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Back in Mantle, the Atlesian soldiers are hooking up chains to the DarkTyrannomon frozen in ice and connecting them to an Atlesain battleship. When the chains were secured to the haul of the ship, an Atlesian soldier made her way to General Ironwood and Specialist Winter. "Sir, the cargo is secured and ready to go." The female soldier said as she saluted her superiors.

"At ease, soldier." General Ironwood ordered. The female soldier relaxed a little bit. "Now I want you on Patrol to keep the Civilians out of the area until we can take the cargo up to Atlas." The soldier went to carry out her orders and went out on patrol.

"What about the damage done to Mantle? When will it be fixed?" A female voice asked from behind General Ironwood.

General Ironwood let out a small sigh. He recognized that voice anywhere. This person was just as big of a pain in his side as Qrow Branwen. He turned around to face this person. It was a woman in her late twenties to early thirties. She had light blond hair and violet eyes. She was wearing a black sleeveless coat over a red double breasted vest , brown high neck shirt, and light grey short sleeved shirt. She was also wearing a brown body waist cincher with matching pants tucked into black knee high boots. A green scarf around her neck and pair black archer styled gloves with the index finger missing on both of them. "Robyn Hill, this area is restricted to non-military personnel."

"James, that didn't answer my question." Robyn stated. Robyn had several of her Happy Huntresses with her.

"The repairs will be done once we have time to do them. After we transport our cargo to Atlas." General Ironwood answered.

"The damage caused by the creature destroyed several family homes and we're luckily no one was home. They were working overtime at the Schnee Dust mine." Robin retorted.

Winter anger was boiling inside of her. How dare Robyn disrespect General Ironwood. The man who was more of a father to her then her own father, who gave her a purpose and pointed her in a direction to make a better Atlas and bring some honor back to her family name. Winter was about ready to say something when she felt General Ironwood's hand on her shoulder which was telling her to calm down before he reprimanded her.

"Robyn, how do you know about the creature?" General Ironwood asked calmly.

"I arrived when the black t-rex was frozen in the ice." Robyn answered.

"This is classified until we know what the creature is." General Ironwood said.

"What about the damage it caused to Mantle?" Robyn repeated.

"It will be dealt with as soon as Atlas has the time." General Ironwood said as he started to walk toward his personal ship with Winter right behind her.

"James, you can't just walk away from this!" Robyn shouted at General Ironwood.

"Robyn, you lost all rights on how Atlesian Military do things when you and your Happy Huntresses chose not to sign up." General Ironwood said as he reached his ship.

"James, there's a council election coming up and I'm planning on running for it. When I get elected, you have some questions to answer!" Robyn shouted as Ironwood's ship took off.

A few minutes later, General Ironwood's personal ship arrived in the floating city and landed at the Atlesian Military science lab where General Ironwood and Winter met by Pietro Polendina, head Scientist on project Penny. He was an elderly man with dark skin and short balding white hair. He was wearing a green cap with oval-shaped glasses. He was also wearing a red vest over a cream shirt and pink bow tie along with dark mustard pants and leather boots. He was sitting in a special chair aiding him to walk. It was built to have movable legs. "Pietro, did the package arrive yet?"

"Yes, it just arrived a few minutes ago. So we haven't had time to run any test on the creature yet." Pietro said. "Now if you follow me, I will lead you to where we're keeping it." Pietro led General Ironwood and Winter to a huge room where the black T-rex was being held. We are making sure to keep this room cold enough so the ice doesn't melt."

"Pietro, we are ready to run the first test." One of the Atlesian scientists said. Once Pietro gave the go ahead, they put a giant screen in front of it. Several switches were thrown and the screen was fuzzy to begin with, but a bunch ones and zeros.

"That's strange. It should be showing its bones." Pietro said in confusion.

The other scientists were running diagnostics on the equipment. "We are not sure what'S going on. The equipment seems to be running normally? We may need to take the equipment apart to see if something's not working correctly." Another scientist said.

"Very well, call us when you are ready to go." General Ironwood said. He walked out of the lab with Specialist Winter right behind him. "Winter, I'm heading back to my office at Atlas Academy. I want you to fill out a report on your battle with the black T-rex."

