Chapter 2 - Settling in

Naruto's Dream

Naruto was standing in a field of ripe wheat with the sun shining down on him. There was also someone behind him.

"Demeter," Naruto said as he turned around. To see Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility, of Sacred Law and the Harvest, the Earth, Seasons, Nourishment and bread. And his grandmother.

Demeter herself wore a bright green dress with a dark cape, which gave her the appearance of fresh plant shoots breaking through fertile earth whenever she moved. She also wore a crown of woven corn leaves and adornments of poppies, and had a sweet distinctive scent of a rainstorm over a field of jasmine.

"Naruto, it's good to see you." Demeter smiled at the son of her most cherished demi-god daughter. "You know, I prefer you it if you call me grandmother."

"Sorry," Naruto chuckled, "Force of habit. It's just…you don't call, text, and hardly even send me messages like this."

"I am sorry about that Naruto, but I am bound by the Ancient Laws. There is only so much I can interfere in your life. And to be honest, I wasn't sure you wanted to see me. I couldn't protect my own daughter, after all," Demeter said sadly.

Naruto immediately closed the distance between them and hugged Demeter, who returned the hug. "Do not ever think that I blamed you for mom's death. We were out at sea when they came for us. You're the goddess of Earth. There wasn't anything you could do."

"Now, as much as I'd love catching up, I know this isn't a social call." Naruto said as he pulled away, causing his lovely grandmother to sigh.

"You used Sage Mode." Demeter said, causing Naruto to groan.

"I didn't want to risk getting bitten by Lycaon. As far as I know, I don't have Kurama and the Biju anymore to fix me up for being stupid. I didn't want to take the risk of losing my chakra and being turned into his little slave, so yeah, I used it." Naruto said.

Demeter pursed her lips as she remembered one of the few times she had been able to sneak away to secretly visit Kushina and Naruto, where Kushina had told her all about her grandson's former life and accomplishments. Suffice to say, it was mind-boggling for the 7000+ year old goddess that her grandson was powerful enough to take on a Primordial Goddess who could possibly give Gaea or Tartarus a run for their money and win, and then have enough energy left to fight his literal equal, and win, coming out with only a missing arm.

"I'm not angry, just concerned. There are maybe four gods in our history powerful enough to sense to you drawing on nature's power. Artemis and I are Olympians. One of them, Pan, faded millennia ago, and the other…drawing her attention could be a problem for you." Demeter said.

Naruto wracked his brain, trying to think of who his grandmother was talking about. Obviously Demeter and Artemis would have been able to sense his use of Sage Mode, but who was the 3rd deity? Suddenly, his eyes widened and he looked back at Demeter. "Gaea is supposed to be asleep."

Even in their dream, they could feel the earth rumble a bit.

"She is the Earth itself, grandson. Even asleep, she is aware of everything going on here on the surface." Demeter warned in a serious tone, a far cry from her usual over bearing attitude as a mother. "Because you drew on nature's power, she is now aware of you, and will be watching you."

"To do what?" Naruto wondered.

"See if you are a threat, most likely. Beyond that, I have no idea." Demeter said. "Remember, she is an enemy of Olympus. She birthed the Giants with Tartarus for the sole purpose of destroying us. Be wary of her."

Naruto nodded as he understood where she was coming from, though he did not personally agree with it. "I will try to be more careful about using Sage Mode in the future."

"That's the best I can ask of you. You are just as headstrong as your mother was." Demeter said with a smile. "I have to leave. I will try to visit you again soon. Remember to eat your Wheaties!".

"You darn woman, you know I don't eat even Wheaties! Ramen for the win!" Naruto shouted comically.

"Just like your mother. Honestly, what is it with you two and your fascination with ramen? It's nothing but broth and noodles! Wheat will make you big and strong!" Demeter said in a comical way.

"Do you see these muscles!?" Naruto said comically as he flexed his impressive biceps, "I grew these with nothing but ramen!"

Demeter smiled as she was reminded of Kushina telling her something similar. "Alright, but we are not done with this conversation yet." Demeter smiled as she kissed his forehead and his dream seemed to end.

Real World

Naruto moved his head, his eyes shut. Then his eyes fluttered open and he rubbed his eyes with a hand.

"Naruto," Someone said as he woke up, "So glad you're alive."

Grover walked up, wearing a leather chest plate.

Naruto sat up, holding his head. "Ow," He muttered.

Naruto finally looked around and took in his surroundings. "Let me guess. I'm in the infirmary." Naruto said.

"Yeah. You've been unconscious for three days." Grover told him.

"Three days?" Naruto inquired, shocked. Grover nodded very slightly.

