I've been sitting on this one shot for a little while...Well I think it'll just be a one shot. What do you guys think? I mean, there is a potential of it turning into a multi-chapter fic as I have other ideas for it. Maybe like a three or four chapter short fic.

''Oh my god Beca, what the fuck happened?'' She jumped from the sofa, ran towards her girlfriend and caught her just in time as Beca's knees gave way. She lowered her gently to the floor, figuring it may be easier that trying to keep her upright.

Beca's lip and eyebrow were bleeding, her left eye already swollen and bruising. Her hair was a mess, her clothes were muddy and her face was stained with tear tracks.

''Baby, can you tell me what happened?'' Chloe tried to move closer to comfort the girlfriend but Beca flinched and tried to push herself away.

Beca pulled her knees to her chest and buried her head. Her sobs were quiet but audible and they shook her entire body. The redhead just wanted to scoop her up in her arms and make whatever happened better. She leant forward and gently placed her hard on Beca's arm.

''Don't touch me.'' The brunette snapped and her entire body went rigid as her shot eyes opened and she glared at Chloe. She could see the worry in the redheads eyes and immediately felt bad for snapping. ''Please don't touch me Chlo, please.'' she said in an almost whisper.

She slowly pulled her hand away from Beca. ''Ok babe I won't touch you, but you need to tell me what happened.''

Beca shook her head and immediately started to sob again. Chloe felt helpless. She simply had to sit there and watch her girlfriend breakdown.

When her sobs subsided to gentle hiccups, Chloe finally broke the silence.''If you don't want to talk, that's fine. But I'm going to come help you to the bathroom, and we're going to get you in the bath Ok.''

The brunette nodded in agreement and tried to drag herself to her feet. She was clearly in pain, as Chloe tried to help her up, she winced and cried out. They slowly made their way up the stairs and into the shared bathroom. Chloe gestured for Beca to sit on the closed toilet seat whilst she ran the bath. She turned the mixer tap so that the water was warm but not too hot.

Once she was happy with the temperature of the running water., Chloe turned to look at Beca. ''I'm going to clean your face up ok? It's going to sting but I don't want it getting infected if we leave it.'' Beca kept her eyes closed but nodded. She flinched slightly when Chloe placed her hand under her chin to lift it slightly. She noticed Beca's movement and immediately withdrew from the touch. She soaked a cotton wool pad in antiseptic and gently dabbed it to the brunettes lip and then eyebrow to clean them. ''All done. Lets get you undressed and in the bath.''

She opened her eyes and looked up at the redhead before getting herself to her feet and beginning to undress. She kept looking over her shoulder, noticing that Chloe was watching her. She was trembling whilst she undressed. From the way she ached, she knew that there had to be more bruises on her body than Chloe could see. She slowly reached down to remove her underwear and quickly screwed up all of clothe and placed them in the wash bin.

Chloe helped her balance as she shakily stepped into the bath. As she slid down into the water she gritted her teeth in pain. The heat of the water on her her grazed and bruised skin stung.

''Shit, is it too hot? Here, I'll put some more cold in.'' Chloe leant across Beca to turn on the cold tap. She suddenly noticed the water had turned a reddish pink around Beca and she gasped. ''Baby, you're bleeding.'' She continued to stare at the water.

Beca went rigid before pulling her legs up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them once more and busying her head into her forearms. ''Get out.''

''No, Beca what the hell happened? Come on, talk to me please.'' Chloe put her hand on Beca's arm and stroked it. This was always her go to form of comfort towards Beca. It had been used so many times over the years. She knows that Beca isn't always in the mood to be hugged, even if it is from Chloe. The one women who had broken down her barriers and diminished her need to not be touched.

''GET THE FUCK OUT CHLOE'' Beca screamed, almost in her face.

The redhead was taken aback. Tears instantly fell from her eyes. She had never seen Beca look so angry and yet hurt all at the same time. She knew exactly what that meant, the bleeding. She had already guessed that Beca had been attacked, but clearly this was more. This was an assault. A sexual assault. Somebody had sexually assaulted her girlfriend and she didn't know what to do.

''Chloe, Go. Please. Just...get me Aubrey. I want Aubrey.''

Ok, she could do that. She could go wake Aubrey. Chloe was hurt that Beca wanted their friend rather than her, but she also just wanted to do whatever she could for her girlfriend. She jumped up off of the bathroom floor and wiped the tears off her face with the back of her hand. ''Ok, if that's what you want.''

She almost ran down the hall to Aubrey's room and pounded her fist to her door. It was soon opened by a rather angry looking blonde. ''What the hell Chloe? You do realise it's almost 2am. Ive got class in the morning.''

Chloe launched herself into her friends arms and held onto her tightly as she broke down and cried ''Beca... Bathroom….Attacked…..Raped.'' were the only words that Chloe coherently spoke between sobs.

Aubrey pulled Chloe away from her and held onto her shoulders. ''Calm down and repeat yourself please, I need to know I just heard you correctly.''

The redhead took a deep breath to calm down before repeating herself. ''Beca wants you. She's in the bathroom. She's been attacked Bree and she's got cuts and bruises and she's bleeding.'' Chloe closed her eyes and clenched her fists. ''I think she's been raped.''

Aubrey ran to the bathroom and paused in front of the closed door for a few seconds before knocking. Beca didn't answer. ''Beca, It's me. Can I come in?''

It was barely audible but Aubrey heard her say yeah. Beca looked up at her as she peaked her head around the door before entering completely. She left the door open for Chloe who stepped in behind her. The blonde crouched down on the floor next to the bath and placed her hand on Beca's shoulders.

