Hiya ladies and gentlemen, it's your boy, Tony here again.

As I promised, here's Season Two of Enter The Demon, with the new name, Chaos on Earth-2.

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A few notes, for you true believers first.

The story starts a few days before The Flash S02E01. The first few chapters will take place on Earth-2, then the ones after that will follow the storyline of Season 2.

And to any newtime readers, don't read this story unless you have read Enter The Demon. This is the sequel to that story.

Also, like I've done in the past, in the last few chapters of Enter The Demon, I have something to ask of you all. I have a feeling that you wonderful people are more experts on the matter than I am.

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Chapter 1: Hope

Everything around them was illuminated, a radiant world that seemed to shine forever and brighter than the sun. The air richened with the scent of fresh flowers and fresh exotic fruits filled his nostrils, a loving smile formed on his mouth in response to the volumes of intoxicating smells entering through his nose.

As he recognized the familiar shampoo scent, his eyes slowly opened up and he looked down to see her hair on top of his body. Her body curled up against him, her head placed on his chest and her beautiful brown hair shining as the morning light shined down on her head like a glorious halo, only bestowed upon the most beautiful of the angels in skies above.

His blue eyes caught the sight of her hair locks falling over her closed eyes. Reaching over one of his pale hands, he treated her as though she was fragile and could break with the single touch, and pulled her locks back over her ears. The gentle moving of her hair turned into a gentle caress as he stroked her cheek.

Lightly opening up her mouth, she let out a moan as she felt his gentle finger touch her cheek in such a gentle manner. He mentally chuckled at her reaction and caressed her cheek with his entire hand, flipping his hand around to stroke her skin with the back of his fingers.

And then, the most beautiful brown eyes opened up and met his blue eyes. Smiles formed on both faces upon eye contact being established. Love filled both pairs and caused their smiles to broaden. The hand of the woman he loves trails up his left arm as it made its way to his cheek and cupping it. Feeling cheeky, she trailed it further up his head and ran it through his spiked brown hair.

She then greeted with a happy and loving smile. "Hey, Seth?"

"Hey, Caitlin." Seth Daniels Fury greeted the love of his life back.

Caitlin Snow perked her head and leant up to meet Seth's head. Titling her head to the side, she pressed her lips on top of his and kissed him tenderly. Their kiss lasted a few moments, but to them…it was like an eternity of nothing but pure love. The love they have for one another.

She pulled away and, to Seth's confusion, she looked around their bedroom with inspecting eyes. Caitlin turned back to him with a cheeky smile. "Guess we didn't break your bedroom this time."

"Our bedroom." Seth corrected her while rubbing her cheek gently and getting her to smile again. "This is our home, Caitlin…and it won't change no matter what."

"Yeah, you're right." Caitlin agreed with a smile. "Our home." Seth smiled back and gently ran a finger over her arm, the ice element in him sending out white mist and she shivered lightly in response to her mate's mutant powers. Enjoying the effects of his elemental powers and their capabilities in the outside world and in their home.


The two remained in bed and looked to the bedroom door when they heard the knocking. Both Caitlin and Seth knew who it was. And did find it sweet that she was so sweet and respectful of their privacy. The father smiled with a chuckle as he pointed an arm at the door.

A black mass quickly formed in the palm of his hand before taking the form of a black tendril and slithered out. The tendril elongated and slithered its way out to the door handle. Wrapping it around the handle, it then pulled it down and opened the door.

As the door opened up, it revealed the sight of their daughter. Even in the morning, she chose to wear her gothic clothes and the bright pink streaks in her brown hair shined when the light from their windows hit her head. One of her hands was shielding her eyes in an embarrassed manner, as though she didn't want to see anything damaging to one of her young age.

Rolling his eyes at her hand over her eyes, Seth told her. "Frankie, you don't have to shield your eyes, honey."

"You sure, Dad?" Frankie Fury asked for certainty.

"We are, sweetheart." Caitlin added and patted their bed. "Come over here."

Frankie smiled and jumped onto the wall and used her symbiotic powers to crawl along the wall surface. Seth sternly reminded her. "No footprints on the wall, young lady."

"Sorry, Daddy." She stated with a mock innocent smile before placing herself on the ceiling, right above her parents' bed before releasing her hold on it and fell down to them. "I love that."

"You are unbelievable, honey." Seth told her while hugging her with one arm. "But I love you no matter what."

"I love you too, Dad." Frankie said back while snuggling against her father's form. "You too, Mom." She said as she looked to Caitlin. Parts of her clothes turned pink before pink tendrils slithered out of her form and wrapped themselves around the black tendrils out of the elemental's body. The symbiotes, Venom and Magenta both giving each other hugs of familial love.

"And we love you, Frankie." Caitlin pressed her lips to Frankie's head in a motherly kiss. "But yeah, you're gotta stop walking on the walls, what are you friends gonna think when they visit us. They're gonna think we have a little monkey."

"Our little spider monkey in magenta." Seth quipped lovingly with a chuckle as he kissed Frankie's right cheek.

"Dad, stop it!" Frankie exclaimed in embarrassment and tried to get away. But Caitlin wrapped her arms around her and kept her there with a smile on her face. "Mom! Not you too!" the young metahuman exclaimed to her mother.

"You can't get away from us so easily, sweetheart." Caitlin said and kissed Frankie's left cheek, causing the young girl's face to blush into a storm and look like a freshly picked tomato with an additional layer of redness.

"You guys are embarrassing me." She said like a real young teenage girl embarrassed by her parents' passionate love for her. Neither of them stopped and continued hugging her tightly. Frankie melted in their embrace and told them lovingly. "I love you two."