"Ugh," Naruto rubbed his head, as he felt like he had a splitting headache and he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was a side effect of using Sage Mode after so long? He'd have to figure that out later. "Listen, uh, could you see if you got any more of that medicine you gave me?" Naruto had been in and out of it for a few days but remembered them spoon-feeding him something.

"Nectar," Grover corrected. "But sure, I'll get it. You just sit tight." Grover returned pretty quickly with the nectar and gave it to his black-haired friend. Naruto drank all of it in one gulp.

When he finished, Grover asked, "Was it good?"

"It was amazing." Naruto said with slight bliss.

"What did it taste like?" he asked, sounding wistful.

Naruto was wondering why Grover didn't take any for himself.

"Sorry," Naruto said. "I should've let you taste."

Grover's eyes went wide. "No, man! That's not what I meant. I just… wondered."

"Like my mom's homemade Ramen," Naruto told him, gaining a far off look as he did.

Grover sighed. "And how do you two feel?"

"Like I could benchpress Mount Rushmore." Naruto answered as he pulled the covers off and sat up, grabbing the horn of the Minotaur and the crown of Lycaon as they walked out.

They started walking outside as Grover and him talked. "So, this is Camp Half-Blood." Naruto said, as he looked around.

"Yep, this is the place I told you about." Grover laughed and slung an arm around Naruto. "Look, but you're not alone. There's hundreds, if not thousands of demi-god's in the world. Some leading normal lives and some I'm not allowed to name become very famous. Like White House famous."

Grover thumped Naruto's chest. "See man, this place right here... its where you learn how to harness your powers. Everyone is training to become leaders, warriors, and heroes."

Grover and Naruto headed over to a small area of grass where there were a lot of demi-gods sparring. "This is where a lot of demi-gods do their training." Grover informed him. It was then that Naruto noticed a beautiful 17 year old girl fighting 3 demi-gods at once.

Naruto watched her intently as she sparred and held off the 3 demi-gods. She kicked one guy and blocked the strike that came at her from behind. She swiped at one of the demi-gods and he fell. Then she turned on the other guy and had her sword under his chin.

"What's her name?" Naruto asked Grover as he kept his eye on her.

Grover laughed. "She will squash you like a bug."

Naruto just looked annoyed. "Considering I made Lycaon my little bitch, that's unlikely. Her name."

"Annabeth, daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom." Grover answered.

'And Battle, Strategy, Arts and Crafts, if I remember correctly,' Naruto thought as he eyed her. Annabeth met his stare and flipped her hair. Now that he thought about it, he kinda remembered she was helping take care of him while he was in the infirmary.

"Fuck it," Naruto muttered as he decided to go introduce himself.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Grover asked.

"I'm gonna go introduce myself." Naruto said as he walked over to her, while his friend muttered something before hurrying after him. He didn't want his new friend to get beat up by his oldest friend, excluding Luke and Thalia.

"Annabeth, right?" Naruto asked for confirmation when he reached her.

"Yeah, that is my name," Annabeth said to him.

"Naruto Uzumaki. I wanted also thank you for taking care of me while I was in the infirmary." Naruto said, holding out his hand to shake, gaining a look of recognition for Annabeth.

"You remember that?" She asked in surprise as she shook his hand, as she figured since he had been mostly asleep, the guy wouldn't have remembered.

"Some of it. I've been kind of in and out of it the last 3 days." Naruto admitted as he then pulled a training sword from the rack. "Care for a spar?"

"Always but are you sure? You just got out of the infirmary. I'd feel bad about putting you back in so soon." Annabeth said.

"What's wrong? Scared of getting beat by the new guy?" Naruto teased and Annabeth smirked back at him.

"Hey Grover. I'll handle our new guy from here. Why don't you go and see your girlfriend? Juniper's really missed you." Annabeth said.

Grover looked like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place but eventually left.

Annabeth swung at Naruto's head but he managed to block the attack, though he was surprised how fast the attack came at him. She swung at his chest and he blocked it again before she swiped at his right side and Naruto parried it, causing her to stumble away for a bit. "So, what's this about Grover having a girlfriend?" Naruto asked.

Naruto relieved his wrist tension by spinning his sword and readied his weapon just as Annabeth returned to her stance and sliced at Naruto's knees, which was parried away. "Grover has a longtime girlfriend named Juniper. They've been together for a few years now." Annabeth said.

Annabeth stabbed at Naruto which was parried and then attempted an overhead strike, which made Naruto spin pivot on his feet and parry away. "Really, he always kinda seemed more like a ladies man to me." Naruto said.