"Yes sir, I will have the report on your desk within an hour." Winter said when suddenly an image of Snowflake waiting for her at the door came to mind. "Sir, do you mind if I fill out my report at my apartment? I found a stray cat and I want to check on her wounds."

General Ironwood thought it over as Winter had never asked for anything personal before. He looked Winter over, she seemed tired and worn down which you would expect after the battle she just had. "Winter, the report can wait for a couple of hours. Go home and check on the cat you found. I also want you to rest for a bit , I need one of my best Specialists in top physical form."

After Winter was dismissed, she headed back to her apartment building. When Winter reached her door, she could hear her TV was on. "That's strange. I'm sure I didn't have my tv on when I left earlier." Winter pulled out her Scroll and unlocked the door. She entered the room and found the tv was not on and found Snowflake was sleeping in the chair she was sitting before General Ironwood called her. "I must be more tired than I thought."

Winter decided she would check on Snowflake after the cat awakened from her nap. Snowflake had the right idea about taking a nap. Winter went to her bedroom for a quick nap. If she had looked a little bit closer at Snowflake, she would've seen the control sticking out from underneath her feline house guest.

Winter eventually woke up with a weight on her legs. She looked to see what weight could be and found Snowflake sleeping on her legs. "Snowflake, how did you get into my bedroom?" Winter looked at her bedroom to see it was open. She let out a sigh and grabbed the first aid kit. Winter removed the old bandage and most of the wounds were gone. Winter still rewrapped the healing wound to make sure they didn't get an infection.

After that, Winter took a quick shower and got dressed. She went to the living room and pulled out her Scroll which had the paperwork she needed to fill out on what happened in Mantle. She felt something was on her lap. Winter saw Snowflake sitting on her. "Snowflake, do you want me to pet you? " Winter started petting Snowflake's head. It felt nice knowing someone cared about her for no real reason and decided to tell Snowflake about what happened in Mantle.

Gatomon listened to everything Winter told her. Many thoughts ran through Gatomon's mind. "What was Dark Tyrannomon doing here? Could Wizardmon and Spellmon be on Remnant? Is that why I haven't found them because they weren't in the Digital World? No, that's not important right now. I have to tell Winter the truth to keep her safe."

Gatomon looked at Winter. Gatomon took a deep breath. "Winter, we need to talk." Winter looked around to find where the voice was coming from. "I'm on your lap." Winter looked down and saw Snowflake standing on her back legs. "I know you've been calling me Snowflake, but my name is Gatomon. I'm a Digimon, which is short for Digital Monster and I'm from the Digital World." Gatomon held out her front paw for a hand shake.

At Atlas Academy, General Ironwood was in his office sitting at his desk. He was looking over the damage the creature caused in Mantle. This thing destroyed the Atlesian Knights 130 with ease. He would have to push up the Atlesian Knights 200 deployment date for next week. Between the White Fang and this creature, the old models weren't cutting it anymore. Before he could continue reading the report, there was a knock at the door. "You may enter." General Ironwood said.

An Atlesian soldier came into his office with a package in hand. "Sir, this package arrived for you. We ran all the standard tests and we found no explosive devices or harmful objects. There's also a letter that came with the package."

"Place the package on my desk and I will deal with it." General Ironwood said. The Atlesian Soldier placed the package on General Ironwood's desk and left the room. General Ironwood opened the letter. "To General James Ironwood, this is a gift from someone who knows how hard it's to keep justice in balance. I hope this gift will help with that problem." General Ironwood put the letter down and opened the package up. What he pulled out was a brown and purple Libra scale.

General Ironwood placed the Libra scale on his desk and got back to reading the report. "The prototype Atlesian Pal 290 didn't hold any better then Atlesian 130, but that didn't matter. The final version will be able to deal with any problems, but are we sure about that? The balance of has been tipped to uncertainty because this creature. What if more show up? Will Atlas be prepared for what's coming or the rest of Remnant? What if this creature is just the beginning of Salem's newest scheme?" Asked a voice in General Ironwood's mind that sounded like his own thought.

