Maelstrom of the Seas

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Confirmed: Annabeth(Alexandria Daddario, Movie 2 appearance), Clarrisee La Rue(Lleven Rambin), Aphrodite(Charlotte McKinney)

Not Sure yet: Hestia(Kate Beckinsale), Silena(Adriana Lima), Artemis(Scarlet Johhansson), Hera(Angelina Jolie), Gaea(Eva Green), Khione(Natalie Portman), Calypso(Lucy Hale), Kymopelia(Katie McGrath)

Not Happening: Amphitrite, Persephone

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Last time

"That's right," Chiron said. "Two more companions may accompany you boy. One has volunteered, if you will accept her help."

The air shimmered around Chiron. Annabeth became visible, stuffing her Yankees cap in her back pocket.

"I've been waiting a long time for a quest, seaweed brain," she said to Naruto. "Athena is no fan of Poseidon, but if you're going to save the world, I'm the best person to have at your side."

"A team of three," Naruto said. "That'll work. Now, I know who I want as the third member. I know the two of you have problems with each other, Annabeth. Can I trust you two to be civil while we travel together?"

Annabeth was not necessarily pleased that Naruto wanted to bring Clarisse, her rival, along for the ride. But logically she understood why. Clarisse was the 2nd best fighter at camp and having a tracker didn't make sense on this quest since they knew where they were going and what they needed to do. Her reasons for not wanting Clarisse along were for personal reasons.

"Excellent," Chiron said. "This afternoon, we can take you as far as the bus terminal in Manhattan. After that, you are on your own."

Lightning flashed. Rain poured down on the meadows that wasn't supposed to have violent weather.

"No time to waste," Chiron said. "I think you should all get packing."

Chapter 5

Naruto got up that next morning, prepared for his quest. His outfit had changed somewhat for the quest. Right now, he was wearing a black T-Shirt underneath a dark brown, double-breasted leather trench coat with a black hood(1). He wore dark blue jeans with a brown belt and brown military combat boots, as well as black fingerless gloves.

He met the other 2 companions coming with him on the quest.

Annabeth was bringing her magic Yankees cap, which she told him had been a twelfth-birthday present from her mother. She carried a book on famous classical architecture, written in Ancient Greek, to read when she got bored, and a long bronze knife, hidden in her shirt sleeve.

Clarisse was there, decked out in a black leather jacket with a gray shirt, blue jeans, and brown thigh-high boots. Naruto briefly wondered where her weapons were, but she probably had a way to store them in a pocket dimension like he did.

Chiron was waiting for them in his wheelchair. Next to him stood the surfer guy both Naruto saw while recovering in the sick room, the one with the many eyes. According to Annabeth, he was the camp's head of security. He supposedly had eyes all over his body so he could never be surprised. Today, though, he was wearing a chauffeur's uniform, so he could only see on his hands, face and neck.

"This is Argus," Chiron told the kids. "He will drive you into the city, and, er, well, keep an eye on things."

"…Chiron, piece of advice, leave the jokes to us youngsters. You're shit at jokes." Naruto deadpanned after hearing that. The centaur looked sheepish at that. The group heard footsteps behind them.

Luke came running up the hill, carrying a pair of basketball shoes.

"Hey!" he panted. "Glad I caught you. Just wanted to say good luck. I thought… um, maybe you could use these."

He handed Naruto the sneakers, which looked pretty normal to him.

Luke said, "Maia!" White bird's wings sprouted out of the heels. The shoes flapped around on the ground until the wings folded up and disappeared.

"Interesting." Naruto said.

Luke smiled. "Those served me well when I was on my quest. A gift from Dad. Of course, I don't use them much these days…" His expression turned sad.

Naruto said, "Thanks." He wasn't gonna be using them anyway because Zeus was pissy about who entered his domain. Also, something about Luke made Naruto not trust him, so he decided he would not be wearing them anyway.

