Summary: It's been five years since Harry Potter defeated You-Know-Who and then disappeared. Every owl and spell on the intent of finding him never can and the Wizarding World has given up hope. Meanwhile, society is slowly repairing as more and more Death Eaters are captured mysteriously and the Ministry is gradually getting rid of incompetents and Muggleborns are gaining more rights. However… not all is what- or whom they seem.

This chapter is a little boring, but trust me it needed to be written. The story is only getting started.

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Gabrial watched the old man stride inside Hogs Head. Even twenty feet away, the hideous maroon robes and the deep blue stars stitched on the cloth he wore shone ridiculously bright. The man stopped near Gabrial, catching his eyes. Gabrial stood up.

"Headmaster Dumbledore," he greeted warmly.

The old man smiled and reached out to clasp Gabrial's hands. "Ah, you must be Mr. Evengline? Very good to meet you, my boy. I hope I didn't keep you waiting for long?"

"Oh no, Headmaster. I myself arrived a few minutes ago."

The Headmaster beamed. "Good, good." He spread out one arm towards the table Gabrial was occupying, "no need to be so formal, my boy. Let's sit down."

Once they were seated, Gabrial spoke. "Thank you for meeting with me Headmaster. As I informed you in my letter, I wish to apply for the open Defense Against the Dark Arts position."

The Headmaster smiled widely. "Yes. And I have already heard about your accomplishments. Very impressive, my boy. You won every one of the World Duels for the past five years and those were the times you signed up. And at such a young age."

Gabrial looked embarrassed. "Yeah, I love dueling. The exhilaration and the speed and the skill it takes… it's an art."

The Headmaster looked wistful. "I know what you mean, my boy. I wish to duel with you sometime."

At this, Gabrial gave a sharp smile, "it would be a pleasure to spar with you Headmaster." He paused. "But of course, that's not why we're here."

The old man laughed. "Oh my dear boy, I only came here to meet you and take a good look at you myself. The position is all yours, Mr. Evengline."

Gabrial let himself sag in relief. "Thank you so much, Headmaster. Can you give me a little information about what the job entails? The curriculum and such. I've already read all the Defense books from years one through seven for Hogwarts' last year, but I just want to know if there is more to expect?" Gabrial knew he was babbling, but he couldn't help it. He knew the old man was a little overwhelming, but he was already feeling affected by his proximity. He shifted slightly but passed it off as trying to get more comfortable.

The Headmaster laughed again. "It's good to see you take this so seriously, my boy. Do not worry, you will have time to prepare and in that time you can ask me all the questions you want." Headmaster Dumbledore paused and peered at Gabrial, "what school did you attend, Mr. Evengline, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Oh," Gabrial gave a small chuckle, running his thin fingers across his dark, silvery hair. "I mostly was privately tutored. My… Uncle was a Professor from Hopes Institute."

Headmaster's eyebrows rose. "A very reputable school indeed."

"Yes," Gabrial smiled a little proudly.

The old man was thoughtful, "it has produced many intelligent and notable witches and wizards as well."

"Not as many as yours," Gabrial praised. "Many Hogwarts graduates tend to gravitate there if they wish to acquire Mastery in the more advanced magics. It's a school for graduates and children after all."

The Headmaster nodded. "Yes, so I've heard." The old man then smiled, shaking his head. He slowly rose from his seat and Gabrial rose along with him.

"I am very sorry my boy, but I have to take my leave. Some urgent business in Hogwarts, but I would love to chat more with you. You seem like a very intelligent young man."

Gabrial blushed. "You're very kind, Headmaster."

"No need to be so formal, Mr. Evengline. Call me Albus, we're colleagues now, are we not?"

"In that case, Albus, call me, Gabrial. It is only fair."

The Headmaster's deep blue eyes twinkled. "Would you like to accompany me to Hogwarts, Gabrial? I do have time to show you your rooms now that you are officially a Professor."

Gabrial smiled. "I would love to."

"So?" A female voice asked from the mirror Gabrial held in his tight grip. Headmaster Dumbledore had shown him his new quarters after a quick orientation around Hogwarts. Gabrial had immediately collapsed on the comfy bed. His quarters were decorated in soft colors of light blue and grey and Gabrial found it strangely comforting. His magic had been dancing with joy the moment he had entered the large castle.