When immediately his Scroll began to ring. General Ironwood answered it. "Pietro, are you ready for us to come back to the lab? Yes, I'll be there after I call Specialist Schnee." General Ironwood hung up and started to call Winter.

While this was going on, Winter was staring at Snowflake with disbelief. The cat she brought home was talking to her and said that she was a Digital Monster called Gatomon. Then a thought came to her: Were Snowflake and the black T-rex Related somehow connected to each other? "Is the Black T-rex also a Digital Monster?" She asked.

"Yes, DarkTyrannomon is a Digimon just like me." Gatomon answered without hesitation.

"When I found you, was that a part of a plan to plant a spy on me because I'm one of General Ironwood's most trusted specialists?" Winter asked with tears forming in her eyes.

"What?" Gatomon eyes grew in size. "Winter, us meeting was by chance. I was looking for my friend Wizardmon and his apprentice Spellmon on the Pedia Continent when I was attacked by a Boarmon. I defeated Boarmon, but got wounded in the process and somehow ended up in Atlas. Then you found me."

"I'd like to believe you, Snowflake, but you've been lying to me since the beginning. Why did you stay with me?!" Winter asked in anger.

"Your eyes reminded me of who I used to be: Back when I was alone before Wizardmon entered my life." Gatomon said. "I was always going to tell you the truth. Winter, why don't we start over. Hi, I'm Gatomon. It's nice to meet you, Winter."

"What I think I'm going to do is report you to General Ironwood!" Winter screamed in anger. She ran out of her apartment without realizing that she didn't close the door behind her and Gatomon was trying to catch up to her. At some point Gatomon lost Winter in the streets of Atlas.

Winter was traveling aimlessly. "Stupid Winter, you should know better then that, no one wants to be your friend. All anybody ever wants to do is use you for your last name or increase their rank and standing with General Ironwood." At some point Winter could hear a Scroll ring. She eventually realized it was her Scroll that was ringing. She answers her Scroll. "Yes General, what can I do for you? Pietro and the rest of the scientists are ready for us?" Winter looked around to see where she was at. Winter noticed she was standing in front of the Lab. "Actually sir , I'm standing in front of the Lab as we speak. I'll wait out front for your arrival." After that she hung up her scroll.

Once General Ironwood arrived at the lab, they entered the building and made their way to where the creature was being held. There they found several metal stands with a dish connected to the top of it. "General Ironwood and Specialist Schnee, I'm glad you could make it. We had to pull out some experimental equipment since none of the usual ones are working." Pietro explained when the power suddenly went out and can back on.

"Is there a reason for the power going out?" Winter asked.

"No, we have no explanation why the power went out, but it's been happening all day. So far we think it's a computer glitch happening on one of the Servers." One of the scientists said. "We are ready go with the scanning as soon as we get the ok to start." When they were given the single to start. The Atlesian scientists hit a couple of Buttons and through a switch. The dishes began to make a high pitch noise when the ice shattered and DarkTyrannomon was roaring in pain. DarkTyrannomon opened his mouth and fire began to build up, but it was too late his body started to turn into data. The whole time Winter was watching what was going on she saw Snowflake in pain as the data was absorbed by the dishes.

"What just happened?" Winter asked in a shock tone.

"I don't know?" Pietro type into the keyboard. "I can't believe what I'm reading, but it seems the equipment absorbed the creature and stored the information on the computer. I'm not sure what to make of it." Pietro looked puzzled at what he was looking at.

"Is there a way to make the equipment smaller and transportable." General Ironwood asked.

"I suppose it can be made miniature as well make it easier to carry around. It would take several prototypes before a working model, but why would you want it for?" Pietro asked when he was hit with sudden realization. "No, I will not help build something that will cause pain to living creatures!"

"It's not living creatures, it's ones and zeroes pretending to be alive." General Ironwood said in a calm tone.