"And we love you." Caitlin said before locking eyes with Seth. "I love you."

Seth formed a loving smile, "I love you." He slowly leant over their daughter's form and went to connect with lips belonging to the woman he love-


But he never got to meet her lips as the massive and repeated cracking sounds emitted around them. They didn't have a chance to inspect the sound as suddenly the roof above their heads literally tore off of the structure that holds it. The pictures around them, placed on the bedside tables, instantly pulled up and launched themselves into the air. The wardrobes around them tore off the ground and flung into the skies.

Seth followed the trajectory of his and Caitlin's bedroom torn parts through the air and his eyes widened at its form. The swirling mass of black energy above their heads, the force of its suctional capabilities drew everything into the hole in middle of, vanishing them into nothingness. Or perhaps somewhere else that is unfathomable to man.

When Seth saw that, he immediately looked to Caitlin and Frankie's sides…but they weren't there.



Snapping his head upwards to the sky, his worst fears possible were confirmed when he saw them… Both Caitlin and Frankie in the sky…their hands outstretched downwards, trying to reach the elemental again. But it was for naught as the distance between them was expanding due to the wormhole's gravitational pull.

"Frankie! Caitlin!" Seth shouted as he rushed to the edge of their ruined home. While keeping his eyes on them, he reached the edge and jumped into the air. As he sprung from the ledge of it, he intended to use his elements to try and shoot after them as well as using Venom's powers.

but…none of them…responded to his commands…

It caused the elemental to feel confusion to envelope his mind, turning it the soul of a thoughtless and dark world of pitch-black confusion. "Why?" he muttered in absolute shock as he registered his situation… completely devoid of any of his powers…and unable to save his loved ones…

Because of his current placement in mid-air…and his elements and Venom being non-responsive to his calls… he was forced to fall down and saw the singularity above them increasing in size and power and greatened the distance between the family again. And they were only getting closer and closer to the wormhole that kept drawing them in.

And that wasn't the end of it.

"Argh!" His body was pulled back again, as a gravitational force behind him opened up, forcing him to grunt out in shock and pain from the force on his body. Turning an eye downwards, he saw another black hole, underneath him and pulling his body towards it. This one much, much bigger and stronger than the one drawing his loved ones into it.

The immensely strong force of the black hole drew him closer to the void. And the next thing he sees he's inside of the inner ring of the singularity…and for some reason when he passed through the threshold of it, he was suspended in it . His eyes still looking upwards and saw that his daughter and the woman of his life also in the same state, as though time had been frozen.

The three sets of eyes connected with each other. Even in their postponed states, the unmistakable fear on the women's faces were visible and increased to the limits and beyond them.

But only for a second…because they rocketed out of the stratosphere and into deep space.

Suddenly, Seth's vision turned blurry as he felt his body flying around within the inner ring. It was like the gravitational force came from different directions from within the inner ring. And the force grew stronger and it pulled him…into the ring.


The screams emitting from Seth's mouth intensified as his body crashed against the ring. The pulse pulsating through the ring canceled out the echoing remainder of his screams. Another fling to the ring hurts him, the spiraling ring hurt his right arm, the momentum seared his right arm and tore flesh off of it. The force pulling him to another side and crashed him into it. The collision with that side caused his stomach to experience immense pain, beyond the levels he was used to, almost tearing it right open. A third crash with the energy form caused his left leg to be twisted around with various bones breaking within the fleshy container and sticking out of it.

The clash caused his body to turn upwards with his eyes peering up. And then the worst sight for him to ever even think of looked down on him. He hated himself for what was looking down on… because he knew that if he had his powers, he would be able to prevent what he was seeing now.

Both of them…Caitlin and Frankie…the two most important people in his life… looking down…tears running down their faces, but merely slipping down for a second before pulled into the wormhole behind them… both of them…reaching out…their hands… to try and grab hold of his hand…but it was for naught… as the pull of the singularity kept pulling them.

Seth saw that with wide eyes of shock and reached out with his own hand, trying to desperately reach out for them. "Frankie! Caitlin!" he shouted to them, while begging for his partner to return so he could reach out to them and get them out of the wormhole's suctional powers.

But nothing and no one were there to either hear his pleas or answer his prayers.

Forcing him to listen the last echoes of his loved ones' screams and watch them with soul-shattering eyes…as his daughter and the woman of his life…disappeared from sight…when the wormhole shallowed them whole and they disappeared into nothingness…

while his own body disappeared into the wormhole underneath him.

The last thing he managed to utter…



"Argh!" He shot up in shock as he reeled in the horrific nightmare his mind forced upon him, a shock-filled scream followed as he woke up again. Seth felt his entire head riddled with sweat drops that kept raining down his face. "Fuck, not again." he said as he ran a hand over his face, wiping away the sweat that formed on his face.

It's been almost six months since Seth Fury used his powers to destroy the singularity with the fire metahuman, Firestorm, a nuclear charged metahuman created from the transmuted people, Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein…from their Earth. And though their noble sacrifice ended with them blowing to smithereens, it also ended with him being launched into another universe.

And his body still ached as he recalled the painfulness of being whacked against the spiraling energy form within the inner ring of the Singularity. Every single day of every months were started off with that same exact nightmare. He would always wake up with a screaming voice echoing throughout their cell and those around him in the lair.

"That's one way to wake up." The dark and deep voice spoke through a pained grunting voice from within his mind.

"Yeah, yeah, Venom." Seth addressed his partner as he rotated his shoulder while noticing the pained voice his "other" used. Ever since they got to this universe, the symbiote within him was in constant pain and kept letting out pained words whenever he spoke. "You're not getting any better, are you, partner?"

