For copyright reasons this will NOT be a watching and reacting fanfic. At least not the kind where you read the episode transcript. The characters WILL be watching the episodes but these chapters will take place after each episode or two where the characters discuss them. So just imagine that everyone stayed quiet until the end of the episode.

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Marco Diaz was standing casually by the lockers, waiting for Jackie Lynn Thomas to skate by so he could nod to her. Like he had done every day since kindergarten.

Then he feels something slapping his shoulder.


He turns around and see's Janna Ordonia giving him her usual smirk.

"So, still waiting to nod to Jackie huh? Ever going to get a life safe kid?"

"Leave me alone Janna. And stop calling me that."

"Ill stop when you start acting like a man."

"IM a man!"

"A pretty handsome man." A female voice calls from behind him.

Startled, Marco turns around and see's his parents.

"What? Mom, dad what are you guys doing here?"

"You forgot your lunch." Angie said holding up a paper bad with a smiley face on it.

Marco looks embarrassed while Janna chuckles.

"Mom, I buy my own lunch."

"Oh but Marco your mother made your favorite. Nachos." Rafael said.

Marco paused for a moment before grabbing the bag. Just as he does Jackie skates bye and Marco misses it.

"Aw man."

"Oh is that Jackie? She's cute."

"Mom. Huh?"

Marco looks up at the sky and see's a giant red portal over the school.

Everyone looks up, principal Skeeves, Alphonso, Ferguson (and the girl who just slapped him), Brittany Wong who had previously been admiring herself in the mirror. Sabrina, who was too busy looking up to see Jackie crashing into her (who was also looking up). And suddenly everyone in the school flies up into the vortex, looking scared. Except for Janna who says "rad".

All that's left is the parking-lot, and Oskar Greason, who is sitting on his car playing the keyboard, badly.

"Huh? Where'd everyone go?"

"Ophfff-Ugh…what?" Marco says as he falls backwards through the portal and lands on the hard floor.

His eyes widen as he looks up at the sky, which is a greenish-yellow. Sitting up her notices that he is NOT in Ecco Creek Academy anymore. Dead vegetation is all over the place.

"What is this place?"

Marco is startled as Janna jumps out of the portal and nearly misses Marco.

"Hmmm….cool place."

"This place is not cool Janna." Marco says getting up. He starts pacing and acting hysterical. "A strange portal opened up, taking us who knows where and were both going to be late for class."

"Yeah…I don't think we have to worry about that." Janna says pointing down hill where the school and everyone else had landed. Everyone was groaning getting up off the ground wondering what happened. With Sabrina trying to pry a locker off of her.

"How did we land over here when everyone else landed over there?" Janna asks.

Both teens are blinded as another portal opens up in the air away from them. A blonde girl riding what looks like a unicorn (a very scary looking one at that) jumps out and seems to be riding towards them obliviously.

"Huh?" Star says looking all around her, except straight ahead. "Where am I?"

Finally Star looks ahead and notices that she is about to run into a couple of kids her age.

Star screams, so do the teens.

Star commands the unicorn to jump up, narrowly missing the teens (who duck) as she jumps off and lands right in-front of them.

"Woah. I am SO sorry about that guys." Star says apologizing. "I don't know what happened, one minute im riding a unicorn to my castle, the next a portal opens up and im sent to a really weird place and who are you guys?"

Janna and Marco look at each other, then back at the blonde girl confused.

"Uhhh." Marco says stunned by what he had seen. First he falls through a portal to a unknown location. Which itself should have been out of the ordinary enough and made him already want to go home. But now he had almost been trampled by a UNICORN and now a girl dressed like a princess with hearts on her cheeks was asking who HE is.

"Um. Im Marco, Marco Diaz. And this is Janna."

"Sup." Janna says casually. "Was that actually a unicorn. Rad."

"Thank you, taming wild unicorns is one of my hobbies. Next to fighting monsters." Star says.

"Uh, who are you?" Marco asks.

