it."

Glynda nodded before she started to listen to it.

'Who would send me a message, the only people with my number is the faculty and staff of this building and Alex.' Glynda wondered as she waited for the voicemail to load. Once it finished, she heard someone breathing very hard, like he just ran a marathon.

"Hey Glynda, it's me, Alex." Alex's voice said, sounding more cautious than usual.

Glynda then heard a murmur of people.

"Listen, Gentek was being run by the Whitefang. I know this because I was secretly investigating the company." Alex explained, shocking Glynda as she continued listening.

"They told all the scientists, myself included, that they were making a cure for cancer, but we all found out that they were making a bioweapon out of Grimm. After they discovered that we knew of their plans, they started killing us off one by one so there won't be any leaks." Alex explained as the sound of a bullhead was greeting Glynda's ears.

"After I found out what was happening, I took a vial of the virus and escaped, I'm at the bullheads leading to Beacon right now, I'll…" But before Alex could finish his sentence, Glynda heard shouting.

"Alexander Mercer." A new voice greeted Glynda's ears, sounding very ominous.

"Give us the virus, and we'll let you live." The voice said with a hint of deceit.

"Never!" Alex shouted as the sound of shattering entered Glynda's ears.

Suddenly, Glynda heard multiple gunshots and screams of terror that was quickly silenced by more gunshots. The message then abruptly ended with what sounded like a shatter, telling her that Alex's scroll was destroyed. Glynda looked at Ozpin, seeing him sitting on his desk with his computer right in front of her. Glynda slowly walked to the computer with a shocked expression as she watched the scene that just played out on her scroll. She saw Alex get shot as he fell into a puddle which Glynda assumed was the virus made of Grimm.

Ozpin could only look at his hands as he sighed.

"That happened when we had our lunch break and the tv went out in the teacher's lounge," Ozpin explained as he saw tears go down Glynda's face. Ozpin sighed once more as he grabbed his mug and stood up. Ozpin then looked at Glynda with a straight face.

"I'll give you some time alone," Ozpin said as he left his office.

Author's Note- I got the idea for the title after listening to the song Voracity from Myth&Roid, so yeah, that explains the terrible title. Also, for those of you who remember when I originally made this, I would like to apologize for deleting this when I originally made this. The main reason why I deleted the original was that I was not confident about this story will work out. The good news is my mindset is at "Who cares if people don't like it, I'm making it anyway!", so yeah.

RemaGeek (Or Rema, if you prefer) signing off.