Gabrial gave the person in the mirror and razor-sharp smile. "I'm in."

A sniff. "I had no doubt about it."

Gabrial smiles fondly, "I'm sure."

"I'm serious Gabe," the female pouted. "We both knew you would be able to do it."

Gabrial grinned despite himself. "He suspects nothing."

The female smiled, and it was not a kind one. "And we'll keep it that way."


Potions Master, Severus Snape walked into the staff room, only to pause at the sight of a new person standing in there. He had just finished some last-minute details as classes would begin in a week.

He slowed in his stride. The person, a young man who looked somewhat familiar, Severus noted, noticed his attention. He smiled at Severus.

"Hello," his voice had a musical quality to it, "I am Gabrial Evengline. I am the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor."

Severus blinked. "The famous Gabrial Evengline," he drawled. "A pleasure."

Evengline gave a small snicker and Severus arched on an eyebrow.

"Is something amusing, Professor Evengline?"

"Oh no," the man waved a hand, "it was just something you said. It… reminded me of someone."

Severus didn't bother to wonder at that.

Evengline poured himself some coffee, but instead of taking a sip, he asked Severus. "Suger? Cream?"

"I like it plain."

Evengline grinned and handed him the steaming mug.

"Thanks," Severus said automatically. Evengline turned to look at Severus in surprise.

"What?" Severus asked defensively. The young man just shook his head and then poured himself a cup of coffee. Severus watched him then pour cups of milk and four packets of sugar into his mug. Evengline turned towards Severus, leaning on the counter. He took a long sip of his coffee and Severus grimaced.

The man only gave Severus a wicked smirk. "I am sure we'll get along fabulously, Professor."

Severus rose his eyebrow again, but before he could say anything, Minerva and Trelawney entered the room.

The latter immediately noticed them and quickly walked towards them, obviously relieved to escape Trelawney. Severus could sympathize.

"Sev-" Minerva paused in surprise as she took in Evangeline, who stopped leaning on the coffee table.

"Hello," he smiled warmly at her.

Minerva quickly recovered, "you must be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. Albus did mention he was going to interview someone a few weeks ago. And wait a minute-" she leaned in closer, "you're Gabrial Evengline!"

"I am," he grinned abashedly.

Minerva's eyes widened. "Dear me. I am in the presence of two youngest people to acquired a Mastery in their subjects. Professor Evengline, you were only seventeen when you gained your Mastery in Defense, right?"

This was news to Severus. He looked at Evengline in a new light. He himself got his Mastery when he was nineteen.

"Hmm," Evengline said thoughtfully, "not many people know about that."

"I make it my job to look into such things," Minerva said. She reached out to shake the man's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Professor."

"Call me Gabrial."

More Professors began to trickle in. Albus entered moments later.

"Ah, hello everyone," he said grandly. "Take a seat." He glanced at Evengline and beamed.

"And everyone, this is Gabrial Evengline, our new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. Are you settling in well, Gabrial?"

The man didn't get a chance to answer as Fillius fell off his chair with a squeak. Severus saw that Evangeline looked terribly amused, though he valiantly tried to hide it.

"Goodness me," Fillius said as he straightened up. "An honor to meet you, Professor Evengline."

"Please," Evengline smiled, "call me Gabrial."

Everyone looked very interested in the man, except for Binns of course, but who was counting him? Albus started to speak and he was once again in the focus.

"A new school year-" he started to give the same speech he gave every year, so Severus tuned him out, using the opportunity to study Evengline. His hair was dark and silvery. He had a sharp face and Severus wondered if he was a Pureblood. He certainly had the charm and demeanor. His eyes were his most striking characteristic. They were a bright blue, but in the dark, they looked like they had hints of purple. He was very observant as well, quickly noticing Severus studying him. That was to be expected if what Severus heard about his dueling prowess was to be true.

Evengline gave him a small grin but then gave all his attention to Albus. Severus shook his head. For some reason, he had a feeling this was going to be an interesting year.