The Brunette looked into her eyes, she furrowed her brow and gave her a forced weak smile. She suddenly noticed Chloe standing by the door. Beca looked back to Aubrey as a tear escaped her eye. ''Please ask her to leave. I don't want her to see this. Please.'' She whispered but Aubrey could almost feel the fear in her tone.

''Hey Chlo, why don't you go downstairs and make some tea.''

''No way, I'm staying here.''

Aubrey stood up and stepped towards the redhead. ''Chloe, right now she needs you to leave. She doesn't want you to see her like this. I promise, once she is cleaned up and out I will bring her to you. I'll look after her ok.''

Her tone was genuine, and Chloe knew that. She knew Aubrey would take care of Beca, and she kind of understood why Beca didn't want to see her like that but it still hurt. It hurt that she couldn't just take her girlfriend in her arms and make her feel better. It hurt that right now, someone else was comforting her. Someone else was seeing her at her most vulnerable and doing what Chloe should be doing. She listened though. She would do anything Beca asked her to, even if she didn't like it. She went downstairs and filled the kettle. Whilst waiting for it to boil, she sat down at the kitchen island, head in her hands and she cried. She cried a lot. Tears for Beca. Tears because she hadn't kept her safe after always promising that she would.

Back upstairs, Aubrey was helping Beca wash. She had so far simply poured some water over Beca's body, using the cup from the toothbrush holder. She didn't want to do anything too rough. She didn't want to cause the brunette any more pain than she was clearly already in. ''Beca, I'm going to need to use some soap, to get the blood off your arms. Is that ok?''

Beca nodded and continued staring at the wall in front of her. Subconsciously she had started digging her fingernails into her knee. She didn't register she was even doing it until Aubrey gently pulled her hand away. Aubrey said nothing but continued cleaning Beca up as softly as she could. She poured some water over Beca's hair but didn't wash it. The water was starting to get colder and she needed to get the brunette out of the bath.

''Stay there, I'm just gonna go get you some fresh pyjamas.'' She rushed out of the bathroom and into Beca and Chloe's bedroom. She paced over to the dresser and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a baggy tea, then to the bed side draw to get a pair of underwear. She got back to the bathroom as quickly as possible and held out a large white towel for Beca. ''Do you need help getting out?''

Beca attempted to push herself up, but her arms were hurting. Her entire body was hurting. ''Please can you help?'' It was barely above a whisper, and her tone sounded completely broken.

Aubrey threw the towel on the floor and stepped over towards Beca. She leant down and placed her hands under the brunettes arms and lifted her up to stand. She guided up out of the bath and immediately wrapped her in the largest bath towel they owned. ''I'm going to help you get dressed''.

The brunettes eyes widened. ''No, its fine. It's ok. I can...I can do it.'' There was fear in her eyes again.

''Beca you can barely stand, please just let me help you.''

Beca let out a sigh and nodded. She didn't have the energy to protest. Aubrey helped her dry and as gently as possible slipped the tee over her head and guided her arms into the holes. Beca winced at the pain and tears were yet again sliding down her cheeks. She felt embarrassed when Aubrey got to her knees and helped her put her underwear on. She knew she was bleeding, she could feel it. Aubrey said nothing but before pulling her underwear up completely, she turned around, opened the bathroom cabinet and pulled out a sanitary pad. She unwrapped it and placed it in Beca's underwear before wiping off the trickle of blood on her inner thigh with the towel and pulling the underwear up completely. Next she stepped into her sweatpants and Aubrey pulled them up for her. ''Thank you.'' she whispered.

''Come on, lets get you in to bed. I'll get Chloe to bring up some painkillers ok.''

Beca nodded and was helped down the hall way, into her bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the closet door. She knew Aubrey had been speaking to her, but she couldn't focus, she just continued staring. Chloe came upstairs at some point, although she doesn't recollect when. It felt like time had just kind of stood still whilst she was stuck in her own head, in her own thoughts.

It wasn't until Chloe sat down next to her and placed a hand on her thigh that she registered her presence. The contact made her jump out of the thoughts flashing through her mind. ''Here babe, take these.'' She heard and did as instructed but she couldn't look her in the face. She just continued her gaze on the closet door.

''Beca, what happened? When and where did it happen?'' she heard from Aubrey.

The brunette closed her eyes shut tightly and shook her head. She couldn't bring herself to speak even if she tried.

Chloe turned to Aubrey and gave her a questioning look. God she hated it when Beca was silent. She knew this was her way of dealing with with things, really shit things, but it didn't make it any easier to witness. ''Baby, do you know which asshole did this to you? We need to call this into the police''

Beca opened her eyes but didn't make eye contact. She was visibly shaking and her breathing had become more rapid. Both Chloe and Aubrey noticed immediately. ''Shit'' was all Chloe could say.

''I….I…...I Can't….Breathe'' She gasped between words, trying to reach out her hand to Chloe

Chloe immediately grabbed it with both hands and squeezed it. She got down onto her knees in front of her girlfriend, not letting go of her hand, and pushed her chin up gently to make eye contact. Beca instantly looking everywhere but the redheads eyes. ''Beca look at me. I need you to take some deep breaths for me ok. In through your mouth and out through your nose for the count of five. Like this ok.'' And she started breathing deep, waiting for Beca to do the same. ''You're gonna be fine. I promise.''

Beca's breathing evened out after a short while. When she felt she caught her breath, she looked up into Chloe's ocean blue eyes. They were not sparkling like they normally do, they were blood shot and puffy, and duller than usual. Beca broke down, launching herself into Chloe's waiting embrace. ''He...He raped me Chlo.''