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Lucy was at work. Every day the same routine: get up, have a shower, have breakfast and then go to work. She was a waitress in a diner in Hargeon. Her blonde hair was pulled in a messy bun and her curvy body clad in a yellow uniform. It had a "v" collar with the first few buttons undid; they gave a nice view on her cleavage. A black belt was positioned on her high waist, it was the only way to make the uniform cuter. The skirt ended on the mid-thigh. A short line of skin dived the yellow dress from black thigh high socks. At her feet yellow sporty lace-ups.

It was almost noon and her shift will be over in a few hours. She was tired of every man ogling her, but if watching her like a creep and a little bit of flirting from her was what she needed for extra tips, she was ready to sacrifice her dignity. She needed the money.

-Lucy! Come on! Focus! We have a lot of costumers and you are with the same piece of cake in your hands that I saw you with ten minutes ago!- said a brown-haired woman. Her cheeks were dusted with pink and Lucy knew that it was drunk redness, she rolled her eyes.

-I know Cana, I know! It's just that I'm a little tired!- the blonde said sighing. She put down the cake piece in the sweets display. In that moment the doorbell ringed and Cana whistled. Lucy rolled her eyes again and took the coffee carafe.

-Girl you better go or I'm gonna steal him from you!- she slurred licking her lips. A perverted sparkle in her eyes.

-Oh shush Cana! You need to keep your hormones under control!- she giggled, turning towards the tables.

She went to the newcomer and her breath hitched in her throat. He was sexy. With pink spiky hair held by a scaly white scarf. His face was turned towards the window, his eyes trained on the waves. His jaw was calling to her, so sharp she could cut rocks with it. Her lips twitching to kiss it. Her eyes travelled down, along his muscular arms and his chest. His bust covered in a white tank top. She cleared her voice.

-Hi! Would you like some coffee?- her voice shy. He turned his face at her call. Emerald eyes piercing her own brown orbs, it was like he was studying her soul.

He nodded, a lopsided grin on his lips making her heart flutters.

-I'll take one of everything- said the man. Lucy's eyes widened and she sputtered.

-Are you sure? Our portions are pretty generous!- she was confused. Was he expecting someone? Maybe a girlfriend? Obviously, he had a girlfriend, he was so hot, and his eyes were kind. She felt something warm touching her forearm. She blinked and her eyes focused on the handsome pink-haired boy in front of her. His lips were pulled in a kind smile, his eyes were full of amusement.

-Are you ok? You spaced out for a little bit!- his hand still on her, her cheeks heating up.

-O-oh yeah sorry, I-I'm a little bit tired…Uhm, yeah, one of everything! Do you want everything now or do you prefer waiting for your girlfriend?- her cheeks now even redder. She couldn't help it, she wanted to know. She needed to know, even if it wasn't clear for her.

-Girlfriend?- he bent slightly his head. His brows furrowed with confusion.

-Uhm…boyfriend? I mean…I thought…that's a lot of food…- Lucy was sure her face could compete tomatoes. He laughed, a very beautiful and full laugh. Lucy puffed out her cheeks in a pout.

-No, I'm not gay and I have no girlfriend. I just have a big hunger!- his grin returning to his lips. Lucy nodded and turned to go in the kitchen, her face has become permanently red by now. A beautiful girl with long platinum hair smiled to Lucy. Her bangs pulled up. Big ocean eyes grazing her feature.

-What's wrong Lucy?- asked her, voice kind.

-Uh what? Oh, oh nothing! One of everything in the menu, please!- confusion transpiring from her tone.

-Guuurl you're having the hots for the guy!- the other waiter entered the kitchen. Blue eyes trained on Lucy.

-Lucy! That's amazing! Who's he?- a head of platinum hair looked into the dining room through a rectangular window in the wall. Hands clasped before her and dreamy look on her face.

-Mira, calm down! I don't have the hots for no one! I just took the order of the newcomer, the one with pink hair…-

Mira turned abruptly. She looked at the two girls in front of her with wide eyes. -You said pink hair?- she didn't give time to the two to answer. Mira pushed the door of the kitchen and looked around.

