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She woke up in a cold bed, the steady source of warmth she had grown to know was now vanished. Rolling in her bed, she caressed the scrunched bed sheet. Last night had been amazing, just as all the other nights they spent together; scenes of moans, kisses and dark eyes filled her mind. A smile appeared on her face and she covered her eyes with her arm, golden hair spread around her frame resembling an halo.

The sound of the shower water made her stomach clench and not in the good way; she sat up, leaning against the headboard sighing. All her happiness quickly left her body, leaving a trail of numbness along the way. They had just another day and then he'll go back to his house.

In Magnolia.

Natsu appeared in front of her, a pair of washed jeans the only thing covering his perfect body, hair still damp from the shower. Small drops followed the line of his abs and she got lost for a moment, admiring those muscles she touched so many times.

He smiled to her with his toothy grin, that same grin that made her fall head over heels for him. She couldn't reply with the same eagerness, so she faked. A frown rumpled his features and her coffee coloured orbs softened.

"What's wrong Natsu? What are you thinking about?" she said scooting aside, leaving some space for him to sit; with a hand she kept the bed sheet glued to her voluptuous chest, while with the other she patted the place on the bed near her.

"Something's bothering ya, Luce" he said taking place, putting his rough hand on her covered thigh, his thumb starting to stroke the fabric and sending a jolt of sparks along her leg. She smiled, this time it reached her eyes. Soft lips curved in a delicate beam, warmth swirled in those big doe orbs of her, leaning her head on his bare shoulder. "God, I love him so much" was the thought that appeared on her mind and again numbness washed over her. Hurt pushed the warmth out of her eyes, taking its place.

"It's nothing Natsu, just some thinking going on in my head" she said standing from the bed, the bed sheet gliding along her silky skin. Natsu's eyes travelled down, following every curve of her full body. Images of his fingers sinking into that pale skin made him growl, sending ashiver along her spine. He tried to reach her, to grab her and push her into bed to ravish her again and again, until they both couldn't walk.

God, that woman was so enticing and addicting.

He shook his head, those weren't the kind of thoughts he should have. Five months have passed since that first night, five months of absolutely happiness: Lucy was the light of his life now, the only person he wanted to make smile. Nonetheless he knew he had to leave her, he knew he had to let her live her life without him.

He lived in Magnolia, he worked there and he wasn't going to leave it. Lucy lived in Hargeon, she had friends here and all her life was here. He couldn't ask her to leave everything behind and follow him, but he could dream: he could dream a life in which Lucy was in love with him, a life in which Lucy was by his side in his flat in Magnolia, a life in which she'll be his forever.

They were all just dreams though.

He recalled going home three months ago, not needing to stay in recovery anymore, but he came back to see Lucy the first day off he had. He tried to stay put, but the thought of her soft lips on him made him crave her so much it hurt. It was only sex at the beginning, that's what he kept repeating himself, but then he fell in love with how soft her hair was, he fell in love with her sparkling eyes whenever she talked of something that really interested her, he fell in love with her pure soul. Oh and her smile, that smile that brighten an entire room, that smile was what made him crawl back to her every time he could and that's what he did. He started coming back every time he had some days off spending them having sex, cuddling and doing couples things, but they weren't a couple. He loved her, but they weren't a couple. He was just a coward. He was making all of this so much difficult. He needed to stop.

Lucy left the bathroom; a fluffy pink towel hiding her body, her hair was pulled in a messy bun. She walked to the kitchen, trying to hide her puffy red eyes. She cried while washing herself, Natsu was the man of her life but he wanted to keep things like that. "Like what? Like a couple without being one?" she screamed in her head while making coffee. She didn't understand, they were perfect together, but he kept avoiding talking about just what they were to each other. Were they more than just casual sex? Could there ever be anything more for them? Did she imagine the tenderness in his eyes while watching her?

She couldn't take it anymore: she was going crazy, she wanted answers. She was going to make him talk, she was going to oblige him to make things clear, if she has to be just someone to fuck during his days off he needed to say it, because this thing they had going on was making her heart shutter.

Warm arms encircled her waist, his chin resting on her bare shoulder. His hot breath was fanning over her chest, making her skin raise in goose bumps. He tightened his arms around her, pressing her back against his chest and giving her a small light kiss on her neck. She sighed, her previous depressing thought disappearing leaving a sense of peace behind.

"Luce…" he said trailing off, kissing her shoulder, lightly sucking the skin. A moan escaped her lips and she cursed herself, he always had his way with her, he just needed to touch her. She gripped the countertop, her knuckles becoming white; his hands were travelling along her body in a slow motion, his lips sucking on the skin of her neck, his fangs scraping the skin behind her ear. She was trying so hard to keep control, she didn't want to succumb to him again, they had to talk.

He tugged at her towel, which opened almost immediately, his hands skimmed across the creamy skin of her stomach. She let out a mewl, his name left her soft lips in a whisper; this spurred him, rough hands cupping her breast. She gasped, pleasure starting to flow through her veins.