"Data doesn't scream in pain!" Pietro shouted. After a few minutes, Pietro collected himself, he looked at General Ironwood. "Do you see Penny the same way?" He got his answer by just looking at General Ironwood's face. He saw that General Ironwood only saw his daughter as a tool. "James, I'm sorry, but I won't help you on this project. I just can't do this, my conscience won't let me." Pietro left the room.

General Ironwood looked at the other scientists in the room. "How long will it take you to get a working prototype?" He asked.

The other scientists talked among themselves for a few minutes before one finale spoke up. "If we study the data collected from the creature, we should have a working prototype in the morning along with a way to have complete control of it."

"Good to hear." General Ironwood said. He walked out of the lab with Specialist Schnee following behind him. "Winter, I have a council meeting to go to in a half hour. Why don't you hear home and get some rest. We will have a busy day tomorrow."

Winter saluted General Ironwood and headed on her way home. Winter's mind was running on overdrive. Why didn't she send a report to General Ironwood about Snowflake being a similar creature as DarkTyrannomon? The answer was simply she didn't want Snowflake hurt. She was an invader just like DarkTyrannomon , but Snowflake hasn't caused any harm to Atlas or Mantle. Winter was unaware of the fog that started to cover her.

"I can sense your pain and all your doubts. How powerless you feel. That everyone you love either abandoned you or never care you about in the first place! Your father never loved you. Your mother prefers to be drunk then dealing with her problem. Your little brother reminds you too much of your father who is willing to do anything to get his way. Then there's your little sister Weiss who chose Beacon Academy over Atlas Academy. You even ran a background checked on her team. Now for the most recent problem. You're afraid of disappointing General Ironwood, but you don't want your little friend to get hurt. Fear not Winter, I'm here to help you with all your problems!" A Mysterious voice said

Winter looked around for the voice, but it seemed like the voice was coming from every direction and it also sounded like it was coming from her mind." Behind you." Winter turned to face the person but what she found was not a human or a Faunus. It was a black humanoid Digimon with devil horns on his head and tattered wings. A skull on his shoulder and knee. A red bar symbol on his chest and left boot, the arms are long and fingers on the hands were claws. There were belts on his lower torso, right upper arm and left forearm, gauze bandage around his right forearm and left hand. The thing that kept Winter's attention was the Digimon's red eyes, it was like she couldn't look away from them. "Who are you?" Winter asked.

"Devimon, at your service.'' he said with a bow. "I could sense your pain all the way from the Digital World. I knew I had to do everything in my power to help the person in pain." Winter wasn't getting a good feeling from Devimon, but his crimson eyes made her feel relaxed around this Digimon. Devimon's hand started to glow with black energy. Devimon slowly brought his hand toward Winter's body.

Winter was unaware that Devimon was doing anything because she was in a deep trance. "Winter, you need to get away from Devimon, he's trying to control you!" A very familiar voice shouted as a white blur attacked Devimon's face which snapped Winter out of her trance. What Winter saw was Devimon trying to pull Snowflake off his face.

Devimon got a firm grip on Gatomon which he pulled her off his face and threw Gatomon into a wall. "Gatomon, you wretched beast! Did you really think you stopped anything by your interference, it just means I have to do it the hard way. Death Hand!" Devimon released dark energy from his hand, the dark energy was moving toward Gatomon when suddenly a giant snowflake appeared in front of Gatomon.

Gatomon looked to see Winter standing next to her. "Winter, thank you for saving me." She smiled.

"I remember someone jumping on Devimon's face to save me." Winter smiled back. As she tried to put enough effort in keeping the Snowflake glyph from being destroyed by Devimon's power. "Snowflake, can you tell me what you know about this Digimon?"

"Devimon is a cruel Digimon who takes advantage of those in their grief by promising to help them or those who seek power he promised to give what they wanted , but it's all a lie so you become his servants for the rest of your life. His attacks are the Touch of Evil, where he forces his will to make the creature his slave. Death hand, where he unleashes a blast of unholy energy from his hand. Leather Wing: Where he flaps his wing to produce a dark wind to slice the enemy. He was going to use The Touch of Evil on you when I found you."