"No…we're not. We're still in agony for some reason." Venom continued with a panting voice. "And we're hungry…really hungry."

Seth expected that. They might have been given some food ever since they became Zoom's prisoner, but none of them had chocolate in any form. The only real nourishment that he needed to feed the Klyntar within his body, possibly even getting him back to his full strength so they could bond again, but it was slim hope for now.

"You handled it well for almost six months now, Venom. Kudos for that."

"Thanks…but we need…food…" Venom continued breathing out in agony.

He mentally nodded to his partner in agreement, both of them filling exhaust from starvation. The months of imprisonment here definitely beat the year of General Stryker's experiments back when he was kidnapped as a fifteen-year-old boy along with his thirteen-year-old Olivia Fury and his fourteen-year-old best friend, Matt Stark. Back then, they were fed daily to make sure that their young bodies didn't malfunction and die from the continuous hellish experiments that changed their young mutant bodies into the bodies of modified biological weapons that could be easily disposed once deployed or if fallen in war, or fight the battles so human soldiers don't have to.

And Seth went through the worst of it all, because he would have become the strongest of them all, the mutant killer with the powers of six elements and a clone symbiote of the Venom symbiote, allowing him to be their strongest biological weapon in the military's arsenal.

Compared to one another, this one was nothing for him. But the others in the lair…same could not be said for them.

"Another nightmare?" Seth turned his head to the back of his cell and saw his cellmate, Evelyn Sharp. The young girl he met five months ago when he was brought into the lair. Her long brown hair loose and going down her back as she placed her blue eyes on the mutant while remaining with her arms hugging her knees to her chest. "You had another, didn't you?"

"Yeah. They don't stop." Seth replied to her while scratching his long brown stubble along his face. The months on this new Earth had resulted in him growing a stubble. In the past, he would use his elements to cut it off. But now, he couldn't do so to avoid arousing suspicion from his capturers. "Did I wake you up?"

"No. I didn't sleep." Evelyn shook her head. "You kept saying Caitlin and Frankie in your sleep." Seth didn't look surprised, he kept chanting their names in his sleep ever since the nightmares began. And though the young girl kept hearing them, she never questioned it till now. "Who are they?"

"…People I love…the people I saved…" he revealed in a longing voice.

"You miss them?" the two cellmates turned their heads to the side and saw the bleached blonde-haired young girl, Ruby who was leaning against the wall and made eye contact with them as she conversed with them. The young girl has never been one for conversations with Evelyn, but she did seem to have taken a liking to him for some reason. It happened shortly after his arrival…and another event which led her to cover her arms with an old blanket.

"Yeah, of course I do." Seth replied, his eyes noticing her hair having grown to reach her back. "They're the most important people in my life. We all have people we want to go back to. What about you Ruby? Don't you wanna go back to your family?"

Ruby rolled her eyes. "If this is another tactic to get me to open up about my life, then forget it, Seth. It's not happening."

"Cool, but I didn't ask you for that. Just worried for you, is all." Seth told her honestly before standing up on his feet and walked around his cell.

Schooling her features, Ruby kept the shock from becoming visible on her face as she heard his words. Ever since the mutant had been brought into the lair and become Zoom's prisoner, he's been keeping an eye on everyone in the lair, watching closely at the younger prisoners more than the iron masked prisoner. There was a time when she woke up in the middle of the night, when their criminal metahuman capturers were gone for the night, that Seth was still awake and actually watching over both Evelyn and the girl chained to the pillar in her cell, Jesse.

But neither of them knew it. Ruby knew it and back then she could clearly saw that Seth haven't been sleeping himself and forced himself to be awake the entire time. And that wasn't the only time, he's been keeping an eye on them, even herself, whenever he could. He only did for one reason, concern for them.

"I know…Thanks." Ruby stated in a somewhat gratitude voice.

Seth nodded his thanks and cast his eyes on the old and ragged blanket wrapped around her hands. Fists clenching as he recalled what happened back then.

And how much he hates Deathstorm, Ronnie Raymond of this Earth… and how glad he was here to have been there to help her back then.



A week or so after Seth had been Zoom's prisoner, Seth began inspected the welfare of the other prisoners. He couldn't get much out of the iron masked prisoner who merely kept his eyes on the elemental, like he knew that his existence could change their situations somehow. While it was weird, Seth was used to weirder things and ignored the man's eyes for the most part.

He wanted to help him nonetheless, but he couldn't activate his powers to their full extend. The only element of his that have responded to his commands is the ice element. But mostly induce freezing mist to cool things off or form small ice constructions around his fists now. His body was still weakened from stopping the Singularity back in his universe.

But even though he did care about the masked prisoner, it was the younger prisoners' well beings that Seth focused on mostly.

Evelyn still kept to herself in the back of the cell, she didn't show any of her powers yet. Her lack of power display made Seth wonder if she feared using her powers near him or because of what Zoom might do to her if she dared to show her powers without his permission or such.

Jesse was the only one who didn't seem to be a metahuman or a powered being, according to his information. But she rarely talked and kept crying whenever Zoom would show up and place his pitch-black eyes on her. However, his attention would be diverted to Seth whenever he would fire off another insult at the evil speedster.

Ruby was the only one he focused on more than the others. Unlike them, she spoke but her words always came out with pants and coughs and she kept getting weaker and weaker…and she looked like she was on the verge of passing out.

And when he saw that, he let his eyes drift lower to her arms. Focusing his eyes on her hands, seeing the tightly wrapped blanket around her hands.

"She's hiding something…"

"Think something happened to her hands." Venom suggested as he and his host locked eyes on her as well.