As Naruto blocked her next strike, he delivered a palm thrust to her stomach that sent her to the ground.

"Don't let her hear you say that. She probably wouldn't like that too much." Annabeth said as she hopped back to her feet.

Naruto swung at Annabeth's neck but missed. They both swung at each other and their swords clashed. Just then, Annabeth kicked out his knee, causing him to tumble to the ground. She placed the tip of her training sword on his chest. 'Okay, clearly I held back way too much with her,' Naruto thought in mild embarrassment.

"Yield?" Annabeth asked, and Naruto nodded as though he did lose only because he held back too much, he still lost and would accept this defeat with humility. She pulled the sword away and helped him up. "That was pretty good. You had some training before you came here?" She asked.

"Yeah. Right now, I'm much better with a knife and hand-to-hand but I did get some sword training. From my mom. She was… in the know, if you will" Naruto said, getting that far-away look he always gets whenever he talks about his mom. A look that Annabeth recognized.

"You don't have to talk about it." She said understandingly, "A lot of us here have lost a friend or loved one to one of the monsters trying to get here safely."

At Naruto's appreciative nod, Annabeth hung up the practice swords and nodded to him, "Come on, let's get you over to the Big House. Our camp activities director awaits."

They walked over to the Big House. Down at the end of the porch of the Big House, two men sat across from each other at a card table.

The man facing them was small, but plump. He had a red nose, watery eyes and curly hair so black it seemed purple. He looked like your average gambler, yet Naruto had a feeling that he could outsmart even the most serious gambler. He wore a tiger-pattern Hawaiian shirt.

"That's Mr. D," Annabeth whispered. "He's the camp director. Be polite. It will save you some trouble down the road. And you already Chiron."

The first thing Naruto noticed about Chiron was that he was sitting in a wheelchair. He wore a tweed jacket, had thinning brown hair, and a scraggly beard. Naruto recognized him easily.

"Mr. Brunner." Naruto said. The man looked at them with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

"Ah, good, Naruto. Glad to see you up and about." he said, "Excellent, now we have three for pinochle." He gestured for Annabeth and Naruto to sit down.

Naruto sat next to Mr. D, who looked at them with bloodshot eyes and heaved a great sigh. "Oh, I suppose I must say it. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. There. Now, don't expect me to be glad to see you." Mr. D said.

"Charmed," Naruto replied sarcastically, already not liking this asshole. If you're supposed to be a camp director, you should at least pretend to be pleasant.

"Annabeth," Chiron nodded to the girl before looking back to Naruto, "This young lady nursed you back to health. Annabeth, my dear, why don't you go check on Naruto's bunk? We'll be putting him in cabin eleven for the moment." Naruto knew how this whole claiming bullshit worked but since this camp was also a safehaven for Demigods, he didn't want to disrupt things too much by sounding ungrateful, so he would give his father a chance to claim him before moving into his father's cabin.

"Sure, Chiron," Annabeth said. The daughter of Athena and son of Poseidon stared at each other as she prepared to leave and she decided to tease Naruto. "You drool a little in your sleep."

Naruto balked at that and comically fell out of his chair. He didn't expect that to come out of her mouth.

Annabeth chuckled and said, "See you soon, Naruto." Before she left to go get his spot prepped.

"So," Naruto said as he readjusted himself in the chair. "Your real name is Chiron, which makes you the trainer of heroes from Greek mythology?"

The man gave Naruto a smile. "That is true."

Naruto then looked at the director as he gathered his cards to play. "So, enlighten me, what's the Olympian God of Wine and Madness doing overseeing a camp of Demi-gods?"

Mr. D gained a look of recognition as Chiron also looked at Naruto. "How could you tell?"

"You have the aura of a God, strong enough to be an Olympian, there's only one male Olympian whose names starts with D, and you just filled your glass with wine. Château Mouton Rothschild Pauillac, if I'm not mistaken." Naruto explained without looking.

Mr. D looked at the wine goblet to see that he had indeed filled it with one of France's most popular wine's and feigned surprise.

"Dear me." He looked at the sky and yelled, "Old habits! Sorry!"

Thunder rumbled through the sky again.

Mr. D waved his hand again, and the wineglass changed into a fresh can of Diet Coke. He sighed unhappily, popped the top of the soda, and went back to his card game.

Chiron winked at them. "Mr. D offended his father a while back, took a fancy to a wood nymph who'd been declared off-limits."

"A wood nymph, huh," Naruto repeated, as they played.

