Chapter 1 A Fresh Start.

Billie's Diary Entry:

Dear diary, today marks a month since the events of the Ultimate Battle, the battle which was foreseen aeons ago. The battle has brought me nothing but heartbreak, I had to vanquish my older evil sister Christy. The one person that until the Halliwell sisters, I looked up to and wanted to be most like her. I was so naive to believe that Christy would be okay, I should have taken her to see a therapist or someone who knew about how being raised by demons could change someone's personality. A person who was aware of magic, so we could speak freely.

While I have been welcomed back into the Halliwell family, I know that things will never be the same as it was. The trust I had built with them was broken when I allowed Christy to manipulate me. Only time will tell if we can rebuild the trust to something that was similar to what we once had. I realised something looking back that Piper the eldest of the sisters looked at me like a younger sister perhaps daughter.

For the majority of my life, I've only had one goal which was to find my sister and now that goal is over. I have no idea what to do in my life now, I have no desire or aspirations.

End of Diary Entry:

Meanwhile, in one of the deepest parts of the Underworld, we have a clan of powerful demons. This clan of demons is forgotten by the supernatural community due to them being in hiding for almost three-thousand years.

"The Ultimate Battle has come to pass," One of the demons spoke.

"And with that battle now finished, a new age will come. We need the Chosen One's power." Another demon said.

"The Chosen One has yet to be born, we will have to wait years for the father to come of age to conceive the child." A demon pointed out.

"Do not fear about that small detail, I have that handled." The leader responds with a wicked smile.

As of this minute, Leo is still getting use to being the headteacher of Magic School once more and Piper is going through the process of selling P3 the night club, she has owned for the past six years. Leo is sat in his office sorting through tones of paperwork, with a close team of teaches that consist of different magical creatures.

"While we have reclaimed Magic School from demons and warlocks, we still have a lot of work to do before we can officially open again," Leo says.

"Such as?" A teacher asked.

"Well, still quite a few of our most powerful books on magic were stolen or destroyed. Along with artefacts." Leo explained.

"Plus Zankou broke the protection spell on Magic School grounds. It took immense power to cast it and the spell was designed only to be able to enact once. We will need a new stronger spell. Anyone this second could die on Magic School grounds now." A telepath spoke up.

"We will need the Charmed Ones to help with this and a few others." Another teacher said.

"We will have the sisters help, I can ensure you of that," Leo tells his staff.

A few weeks later, Billie decided she needed a change of scenery, living San Francisco right this minute seems to be the worse place she could be in. The memories are too hard to deal with. She needs a fresh break to evaluate her life and the direction it was taking. Billie officially dropped out of college and applied to another in a different country. Believing she needed to put an ocean between her and the sisters. Although welcomed back into the Halliwell family, she knew she couldn't push her luck maybe they could exchange emails and calls here and there if they liked her enough again. There wasn't a lot Billie had to pack for her new home.

The flight to her new home was rather long thirteen hours and fifteen minutes in total. Once the plane landed in her new country and after making her way through customs. She made her way over to what she believes would be her temporary residence. Billie's godfather an old family friend of her father left her family his property in his will. This property is a local corner shop and a flat/apartment above the shop. The flat had little furniture but that didn't bother Billie at all, the flat has all the essentials to living. Plus two bedrooms granted one was a lot bigger than the other.

A couple of weeks passed by and while attending college/university and doing her best to manage her new shop with help from the current manager. While on a night out with new friends, Billie bumps into a boy around her age or just a year older. He has forest green eyes and hair as dark as night, he was tall and muscular. Her new friends practically pushed her onto him forcing the two to talk and get to know each other. Their time together didn't end on that night the two grew a connection with one another and became close in more ways than one his name is Stefan. One day, Billie found herself sat on her couch in the living room in the flat looking at the results. She isn't alone although right now she feels alone.

"Well, Billie what are the results say?" Stefan asks.

"It's positive, I'm pregnant seven weeks, I don't know how I took every precaution there is," Billie answered.

"The father do you have any idea who the father could be?" Stefan questioned.

"No, idea I haven't slept with someone for months. This shouldn't be happening I've just started to get the pieces of my life back together." Billie responds.

"Does the pregnancy have to ruin everything? Billie, I know I can't exactly understand what you're going through or what you're experiencing. But I will I am here for you always whatever you decide to do." Stefan said.

"How can you be so sure, we've only known each other for a few weeks?" Billie questions.

"Anyone who has known you for a day would know how important you are Billie Jenkins, besides nothing scares me," Stefan replies.

"There some things about me that could scare you things that you might believe is impossible." Billie starts.

"You're a witch, I know Billie, I've known that since I met you. I'm a werewolf and werewolves have the ability to recognise other magical creatures through our enhanced senses. I rarely dated outside werewolves because of the whole magical exposure and how little werewolves are treated in the magical community." Stefan interrupted, Billie looks at him stunned while living in Magic School with Christy, she read up about werewolves but still knew little. She knew werewolves were still are classed as second to other magical creatures. Witches in ancient times used to spell werewolves to use as guards even pets.

"You really are a miracle," Billie says.

"Fate sometimes deals us a funny card," Stefan responded.

End of chapter 1.