14 Years later

"So after screaming at the former commission for five hours straight king Lucitor sent the past queens to the river if souls where they can finally get some rest." Glossaryck explains to the 14 year old Meteora and 13 year old Mariposa.

Meteora has her hair shaved on the sides with her hair on top in a single long braid much like Solarias. She also wore a pair of stylish purple jeans and a matching dress shirt. She was in possession of her mother's old magic wand that took the form of a mace with the end resembling a club (like her cheek marks)

Mariposa wore a proper yellow dress and had a butterfly clip in her hair.

They were currently in the "grandma room" in Butterfly castle wa'iting for the ceremony to start. Meteoras magic teacher, Glossaryck, has been filling them in on past events to pass the time.

"So what happened to the old commission?" Mariposa asked.

"Well, Omnitraxus got a job as Reynaldos assistant. Hekapoo enjoying her retirement in the neverzone. And Rhombulus is still taking care of Lekmet in the crystal dimension. Although Star personally evaluated all his prisoners and decided which ones were actually evil. Fur example she ordered the release if the guy that delivered pizza to the wrong address. The rest are currently residing at saint olgas."

"Wow, I can't believe Star did all that." Meteora says.

"Yeah..." Mariposa says.

She looks up at the tapestry of Star the Underestimated.

She was about their age in it. She was standing in the middle raising the royal magic wand over her head. A beam of light emitting as Moon, Eclipsa and Meteora (as a baby) reach towards it. Moon in her Butterfly form was on the left side with dozens of Mewmans under her bowing in respect. Eclipsa was on the right, also in butterfly form, with Globgor and other monsters showing the same reverence. Meteora (as a baby) was in her butterfly form reaching downwards with Glossaryck smiling above them all. Behind them was an image of Mewni. Butterfly castle on Moons side, the monster temple on Eclipsas. Laying by Stars right foot was the tiny members of the high commission trying to reach her but they are too far. They are much smaller and in a tiny shadowy area. Mina Loveberry is also there, behind the commission, she is in her Solarian form but in chains. It was easily the most impressive tapestry in the whole room.

Mariposa read the heart shaped stone with the inscription to herself.

"Star the Underestimated: For centuries Mewni remained in the dark, but enlightenment was in their grasp. The underestimated brought the old age to an end, and a new one too pass."

"Well, the ceremony should be starting soon. You girls should get going." Glossaryck says.

The girls get up and walk towards the door.

"See ya Glosssaryck, see you tomorrow." Meteora says.

"Actually, you won't." Glossaryck says.

Meteora stops.

"W-what do you mean?" She asks.

"You've completed your training. Faster than any queen before if I might add."

"Well, sure but you need to stay for the next kid."

"Actually I don't, Mewnis changed so much, you don't need me anymore. I've only stayed this long due yiu so now..." Glossaryck says with a smile.

"So, what are you flogging to do now?" Meteora asks concerned.

"Well, I'm a very old man. Pretty tired, pretty bored." Glossaryck starts glowing. "I think it's time I got some rest. If a queen or anyone else with magic needs guidance, I will come back. Yes, I will come back. But until then, consider me gone."

Glossaryck starts glowing golden.


Glossaryck evaporates into dust, which flies away in the wind.

This upsets Meteora, but she knew this is what he wanted. A part of her hoped no queen would need him again. She decided to tell everyone the next day. Right now was a big moment for Star.


Mariposa and Meteora enter the coronation room. Guards and guests of all races are all around them. Whether they be Mewman, demon, fish-person, monster or even human.

On the huge stage everyone was facing was Queen Moon and King River. Waiting patiently like everyone else.

At the front are the lords and ladies. Mariposa notices king Tom Lucifer, a good friend of her brothers saving a seat next to him. He knew that his wife was sitting somewhere else but he needed to save a seat for her for later.

Lady Penelope and Lord Slime of the spiderbite kingdom were also present. As well as King Rock of the Johansen's, King Kelp Bottom and lord Rich Pigeon.