"Yes," Mr. D confessed. "Father loves to punish me. The first time, prohibition. Ghastly! Absolutely horrid ten years. The second time- well, she was really pretty, and I couldn't stay away- the second time, he sent me here. Half-Blood Hill. Summer camp for brats like you. 'Be a better influence,' he told me. 'Work with youths rather than tearing them down.' Ha. Absolutely unfair." He sounded like a whiny kid.

He turned back to his game. "I believe I win."

"Not quite, Mr. D," Chiron said. He set down a straight, tallied the points, and said, "The game goes to me."

Naruto looked at his cards and definitely didn't have the cards to win, so he folded.

Mr. D narrowed his eyes at Chiron like he was going to incinerate Chiron, but instead he just sighed through his nose, as if he were used to losing to him. He got up, and Grover stood at attention.

"I'm tired," Mr. D announced. "I believe I'll take a nap before the sing-along tonight. But first, I need to go see about Grover's judgement."

Mr. D turned to Naruto. "Cabin Eleven, Naruto Uzumaki. And mind your manners." Dionysus then swept into the farmhouse, leaving Naruto and Chiron to themselves.

"Well, isn't he a ball of sunshine," Naruto muttered sarcastically once he left.

Chiron nodded, though he looked a bit troubled. "Old Dionysus isn't really mad. He just hates his job. He's been... ah, grounded, I guess you could say, and can't stand waiting another century before he's allowed back on Olympus."

Then Chiron gave a long explanation on how the West was actually 'Western civilization', and how it was a force that moved from place to place, where it eventually moved to America.

"But for now," Chiron mused. "we should get you a bunk in Cabin Eleven. There will be new friends to meet. And plenty of time for lesson's and training tomorrow. Besides, there will be s'mores at the campfire tomorrow tonight, and I absolutely adore chocolate."

And then he did rise from his wheelchair. But there was something odd about how he did it. His blanket over his legs seemed to stay in place, but his body from the waist kept rising. First, a leg came out, long and knobby-kneed, with a huge polished hoof. This was followed by another, then the hindquarters. Eventually, a white-bottomed centaur appeared out of the wheelchair, which was now a metal shell with fake human legs attached.

'Well at least that answers the question on his horse-half,' Naruto told himself mentally.

"What a relief," the centaur said. "I'd been cooped up in there so long, my fetlocks had fallen asleep. Now, come, Naruto Uzumaki. Let's meet the other campers."


They passed the volleyball pit. Several of the campers nudged each other. One pointed to the Minotaur horn and Lycaon's Crown that Naruto was carrying.

Another said, "That's him."

Quite a few of the campers were older than him. Their satyr friends were bigger than Grover, all of them wearing orange CAMP HALF-BLOOD T-shirts, nothing else covering their bare furry bottom halves. They all stared at Naruto, like they were expected to him to do something.

When they got a better view of the farmhouse as they walked by. Four stories tall, sky blue with white trim, like an upscale seaside resort. There was a brass eagle weather vane on top when something caught their eye, a shadow in the top window of the attic.

Something had moved the curtain quickly. Naruto got the feeling he was being watched.

"What's up there?" Naruto asked Chiron, seeing the shadow too.

The centaur looked where he was pointing, and his smile faded. "Just the attic."

"Somebody lives there?" Naruto asked.

"No," he said firmly. "Not a single living thing."

Chiron didn't seem to be lying but he wasn't being on the up and up either. Something made him uncomfortable. "Come along," he said, his lighthearted tone now a little forced. "Lots to see."

They walked through the strawberry fields, where campers were picking bushels of berries while a satyr played a tune on a reed pipe.

Chiron told him the camp grew a nice crop for export to New York restaurants and Mount Olympus. "It pays our expenses," he explained. "And the strawberries take almost no effort."

Apparently Mr. D had this effect on fruit-bearing plants. They just went crazy when he was around. Chiron explained, it worked best with wine grapes, but Mr. D was restricted from growing those, so they grew strawberries instead.

They watched the satyr playing his pipe. His music was causing lines of bugs to leave the strawberry patch in every direction. When Naruto asked about how they did it, Chiron replied that they were using woodland magic, something only satyrs could do. This led to Naruto to think of Grover, wondering how he was doing with the god of wine.

"Grove isn't in trouble, is he?" Naruto asked Chiron, bringing Naruto out of his thoughts. "It wasn't his fault the Minotaur and Lycaon's pack showed up, or that I challenged them to a fight."

Chiron sighed. He took off his tweed jacket and draped it over his horse-half's back like a saddle. "Grover has big dreams, Naruto. Perhaps bigger than are reasonable for his age. To reach his goal, he must first demonstrate great courage by succeeding as a keeper, finding a new camper and bringing them safely to Half-Blood Hill."