"Listen, guys…" Luke looked uncomfortable. "A lot of hopes are riding on you. So just… kill some monsters for me, okay?" Him and Naruto shake hands, Luke nods to Clarisse, and then gave Annabeth a hug. Naruto figured that they must be close friends, so he wasn't concerned with it. A white SUV waited on the shoulder of the road. Argus followed, jingling his car keys.

Argus drove them out of the countryside and into western Long Island. "Hey, Argus," Naruto said to the many-eyed servant of Hera, getting his attention as some of his eyes looked at Naruto. "Before you drop us off at…wherever your dropping us off at, I need you to go here first." Naruto pulled out a note and showed him the address. Argus nodded and punched in the address in his GPS before taking a small stop on the way.

"Where are we going?" Annabeth asked, wondering what the detour was about.

"My house in Queens. I need to get a couple things." Naruto said, getting looks of surprise from the 2 girls.

Argus drove until they pulled up next to a small mansion in Queens. The perimeter of the house was surrounded by a brick wall. The house had a lot of grass around the mansion which was in the center of the property. The driveway was also in the middle and blocked by a gate. Naruto got out of the van and looked at Argus. "You're still gonna be here when I get back, right?" Argus nodded and Naruto walked up to the gate.

Clarisse moved to get out as well, not wanting to sit all there for who knows how long. Annabeth wasn't about to be left behind so she got out as well.

"You two could have stayed with him. I won't be more than 10 minutes." Naruto said as he opened the gate.

"Well, it was either sit in the van with a guy with a hundred eyes or go with you. And I'd rather spend that time with you than Hundred-Eyes back there," Clarisse said.

All of a sudden though, both daughters of War hit some invisible force preventing them from entering his property. They tried to push through it but they couldn't get through.

"You two can come in." Naruto voiced with authority and suddenly the barrier disappeared, and they were able to cross the threshold of the gate.

"Sorry about that. It's a protective barrier. No supernatural being or anything with ill intentions can cross the threshold of my property without my express permission. It also can't be tampered with because it's powered from inside the barrier, so my place is basically theft proof." Naruto said.

"Why do you have a theft proof house?" Annabeth asked.

"You'll see in a minute." Naruto said as he opened up the doors. Clarisse and Anna were amazed at how rich the place felt. He had to be a millionaire, at least.

Clarisse whistled and said "Dang, Fishcake, you've been holding out on us."

"If you think that's impressive, wait until you see the armory." Naruto said with a smirk.

Naruto opened the doors to a basement and both girls were amazed at the amount of weapons he had. Swords, pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, crossbows, maces, axes, and various other weapons lined the one side of the hall. Whatever weapon Clarisse could think of, he had it.

To the other side of the room was a little more grotesque. Teeth, eyeballs, a lions pelt, these were just some of the items that lined the east wall.

Annabeth looked at them hard for a moment before her eyes widened. "Are those Spoils of War?" She asked, referring to the items that Monsters drop when they are killed.

"You bet they are," Naruto said as he pointed some out. "These are cyclops eyes. those are Laistrygonian teeth…"

"And the lion pelt, is that the Nemean lions?" Annabeth asked.

"It is. Killed that fucker when I was 12." Naruto admitted to everyone else's surprise.

"How? It's one of the hardest monsters to kill." Annabeth asked.

"Only if you don't have the right equipment. Just had to target his fleshy spots. The Nemean lions skin doesn't protect its eyes and the inside of its mouth." Naruto said.

"And anyway, aside from the pelt, most of this is just for show. The good stuff is back here." Naruto said as he opened a panel and one of the walls parted away to reveal another room filled with more weapons.

"This is where I keep all my supernatural weapons." Naruto said, pulling a watch off a display. It was a military watch with a black leather strap, so the numbers were all in Roman Numeral's. He grabbed two pistols off a display. One was silver and the other was painted black and both resembled Desert Eagles and holstered them on his waist, before they turned invisible.