Seth mentally nodded in agreement and directed his question to the shivering girl. "Ruby?" He got her attention, her emerald green eyes peering into his blue eyes. Her eyes looked shallow as though she hadn't slept for a long time. Concern filled up his body and intensified as he asked, "What happened to your hands there?"

"N-Nothing." She stammered her response. "Just tired is all."

"She's lying."

"Yeah." He thought back in agreement before asking her. Before he stated his question, he looked around saw which of the metahuman capturers are here. He saw that Zoom was here on the further end of the lair, the brown-haired woman in black clothes standing near a table beside Killer Frost and Deathstorm who kept talking with one another.

Seeing that it was just them, he looked to her again and asked urgently. "Ruby. I know you're lying. Something happened to your hands and it's affecting the rest of your body right now."

Ruby narrowed her eyes while panting. "H-How do you know that?"

"I'm a doctor." He revealed to the girl's shock as well as his cellmate. "Yeah, it's shock, I know. But I can check it. You're hurt and I can check it over-"


Their conversation was interrupted the moment Zoom sped to the front of Seth's cell. The speeding presence of evil caused Evelyn to back away and Jesse to cry again, Ruby shivered again and Seth merely looked to him with uninterested eyes.

Slowly turning his head to look between them, Zoom locked eyes with Seth and spoke. "No…talking." A cloak of blue lightning emitting around his body. When they saw their boss talking to a prisoner, they walked over to stand behind him.

"Well, hello to you too, Zoom." Seth greeted the evil speedster mockingly. A serious expression took place on his face as he stated. "Ruby's hurt. Let me treat her wounds."

"You're a doctor?" Killer Frost asked with shock in her words.

He still found it weird to talk to her as she wears the same face as the woman he loves. And he knows that it's not the Caitlin Snow that he loves. But it's still hard to see her and not just hug her tightly before showering her with passionate kisses. Inhaling deeply, he stated his answer. "Yeah, I am. That poor girl needs to be treated. And I'm the only one who can do that."

Zoom didn't look convinced and craned his neck at him again.

Fists clenching as Zoom merely looked at him with non-responsive eyes like the thought of a hurt child didn't matter in the slightest to him. Seeing that, Seth gritted his teeth as he realized what he had to say to get the evil speedster to meet his demands.

"How about this then?" the black speedster looked to him again, with the others looking at him as well. "This way…" he formed small ice blades on his fingertips and clenched his fists, purposely digging them into his palm and continued through gritted teeth, while blood dripped from his fist. "…none of your trophies will be damaged in any way…they'll be…in peak condition."

Both Evelyn and Ruby saw how much pain Seth had to force his way through the words that he uttered. It was like nothing more than poison that he had spew out of his mouth as fast possible. And the way he spoke, it was like each and every word was searing his insides as his punishment for even thinking them.

What surprised all of the prisoners was how Seth's hand began bleeding as he spoke. Neither Jesse or the man in the mask could see it from the positions of their cells. But Evelyn and Ruby saw that Seth had formed small ice blades on his fingers and had embedded them into his palm, willingly. As though he felt the need to punish himself for speaking that way of an innocent young girl.

Zoom saw the blood dripping from Seth's hand and shifted his eyes back to Ruby again. While he did so, the elemental pulled out the ice blades and dropping on the floor and shattering upon collision with the ground due to their fragile structure.


The black speedster immediately sped into their cell and grabbed Seth before phasing him out of it, making his decision known to him and his henchmen. The mutant placed a hand over his mouth and gagged briefly. Killer Frost saw his action and raised an eyebrow.

Swallowing the contents of his mouth again, Seth inhaled deeply and stated to Zoom. "You're definitely not getting a five-star review."

Leaning his face closer to Seth's face, the speedster told him menacingly. "Humor won't get you…anywhere…"

Seth mockingly grimaced and waved a hand in front of his face and told him. "That might be true, but a mint will definitely get you somewhere. Ever heard of them?" Both the brown-haired woman and Killer Frost had to stifle their giggles.

While blue lightning kept sparking around his body, the evil speedster pointed a finger to Ruby's cell and told Seth. "Go…NOW!" He roared at him.

"Sure." Seth answered, without being fazed by the metahuman's roaring words and walked over to Ruby's cell.

"But..." Zoom kept him from continuing by grabbing his forearm, even forcing his spike-tipped gloved fingers to pierce the mutant's skin. His action merely got his attention and not even a grunt of pain or anything resembling that. "…you're not going to be alone." He pointed a finger behind him and pointed it at Killer Frost. "Frost will be with you."

The ice metahuman merely chuckled echoingly as she walked over to them slowly. "Funny, thought I wouldn't get any time with you again."

"Yeah, I thought I had to schedule an appointment to get your attention." Seth jokingly said while Zoom opened the door to Ruby's cell.

He walked into the cell while Killer Frost followed him. When he saw Ruby trying to get up, he stated to her softly. "Don't move." The blonde-haired girl looked confused while Seth bent down to her level. "It's better this way."

"You sure?" Ruby wondered while letting her eyes drift upwards to Killer Frost who was leaning against the wall while icy mist circulating her hands.

Seth knew where her eyes were pointing and stated to relieve her. "Don't worry about her." Killer Frost inclined her head, knowing that she was the one being spoken about. "She's just here to make sure that I don't try anything that might be dumb."

"He's right." Killer Frost remarked her addition.