"All of which he has done," Naruto argued in favor of his buddy.

"I might agree with you on that," Chiron said. "But it's not my place to judge. Dionysus and the Council of Cloven Elders must decide. I'm afraid they might not see this assignment as a success. After all, Grover was nearly killed himself and had to be helped by you. Then there's the fact he couldn't keep you from challenging the monster's and that you survived only because you had your mother's old weapons. The council might question whether this shows any courage on Grover's part."

"That's bullshit," Naruto said. "I mean, whether he was incapacitated or not, he still brought me here. Mine own faults aside, he still did his job."

"I agree with you, Naruto," Chiron said. "But still, Grover's fate isn't mine to decide."

Naruto' brows knitted together in thought. "His first assignment… died, right?" he asked him, coming to that conclusion.

Chiron's long face was the only answer given. "Olympus knows, I advised him to wait longer before trying again. He's still so small for his age…"

"How old is he?" Naruto wondered.

"Oh, 34." Chiron answered with a simple shrug.

Naruto raised his eyebrow in surprise. "Wait, what? And he's only a sophomore?" Naruto exclaimed in mild shock.

"Satyrs age half as slow as humans. Grover has been the equivalent of a highschooler for the past six years."

"That's horrible." Naruto shuddered.

"Quite," Chiron agreed. "At any rate, Grover is a late bloomer, even by satyr standards, and not very accomplished at woodland magic. Alas, he was anxious to pursue his dream. Perhaps now he will find some other career…"

Chiron looked away quickly. "Let's move along, shall we?" he diverted, showing that it was likely true.

As they got closer, Naruto realized how large the forest. It took up at least a quarter of the valley, with trees from rainforests, in Naruto' opinion.

"The woods are stocked, if you care to try your luck, but go armed," Chiron said,

"Stocked with what?" Naruto asked before he got it, "Ah, Monsters and weapons."

"Capture the Flag is Friday night. Typically most camper's use the swords and shields here at camp. Do you have your own shield?"

"No, a round shield doesn't work for my style of fighting. The best defense is an overpowering offense." Naruto said quoting his mother.

"…That sounds like something your mother would say," Chiron said after a moment, before looking guilty at bringing up Naruto's mom.

"How well did you know her?" Naruto asked. "She never really mentioned this place."

"She was the strongest daughter of Demeter I had ever met. The things she could do with her mother's powers defied the traditional yoke of Demeter's children. Many tend to forget that Demeter is an Elder Olympian and still very powerful. I was very sad when she left camp after 6 years to join Artemis's hunters, though I must admit, I am glad she didn't stay with them, as I'm sure you'd agree." Chiron said as they walked.

The tour continued as they saw the archery range. Next was the canoeing lake. After that, were the stables (which Chiron didn't like very much, though, he is a horse, so that's expected), the javelin range, the sing-along Amphitheatre, and the arena where Chiron said they held sword and spear fights.

"Sword and spear fights?" Naruto asked.

"Cabin challenges and all that," Chiron explained. "Not lethal. Usually. Oh, yes, and there's the mess hall."

Chiron pointed to an outdoor pavilion framed in white Grecian columns on a hill overlooking the sea. There were a dozen stone picnic tables. No roof. No walls.

"What do you do when it rains?" Naruto asked curiously.

Chiron gave Naruto this weird look. "We still have to eat, don't we?"

"What, is it enchanted with magic?" Naruto asked jokingly. When Chiron smiled slyly at him, he realized he wasn't joking. "Wait, it's actually enchanted?" he asked, though Chiron's smile told him what he needed to know.

Finally, he showed them the cabins. There were twelve of them, nestled in the woods by the lake. They were arranged in a U, with two at the base and five in a row on either side. They were pretty bizarre.

Each had a large brass number above the door- odds on the left, evens on the right- , looking nothing alike whatsoever. Number nine had smokestacks, like a tiny factory. Number four had tomato vines on the walls and a roof made out of real grass. Seven seemed to be made of solid gold, which gleamed so much in the sunlight it was almost impossible to look at. They all faced a commons area about the size of a soccer field, dotted with Greek statues, fountains, and a couple of basketball hoops.

In the center of the field was a huge stone-lined fire pit. Even though it was a warm afternoon, the hearth smoldered. A girl about nine years old was tending the flames, poking the coals with a stick.

Just as he was about to tell Chiron about this, as it seemed a little odd that a young girl was playing with fire, he looked into the girl's eyes. What he saw surprised him. Where her eyes should have been were flames- her eyes were literally filled with flames. But these flames weren't violent; they seemed cosy, like a small, warm fireplace.