"Any weakness we can exploit?" Winter came to a conclusion about Devimon. He may not be as big as DarkTyrannomon but just as powerful or more powerful than DarkTyrannomon. That the size of the Digimon didn't represent how powerful they are.

"Devimon is weak to vaccine Digimon or any Digimon belong to the Virus Buster family. The good news is I fit in both categories. The bad news is Devimon won't go down easily." Gatomon said with annoyance.

Winter began to formulate a plan. "Snowflake, this what we are going to do." She whispered her idea to Gatomon who nodded her agreement.

Devimon pumped more power into his attack, the purple energy started to overwhelm the Snowflake glyph which shattered in a few seconds. Devimon saw Winter, but didn't see Gatomon anywhere. He started to laugh. "Winter, do you take me for a fool! I know that Gatomon won't abandon you." Devimon flew up into the air to check the building's roof for Gatomon. He didn't find a trace of Gatomon. When Devimon looked down he saw several glyphs set at different angles come up toward him.

Gatomon came out of one of the trash cans and ran at full speed. She hit the first glyph which increases her speed. Gatomon ricocheted off the next one and continued until she was face to face with Devimon. "Lighting Paw!" Gatomon moves her paw at high speed, slashing Devimon across Devimon's chest. An added effect of Winter's time dilation increased Gatomon speed. Devimon didn't see Gatomon move her paw.

Devimon smirked believing that Gatomon's attack did nothing to him. Until he felt intense pain. Data started to leak out of Devimon's wounds. "No, I won't be defeated! Leather Wing!" Devimon flapped his wings creating a dark wind, the wind slashed Gatomon. Gatomon started to fall toward the ground when another Glyph materialized to catch Gatomon before she hit the ground.

Devimon felt a cold steel against his wings, he turned to see Winter dropping down on the glyph next to Gatomon. More of Devimon's body was leaking data. If he was going to be deleted, then he would take Gatomon and Winter with him. Devimon held out his hand to gather his remaining energy for one finale attack. "Death Hand!" A large beam of purple energy was released from his hand, the energy traveled toward them. Winter moved her hand causing the glyph to bounce them into the air. She created another glyph to shield them from the energy.

The energy collided with the glyph, it began to shake under the mere pressure of the purple energy and cracks started appearing in the glyph. Neither Winter or Gatomon were aware that Gatomon's tail ring started glowing. A golden light burst from the ring and covered Winter in a gold energy which amplified her Aura. Winter had never felt this kind of power before. The only thing she could do was pour the energy into the glyph with it changing from a snowflake into a golden gate. The gate opened up and absorbed the dark energy.

Devimon was in shock seeing a Gate of Destiny and wasn't prepared for what came next. Winter separated her sword into two swords. She slashed Devimon which Gatomon followed by sending a flurry of Lighting Paws. Both Winter and Gatomon landed back on the ground, Winter sheathed her sword. At that moment, Devimon's lower half of body turned into data. "You may have defeated me, but there are those more skilled in the darkness than me and especially ancient darkness that has been terrorizing Remnant for longer than you know." Devimon burst completely into data.

"What did Devimon mean by that?" Winter pondered.

"I don't know about the ancient darkness that's been terrorizing Remnant, but there are always Digimon like Devimon who seek to conquer the Digital World. Now let's head to General Ironwood and tell him everything that happened." When Gatomon didn't get a reply from Winter, she knew something was wrong. "Winter, what's wrong?" She saw Winter crying.

"Snowflake, if we go to General Ironwood he will do that to you." Winter pointed to the data flying the sky. "But worse, he'll capture your data and have some scientists study it and they're building something device to imprison the data of Digimon. I don't know what to do. I don't want to let General Ironwood down, but you're my friend." Winter felt someone holding her hand. She looked and saw Snowflake's paw was in her hand.

"How about we head back to your apartment and get something to eat. Then we get some sleep and in the morning I tell you about the Digital World. After that you can tell me what happened to DarkTyrannomon." Gatomon suggested to Winter.

"That seems like a fair deal." Winter said as she and Gatomon headed back to her apartment building. "Now I'm glad I didn't get around to buying cat food." This caused Gatomon to laugh with Winter joining in.

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