Giving Ruby a calming and soft smile, Seth held out his hands. "Mind if I take a look?" the young girl didn't respond for a few moments, fearing that the icy metahuman behind him would try and do something like attack him. But her body continued getting weak and she coughed non-stop. The pain of remaining in this condition outweighed the fear she was feeling and slowly raised her covered hands to the doctor's hands. "Thank you." he softly told her.

He then got to it and gently unwrapped the ragged old blanket from her hands…and he saw it…with wide eyes of shock…and hate…

"Who…would do this?!" Venom roared in hate at the sight of the girl's hands.

Ruby's hands were riddled with small blisters around them. The pale white skin on her hands were mixed with red skin…and lightly charred skin…as well as mild swelling. Seth had seen this type of damage before, so he instantly knew what had happened to her…she had been burned.

Making eye contact with her again, he asked while hate began sizzling inside of him. "Ruby…who…did…this…to you?"

However, while she was overwhelmingly surprised by the doctor's hateful words, she didn't say anything to answer the question he stated. Because she feared what might happen to her.

Seeing that she wasn't going to respond, Seth gently cupped her hands and began the treatment. Using his mutant powers, and limiting himself to one element, he used the ice element inside of him. Letting out a cold mist around his hands, he gently cooled off her hands. As she felt the cooling sensation, Ruby exhaled in relief and the tension in her body were released.

Killer Frost saw the white mist emitting from their interlocked hands and she walked closer to the doctor, till she stood behind him. Her eyes widened with interest and her tongue licked her lips when she saw the mist was emitting from the male prisoner's hands. "Guess I'm not the only who runs cold."

Seth turned his head and placed one eye on the icy metahuman's form and told her. "Trust me, I'm a lot more than what you think, Caitlin."

Stepping closer to his back, she placed her freezing hand on his back and rubbed it as she bent down to his ear. Deathstorm looked at her action and wondered what was going on in there. Killer Frost told him with a slow and sensual voice, "Here's something you should know about me…" she lightly bit his earlobe and licked it with her cold tongue and added. "…I hate the name Caitlin."

"Doesn't make it any less true, that's your real name." Seth told her instantly, not even giving a reaction to her wandering and cold hand on his back nor her cold and adventurous tongue.

Killer Frost couldn't help but feel excited from the willingness he was showing off. To remain steadfast even against her and Zoom and even acting like his imprisonment is nothing to worry about, unlike the rest of the prisoners. "God, this is making me so hot." She couldn't help but think while licking her lips again with growing excitement.

Turning his attention back to Ruby, he could see that the damage on her hands was being reduced. "Look's like it's going well."

"Never seen anyone use powers to heal others before." Ruby commented while exhaling in continued relief.

"Treatment's got unlimited possibilities. Even more if you more tools than others." Seth told her honestly.

"Yeah?" They heard Deathstorm comment while hearing his footsteps nearing him. "What if I burn her hands again?" Ruby glared at him with anger while Seth let those words sink in with his head looking downwards. Seeing the eyes on him the fire metahuman threateningly said with his body igniting with flames. "Keep giving those eyes, girl, and I'll burn you again!" He went to strike her.

But Seth snapped around in a spin and faced him while getting back on his feet. Large ice spikes forming on his knuckles on both fists as he glared at the fire wielder who flinched when he saw the doctor face him. Killer Frost stepped back and watched the same with Zoom and his other henchwoman there while the other prisoners were watching with wide eyes of shock.

"Move a muscle and your girlfriend is gonna need a new boyfriend." Seth told him bluntly.

"You think you scare me?" Ronnie asked him.

"You think you scare me?" Seth asked him back, empathizing words in his sentence. "Don't know about you, but I'm not afraid of a pathetic…" he menacingly stepped closer "little…lapdog who can't even bark without his master's permission." he looked directly into the eyes of the fire metahuman with eyes colder than Killer Frost's eyes.

"Enough!" Zoom shouted at them roaringly, gaining their attention. At his command, Ronnie extinguished his flames and gulped in fear. Seth didn't seem scared and waited for the evil speedster's next words. Speeding into Ruby's cell, he appeared in front of the elemental and asked, "Is she…done?"

"She's gonna need regular treatments. Daily to ensure effectiveness." Killer Frost beat the mutant to the punch, making him raise an eyebrow in response to her accurate statement of what needed to be done. Smirking at him, she announced to him. "I studied every once in a while, in med school."

Pointing a finger at her, Seth wondered mockingly, to Deathstorm at least. "So you're the brawn, the brains and the beauty of you two?" She didn't respond but merely smiled at his flattering words. "Why the hell do you need this guy then?" he pointed a finger to Ronnie as he spoke. The fire metahuman hissed in anger but a growl from Zoom stopped him.

"Then you're done." Zoom told Seth and pointed to the exit of Ruby's cell. He briefly considered attacking the metahumans, but he didn't because he knew that he only knows the powers of three metahumans and the two other metahumans' powers were unknown. And without Venom's help, he's gonna have trouble getting out of here even with just one element.

Reluctantly he nodded his agreement and walked out of the cell with Ronnie and Caitlin's doppelgangers moving behind him. Zoom used his speed to lock the doors to Ruby's cell and got of the cell as well.

However, Seth stopped moving and locked eyes with Deathstorm again. The mutant's cold lifeless eyes looking into the slightly scared blue eyes of the metahuman. Shaking his head briefly, Ronnie tried to act confident while the other metahuman criminals and prisoners looked confused between the two as they held eye contact.

Strengthening his attempt to appear confident to him, Ronnie asked, "What do you want?"

Briefly looking to the confused eyes of Ruby, focusing his eyes on her lightly healed hands, Seth turned back to the fire metahuman. Smacking his lips, he thought to himself. "Screw it."