Also, her face was shockingly beautiful for a nine year old girl, which creeped Naruto out for a second, as he was not a pedophile. There was no way that was a normal girl, she had to be a god. An Olympian, Naruto wagered, considering the aura she gave off. Suddenly, as he thought about the Olympian's, he knew who this goddess was. "Hestia," He breathed. When she looked at him, she seemed shocked also, like she wasn't used to people seeing her. Then she smiled, and waved at him. Naruto didn't know what to do, so he waved back.

When he turned towards Chiron, he didn't seem to notice anything strange. The centaur just continued walking on, as if nothing happened. When Naruto looked towards where the girl was, she was gone. Deciding to deal with it later, Naruto quickly followed Chiron.

He rejoined with Chiron just in time to see the pair of cabins at the head of the field, numbers one and two. Naruto stared at cabin one, it being the biggest and bulkiest of the twelve, also obnoxious looking too. It looked like a damn bank, for fuck sake. Cabin two was more graceful and feminine, with its slimmer columns garlanded with pomegranates and flowers. The walls were carved with images of peacocks.

"Zeus and Hera?" Naruto asked.

"Correct," Chiron said with a nod.

Then, Naruto got a look at cabin three. It was sea-themed, they noticed, with a more slender and low look compared to cabin one or two. It was decorated with coral shells and had a mixture of blue and green colours.

Naruto made to step inside when Chiron said, "Oh, I wouldn't do that!" But it was too late.

Naruto got the smell of the sea breeze, like near the ocean. He felt a calming sensation when breathing it in.

Chiron then put a hand on Naruto's shoulders. "Come along, Naruto, there is still more to see."

As they got closer, Naruto could see that most of the other cabins were crowded with campers. Number five was bright red, a really messy paint job, as if the color had been splashed on with buckets and finger-painted by a caveman, but less artistic.

The roof was lined with barbed wire. A stuffed wild boar's head hung over the doorway, and its eyes seemed to be moving like googly eyes. Inside Naruto saw a bunch of mean-looking kids, both girls and boys, shouting over blaring American rock music and arm wrestling each other like they had nothing better to do.

The loudest was a girl maybe 16 or 17. She looked pretty enough with her brown hair and fit figure, though Naruto could tell from her stance she was a fighter.

They kept walking until Naruto spoke. "I haven't seen any other centaurs," he observed.

"No," said Chiron sadly. "Most of my kinsmen are a wild and barbaric folk, I'm afraid. You might encounter them in the wilderness, or at major sporting events. But you won't see any here."

"Oh, look," Chiron spoke. "Annabeth is waiting for us."

Annabeth reading a book with what looked like Ancient Greek. She looked up from her book, her eyes studying Naruto intently, despite the smile.

She stood in front of what seemed to be Cabin Eleven. Out of all the cabins thus far, eleven looked the most like a standard summer camp cabin, which seemed run down. Like a worn threshold, peeling brown paint, like it needed work done to it. Over the doorway there seemed to be a caduceus symbol. Inside it was packed with people, both boys and girls, with way more sleeping bags than people.

Chiron didn't go in. The door was too low for him. But when the campers saw him they all stood and bowed respectfully.

"Well then," Chiron said. "Good luck, Naruto, Annabeth. I'll see you both at dinner."

He galloped away towards the archery range.

"Well?" Annabeth prompted. "Go on in." She urged him.

When he did, Annabeth announced, "Naruto Uzumaki, meet cabin eleven."

"Regular or undetermined?" somebody asked.

Naruto of course, knew who his father was, but decided to let the claiming work the usual way, out of respect for his grandmother and Chiron. Annabeth answered the guy who asked, "Undetermined."

Everybody in the cabin groaned at hearing that.

A blonde hair guy came up and spoke to the campers. "Now, now, campers. That's what we're here for. Welcome, Naruto. You both can have that spot on the floor, right over there." He pointed to the corner.

Naruto gave the guy a once over. He looked to be in his late teens, tall and muscular but lean. He had short-cropped hair and a nice smile. He wore an orange tank top, cutoffs, sandals, and a leather necklace with five different-coloured clay beads. He also had a scar, thick and white that ran from just beneath his right eye to his jaw. For some odd reason, Naruto's danger sense was going off around this guy, and not just because he was the son of Hermes. His instincts were never wrong, but Naruto had no reason to distrust him either. He would need to be cautious around this one.

"This is Luke," Annabeth said. "He's your counsellor for now. He's also one of the one's who brought you to the infirmary Naruto."

"Oh, thanks," Naruto asked.