The gigantic Queen Ponyhead was whining about the ceremony taking too long to start.

Lord Buff Frog and his children were sitting by lords Ludo and Denis Avarius.

In the front we're the nearly elected members of the magic high commission.

Janna Lucitor-Ordonia: Forger of Dimensional Scissors. In part thanks too a special set of tools that Hekapoo was long enough to give her.

Ferguesson and Alphonso: originally simple knights of the Mewni court before being promoted to co enforcers of order. Specifically imprisoning evil in the multiverse. Whether it be with their nifty crystal guns or sending them to Saint Olgas.

There wasnt exactly anyone qualified to take the space-time department but people can still access the plains of time to talk to Father Time, Omnitraxus or Reynaldo when they have too. Although time related spells have been ruled illegal by the queens and commissions council for a while.

Also in the front was Meteora's parents, King and Queen Eclipsa. Who she ran up too. Mariposa ran to her own parents Angie and Raphael Diaz who we're close by.

"Where's Marco?" Mariposa asks.

"He's with Star." Her dad says.

"Did you finish all your homework?" Her mother asks.

"Still alittle math left too do. Skullnick always gives a lot. But Mr. BeardDeer hardly gave us anything."

"Shush. The queen is about to speak." Someone behind them said.

Moon speaks into the microphone.

"Attention everyone, my daughter shall be here any moment. Today is a moment-us day, in fact. If not for Star, most if you would t be in this room right now."

The humans and monsters nod in agreement.

"That is why it is my honor to..."

The doors open.

Out comes Star. All grown up, wearing a queenly blue dress and her hair done like her mother's. And she has a round extended belly.

Behind her is Marco, looking just like he did in the Neverzone, except there were no scars and he was wearing a formal red suit.

"Sorry were late." Star says.

"The doctors appointment took longer than expected." Marco admits.

Star rubs her pregnant belly.

"Good news, it's healthy."

"Just go on up." Janna says.

Star and Marco rush on stage. They stop and stand before Queen Moon and King River.

Marco helps Star to get on one knee.

Her mother speaks.

"Star Butterfly. Do you here-bye promise to look after the needs of your people above your own?"

"I do."

"Do you here-bye promise to obey and enforce the laws of magic and of the land?"

"I do."

"Do you swear-"

"Just give my girl her crown already!" Ponyhead shouts.

"It is getting kinda boring." Janna says.

"I do." Star says.

"Then, by the power vested in me I name thee Star the Underestimated, Queen of Mewni."

Moon places her crown on her daughters head and everyone cheers. Marco helps Star back up and mother and daughter hug.

Marco gets down on one knee and River places his own crown on his head.

"And King Marco of earth."

The humans cheer the loudest.

Star and Marco hold hands and step down.

The Diaz's hug the newly crowned king and queen tightly.

"I'm so happy for you both." Angie says.

"Thanks mom." Marco turns to Star. "So, any new decree's, Queen Star Diaz-Butterfly?"

"Well, King Marco Ubaldo Butterfly-Diaz, between everyone in Mewni getting along and officially creating an alliance with earth I don't know what else there really is too do." Star says. "But I'm thinking, later on, I might make things a bit more...democratic."

"Oh, you mean like a prime minister for Mewni?" Mariposa asks.

"Yes, exactly." Star says. "I might have to talk to Eclipsa about that though."

"We'll talk about that later, for now, everyone wants to talk to you." Marco says.

He leads his wife and queen away to greet all the other royals.

At Saint Olgas an aged Mina watches the coronation on her tv and throws the remote at it in frustration.

And though magic became less and less used by the royals Mewni as the Earth-ni alliance applied more technology to Mewni, the wands continued to be passed down and used for if they NEEDED it. Or cheap tricks.

Eventually, years later, with the implementation of Mewnis prime minister the age of Queens and magic did come to an end. But both continued to exist.

Thank you for reading