"I am Star Butterfly." She says extending her arms above her head and lowering them to a T-post.

"That's…a weird name."

"Says you." Star says. "What kind of name is Marco Diaz?"

"Its Spanish. Im Spanish-American. Although I don't think im in America anymore."

"America? Is that the name of your dimension?"

"No were from a place called Ecco-Creek, which is in a state called California, which is in a country called America which is on a planet called earth.

"Well, Im from a magical land called Mewni. And im the princess."

"Hmmm. Guess that explains the get-up." Janna says eying her.

"Ok, between portals, unicorns and magical princesses from another dimension I think ive had enough weirdness for today. I would like to go home now." Marco says.

"Uh yeah me too" Star Says. "I was SUPER excited for today because something INCREDIBLY AWESOME was supposed to happen to me today. But I don't know where we are. I don't even know how we got here, portals can only be opened by Dimensional scissors."

"STAR!" a older womans voice calls out from behind them

Suddenly two figures emerged from behind them and hugged Star. One was a tall woman with large light blue hair and purple diamonds on her cheeks holding a scepter and a short man with a blonde beard holding a staff with a crescent moon on it. They were both dressed like royalty.

"Let me guess your parents?" Marco asks.
"Duh." Janna says.
"Star, are you ok?"
"Yeah, I'm fine mom."

Suddenly Marco yelps as the smaller man sticks his staff at his throat

"You there boy! You better not have been the one who kidnapped my daughter."
"What!?" Marco asks shocked that someone would suggest such a thing.
"What? Mom Narco didn't kidnap me. I almost killed him with my unicorn."
"Marco? That's a weird name." Moon says.
"Ha! She called you weird." Janna says causing Marco to growl.
"Hey! You get away from my boy!" Angie's voice called out. The group turns to see Marcos parents looking angrily at the king and Queen. The rest of the school is walking up as well. Except Ferguson and Alphonso who are on the Unicorn Star was on before. And they gallop around the group in a circle.

"Marco look!"
"We're on a Unicorn!"
"This place is awesome!"

And they gallop away.

"Are those your friends Marco?" Star asks.
"Yeah, Ferguson and Alphonso."
"I like them."
"Ugh." Moon said frustrated before raising her wand "Levitato"

The boys were suspended off the unicorn in a hue of blue light before moon moves them to the group of teachers and students. Stunning them.

"Oh my gosh" Brittany13 says running over to Moon jumping up and down (to the laters disturbance) "Are you magic? Why are you magic? What's your name? Do you live here? Is that your wand? Are you s fairy god mother?"
"I can answer that." Star says grabbing the excited fan girl and moving her in front of her (Star). "Yes she's magic, she has magic because she's a queen, her name is Moon Butterfly, no we do t live here were from a magical land called Mewni, she is NOT a fairy and yes that is her magic wand. But as her daughter it's supposed to be mine today so..." now Star gets excited and starts trying to grab the wand from her mother (who is holding it back)
"gimme gimme gimme."

As the humans start wowing at the information they just received.

Marco starts chucking affectionately at Stars adorable eagerness. But flinches as Stars father presses the crescent on his staff against his (Marcos) neck.

"Did you bring us here boy? Explain to me why you were alone with my daughter."
"You get that away." Rafael says scooting over and swatting the staff away from his son. The men growl at each other.
"He wasn't alone, I was with him." Janna says "and we don't know how we got here?"
"Yeah." Says Jackie. "A giant red portal just opened above our school and we all just got sucked in."

The rest of the school confirms. "Yeah" "Pretty much." "I landed in a rock." (That one was said by the clumsy girl)
"School?" Star asks confused.
"Yeah school. You know you go there five days a week until your 18 so you can learn stuff and get a job."
Star looks at Marco confused with his explanation.
"You don't have schools on Mewni?"
"Uh I have a royal tutor. And I think the other people just learn stuff from their parents."
"Red portals? Ugh! I know who brought us all here. Hekapoo!" Moon shouts.