"No problem," Luke said to him, then he explained. "You're undetermined. They don't know what cabin to put you in, so you're here. Cabin eleven takes all newcomers, all visitors. Naturally, we would. Hermes, our patron, is the god of travelers."

"Also thieves too, right?" Naruto pointed out, which got some snickers from the more mischief looking kids. "Yeah, I'm gonna have to get a drill and bolt my stuff to the floor." This got even more snickers from the occupants, including Luke.

"Come on," Annabeth told him. "I'll show you the volleyball court."

When they were a few feet away, Annabeth said, "Naruto, you have to do better than that."

"What do you mean?" Naruto cracked.

Annabeth rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath, "I can't believe I thought you were the one."

Naruto heard her, and scoffed, "You got a problem, Annabeth?"

"I was just hoping that you might be able to help me, but clearly I was wrong," she responded, getting back to her point.

Naruto was going to argue again, but Naruto interjected, "Look, if this is about me killing the Minotaur-"

"Don't talk like that." Annabeth told him as she stopped and turned to him. "You know how many kids at this camp wish they'd have your chance?"

"What? To get themselves killed?" Naruto asked scathingly.

"To fight the Minotaur. What do you think we train for?" Annabeth retorted.

"To survive, which would be a waste if they were stupid enough to go after Lycaon without enchanted Silver weapons," Naruto snarked. "I don't care about glory or fame from killing monsters. I lost my mother when I was 9 thanks in part to those abominations, so excuse me if I don't care."

Annabeth winced, like she suddenly realized how bitchy she sounded.

"Look," she said, calmer now. "I'm sorry for my outburst. And I'm sorry about you losing your mother. It's just… it's serious stuff to us, what you did."

Naruto shook his head. "Look, killing the Minotaur was easy, but Lycaon and his werewolves can typically only be killed by enchanted Silver weapons, and I was only able to kill them, because my mother was a former Huntress, and she kept her weapons after she left the hunt."

"Your mom was a former huntress?" Annabeth said in awe.

"Yeah, she was their best. Lycaon hated her but also feared her while she was alive because she always humiliated him. She was so good, that she became Artemis' Lieutenant, but she left after 10 years to be with my dad. Artemis, as far as I know, doesn't like me all that much. Not that I care." Naruto said bitterly.

"I wouldn't mind hearing some stories about her sometime, if you would be willing to share." Annabeth offered.

"Why, not planning to join them, are you?" Naruto asked, finding a little annoyance that the girl he had the hots for might be interested.

"No, I'm not interested. It sounds nice and all, being young and immortal, being a better fighter and all. But the hunters, they never grow up and a few of them that I met are just running away from their problems instead of dealing with them. Plus, I don't want to swear off men." Annabeth said as she looked at him with a teasing smirk. "So, don't worry, I'm still in the market."

"I will...definitely keep that in mind," Naruto said with a smirk of his own.

Annabeth looked like she was about to flirt back, when a husky voice yelled, "Well! Looky here, a newbie!"

Three men walked over. The pretty woman from the big obnoxious red cabin was there with them.

"Clarisse," Annabeth sighed with annoyance at the girl. "Why don't you go polish your spear or something?"

'That's what she said', Naruto thought, biting the inside of his cheek to not call it out.

"Sure thing, Princess," the big girl said. "So I can run you through with it on Friday night."

"Erre es korakas!" Annabeth said, which Naruto understood was Greek for 'Go to the crows!' "You don't stand a chance."

"We'll pulverise you," Clarisse said, but her eye twitched. Maybe she wasn't sure she could follow through on the threat.

She turned towards Naruto. "Whose the new guy?" she asked, eyeing Naruto. He was hot and looked strong, but Clarrisse wasn't interested in just looks.

"Naruto Uzumaki" Annabeth said, "meet Clarisse, daughter of Ares."

Naruto blinked. "God of War?"

Clarisse looked at him with something akin to a sneer. "You got a problem with that?"

"Not with you, beautiful. I love a woman who can fight. Now I know someone else I can go to for a good spar," Naruto stated with smile, causing Clarisse blink in surprise at his blatant flirting. "Though it explains your brother's bad smell."

One of her brother's, Sherman Yang, growled. "We got an initiation ceremony for newbies, punk."

Naruto's turned to him and his expression became something odd. "Try it." Naruto said coldly, "you won't like the results." Annabeth and Clarisse saw the look in his eye and would later describe it like a hungry wolf, or a proud lion looking down on the insect that would challenge him. As if he had an air about him that said, 'I'm the king, bitches.'

Sherman made a grab for Naruto' shoulder, but Naruto wouldn't have that.

