Hello, digital monster lovers and welcome to another collaboration between Mobian and myslelf. If you like Rwby: NT Warrior, then you'll like this fiction. Once again, Mobian is the brainchild behind this story as I'm mostly writing it out, so credit goes to Mobian.

Welcome to Rwby: Digital Tamer!

As you've already guessed, this is a crossover between RWBY and Digimon, another favorite franchise of both of us. We hope people like this joint-fiction as well as Rwby: NT Warrior.

Without further ado, let's begin this new adventure!

Ruby is a fifteen year old girl with black hair that had red highlights in it and silver eyes. She was wearing a black long sleeve dress with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, a black waist cincher with red lacing up the front and around her skirt while also wearing red hood, a silver rose brooch on her belt round her waist and combat boots. She had just got in to Beacon Academy two years early for stopping a dust robbery as well as being made leader of Team RWBY which included herself, her older sister Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna. But today they all agreed to do their own thing.

Thus, she decided to go shopping at From Dust Till Dawn for some dust ammo as well as the latest copy of Weapons Digest to see if there was anything to upgrade her 'sweetheart.: Crescent Rose. That was, until she heard a noise coming from a nearby alleyway. She made a quick decision to head into the alleyway to make sure no one was hurt. Strangely, when she got closer to the alleyway, it suddenly became foggier. She then heard several more voices coming from the same alley.

An unknown female voice started speaking as Ruby got closer. "I know your type all too well, Gazimon. You're nasty little Digimon that love to dig pits and watching others fall into them as well as paralyzing innocents. I won't let you get away with your attack on Port Village."

"That's what ya get for not giving us any food!" The first Gazimon exclaimed.

"Ya said it!" The second Gazimon agreed.

The third Gazimon spoke. "It's not our fault we didn't have any bits to pay for the food. What're ya gonna do about it, Pupmon?"

A three-foot tall red dog wearing two black belts on it's front paws, having a digital hazard symbol on it's left front arm. "What I'm gonna do is take you back to Port Village so that you can repay the shop owner for the food and fix all the damage you caused," The dog said with the same female voice from earlier. "So, you three can either come back quietly or I'm gonna drag you by your tails. What's your decision?"

"Hey, fellas. I just realized. There's three of us and only one of her." The first Gazimon said.

You're right, so let's just delete her and upload her data." The second Gazimon spoke.

"Wait a minute!" The third Gazimon shouted. "There's only three of us, so only one of us is gonna get her data!"

The first Gazimon spoke once again. "It's simple. Whoever deletes her first gets her data. You guys agree with that?"

"Yes." The other two said in unison. With that, they began their attack on Pupmon when suddenly red rose petals started swarming around them. The petals seemed to form a brand-new creature. "Hey! Three on one's not fair!" The creature shouted.

"Oh, no! I-I-It's Rosemon! A mega level Digimon!" One of the Gazimon exclaimed in fear.

The other two smacked him on the back of the head. "You idiot! Last we checked, Rosemon doesn't have a scythe. She has a whip." The second Gazimon pointed out.

"Then what is it?!" The now confused Gazimon asked.

"It can't be. A human?!" The second Gazimon said wide-eyed looking a his two friends.

"It doesn't matter. Let's just delete them!" The first Gazimon shouted. The other two nodded their heads and charged at Pupmon and the creature. The one who encouraged them to attack stayed back.

They slashed at the duo with their claws, but Pupmon jumped out of the way while Ruby uses Crescent Rose to block the attacks. "My turn," Pupmon said. "Puppy Howl!" All of a sudden, she released a sonic howl at the one of the Gazimon, knocking him back into a nearby trash can.

Ruby performed several slashes on the other Gazimon, making him stumble back a little. "That hurt a lot. You're gonna pay for that." Suddenly, he didn't get to finish talking as he was paralyzed. There were a set of claw marks on his back. He then started falling apart.

"Did you just kill him?!" Ruby screamed.

"What?! No, I didn't kill him. Every Digimon knows that when you take too much damage, you turn back into data. That data should go back to Primary Village as long as I don't absorb it. I didn't catch your name." Pupmon said looking up at Ruby.