Naruto turned back to the ladies and asked, "Either of you good with a gun?" Not to his surprise, Annabeth shook her head while Clarisse smirked as if that were a dumb question.

Naruto handed Clarisse a Smith and Wesson Model 500 double-action revolver and about 60 rounds of ammunition. "Mm, a gun before the first date. You sure know how to treat a daughter of Ares." Clarisse teased.

"The bullet casings are half celestial bronze, half lead, so try not to waste them. They are a real pain to make." Naruto said, implying that the bullets were good for supernatural beings or mortals.

Naruto handed Annabeth the watch he pulled off the display. "I'm guessing this is a weapon of some kind?" Annabeth asked him.

"Flick your wrist and imagine there is a shield on your arm." Naruto instructed and Annabeth did so, a round circular shield with ornate designs appearing attached to her arm.

"Also, I know you told me you're best with a knife, but having a weapon with longer reach never hurts." Naruto said as he pulled a sword of its Dias and gave it to her. The sword also could shapeshift to make it more easier to carry, so it Annabeth willed it to become a bracelet.

"Now, this is what I came for." Naruto said as he pulled an ornate looking two-handed war axe off it's display.

"War axe, huh?" Clarisse commented.

"It holds sentimental value. And though it looks pretty ornate, it is a powerful weapon." Naruto said as he clasped it onto his back and then it turned invisible. "We should have everything now."

They walked back out to the trophy room and Naruto looked at the Nemean Lion's skin. Pondering for a moment, he grabbed it off the display and threw it to Clarisse. When she caught it, the skin shifting into a ladies brown leather motorcycle jacket.

"You sure about giving me this?" Clarisse asked. Not that she didn't appreciate it, as the Nemean Lion's skin made for an impenetrable suit of armor, but she figured he'd want to wear it.

"What do you think I'm currently wearing?" Naruto asked and both girls realized he was already wearing the Nemean Lion's cloak. "I've killed that overgrown pussy cat twice in 5 years. Plus, I gave Annabeth some protection, so I figured I should give you some too, even if you don't need it."

"Hang on, isn't there only one Nemean Lion's cloak?" Annabeth asked.

"I thought that too at first," Naruto said, "I was surprised when I killed it for the 2nd time lastyear that it dropped the cloak again. I just settled on the fact that it's little more than magically enchanted skin and it can exist in multiple places."

Annabeth was surprised that the cloak of the Nemean lion could exist in two places. Clarisse couldn't argue with that and switched out her current jacket for the Nemean lion one while Naruto grabbed a map of some kind and pocketed it away for later. With that done, the 3 demi-gods walked out of his house and back to the van where Argus was waiting for them.

30 minutes later, they got to their destination, which was a bus stop and said bus would take them towards the southern end of New York City and they could make their way to California from there. Finally after another 30 minutes, the bus arrived and they boarded it, though Naruto stiffened slightly as his danger senses went off.

"What is it?" Annabeth asked, after seeing that he stilled for a bit.

"There's something supernatural nearby. Keep your guards up" Naruto warned, as he couldn't tell what it was, only it was supernatural, and that usually meant it was dangerous.

Thankfully, they found seats at the back of the bus. Though Naruto soon became aware of what he sensed earlier, when three old ladies got on the bus. They all wore a crumpled velvet dress, lace gloves, and carried big paisley purses. They also wore shapeless knit hats that were colored orange, purple, and green respectively. One of them looked up, showing black eyes and Naruto cursed as he realized who they were.

"Fucking Furies, all three of them." he muttered, drawing looks from the girls.

"I thought you said you killed one of them." Clarisse asked.

"I did, Hades must have helped Alecto come back." Retorted Naruto.

"Naruto, you shouldn't use their names. Names have power." Annabeth whispered, as using their true name would alert them to his presence.

"It doesn't matter how I refer to them. They already know we are here, Annabeth. That was the entire reason they got on the bus." Naruto said back.