"N-Natsu...stop…" she said in a whisper. The pink haired man suddenly stopped, taking a step back leaving the towel to fall freely on the floor. Lucy took a moment to regain breath, bending to retrieve the pink cloth to hide her curves again.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked, worry present in his voice. Lucy sighed, she let her golden tresses cascade on her back, hiding her form. She turned, facing him, her gaze sirius and her lips in a thin line. He gulped, trying to get rid of the big lump in her throat; she was watching with with intense eyes, those big brown orbs burning with determination. Beads of sweat were starting to form at the base of his neck.

"I'm going to wear something and then we'll go out" she said, going towards her wardrobe to pull out some clothes.

She entered the bathroom, leaving Natsu dumbstruck. "What just happened?" he asked himself running a hand though his already messy pink locks. He swore he thought she was going to yell at him, but he didn't know why; usually she was down for another round, but the way she told him to stop, the way her tense form was facing him, it left him afraid. She wanted to end it, he was sure, his little blissful dream had finally come to an end.

In the bathroom, Lucy was slowly regaining breath. She had been so resolute, she was going to ask him right away if he just came back every time for her body, but the way he looked made her heart ache. He was there, worry in his eyes, jaw tense and fists clenched. She couldn't ask him, she didn't want to make him worry. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" she said bumping her forehead against her fists, she was the one hurting! Didn't she decide to make things clear between them? It was the right moment to ask and she chickened out.

She slipped inside a pair of jean shorts while thinking what to do, she didn't have a clue though. Should she wait? Maybe he's going to tell her what he feels about her, right? She sighed for the umpteenth time that morning.

The blonde beauty looked at her figure in the mirror, she was wearing an olive green spaghetti blouse that left exposed the skin of her arms and shoulders. She smiled at her reflection, giving herself thumbs up. It was time to confront the love of her life.

She closed the wooden door behind herself, slowly inhaling. She found Natsu sitting on her bed, his head in his hands. She cleared her throat to let him know she was there, but he didn't give sign of having heard her. Lucy closed the distance between them, kneeling in front of him with a frown pulling at her brows; she could hear him muttering something, but she couldn't make out what he was saying.

After several minutes, the blonde put a dainty hand on his knee, lightly squeezing it. He jumped, finally acknowledging her presence. He looked distraught, "what happened while I was in the bathroom?" she thought looking at his void eyes. She cupped his face, obliging him to look her in the eyes.

"Natsu, what's wrong?"

He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply her scent. He took one of her hands with his, kissing her palm.

"Natsu…" she trailed off, she didn't like seeing him like this. The buxom beauty looked at him, stroking his jaw with her thumb and smiling tenderly trying to reassure him. He took her hands in his and stood up, helping her doing the same.

The pink haired man walked towards the kitchen, leaning against the countertop of her island table.

It was time.

Lucy watched his tense shoulders, confused by his sudden sadness; she had stayed in the bathroom for ten minutes and in this time something horrible happened. She wanted to comfort him, to tell him that everything was going to be alright, but she bit her tongue and stayed where she were; she left him some space knowing he needed to gather his ideas.

"Lucy", he coughed, "I know what you want".

Her eyes widened, surprised by his choice of words. "Thinking about us made him depressed?" the blonde asked herself, a sad smile pulling at her lips.

"Natsu-" she tried, but he stopped her before she could say another word.

"Lucy, please, let me go first" he said with a sad note. She complied, sitting on a chair. She started fidgeting with her hands, didn't like where this was going; numbness filled her limbs and tears threatened to escape her doe eyes. He was giving his back, preventing her to see his clenched fist against the cold material of the table. He didn't want to do this.

"Lucy, as I said I know what you want...Y-you're an amazing woman, you're so pretty and kind and smart and your smile is beautiful…" he felt a giant lump in his throat, talking to the love of his life has never being more difficult.

"This past five months have being amazing, the sex was really good...and you were amazing...b-but it can't go on, I know you think the same…"

Tears started spilling from Lucy's eyes: he was breaking up with her.

"D-did I do something wrong?" she asked, her voice breaking.

"No, Lucy, you didn't...ugh!", he grumbled fisting and tugging his hair, "I just know that we have to end this thing we have going on, I-I know we're on the same page on this…"

He still wasn't facing her, he couldn't bare to look at her. He could hear her sobbing, he didn't understand why though. She was the one wanting to end their story.

"I-I have to go...I-I don't want to bother you...Goodbye Lucy". He didn't wait for a response, he wanted to escape this situation. He hated leaving her and he was leaving her forever now. He exited the kitchen, going around the flat to grab his things. She didn't move, while he was getting dressed she remained in that chair: she didn't spare him a word to him. He found his bike keys, taking it in his hands he ran outside her apartment slamming the door. He flinched at the action, turning around to say sorry, but he knew he had to go and so that was what he did.

He was gone and she hadn't even said goodbye.