From the sky drops four strange looking beings. In the middle is a short girl with pale white skin, yellow horns and a yellow dress and red hair.

Next to her is a buff man with a crystal for a head and snakes for hands, which are crosses in his arms.

Next to them is a gigantic floating skull with antlers made of swords.

And then there is an elderly goat-man with bat wings.

Janna takes a picture while Marco freaks out.


"What? No no no." Moon says. "This is the Magical High Commission. They assist the queens of Mewni. The one with Scissors is the one who brought us here. She is Hekapoo, forger of all dimensional scissors. Rhombulus, who is tasked with crystallizing evil threats. Omnitraxus Prime who regulates space-time, and Lekmet….uh…what do you do again?"


"Oh right. Anyways, why did you bring us here Hekapoo?"

"Ask Omnitraxus." Hekapoo says flippantly.

The floating skull floats towards them.

"I am aware of all potential timelines. Some of which are so similar to one another that you can spend a life time trying to find a difference. Right now I am primarily focused on two timelines. This one, and, well, lets call it the Main one. Now the differences between this timeline and the main one is that she-" Omnitraxus points at BrittanyFan13, "Goes by BethanyFan13 at this moment."

"Oh Bethany. Yeah she's cool but not as cool as Brittany." She hugs the cheerleader who gags and shoves her away.

"And that is the only difference, at all. Now, I have caught a glimpse of the future of the main timeline and it ends in the end of all magic."

The Butterflys gasp in horror.

"NO! I haven't even gotten my wand yet!" Star says terrified.

"Yes, and no magic means no us." Says Rhombulus.

"And due to the 99.99999 similarities between out two worlds that means that this one will have the same outcome unless we view the events that transpired in that universe so we can avoid making the same mistakes in this one."

"Wait so why are we here?" Jackie asks.

"Yeah our dimension is boring there isn't even any magic on earth." Says Ferguson.

"Well Hekapoo was just supposed to bring the boy in the red hoddie in." Says Omnitraxus.


"But for some reason she brought you all in as well."

"Eh I wasn't really paying attention to the description you gave me so I just brought in a bunch."

"But why me?" Marco asks.

"For some reason I sense that your and the princesses fates are connected somehow."

"Really?" Star asks looking at Marco.

"Apparently. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the show." Hekapoo says "scissoring" up a bunch of movie theatre seats.

"Uh, wait how long is this going to take?" Asks Marco worried.

"Well lets see…." Says Hekapoo. "We have about 140 episodes, each roughly 11 minutes long, we might skip through some of them later on if we decide that they are just dumb. But all in all it should take a few days. Maybe a week."

"WHAT! No no no. Me and Janna have to get to class." Says Marco.

"You would rather go to school than watch the future? Lame." Says Janna already in her seat in the front.

"Bahhhh…." Lekmet says.


"Oh, he said that time goes much slower here." Says Rhombulus.


"Yeah so fifteen YEARS here is only, like, 8 minutes where your from. So you can probably watch all the episodes twice and not miss anything back on earth."

Star rushes over and grabs Marco's hand.

"Come on Marco. This will be fun!"

Star says dragging Marco over to the front seats and seating him in the middle between herself and Janna.

Marco grumbles as Janna elbows him in the arm, but finds himself smiling a little watching Star jump up and down in her seat like a child. It was kind of cute.

"And you guys sit in the back." Hekapoo tells the parents pointing at the seats behind the kids. The order goes, Moon, River, Angie, Rafael.

"Oh, mom, can I have the wand now?" Star asks standing in her seat.

"Let us see what the future holds Star."

"Awww…" Star says slumping in her chair as the show starts to play.

"Ok, now I must ask NO TALKING, like at all during the premire. I want everyone to absorb as much information as possible without comments interfering." Hekapoo says. "So shut up and save all your comments until the intermission afterwards."

