So I kinda stopped writing for a bit after I had a bit of a nasty comment over on the other site I post my writing. I was basically ridiculed and told my writing is unreadable and since I'm dyslexic, it was a bit of a sore point for me and shattered my confidence. Anyway, I decided to finally continue this. If people don't like it, they don't need to read it right? .… So, I wrote a 3000+ word chapter that I thought was really good….then my laptop broke. Honestly I was so pissed off that I cried. I had to wait for my new notebook to be delivered and then find a little motivation to re-write it. Anyway, I can only apologise for the wait.

Beca is only vaguely aware of the sirens blaring in the background. It feels like only seconds ago that the other car hit them, but she guesses it must have been longer. She has her eyes slammed shut, too scared to open them and see the damage the wreck has caused. Her chest feels so incredibly tight, stopping her from being able to call out for her Mom and check she is okay.

''Miss. Miss, can you hear me?'' She hears the person trying to get someone's attention but the words are muffled, as if she is underwater. She thinks it's her that they are trying to talk to because she can feel someone's presence near by.

Beca still doesn't open her eyes but manages to mutter quietly. ''H...hello?'' Her voice is small and has a slight tremble to it that she can't prevent happening. She doesn't want to act scared, even if she is petrified. She's seen those movies and television programs where there's a crash and the girl is screaming at the top of her lungs. She always scoffed and rolled her eyes when she saw them, because 'what the hell will screaming do to help'. Now though, she kind of gets it. If she wasn't so stubborn and set on having everyone believe that she is 'tough', then she would probably be screaming now too because she's absolutely petrified.

''Hi, can you tell me your name?'' The voice of the women speaking to her, is level and calm. It kind of reminds her of Chloe. Always calm in a crisis. It doesn't make her feel any better right now though.

The brunette takes a deep breath before she answers, desperately willing the trembling to stop. ''Beca. Mitchell.''

''Okay, Hi Beca. My names Maya, we're gonna get you out of here as fast as we possibly can.''

Beca opens her eyes and slowly turns her head a couple of inches in order to look at the firefighter. She only then notices that the window is completely smashed and the door looks rather misshapen. '' my mom alive?'' she asked quietly.

The firefighter looked over the brunettes head towards her colleague and silently questions the status of the other women in the car. When she received a nod, she gently reached out to touch Beca's shoulder softly. ''Your Mom is unconscious right now, but she is breathing.''

''Oh god.'' Her breathing suddenly speeding up. She could feel her heart beat thumping against her her. ''Get her out first.''

''We are gonna get your Mom out first but then we need to cut the car open because I can't open this door. I really need you to stay calm though Beca. Hughs over here is going to get the cutters, so I will be back shortly.''

''No!'' she shouts just as the firefighter is about to walk away. ''Please don't leave me here.''

The blonde firefighter turns on her heel and sees the look of pure terror on Beca's face. ''Okay.'' She walks around to the drivers side and waits a couple of minutes for her colleague to safely get Beca's mother out and onto a stretcher. She eases herself into drivers seat before getting Beca's attention.''How far along are you?'' she asks, glancing down at the brunettes bump momentarily.


''The pregnancy. How far along?''

''Oh, uh 34 weeks.'' Sometimes Beca has moments where she totally forgets that she is even pregnant. She puts it down to the fact that she desperately wishes it weren't true.

''Wow, not long left then. Do you know what you're having?''


''Want to know a secret?'' Maya asks. When Beca nods, she waits for the cutters to stop so she doesn't have to shout over them. ''My wife and I just found out that she is pregnant.''

''Congrats. That's…that's awesome.''

There's a slight look of confusion on the firefighters face at the tone Beca has spoken to her in. ''You don't sound so sure about that.''

''I, Umm, I'm...I was…'' Her sentence goes unfinished as Beca passes out.

''Beca. Beca can you hear me?'' Maya leans over and checks Beca's pulse, noticing it's low, she quickly rushes out of the car before shouting, ''She's crashing. Get her out NOW!''


By the time Beca arrives at the hospital, her heart rate and blood pressure have returned to normal. She's taken through to the emergency department to have her injuries assessed. She lays still in the bed whilst doctors rush around her, listing off words that she doesn't understand. It's loud and bright and completely overwhelming.

She barely registers the physical pain until she's being poked and prodded. There's a sharp shooting pain in her ankle, her head hurts like no other headache she's ever felt and her stomach feels tight. She knows that the doctors are asking her questions but she can't seem to find her words.

''Miss Mitchell, we are just going to perform an ultrasound. This is going to be cold okay.''

Beca flinches when cool liquid hits her abdomen, the movement causing the various pains in her body to increase. She slams her eyes shut and grits her teeth, desperately trying not to let her pain show.