The bus traveled for a while, getting closer to the destination that they wanted when the Furies got up and spoke in flat voices, like they had rehearsed what they would say.

"I have to use the restroom."

"So do I."

"So do I."

"Gee, like that isn't super obvious," Naruto deadpanned.

"Naruto, they're here for you. Take my hat." Annabeth said, passing her invisibility hat to Naruto.

"No point, I'm not abandoning you both." Naruto said as he got up, whipping out Riptide.

"What are you doing?" Annabeth asked.

"I'm picking a fight." Naruto said as he turned to the Furies. Annabeth sighed while hoping he would be okay and Clarisse eyed him with curiosity.

Once they saw him get up, they instantly zeroed in on Naruto and let out a hideous wail and began transforming. Their faces were still the same, but their bodies had shriveled into leathery brown hag bodies with bats wings and hands and feet like gargoyle claws. Their handbags had also turned into fiery whips.

"Where?! Where is it boy?!" One of the Furies hissed, though the other people didn't notice anything as Naruto controlled the mist to make them forget any of them were on the bus and make them all invisible.

"I don't have Zeus's Electric Dildo. Now shut the fuck up and get lost before I send your asses back to Tartarus." Naruto warned them, causing them to shriek angrily.

"Give us the Bolt or suffer eternal torment!" The Furies demanded.

"My goodness, you three are blind, deaf and stupid. I wonder why Hades even bothers with you three. You're all a joke." Naruto mocked, angering them even further. Clarisse had to stop herself from outright laughing at his audacity.

The one in front, Tisiphone, tried to claw his eyes out, though he dodged the strike easily and decapitated her in one fluid motion, her body exploding in gold dust. Megeara sent her whip in his direction, though Naruto caught it in his hand and grabbed it, smirking at her.

"Is this supposed to hurt? It doesn't even tickle." Naruto taunted with a evil smirk. He overpowered her and pulled her off her feet and toward him, punching a hole clean through her chest and killing her as well, while her whip was left behind as a Spoil of War. Alecto backed up in fear but didn't get very far as Naruto grabbed her by the throat.

"You dumb whore. Did you not learn your lesson last time when I killed you? You come back again, and next time, I'll make sure you stop coming back." Naruto said as he snapped her neck with his bare hands, making her explode in gold dust.

Though while the Furies were dealt with, Naruto tensed when he heard thunder overhead and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

"We need to get off the bus, right now!" Annabeth shouted.

Not needing anymore warning, Naruto cut a large square-like opening in the bus, causing mass confusion and chaos for the mortals, who were still under The Mist's effects. Clarisse jumped out first, rolling into the grass, followed by Annabeth and lastly by Naruto. Not a moment later, a bolt of lightning shot out of the sky, straight onto the bus, destroying it and killing everyone onboard much to much to demi-god's shock.

"Shit, that was close." Clarisse muttered, looking at the flaming bus with wide eyes.

"Come on. Let's just be glad we got off in time." Annabeth said, motioning to the woods, knowing they had to get away and was also glad they didn't leave their stuff on the bus.

Naruto, meanwhile, glared up at the sky.

"Stupid…idiot. Borderline, BRAIN-DEAD, MORON!" Naruto went from grumbling to shouting at the sky. "You Fucking Imbecile! We're trying to get your dumb weapon back so the bloody world doesn't end, and you're trying to kill us?! Do you want the damn bolt back, or not?! YOU DUMBASSS!"


Meanwhile, in the Olympian Throne Room, several gods were watching the quest, Zeus and Poseidon included. Poseidon was glaring hatefully at his brother, his hands shaking in rage and clutching around his trident, which was glowing dangerously green. Demeter also glared at her brother for trying to kill her grandchild. Ares was annoyed that his father tried to kill his favorite daughter. Not that it meant much to him, but Clarisse was his favored child amongst his current batch of brats. Athena was also not pleased that her father had almost killed her daughter.