S1 Ep 1 A/B

After the first set of episodes everyone was trying to figure out what could have possibly led to the destruction of magic, except for that one guy who was anxious seeing his counterpart be carried off by a giant butterfly thanks to Star. Note to self, Stay AWAY from Star)

Meanwhile the Butterflies, the high Commission and the Diaz's, who were sitting next to each other in front of the human kids and teachers but behind Star, Marco and Janna, discuss among themselves.

"Ok, so now I know for sure to hold off giving Star the wand. Or atleast not send her to earth where Ludo can find her." Moon says.
"Did you not see my boy and your daughter fight?" Angie asks "they will be fine."
"Well I need to talk to miss Flying Princess Ponyhead about those scissors." Hekapoo says standing up. "Because I don't remember giving any to her and they look disturbingly like a pair that I lost at the bounce lounge." And with that Hekapoo steps through a portal and leaves.
Meanwhile Rhombulus and his snakes kept laughing
"Hahahahaha! Helmet in the shower! I can't believe I considered crystalizing that dweeb. Ouch!"
Rhombulus says the last part as Rafael elbows him in the arm.

Meanwhile up front Marco and Star were looking at each other a little differently than when they first sat down.

"Hey Star, I need to say something."
"I know, don't worry I'll ix'nay on the magic-aye and talk to Ponyhead when she meets you."
"No its not that. I want to apologize for how I acted on screen when we first met. I mean there I was complaining about being a safe kid wishing for danger then you show up and I hated you."
"No I get it, I'm sorry about the killer butterfly and the lazer puppies and the black hole and the rain cloud and the-"
"Well the puppies were kinda cute." Marco said smiling which makes Star smile to.

Then Janna takes a picture of them.


"Just catalog a Starco moment." Janna says.

"Whats a Starco?" Star asks innocently.
"Well you see Star on earth when two people like each other romantically-What? Janna me and Star are NOT a thing, that timeline or otherwise."
"Dude you completely caved when Star gave you the sad face and she considered you her best friend literally a day after meeting you."
"Janna naughty, I mean sure I might think Marco is cute-"
"What!?" Marco says blushing
"-but I think a lot of things are cute, puppies are cute, tiny peppers are cute."
"Uh huh." Janna stands up on her seat and faces the group behind her. "Ok who here thinks we're going to see Star and Marco fall for each other?"

Literally everyone raised their hands (with River having a scowl on his face). Marco noticed Jackie among those with their hands raised and immediately slumped in his seat upset.
"Marco relax, I'm sure Janna's just teasing." Star says.
"Ugh, a girl I really like just raised her hand too. Oh no. Will she find out because of this?"

Another portal opened up and out came Hekapoo with a pair of scissors in her left hand grabbing a certain PonyHead by the ear with another.

"Ow, ow, hey girl it's not my fault you left them in the bouncy lounge. Star?"
"Oh my gosh!" Star says immediately getting out of her seat and running towards the now released Ponyhead. "Flying Princess Ponyhead!"
"Yo what up B-Fly, what is this ugly place and who are all these ugly people behind you?"
"We're watching my future, sort of. Come sit next to me and Marco and Janna."

Ponyhead sniffs them.

"I smell earth on you two."
"This is Stars new best friend." Janna says bluntly. Causing Marco to jump.
"Why!?" Marco asks.
"Duh, because I can."
"Best friend?" Ponyhead says glaring at Marco.
"Uh, don't listen to her Janna just likes to mess with people, especially me." He says turning to the smirking Janna.
"Hey can we watch the last episode again so Ponyhead can stop hating Marco?" Star asks Omnitraxus.
"No, were on a tight schedule."
"Here, I recorded the whole thing." Janna says holding up her phone. "Come here pointy head, I'll tell you all about how Star met Earth Turd."

Ponyhead gives a condescending hair flip to Marco before turning and floating over to Janna to watch the first two episodes again.

"Ok, moving on."

Sorry if you were disappointed, but I already got one story taken down for copyright reasons, so I figure that if I dont actually show the episodes themselves then this story will be safe.