Slapping Sherman's hand away, Naruto kneed him in the chest, knocking him off balance. The son of Ares almost tumbled over when Naruto grasped his arm and pulled him back into Naruto's waiting lariat, knocking the war god's son to the ground.

The other two son's of the war god surrounded Naruto on either side and charged while Clarisse hung back. The one behind him threw a punch at his head while the other kicked at him. Naruto raised his arm behind him and his shin, blocking both attacks. Frustrated, the two son's of Ares attacked him several times, Naruto blocking all the attacks thrown at him without actually move from his position. Naruto then Spartan kicked the one in front of him to the ground and the one behind over-reached on his haymaker. Naruto kicked his leg out, bringing the demigod to his knee's, before knocking him out with a punch to his jaw.

Naruto turned behind him and allowed the last conscious son of Ares to land a blow on his cheek. Naruto merely turned his head to the side, smirking as the son of Ares was stunned at how unaffected Naruto was. "So that's it, huh? That's all you got."

The son of Ares shouted in fury and tried to attack Naruto again, but Naruto punched him in the gut, knocking the wind out of the son of Ares, before kicking him to the ground. As he tried to rise, Naruto punched him in the jaw while throwing all of his weight behind it, bringing Naruto to one knee as his punch knocked out the son of Ares.

Naruto rose to his feet and looked at Clarisse. "Care to try your luck? While I would appreciate the effort, the result will be the same."

Clarrisse looked like she might say something but instead, just let him be. "See you around, Uzumaki." She said with a smirk, already starting to like this confident hot guy and then walked away. Naruto looked at Annabeth and wondered what she was thinking about. "What?" He asked.

"I'm thinking," Annabeth said. "That I definitely want you to join my team in Capture the Flag on Friday."

"Oh, joy," Naruto muttered.

Later on, after Annabeth left, Naruto walked around deep in thought, his mind wondering so much that he arrived at the stables, he didn't notice until he bumped into someone. He reached out to grab the person falling, noticing that the figure felt feminine. His eyes met dark blue eyes that had a glow to them.

Naruto' eyes then took in the rest of the girl's features. She seemed roughly seventeen. She had silky black hair that he'd only seen in top notch salons. Her hair stopped at her lower back. She had pink eyeliner and a bit of pink lipstick on her lips, which made her even more prettier. She also wore an orange CAMP HALF-BLOOD T-shirt and blue jeans. She seemed to be the most gorgeous girl Naruto ever met. Annabeth and Clarisse were hot, but this girl was something else.

The girl backed up, rubbing her arm in embarrassment. "Sorry. I wasn't paying attention."

"No, it was my fault. I also wasn't paying attention." Naruto apologized.

The girl giggled. She stuck out her hand in greeting. "Hi, I'm Silena Beareguard, nice to meet you."

Naruto smile, pleased she wasn't angry. "Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you as well." He shook her hand in greeting.

The two kept shaking hands, liking the warmth of each others hands. Then they flushed at that and took their hands back quickly. Naruto didn't know how she was having this effect on him.

"So," Naruto started, "Who's your parent?" Given the awkard air between them, he didn't know how else to start.

"Aphrodite, goddess of love," Silena shrugged, as if it were no big deal.

Naruto was suprised. She belonged to the Barbie house that was cabin ten? But she acted so… down to earth. This made Naruto instantly like her for that.

Silena's blue eyes widened as she snapped her fingers. "I remember now. You're the guy who killed the Minotaur and Lycaon's pack and appeared here 3 nights ago."

Naruto nodded, smiling. "Yep, that's me. Hey, after I have a chance to get settled in some, you wanna hang out?" he asked in a hopeful tone. He liked this girl and figured he could do with some friends.

She smiled brightly, seeming to actually like the idea. "Sure. I'd love to hang out with you." Then she waved at him. "I'll see you later." She said, walking off into the direction of the cabins.

Naruto smiled. He was starting to like it here. Just a little bit.

Chapter End

So I need ideas on actresses for the following female characters

Demeter –

Amphitrite –

Aphrodite –

Hestia – (Maybe Kate Beckinsale for adult form? I don't know.)

Artemis –

Silena – With her, I'm gonna use Adriana Lima

Piper McClean –

Hera (I'm thinking of Using Angelina Jolie here, but I'm not sure) –

Gaea –

Khione –

Annabeth – (Now on Annabeth, I'm still using her actress from the movie, but I don't know if I want to keep Alexandra Daddario's normal appearance or go with the look she sported in movie 2, because, I got to be honest, I'm more of a fan of her natural appearance. I avoided mentioning her appearance until I could get some input)

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