"You know, kids got a point. It's pretty stupid to kill the questers that are working to retrieve their symbol of power." Hephaestus muttered to himself.

"Hush now, Hephaestus" Hera said to her malformed son.

Although she could find no fault in the statement by Poseidon's son, since Zeus wasn't winning himself any favors, if he and Poseidon do go to war, by hindering the quest. The fact that said hindering nearly killed the questers didn't help either.

With the Questers

"Um, Naruto, I know you're angry but maybe we shouldn't shout at the god that can still throw more lightning bolts at us." Annabeth said, fearful that Zeus would take offense and throw another lightning bolt at them.

"It doesn't make me wrong. If he's too stupid to realize that killing the people trying to get his weapon back helps no one, then maybe he shouldn't be King of the Olympians," Naruto said as lightning crackled dangerously in the sky.

"Go ahead, throw another one at us! You'd only be proving me right!" Naruto shouted, as after a few moments, the lightning stopped. and the sky cleared. Naruto smirked, knowing he had gotten the arrogant king to back down. Clarisse looked at him, impressed that he got Zeus to back down, while Annabeth just let out a sigh of relief that they wouldn't have to deal with having lightning thrown at them again.

He then pulled out the map he had taken from his house and opened it, drawing Annabeth's notice. "I saw you take that map out of your house earlier. What's so special about it?"

"This little map here is enchanted to show supernatural things within the US." Naruto said as he spoke in a low voice, "Zoom in on New York City." The map changed and showed the cities limits of the New York City. Where they should be were 3 Omega symbols.

"Whoa, that's neat. Is that us right there?" Clarisse said as she looked over his shoulder, pointing at the omega symbols.

"Yes, that is us. And this is what we are after." Naruto said as he pointed to a blue and green circle about 2 miles south of them. "That's one of my father's pearls. The magic kind that will help us escape the Underworld. If we're gonna visit Hades, we need to be able to escape incase things go south. There's 2 more along our path. 1 being in Nashville and the other being in a casino in Las Vegas."

"I see an 'M' right by the pearl. What does that mean?" Annabeth asked, pointing to the symbol next to the pearl. "Is that for monster?"

"It is, there's one guarding the first pearl we need." Naruto said. One thing he wished the map did was tell them what monster it was, but it wasn't that detailed, only that there was one.

"Who's up for some monster slaying?" Naruto asked the two. Clarisse smirked with a bloodthirsty grin that matched Naruto's own while Annabeth was concerned.


After walking through the woods for a while, they soon came upon a two-lane road. They saw a closed down gas station, a billboard, and an open business with neon lights and the scent of food.

It was one of those weird roadside curio shops that sell lawn flamingos, wooden Indians, cement grizzly bears, and stuff like that. The main building was a long, low warehouse, surrounded by acres of statuary. The bright red neon sign on the front gave the 2 War demigods a headache with their dyslexia, especially since it was written in cursive.

"Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium." Naruto said, while seeing the entrance was flanked by two cement garden gnomes.

"You can read that?" Annabeth asked.

"I overcame my Dyslexia years ago," Naruto told her.

"Finally. I've been waiting to shed some bloodshed since those damn furies showed up," Clarrisse said with a bloodthirsty smirk, eager to satisfy it as she couldn't participate in the killing of the Furies.

"We don't even know what's up ahead Clarisse, you shouldn't be so hasty. It could be a monster we aren't equipped for." Annabeth suggested, not wanting to go in without a plan against a unknown enemy, or possibly more unknown enemies if it was more than one monster.

"What's wrong, Owl Girl? Afraid you can't keep up?" Clarisse challenged her.

"No, I just think it's stupid to go in without a plan when we don't know what we're up against." Annabeth fired back and Naruto sighed as it looked like they were about to get into an argument.

Suddenly, the doors creaked open and they saw someone standing there. An adult woman wearing a long black gown covering her entire body except her hands and head, a black veil covering the upper part of her face and hair, her hands and lower face showing her pale skin.