"My name is Ruby." She said.

"Well, Rubymon. This is knowledge every Digimon should know." Pupmon said.

"I don't know because I'm not a Digimon." Ruby stated making Pupmon's eyes widen in utter shock.

"What? B-But that's not possible!" Pupmon exclaimed. Before they could continue their conversation, a loud clang was heard, looking to the source, it was the other Gazimon that knocked the trash can off himself.

He looked at the data that used to be his pal and got mad. "You deleted my friends and you two are gonna pay for it!" He released a cloud of black mist from his mouth that went straight for the pair.

"Ruby! Watch out!" Pupmon screamed pushing Ruby out of the way. Screaming in pain from the attack, yellow energy was streaming all over her body. This meant she wasn't able to move.

"How do you like my Paralyze Breath, Pupmon?" The Gazimon taunted. "Oh wait! I forgot! You're paralyzed from my attack," He then raised his claws. "Now, this is gonna hurt a lot." The claw was speeding towards Pupmon but something hit him on the shoulder. He looked up to see Ruby with a gun in her hands. Where did the scythe go?

"Don't you dare touch this cute little puppy again." Ruby said quietly while pointing Crescent Rose in sniper mode directly at Gazimon. She couldn't believe that these creatures without aura were this strong. What she could tell so far is that these creatures were smart enough to talk.

"You know what? I don't care! You both are gonna pay for what you did to my friend!" Gazimon shouted angrily as he prepared to attack once more. Ruby fired several shots from Crescent Rose into Gazimon. His data started flying into the air. She was genuinely torn between emotions at the moment. She was glad the puppy was ok but at the same time she had just technically taken her very first life making her feel sad.

"Wait a minute. He said we deleted his friends but we only took out one of them, then I just took him out," Ruby realized. "Where'd the third one go?"

Suddenly, the ground opened beneath her, swallowing her up. "What do you think of my Pitfall attack, human?" The remaining Gazimon now standing on top of Ruby asked.

"Wait! You called me a human." Ruby said astonished.

"It took me a minute to figure out what you are. I remembered an old legend that said if you even see a human, you gain great power." Gazimon chuckled.

"So you let your friends get deleted just to get to me all because of a silly story?!" Ruby was becoming appalled at Gazimon's actions.

"Yes! No sacrifice is is too great for the sake of power!" Gazimon declared. "Oh, by the way, you dropped your weapon on the way down here. That means you're mine."

Suddenly, Ruby's pocket began glowing brightly. Neither of them could see Pupmon also glowing. When the glowing died down, she was completely recovered from the Paralyze Breath attack. Pupmon felt like she never got hit to begin with. Noticing Ruby's weapon lying on the ground, she knew two things: One was Rubymon said her name was Ruby with no mon in it. Two was there was no way she would leave her weapon here, so she went towards it. When she closer, she heard voices in the hole in the ground so she went to the edge of the hole and looked down. She saw Gazimon on top of Ruby. What could she do? Her Claw Attack was practically useless because it would alert him. There was Ruby's weapon but she didn't know how to use it and she didn't want to risk hitting Ruby. So there was only one option: Her Puppy Howl attack. "I hope she forgives me for hurting her ears." She whispered. She released a second sonic howl causing pain in the eardrums of Ruby and Gazimon.

Ruby saw this as an opportunity as she saw Gazimon stumbling off her. Moving her foot, she gave a swift kick to his stomach, sending him backwards and slamming into the wall. Now she had to escape. Activating her semblance, she ran out of the pit and stood beside Pupmon and looked down at Gazimon.

When he recovered, Gazimon looked around for the human that escaped him. "Hey there, Gazimon!" Ruby called from outside the hole. He looked up to see the human standing next to Pupmon.

"How did you recover from your paralysis?" Gazimon asked irritated.

"I don't know but I do know one thing: I can't leave you alone." Pupmon said sternly.

"Why not?" Gazimon asked mockingly.

"You would cause mayhem if I left you alone and don't even say you won't! You just sacrificed your friends!" Pupmon screamed.

"Fine. So what're you gonna do about it, Pupmon?" Gazimon taunted.