"Just do it." Venom told him impatiently, while knowing full well that the host was going to act without his suggestion.

Quickly forming thick ice spikes on the knuckles on his right hand, Seth slammed it into Ronnie's face. While shocked and disoriented from the sudden punch, the mutant grabbed his collar and slammed him into a wall of a cell. The criminal metahumans watched with shocked eyes as Deathstorm was being pummeled.

The impact with the cell wall caused Ronnie to return to his normal state of mind. "What the-"


Seth cut him off with another ice fist slammed into the side of his face, blood spewing out of his mouth and dripping down his nose cause of the impact on it. Reinforcing the ice on his fist with more thick spiked knuckles before slamming his fist into Ronnie's face again. Another fist reeled back before shooting forward and slammed into his stomach and bile came out of Deathstorm's mouth. Thrusting his knee upward, he smashed it into his stomach.


But before Seth could unleash more pain to the fiery metahuman, Zoom intervened and forced the doctor away from his lackey and pushed him into the wall of his own cell. Freed from his hold, Ronnie fell down to the ground and landed on his knees with blood falling out of both mouth and nose and forming a red puddle on the floor.

Killer Frost walked over to him and held him close while keeping her eyes on Seth with shock running over both eyes. She has never seen anyone so viciously attack Ronnie, even knowing full well that he was a notorious metahuman under Zoom's rule.

Zoom leaned his head closer to his face and breathed out. "Do that again…and I will…" he trailed off when he met Seth's eyes.

Or lack thereof.

Seth didn't pay the slightest attention to the evil speedster before him. Focusing his cold lifeless eyes on Ronnie who looked back at him with anger and hate in his eyes. Killer Frost and the other female woman in the room saw the look on the doctor's face and it was though not even an emotion would take residence on his face, like feelings themselves were too scared of placing themselves on his face.

The unknown mutant then told him with a voice devoid of emotions. "You ever even think of hurting that poor girl again, then I'll break through that cell and tear you limb from limb. You pathetic coward!" he roared at the fiery metahuman, his thundering voice shocking the criminals and prisoners alike.

Ronnie shot up to his feet and shouted back. "I'm no coward!"

Raising an eyebrow, he looked to the evil speedster again. "Didn't realize your lapdog is an idiot. Guess you might have to educate him. Or just replace him. He doesn't seem that important."

"Oh yeah." His hands and head lit up with blazing flames again and he placed his white eyes on him and said threateningly. "What if I just hurt her again, and again?" Ruby, Evelyn and Jesse all looked shocked and worried at his menacing and serious voice, he wouldn't hesitate to burn the poor girl again.

But then, for some reason, everyone in the lair turned confused when they heard Seth suddenly laugh humorously. Even Zoom was turned surprised and narrowed his eyes on him while stepping back. The mutant turned to him again and continued laughing as he spoke, "You must be really, really weak then." His words caused them to turn even more shocked. "I mean, looking for an easy fight. Are you that scared of me? So scared that you need to hurt kids to get an easy fight. Must be hard to fight like a man, right? Forget coward, you're just downright pathetic."

He leaned his head further back to the wall behind him, letting him make eye contact with Killer Frost, and just to taunt Ronnie even more. "For a beautiful woman, you sure have a horrible taste in men."

Letting out a cry of anger, Deathstorm lashed out both of his hands and fired off a fire blast at the mutant. Seth didn't even try to dodge and accepted the fire blast head-on. The criminals were wide-eyed at the sight while the prisoners covered their mouth with shock. The collision with him caused his body to be enveloped in a smokescreen.

But when the smokescreen dissipated, the mutant merely stood there with an unfazed expression. As though he didn't care that he was just blasted with fire.

"Guess both Ronnies use both types of flames." Seth thought to himself, recalling Firestorm's attacks that were very little in comparison to Ghost Rider's torturous red flames. Drifting an eye to his shoulder he saw a small flame on it. Blowing a breath of air at it, he extinguished the flame and looked to Ronnie again. "I'm sorry, did you actually do something? Because I didn't even feel a single thing." He taunted him.

Growling angrily, Zoom sped the doctor into the cell again and left him there with his cellmate. Seth chuckled at them all as the metahuman criminals watched him with wide eyes of shock. Turning an eye to Ruby, he winked and took a seat on the ground.

(Flashback End)


"Good thing, we came to this universe when we did." Venom stated in gratitude as he too recalled the memory from back then, remembering treating Ruby's wounds with his host's powers.

"Yeah…" he muttered his thoughts as he looked to Ruby again while she merely looked to the side and looked at wall behind her.

Mentally raising an eyebrow at the words his host spoke, the symbiote asked in curiosity. "You're still thinking about it, right?"

Seth mentally nodded back to his partner. Ever since he came into this world and became Zoom's prisoner, he's been keeping an eye on everyone in the lair, the younger prisoners especially. But unlike the others, Ruby was different.

While the others would fall asleep whenever nighttime would fall over them again, Ruby would remain awake and cry while the others slept. Seth had been trying to sleep one night but he heard her cry before fully sleeping, which woke him up. She seems be extremely distraught for some reason and cries herself to sleep. While he did find it strange, he found it more concerning when she would begin murmuring something in her sleep.

Not something…a name… "Werner."

He heard that name being mentioned whenever she would go to sleep. And like he would get nightmares whenever he would fall asleep, Ruby would get her own and she would shoot up again with tears streaming down her eyes and rolling off her face.

The sight of the poor girl crying convinced Seth that he should keep an eye on her.

While he remained in his train of thoughts, Ruby turned her head to face him. "You can stop it, you know."