"Children, it is too late to be out by ourselves. Where are your parents?" The woman asked with a soft and silky voice.

"We're lost and if you could point us in the right direction to the nearest bus or train station, that'd be appreciated." Annabeth said politely. Unlike the bloodthirsty daughter of Ares and hyper confident son of the Sea God, she really didn't want to be near this monster. She understood Naruto's argument and it made sense since they had a lot of time on their hands, and it was dark out, but she had a feeling this was gonna end badly.

"Oh, my dears, you must come in, you poor children. I am Aunty Em. Go straight through to the back of the warehouse, please. There is a dining area." Said Aunty Em.

"No, that's fine, we don't want to intru-" Annabeth stopped when she saw Naruto and Clarisse walk forward with purpose. Sighing, she followed them.

The warehouse was filled with more statues of people in different poses, with all of them wearing different outfits and sporting different expressions on their faces.

'Interesting. Stone Statues, an unusual amount of detail on them. Not too many monsters like that.' Naruto thought, narrowing down the monsters it could be, his thoughts unknowingly mirroring Clarisse and Annabeth as they reached the dining area.

"Please, sit down." Aunty Em said.

"Um, we don't have any money, ma'am." Annabeth said.

"No, no, children. No money. This is a special case, yes? It is my treat, for such nice orphans." Said Aunty Em with a "kind" smile.

"Thank you, ma'am." Annabeth said gratefully.

Naruto noticed how Aunty Em stiffened at Annabeth's words, while her smile became strained, as if she's forcing herself to be nice. That narrowed it down further.

"Quite alright, Annabeth. You have such beautiful gray eyes, child. Such. Beautiful. Eyes." Aunty Em nearly hissed.

'How does she already know Annabeth's name?!' Naruto wondered as he narrowed his eyes. They hadn't introduced themselves yet.

Naruto's eyes followed Aunty Em behind the snack counter. While she was gone, Naruto gave a silent signal they had agreed on before coming to this location to get ready for a fight. Soon, Aunty M returned with several trays double cheeseburgers, vanilla shakes, and XXL servings of french fries.

"Thank you but I'm not hungry." Naruto said politely. The food was probably poisoned to slow them down, so he wasn't about to take the chance with it.

"Forgive me, I suppose you wouldn't like such food, Naruto." Said Aunty Em, in a kindlier tone than before, which just made the demi-God more suspicious. He kept wondering what kind of monster she was. Naruto kept hearing a hissing sound but couldn't pinpoint the source.

As he examined his surroundings, his eyes then fell on a statue of a young girl holding an Easter basket. The detail was incredible, much better than one might see in most garden statues. Hell, he could see the lines in her hands. But something was wrong with her face. It looked as if she were startled, or even terrified. Suddenly, it clicked together for Naruto on who this woman was, the statues from earlier having similar expressions reinforcing his suspicions.

"Ah, you notice some of my creations do not turn out well. They are marred. They do not sell. The face is the hardest to get right. Always the face." Aunty Em said, while muttering the last part.

"You make the statues yourself?" Naruto asked, hoping to keep her distracted.

"Yes, I once had two sisters who I loved and protected, but they're gone now. Leaving me alone with just my statues. Alone, always alone…" Aunty Em said with real sadness and pain in her voice.

"Two sisters?" Annabeth said, her mind racing after hearing that. Clarisse started to tense, her body anxious and ready for a fight. In response, Aunty Em looked at Annabeth with a cold smile that also had a dangerous edge to it.

"It's a long and terrible story, not one suited for children I'm sure. You see Annabeth, I was once a Priestess, one loyal and devoted to my patron goddess. But my patron, she had a…rivalry with a petty and cruel god. My patron and the god both desired to be the patron of a city, with my patron being able to win a competition between them. But the god was a petty man and in retaliation, he tried to seduce me, his rival's Priestess, within her own temple. I rejected his advances, desiring to remain loyal to my patron, but I underestimated just how cruel the gods can be. So, he took me against my will right before my patron's statue; again and Again and AGAIN! I begged and pleaded for him to stop, for my patron to help me, but no help ever came."