Whilst the doctor moved the sonogram wand over her bump, Beca's heart rate suddenly picks up and she attempts to push the wand away. Her breathing becomes erratic almost instantly.

''Miss Mitchell, I need you to stay really still, just for a minute or two. I need to check the baby is doing okay and check for any internal bleeding.''

''I want my Mom. I just...I just want my Mom.'' She tries her hardest to push herself up off the bed, managing to only to sit up and shift a couple of inches – much to the despair of the doctors and nurses around her - before she screams in pain.

A doctor to her right notices the puddle of blood beneath her, immediately shifting to gently move the brunette back into a laying position. Before Beca can even protest, the brakes on the hospital bed are flicked off and a doctor is shouting for an operating theatre to be prepared.


As Beca begins to wake, she can hear the rhythmic sounds of the heart beat monitor she assumes is attached to her. Her eyes are too heavy to open just yet and her entire body aches. The moment she opens her eyes, the lights feel too bright and the smell of anti septic is filling her senses.

The brunettes is suddenly very aware that there is a tube in her throat and she starts to silently gag, eyes filling with tears as she heaves. There is a nurse by her bed, she can see her talking but the only thing she can hear is her own heart beat, rapidly increasing in chest.

Moments later there are two more people in her room, both in white coats, rushing towards her as she reaches for the tube that is taped around her mouth, desperately trying to remove it herself. Her hand is gently pulled away as the nurse attempts to calm her down.

''I'm going to take this out but you need to stay very still so your throat doesn't get damaged. Deep breath through your nose for me.'' One of the doctors says in a stern voice.

Beca stops moving suddenly, only mildly comforted at the fact that the tube is about to come out. She takes a deep breath in through her nose, slamming her eyes shut at the discomfort of the tube slowly retracting from her throat. Once it's been removed, Beca immediately coughs, reaching up to rub at her neck attempting to sooth the discomfort she feels.

''How does that feel? Better?'' the nurse asks.

Beca could only nod, still attempting to take in her surroundings. ''What happened?'' she whispered. She was so confused in the moment. The last thing she really remembers is being in the emergency room being assessed by a bunch of doctors.

''You had some internal bleeding so we did surgery to fix it. We performed a caesarean section. Your daughter is in the NICU. She's very small but she's strong. We can take you to see her later today,'' the doctor on her left explained.

Truth be told, Beca hadn't even thought about the baby. She nodded, acknowledging that she had understood. ''What about my Mom? Is...Is she okay?''

''Unfortunately your Mom suffered some extensive injuries. She's in surgery right now. Miss Mitchell, I'm going to be honest with you, her injuries are life threatening but the surgeons will do everything in their power to help her recover.''

Beca once again felt her heart rate start to race. She could hear the monitor behind her start to pick up. The brunette felt like this was all her fault. If she hadn't been fighting with her Mom, then she would have seen the other car coming. If she hadn't shouted that she had been raped then her Mom wouldn't be fighting for her life on an operating trolley. She felt sick to her to stomach. What if her Mom died. It would be all her fault.

Without a second thought to the fact she had just had surgery herself and had stitches, Beca tried to push herself up in the bed, ignoring the pain shooting through her, she simply wanted to get out of there. Once again, the nurse and doctor were trying to calm her but all it did was seem to aggravate her more, her arms thrashing around as she was being almost pinned to the bed. The next thing she knows, the second doctor is pushing a syringe into the cannula in her arm and suddenly all her limbs felt heavy and weak before she calms and passes out.


The following day went by in a blur for Beca. The sedation had kicked her ass. No matter how hard she tried, she could barely keep her eyes open for more than five minutes at a time. She was vaguely aware of having her vitals and incision checked regularly and pain relief administered.

Though she was pretty out of it, she knows that the various nurses had talked her through everything when she was awake. Her Mom was out of surgery, and seemingly doing as well as she could be considering the injuries she sustained. She remembers them telling her that her emergency contact had been contacted and would be here as soon as they could.

Her heart dropped. She and her Dad hadn't exactly had the closest relationship, especially over the last few months. She just couldn't predict how he was going to act towards her when he finally got there.

The following day, Beca woke, attempting to rub the sleep from her eyes as the nurse spoke softly to her, explaining that she had a visitor. She was still so drained that she immediately let her eyes close again, not in any rush to wake fully.

A few seconds later, she heard a familiar voice. ''Hey stranger.'' That voice was so soft and there was no question in the brunettes mind of who it belonged to. She slowly reopened her eyes, moving her head to the side slightly, staring her visitor in the eyes.

With tears glistening in her eyes, threatening to spill, Beca released a deep shuddering breath. ''Hey Chlo,''

I struggled to write this. I'm not sure it's very good but I am hoping it helps move this story forward. Let me know what you think.