He blinked his eyes, snapping himself out of his thoughtful trance and looked to her with confusion. "What do you mean? Stop what?"

Ruby wrapped the blanket around her hands, having torn it into two pieces so she could wrap it around both as she stood up on her feet. "I know you've been watching me at night…" Seth didn't respond and continued looking at her. "…and you know that I knew."

"I do." He spoke to her in a soft voice. "And I'm not stopping, you know. I'm just worried for you, Rubs."

"But I don't want it." Ruby started. "Look, I'm thankful for you treating my hands. But you don't have to look after me, like I'm some wounded animal. So stop it… now." she slowly stated her words and turned her back to him.

While looking away from him, she overlooked her thoughts, thinking back to how much Seth had been keeping an eye on her. She wasn't used to what he was he was displaying. His pure concern for her well-being. The only one to ever have shown anything that might resemble that level of concern was… her mother… and she's not here or anywhere close here.

She wasn't used to other adults or even other males to look at her like that. They would only look at her with fear once they learned of her true identity and what she was. Even in a battlefield, they would only seek to strike her down and defeat her. Though because of her strength and training and her abilities, she would remain victorious in those battles.

To see Seth, an otherwise stranger, suddenly show her concern is something she's never been the target of. She didn't know whether or not to get used to it.

Seth looked away from Ruby and looked to Evelyn again. The young girl nodded to the adjacent cell and stated, "She's stubborn."

"That sounds about right." Seth nodded before telling her. "Are you okay, Evie? You look a little pale there?"

"I try." Evelyn giggled as she spoke, her giggle intensified when Seth gave her a mock look of hurt. She hasn't laughed a single time ever since she got here, after she became Zoom's prisoner. But then Seth comes along and he somehow manages to make sure that she always laughs every now and then.

It was very nice.

"Sounds like someone's having fun." Seth perked up his head at the echo-like distorting voice that's become familiar to them all now. Turning around, he faced the glass wall and saw Killer Frost walking over to it with her dark blue leather jacket in her hand, letting her blue leather animal print top with the dark leather belt around her waist shine from the light from the lamps. Leaning against the glass, she made eye contact with the doctor and said. "You must be quite the company."

"Sorry you haven't had the pleasure." He told her while still finding it hard to see her like this. To see Caitlin like a metahuman. It was even harder to see her with Ronnie of this world because it somehow and painfully forced his mind to think that the Caitlin he loves might be with someone else, this very moment. And it caused him heartache. Because in all fairness, they must think that he's dead now.

But he forced it down in a void in the deepest parts of his body. "And I would have thought that you didn't wanna speak with me anymore…after what I did to your beau."

Killer Frost didn't show any emotion on her face but inwardly she was still impressed with how the man can just speak so casual with her. And it made her much more interested in him, even more so after he willingly and without hesitation, hurt her boyfriend. "He's tougher than he looks."

"I highly doubt that." Seth stated.

"Do you now?" Killer leant closer to the glass again. "Are you maybe…jealous of him? Because he has little old me?" she pouted her lips and bent at the waist while using her arms and placed them on the glass, her eyes looking into his eyes. And though this little tactic of hers had brought many others to grow interested in her, Seth merely walked closer from his side and kept holding eye contact, not even a spark of interest inside of his eyes or even letting his eyes drift downwards. "You're making me sad, if you won't speak with me." She spoke with mock hurt.

"Then let me and everyone else in here go…then you and I can talk till we can't even talk anymore." He told her.

Smirking at the offer, she leant closer till they made eye contact at the same height through the glass. "You really think we're going to be talking? I don't see that happening."

"Sounds like fun." The voice of the brown haired female metahuman said as she walked closer to them. It's been almost six months and until now, she's never actually shown any interest in him. Hell, she hasn't actually introduced herself yet. "Mind if I join in?"

"Three's a party." Seth tilted his head to her. "But how about a name instead? Seriously, I have no idea what your name is. You barely spoken to me since I became a resident of Motel Zoom. You've just been acting like a creepy dominatrix and looking at me from afar."

"Didn't know you've been thinking about me. That's sweet." The woman stated, and Killer Frost narrowed her eyes at the words her friend said. "But you can call me…Black Siren."

"Huh?" Seth looked her up and down before saying. "Siren…seems accurate. Definitely got the looks of one. Truly evil acts hiding behind the mesmerizing beauty."

"Why thank you." Black Siren smiled. She turned around, giving Killer Frost a victorious smirk before returning to her corner of the lair.

"Interesting, that one." Seth said, slightly impressed by Black Siren.

"She's fine." Killer Frost said, clearly in displeasure, before she pulled her jacket back on before walking onwards and over to the others again.

Seth shook his head while chuckling. "It's gonna be fun getting out of here and watch them piss their pants."

"Just stop it." he turned shocked and looked over to the middle cell and saw Jesse looking at him with pleading eyes. Zoom didn't see any more of a need to restrain her so he took off her cuffs not long ago. "You keep giving us hope, when you don't even have a single plan. That's false hope, and that's worse than this." Killer Frost and Black Siren looked to the cells and listened in closely on their conversation.

Both Ruby and Evelyn looked hurt and shattered by her words, feeling as though they actually lost all hope despite Seth having finally provided them with the most essential item that kept them from losing their minds and falling into pits of despair.

Seth saw their crestfallen expressions and turned back to Jesse who holds a similar hopeless expression on her face. "How can it be false when it's hope?" she didn't' respond and merely looked at him with a shaking head of denial. "You know…when I was around your age, I was in a similar situation. Well, worse than this."

Evelyn and Ruby shared a look of confusion as they listened on. Jesse scoffed humorlessly. "There's nothing worse than this."