"When the god finally left, I pleaded to my patron for forgiveness and mercy. But do you know what she did instead?!" Aunty Em shouted as she was practically shaking with rage at this point.

Annabeth, now looking both incredibly pale and sick, shook her head slowly.

Though the three immediately jumped up from the table, when Aunty Em stood up and then threw the table across the warehouse.

"Close your eyes, you two! It's Medusa!" Naruto shouted, as they all closed their eyes or looked away.

"SHE TURNED ME INTO THIS!" Aunty Em roared, tearing her veil and cloak off, revealing the monster underneath. The ends of her hair gathered together and transformed into living snake heads, black and gold scales appeared on her arms and back, with her nails growing into talons, her entire body from waist down turned into a thick serpentine tail, and her only clothing consisted of an armored bikini.

"What's the matter Naruto Uzumaki, Annabeth Chase, don't you wish to look at the result of your father raping me and your mother abandoning me!? Go on, look at the monster they created!" Medusa hissed, while her eyes glowed with her desire to turn them to stone.

"Yo-you're lying, that's not how the legend goes!" Annabeth said, refusing to believe Medusa's story. Though she shivered when Medusa giggled darkly.

"What use do I have lying, when I plan to kill you?" Medusa asked cruelly, "That is the truth! Your parents are nothing but a rapist and a traitor! They used me and then tossed me aside, turning me into this creature you see now! The only ones who didn't abandon me were my sisters! They stayed by my side, even as I slowly turned into a monster, into the Gorgon! Even when I killed hundreds of people, they stayed with me until the point where I saw them as intruders in my territory, but even then, they stayed! And in the end, when I only saw them as intruders, I devoured them! My own sisters! Poseidon and Athena took everything from me, my innocence, my humanity, my family! Everything! And now they'll get to see their own children turned to stone and shattered! Though while I'm sure they'll just make some replacements, I can at least hope that it'll hurt for a moment."

Naruto opened his eye and glanced at Annabeth, seeing her not even trying to reach for her weapon. Medusa's words and story had destroyed her will to fight back.

"Water Style: Water Wall!" Naruto called out, stomping his foot on the floor, summoning water from the pipes in the floor below, creating a thick wall of water to separate the demi-gods from the monster. Medusa hissed, angry that her eyesight was now blocked.

"Protect Annabeth, Clarisse. Leave the snake to me." Naruto ordered. Clarisse didn't like it, but she had to admit Medusa was a terrible opponent for her. She had no way of fighting without her eyesight.

"Can you fight her without your sight?" Clarisse asked as an arrow fired by Medusa bounced off the wall of water.

"Don't worry about me." Naruto said, "I've got my ways."

Medusa snarled at the wall and was about to try and go around it, when she saw out of the corner of her eye, Naruto leaping up and landing on the ceiling, seemingly sticking to it.

"Up here, you dumb slut!" Naruto called out as he kept his eyes shut, knowing she was still sore about what happened to her.

"How dare you mock my suffering at you father's hands, sea spawn!" Medusa shouted as she fired several arrows at Naruto.

"Like you didn't enjoy the attention! Your little story from earlier conveniently left out the part where your beauty was causing people to begin to worship you, and you did nothing about it! If you actually thought Poseidon wouldn't come after you, then you're both dumb and a slut!" Naruto said as he deflected the arrows with Anklusmos.

"I'll kill you! DIE!" Medusa shouted, frothing at the mouth with rage as she fired another arrow, only for Naruto to catch it. He threw it back at her with his superstrength, using his sensing to know where she was. The arrow pierced her abdomen, the force with which it was thrown blowing a hole in her side, causing her to scream and roar in pain.