"The only thing I can do," Pupmon said. "Ruby, I want you to stay up here. I don't want him to hurt you."

"What are you going to do, Pupmon?" Asked Ruby.

"I'm going to have to delete him." Pupmon said grimly.

"What?! There has to be another way!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Sometimes Ruby, there is no other choice." Pupmon responded. At that moment, she jumped down into the hole and attacked Gazimon, slashing at him with her claws.

"Paralyze Breath!" Gazimon called out releasing the black mist cloud from his mouth but Pupmon dodged the attack this time. She knew her best option was the Puppy Howl but also that would leave her open to his Paralyze Breath. The fight went on for a couple more minutes but it was somewhat brutal. After a couple more hits, Gazimon fell over and began turning into data. He looked at Ruby. "I-It's not fair. I was so close to having true power."

"True power comes from hard work and your friends." Pupmon said.

"Ya right, Pupmon." Gazimon rasped as he finally turned into data completely.

"I hope you and your friends come back from Primary Village with a new look on life." Pupmon said sadly and then she fell over.

"Pupmon. Are you okay?" Ruby asked concerned as she ran over to her.

"Yes, I'm fine Ruby but I'm really hungry." Pupmon said simply.

"That's it? You scared me! I thought you were hurt!" Ruby screamed.

"No, I just don't have energy to move around." Pupmon said tiredly.

"Ok. I'll be right back with some food," Ruby assured. She ran back to From Dust Till Dawn to get some food. She came back shortly after. "I didn't know what you could eat so I just go you some trail mix and water." Opening the bag of food, she gave it to Pupmon who started eating and regained her strength.

"Thank you, Ruby." Pupmon smiled. I guess this is where we part ways." She turned around and started getting ready.

"Wait! Where will you go?" Ruby asked.

"Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to Port Village." Pupmon answered. At that moment, something fell out of Ruby's pocket. "Looks like something fell out of your pocket." She went to pick it up when she suddenly disappeared. Ruby was shocked but then she heard Pupmon's voice. "Ruby! Help me!" She looked around to find where Pupmon's voice just came from. Her eyes stopped when they came upon a red scroll. Picking it up, she saw Pupmon on the screen.

"How did this happen?" Ruby asked still shocked.

"I don't know," Pupmon replied a little frantically. "All I did was pick up the device you dropped."

"This can't be my scroll." Ruby said.

"It came out of your pocket." Pupmon reminded.

"Do you think you can come out of it so I can check something?" Ruby asked.

"I honestly don't know." Pupmon admitted. She put her paws on the screen and suddenly came out of it. "Huh. It looks like I can go in or out of your device at any time. What do you need to check on your device?"

"I'm going to check the contacts to make sure this scroll is mine." Ruby answered. Looking at the contacts, she saw Yang's number confirming that this scroll was indeed hers. She sighed in relief.

"So, what should we do now, Ruby?" Pupmon asked.

"I think it's best that you come back with me to Beacon and we'll figure it out in the morning." Ruby said.

"Ok, Ruby. Maybe it's beast I go back into your device." Pupmon suggested.

"You mean my scroll?" Ruby asked.

"Yes. That way I don't scare anyone." Pupmon reasoned. With that, she went back into Ruby's scroll and the two went back to Beacon. Once she arrived back at her team's dorm room, she quickly checked to see that her teammates were asleep. She then got herself ready for bed.

She then grabbed her scroll and looked at the screen. "Good night, Pupmon. We'll talk more in the morning." She smiled.

"Ok. Good night, Ruby." Pupmon smiled back and the two went to sleep.

Hello, everyone. Mobian and I hope you all like the very first chapter of Rwby: Digital Tamer. Ruby officially has met Digimon: Pupmon and a trio of Gazimon. She helped Pupmon against them, but became a little emotionally torn as she has technically has taken a life as Digimon are still life forms. Ruby discovers that not only her scroll is different but also that Pupmon can enter and exit it at any time. The two agree to talk more in the morning. Back at Beacon, the two say good night to each other and fall asleep.

Not much is known about Pupmon yet, but credit for her creation goes to Mobian and she's an OC Digimon.

That's all for now. We'll see you in the next chapter of Rwby: Digital Tamer!