"Oh, trust me there is." Seth countered instantly, shocking the young girls who listened and Jesse too. "And wanna know what I never did in that situation…lose hope. Because the moment I would do so…I knew my little sister would lose all hope herself. My best friend, too."

"You have a sister?" Jesse asked him.

"Yeah." Seth nodded. "I miss her. And she was the reason I was able to get out of the hellhole I was trapped in…and the reason for why I was able to help her out of there." he looked to Jesse again and smiled, despite the gravity of their situation. "Jesse, I know that this is your hell right now. And you can't possibly imagine anything worse than this one…but you have to hold onto hope. Without that…you really are in hell." With his finger, he gestured around them, gesturing to the lair. "And Zoom's little hideout here…is gonna look like a pleasant dream. So don't lose yourself and hold on…cause there's hope even in here."

Tears began rolling down Jesse's cheeks and falling to the floor of her cell as she took in each and every word, letting them sink in slowly. She's been a prisoner for a long time now, not as long as the iron masked man, longer than both Ruby and Evelyn…but until now…only witnessed horror. Acts of true hellish horror that only the vilest of all living beings could commit willfully and gleefully.

Acts like imprisoning and hurting innocents…

And she was only here for one purpose…to be used…to get to her father…and it all but a pitch-black void that no form of hope could find their way into. It was truly an utterly hopeless world.

But the words Seth just spoke to her, it was like hope was shining back down on her through small lights of sunshine. Like the dark world she was in was slowly being lighted up and caused it to break down piece by piece and vanish into nothingness.

As she cries, she asks, "…Do you really mean that? That there's hope?" Seth opened up his mouth and went to speak-


But he didn't get the chance to speak them as streak of blue lightning appeared in front of Jesse's cell. Seth saw the black speedster appear and looked around to see that Ronnie's doppelganger had appeared as well while the female criminals walked closer and closer to them.

The blue lightning continued running over Zoom's form as he shifted his gaze from Seth to look at Jesse. It was though his pitch-black eyes were boring holes into the young girl's form without a single ounce of emotion, causing her to break down in tears. "Believe what you want, but make no mistake…" the gate to her cell suddenly opened up, removing any and all barricade that was between them.

At the sight of them all the other prisoners began feeling horror enter their bodies, all water in their veins froze. Ruby and Evelyn knew what this meant and looked away in fear of what might be committed before their eyes. The eyes of the iron masked man widened as well and he began banging in the glass wall, trying to force his way through the glass wall of his cell.

When Seth saw what Zoom did, his fists placed themselves on the wall in front of him, clenching against it. Seeing Jesse beginning to cry like that…it reminded him of the time that he saw Frankie cry for him, for Tockman, the Clock King to stop hurting him back then.

But Jesse didn't cry for him…no…she cried because once again…she realized there truly was no hope in this place.

And Seth hated himself for it!

If he had his powers right now, he knew that this reigning evil supreme, Zoom, would be defeated. And he could be able to save all the prisoners in here. Like he did in the past for his sister and his best friend, he could put an end to their nightmares. He could do that again, but he can't!

These thoughts of enragement clouded his mind. His fingertips bleeding as his fingernails dragged themselves over the surface of the glass wall. His eyes turned to murder when they returned to Zoom's form. "Why…?" he thought to himself while surges of adrenaline rushed through his veins. Hissing like an angered predator, he felt his heart beating violently in his chest.

Ruby and Evelyn felt like something was happening and their eyes drifted to Seth again. Their eyes widened when they saw sparks of lightning running over his form. His hands displaying mixes of both white mist and black smoke. Feet dripping water and as though wind guided it around his feet. Muscles flexing and veins shifting into another substance with a metallic surface, light bouncing off it in response.

All because of one and only thing…Seth's rage for the bastard who would willingly hurt a child.

"This…monster…will not hurt her!" Venom roared, despite feeling the pain intensify in him and surge through the host. None of the pain that they felt now would even compare to the pain that the poor girl had been through.

Zoom neared his second-longest prisoner who cowered in fear with pleading tears running down her face.

"there's no hope for you here."

Jesse's face was overrun with tears as she screamed in horror as Zoom neared her with menacing steps.

"No…" Seth thought as he looked to his hands, seeing the mix of black smoke and white mist emitting from them both. Closing his eyes, he felt them again…the elements inside of his body. Coursing through the entire environment that is his body and roaring again. But not to the level as it was on his home universe, it was still weaker from the aftermath of the Singularity, but they still live in him.

The white mist around his right hand intensified and he thought to himself. "Gonna have to make do for now." Venom nodded with his partner's thoughts as Seth reeled his arm back before slamming it forward. Upon contact with it, he instantly froze the wall before reeling his other hand back and then launched it forward and crushed the wall.


The prisoners and criminals alike heard the sound of shattering and turned to Seth's cell and saw the doctor himself appear beside Zoom and swing a large iced gauntleted fist for him. But the evil speedster merely used his super speed and returned to his previous position, in front of his three henchmen who turned wide-eyed as they looked to him.

Seth Fury stood before them and cracked his fists together while his lifeless eyes looked directly into each and every one of their eyes. Shifting his eyes around, he turned them to Zoom and stated, "You were wrong, Zoom."

"How so?" he asked slowly.

"There is hope." Seth formed an ice gauntlet on his other arm and held them in a fighting stance, not caring that he was outnumbered now.

"And he's not afraid of any of you."

Even without the powers of his trusty partner, he does not allow himself to sit back and watch as an innocent girl is about to be hurt before his eyes. That's not who he is…

… That's not who the Lethal Protector is.

To be continued…

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