Naruto appeared in a burst of speed near her, Anklusmos having been put away and the axe he took earlier in his hands. She swiped at him with her claws, but he ducked underneath her swipe and chopped her arm off. Roaring in pain, she tried to claw his throat out with her remaining arm but he grabbed it with one hand, before grasping her by the back of the neck with the other hand, using his superstrength to rip out her other arm at it's socket with a roar.

Poisonous blood flew from her arm socket as Medusa shrieked and screamed. Naruto chopped clean through her spine with his war axe, while making her fall to the ground face-first.

She wasn't allowed much time to whimper in agony as she felt Naruto press the blade of his axe against the base of her neck. She turned her head to look at him, still seeing his eyes closed. "I pray you suffer in the Underworld, sea spawn." She bit back venomously.

"You're the only one here who deserves to suffer, you filthy animal." Naruto growled and raised his axe high and chopped downward, beheading the monster and killing Medusa instantly. He body parts dissolved into gold dust, though her head remained behind. Naruto took her cloth that she had wrapped her snakes up in previously and covered up the head. Once done, he opened his eyes again.

"It's done. You can open your eyes." Naruto said. He noticed one of his father's pearls lying where he had cut off her arm earlier. She must have been wearing it on a bracelet or something. He picked it up and pocketed away for later as he let the water from the pipes below wash over him, healing him from the gorgon's poisoned blood that splashed on him earlier.

Naruto canceled his Water Wall walking back to see Clarisse more relaxed now, though Annabeth was still somewhat shaken. Naruto wrapped Annabeth in a hug, helping the girl calm down.

"It…it wasn't true, right?" Annabeth asked slowly, while praying that she had lied, just to hurt them.

"Honestly, Annabeth, it doesn't matter whether it was true or not." Naruto said, breaking the hug with Annabeth.

"How!? How can it not matter!?" Annabeth said hysterically.

"A couple reasons. One; Medusa was our enemy that already admitted to wanting to kill us and would say anything to get us to drop our guard so she could catch us with her fatal eyesight. She would say anything, do anything, to make it easier to murder us." Naruto said.

"And secondly, look at the statues." Naruto said motioning to the statues, the girls following where he was pointing. He walked over to them to help illustrate more.

"This one was a young girl, probably 6 or 7. Probably and orphan or she was a demi-god and her human parent had been killed. Doesn't matter. She was a kid, no real threat to anyone. That didn't stop Medusa from ending her life." He said before moving on to another one.

"This was old woman. Probably ended up here by accident, looking for some nice statues for her garden. She might have had husband to return to or a family of grandchildren that she doted on. That didn't stop Medusa from turning her to stone."

"These two. Clearly a young couple, were probably shopping for decorations from their new home. You can tell by the bulge on the woman's stomach that she was halfway through her pregnancy as well. That didn't stop Medusa from murdering them and their unborn child."

"My point is that, yes, Medusa MIGHT have been a victim at one point. But even IF that is the case, then she is actually worse than both Poseidon and Athena, because she stooped to their level. I understand hating them, but that does not give you the right to murder innocent people, children, old people and pregnant women. She stopped being a victim the minute she started murdering innocent people and became the same vile animal like all the other monsters. You don't get to play the victim card when you are an unrepentant animal that murders innocent people. She'll find no sympathy from me." He said coldly.

"Anyway, monologue aside, we got what we came for. It's dark out, so we'll rest here tonight and carry on when." Naruto said as he sent some clones to go setup a perimeter with Sealing Jutsu so they could sleep peacefully for the night.

Chapter End

AN: The coat he wears is Mens Brown Leather Duster Brown Quilted Style Genuine Cow Leather Steampunk Coat Handmade Trench Coat on Etsy.

By the way, the Medusa backstory and the scene with the gods when Zeus tries to kill them is from my buddy, windstorm16's story, Daughter of the Queen and the Ghost.