Chapter 2-Affliction

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The hum of the bullhead filled Alex's ears as he plopped himself on a nearby seat before he shut his eyes.

'That was intense.' Alex thought to himself. Alex then heard the clacking of shoes as he opened his eyes, seeing that it is nonother than Glynda.

"Hey." Alex greeted, he then glanced at the empty seat to his left.

"Would you like to sit down?" Alex offered. Glynda nodded as she took a seat. Glynda then began to cast short glances at Alex.

"So… how have you been?" Glynda asked, trying to break the ice. Alex shrugged.

"Fine, I guess," Alex said as he kept on staring into space. Glynda nodded as she too began to stare into space. This awkward silence was interrupted as Ozpin walked out of the flight deck before he took a seat to Alex's right.

"I'm glad to see you're alright," Ozpin said. Alex nodded his head. Ozpin then straightened himself up, gaining Alex's attention.

"So, what do you plan to do now?" Ozpin questioned. Alex shrugged.

"I have no idea, I mean, I can't be a scientist anymore, and I need to do something to pass the time, otherwise, I'll be bored," Alex exclaimed as Glynda nodded her head.

'It's true that Alex gets bored rather easily.' Glynda thought before she saw Ozpin make The Face.

'Oh no, I know that look. Ozpin, don't you dare.'

"How about you work for me at Beacon?" Ozpin offered.

'NNNNNOOOOO!' Glynda thought as she could only hide her face with her hands. Alex turned his head when he saw this from the corner of his eye.

'What's up with her?' Alex thought before he cast his gaze back at Ozpin.

"What positions are you looking for, I mean, I'm sure you have all the teachers you need," Alex exclaimed, causing Ozpin to nod.

"That may be true, but I was thinking of adding a new class, one that teaches aura control," Ozpin explained. Alex lifted his brow.

"Why not make me a chemistry teacher? I mean, I have the experience." Alex questioned. Ozpin let out a chuckle.

"We have two already. One of them is Professor Peach, while the other is Professor Merlot." Ozpin explained as Alex could only nod before he started to think about the benefits.

'I would have a place to hide, plus I'll be teaching kids aura control, wait aura control?'

"Why aura control exactly, I mean, I do have a weak aura." Alex wondered. This caused Ozpin to smirk.

"While it's true that your aura is generally weak in nature, I'm sure you can teach the students how to use their aura without the use of one in particular," Ozpin explained, although it just made Alex befuddled.

'What the hell is he talking about?' Alex wondered. Alex let out a sigh, knowing that he will never get his answers.

"Alright, I'll join."

The bullhead soon landed as Ozpin, Glynda, and Alex got out of the ship. James then flew the bullhead back to Atlas as the trio began walking to Ozpin's office.

"So, do I have to go through an initiation?" Alex questioned as they continued walking. Ozpin shook his head.

"No," Ozpin replied. Alex tilted his head, puzzled at what the headmaster meant.

"Uuh, care to elaborate?" At this, Ozpin chuckled.

"Teachers don't need to go through initiation due to them being trained huntsmen," Ozpin explained although it gave Alex more questions.

"Ozpin, you know that I did not finish my classes at Beacon, right?" Alex questioned. Ozpin nodded his head.

"You are correct, which is why I made an exception," Ozpin explained. Alex was still confused, but he let out a sigh.

'Why is he so confusing?' Alex wondered. Glynda couldn't help but giggle at Alex's misfortune. The trio soon stopped at the front of the main building.

"So what then? Do I have to do an interview?" Alex asked. Ozpin shook his head.

"Just as long as you show up for class on the first day, you should be fine," Ozpin explained as he made his way to the tower. Glynda tapped Alex's shoulder, gaining his attention.

"I'll show you where you will be staying," Glynda exclaimed as she beckoned Alex to follow.

'Why did Ozpin have to do it again. He needs to stop doing these sorts of things.' Glynda thought to herself as she was escorting Alex to his new home.

"I didn't think I would have a home prepared for me already," Alex stated as the duo continued walking.

"Ozpin usually give these to teachers immediately, that way the teachers escorting will be able to get back to their work as quickly as possible," Glynda explained. Alex nodded his head as they continued walking.

They soon stopped in front of a door that looked really close to the students' dorms.

"I'm staying at a dorm?" Alex asked. Glynda let out a smirk as she shook her head.

"Although this looks like a dorm, this building is where all the teachers stay at." Glynda clarified before an older gentleman walking down the hall.

Alex can see that his hair is very disheveled and gray. The same could be said about his facial hair. Alex can also see that he was wearing a high collared, grey jacket with a red shirt underneath. Glynda followed Alex's gaze to the man before she groaned in disgust.

"Alex, this is Professor Merlot, one of the two teachers in charge of dust chemistry." Glynda introduced. Alex nodded as he shook Merlot's hand.

"Nice to meet you, Merlot, I am…" "Alex Mercer, originally the head scientist of Gentek looking for a cure for cancer with the use of miniature Grimm that only eat cancer cells." Merlot blurted out, causing Alex to make a shocked face.

'Someone must have done their research, even if all that info is fake. But why would he want to know so much about me?"

"I didn't think I would have a fan," Alex exclaimed with a smile on his face. Merlot nodded his head.

"Well you see, I believe that Grimm can be positively used for our world, and when you made them into a cure for cancer, I was quite pleased. Why aren't you at Gentek by the way?" Merlot wondered. Alex was taken aback by the sudden question.

"Uh, well, you see…" "Alex decided to quit so that he can help future huntsmen and huntresses." Glynda quickly lied. Merlot nodded his head, buying the lie before he waved his hand.

"Well, I look forward to working with you and discussing all the uses different Grimm can have." Merlot said with a smile before he walked off. Alex awkwardly waved at him until he was out of view.

"Okay, Glynda tell me. Is that man serious about using Grimm?" Alex questioned. Glynda nodded her head.

"Yes, Merlot hopes to use Grimm as a way to help our world. All of us teachers are against the idea though." Glynda explained. Alex nodded his head as he cast his gaze at the area where Merlot was last seen.

'I hope he doesn't become a problem later.' Alex thought to himself before he walked into his room. Glynda watched as Alex examined his room.

"I take it that it's to your liking?" Glynda asked. Alex nodded his head.

"Yep. It sure is." Alex said with a grin. Glynda nodded.

"Classes start on Monday. Tomorrow, I'll show you where your classroom is." Glynda explained. Alex nodded his head once again.

"Alright see you tomorrow," Alex said. Glynda nodded her head before she turned around, about to leave.

"Wait," Alex exclaimed, causing Glynda to turn around and ask.

"Yes, Alex?" Alex started to scratch the back of his head.

"Uuh, thanks, for saving me," Alex said with a flustered expression, causing Glynda to give a warm smile.

"You're quite welcome."

Author's note- Alex got a job! But not just any job, he gets to work at Beacon. Although, how will he teach Aura Control. Hmmm. And also, how will Merlot be a problem.

I guess that these will be revealed in the next chapter.

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