-Mira? Mira Jane Strauss? Is that you?- the boy questioned standing up. Lucy and Cana followed the platinum-haired woman outside. Lucy eyes grazing the figure of the boy, grey tracksuit bottoms giving a perfect idea of the man's ass. A pair of black lace-up ankle boots at his feet and a leather jacket tied at his hips. Lucy bite her lip, eyes fixated on his body.

-Natsu Dragneel! You were this little the last time I saw you!- Mira said hugging the boy. Natsu laughed and they started talking about the old times. Cana coughed, making the two notice the two girls.

-How do you know each other?- the brown-haired girl asked, a little bit slurred because of the alcohol and a sly grin on her face.

-I lived here, near her house. I used to play with her little sister.-

-They were so cute! I thought they'll end up getting married!- Mira was again with a dreamy look on her face. Natsu looked the floor, cheeks dusted with pink and a hand rubbing awkwardly his neck.

-So…what are you doing here? I thought you were working with the Magnolia fire department!- the woman exclaimed patting the man's back. He giggled and looked at her face.

-Oh yeah, I'm still a firefighter. I had an accident, a building exploded, and I was near there and the blast wave made me fly into a car, so uhm now I'm on holiday for a few months- Natsu chuckled awkwardly and averted his gaze.

-Oh my God! Are you okay? How?- Lucy asked, eyes wide with worry and hands clasped in front of her lips. Bright green eyes turned to her. Gold flakes hypnotizing her.

-Oh yeah, just a concussion and a few cracked ribs, I was lucky- his lopsided grin again on his lips. Lucy was blushing again; she was sure that day was the umpteenth time.

The rest of her shift went by normally. Natsu and Mira caught up on lost time and Lucy kept looking at the hot pink-haired guy. She swore she caught him ogling her a few times. At the end of her workday she said bye to the girls and headed out of the diner. In the parking lot there was a red dual-sport bike. Lucy stopped to admire the soft curve of the motorcycle. A soft smile curving up her lips. She always had had something for the bikes, like a kink.

-Do you like it?- a whisper just above her right shoulder made her jump. Hands on her heart, she tried to regain oxygen turning towards the voice. A laughter made her flinch. Natsu was clutching his stomach, his chest was shaking because of how hard he was laughing.

-Natsu! You scared me!-

The man wiped some tears from his eyes and looked at the blonde girl, soft smile on his lips and amusement present in his eyes.

-Sorry, I just saw you ogling my bike. I didn't mean to scare ya Lucy, but that was funny!- he teased bumping her shoulder with his.

-How do you know my name?- asked Lucy, concern furrowing her brows. He giggled again. A finger pointed at her chest. She followed the finger and she felt like a stupid. "Oh…right…the plate…". She chuckled and rubbed the back of her head.

-Right, sorry…I forget about it sometimes. Uhm anyway, yeah, I always had a thing for bikers- she widened her eyes at the realization of what she just said.

-No no! I meant for bikes! I always had a thing for bikes!- she was a sputtering mess and she was fighting against the impulse of face palming herself. On his lips appeared smug smile. God, he was so hot. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, abusing the flesh. His eyes following the movement, he licked his bottom lip too involuntarily.

-Do you want a ride home?-

She thanked every god above. She was sure that if he teased her about her slip up, she would have died out of embarrassment. She smiled, looking at him through her long black lashes. She saw him gulping and pride flowed through her veins.

-No thank you, I'm with my car- she whispered. Suddenly, he was so close. A soft scent of smoke and spices calming her nerves. They were looking at each other, jade eyes meeting coffee ones.

-Ok- was his answer. They were inches apart. She couldn't understand why, but everything about him made her want to lose herself into him. -I'll see you tomorrow Lucy!- he jumped onto his bike, winking at her with a large grin on his face. She was confused. She thought there was happening something between the two. Following his form becoming more and more distant with her eyes, she furrowed her brows. She didn't understand. Did she imagined him leaning? Yeah, it was so soon, so not her, but it was obvious they liked each other. She felt the sexual tension, was she the only