Hello everyone! I know it has been a few years since I have been on Fanfiction. I have been re-watching American Dragon: Jake Long recently and wanted to write a fanfiction based off of it. For those who have read my fanfictions about the Penguins of Madagascar, all know that I involved OC's in my fanfictions and I am going to use my OC's in this fanfiction. My OC's are named Samantha Logan, Erika Welsh, Jonah West, and Layla Brooks. My OC's have magical powers of their own and are called the Guardians of the Infinite Worlds. Guardians' powers: Sam has control over the elements water and air, also is the lead guardian; Jonah is the dragon guardian (he has some of the same powers as Jake and various powers that Jake does not possess); Erika is the fire guardian; Layla is the earth guardian. Also, this story will take place before the guardians met their animal friends in the Penguins of Madagascar because American Dragon: Jake Long was on television before the Penguins of Madagascar aired. Prelude: This story is going to take place a few months after Hong Kong Longs. Rose's family moved back to New York City and Jake and Rose are dating. The Guardians have been helping Jake protect the magical world in New York City and throughout the United States about a month after the events that took place in Hong Kong occurred. Jake and the gang are fifteen years old, while Haley is 9 years old. Sam Logan and Jonah West are 16 years old, while Erika Welsh and Layla Brooks are 15 years old; they have been the Guardians of the Infinite Worlds for a year.

Disclaimer: I don't ADJL.

Jake Long, the American Dragon, flew high above the city as he patrolled for the final time before heading home to go to bed. He was just flying over Central Park when he saw a unicorn galloping frantically below him. The unicorn began to slow down to stop as she saw Jake in his dragon form and let Jake come closer to her. Jake touched the unicorn on the side of her neck to soothe her, and then Jake noticed the gash on the unicorn's right hind leg. As Jake examined the wound closer, the unicorn slapped him across the face with her tail as a warning not to touch.

"Easy girl. I am just checking the wound out and it does not look too deep. Also, you got away before you could get injured any further. Wait one second, Fu always gives me a healing potion before I go out on patrol." Jake said calmly as transformed into human form and retrieved a healing potion from his jean pocket. The unicorn drank the potion quickly and felt better immediately as she nuzzled Jake's face as a thank you. "You're welcome. Now go back to your herd." Jake replied as he watched the unicorn gallop away.

As the unicorn vanished, Jake heard the rustling of a bush nearby and could have sworn he saw something move as he turned towards the sound of the rustling. He whispered the words 'eye of the dragon' and stared at the spot for a few minutes, but he saw nothing except the darkness of the woods. He figured it was just the wind rustling through the bush and yelled his signature 'dragon up' and took off towards home. Meanwhile, two figures watched as the American Dragon flew away from the darkness of the woods. One figure was a short, male with a slightly muscular build and he was clothed in a crimson ninja outfit with a mask over his face and a staff in his hand. The second figure was a tall, very muscular male dressed in the same attire and staff as his comrade, while he wore a dragon skull over his head. As soon as the American Dragon was out of sight, the tall man turned to his comrade and grabbed him by the collar of his ninja outfit.

"You idiot, you almost gave away our position to the American Dragon!" the tall man yelled in a voice filled with intense rage as he stared at his comrade.

"I'm sorry, Huntmaster. I thought you wanted to capture, torture, and slay the American Dragon. So, I figured we were going to capture him when he was helping out the unicorn that we injured." the Huntsclan member replied in a panicked voice.

"Yes. I want to capture, torture, and kill the American Dragon. If we had tried to capture him tonight, the boy would have transformed into the American Dragon easily and most likely would have overpowered us. I want to capture the American Dragon with a group of our best Huntsclan members and I want to make it difficult for him to transform into his dragon form." the Huntsman announced his plan to his comrade.

"So, we were just watching the American Dragon's every movement tonight? the Huntsclan member asked. "Yes, because capturing the American Dragon requires consistent observation, persistence, patience, and the right moment." the Huntsman stated simply.

"Okay. Do you know when the right moment to capture the American Dragon will be, Sir?" the Huntsclan member questioned his master.

"As a matter of fact, I do. I received some interesting intel that the American Dragon and Rose will be going on a date tomorrow night. I want to capture the American Dragon after he walks Rose to her home and he is walking home by himself tomorrow night. I can't wait to see the look on the American Dragon's face when he realizes the Huntsclan is back." the Huntsman laughed evilly.

"That sounds like quite the plan, Sir. Finally, the American Dragon will get what he deserves." the Huntsclan member acknowledged. "Yes, he will. Now, let's get back to the Huntslair and prepare for tomorrow night." the Huntsman agreed as they teleported to the Huntslair by using their staffs.

Jake was almost home and he was so ready to go to bed when his cellphone started to ring. He answered the call and heard Sam Logan's voice, she told him that her patrol over to the Magus Bazaar went well and that she was on her way back to his house with Jonah. Sam and Jonah had been staying with Jake's family for the last month since they started helping Jake Long protect the magical world throughout New York City and the United States. Meanwhile, Erika and Layla had been staying at his Grandpa's electronics shop. Jake began to notice that Sam's voice was echoing and he turned around to see Sam and Jonah flying towards him.

"Hey, guys! I thought I was starting to hear an echo of Sam's voice. How did your patrol of the New York Harbor go tonight, Jonah?" Jake asked as he turned to the large, crimson dragon flying next to him.

"No problems at the New York Harbor. Also, Erika and Layla told me that their patrol of the main city was problem-free. How was your patrol of Central Park?" Jonah replied, looking at the smaller, red dragon next to him.

"Sweet. On my patrol, I found an injured unicorn in the park. So, I used a healing potion that Fu Dog gave me earlier on the unicorn. Once the unicorn was gone, I thought I heard and saw movement in the forest behind a few bushes. When I used the eye of the dragon technique, I did not see anything except the darkness of the forest." Jake stated as Sam and Jonah wondered what could have injured the unicorn and if their friend had been watched in Central Park tonight. "Yo guys, I know that we haven't been friends for a long time, but what's with the worried expressions?" Jake asked, noticing the expressions on their faces.

"Did you feel like you were being watched while you healed the unicorn in Central Park tonight, Jake?" Sam spoke up.

"Just for that brief moment, when I thought I saw something in the forest. After I didn't see anything, I thought the wind just blew through the forest. Why ya ask, Sam?" Jake pondered.

"I'm wondering what could have injured the unicorn and if they were waiting for you to come and help the unicorn." Sam confided.

"It's possible that I could have been watched tonight. But if I was being watched by an enemy, then why the heck didn't anyone come changin' at me. So, I'm guessing that whatever injured the unicorn ran off before I got there." Jake explained.

"Okay. Just making sure because the magical world needs the Am Drag." Sam mentioned as she saw a wide grin form across Jake's face.

"Thanks for being concerned about me, guys." Jake said.

"You're welcome." Jonah and Sam replied together as the three of them hid in an alley between the Longs' house to transform into their human forms.

The three of them walked into the house and upstairs, making sure not to wake up Jake's parents and his younger sister Haley. Sam quietly walked into Haley's room, while Jake and Jonah headed to his room. Sam noticed that Haley was still awake when she entered the room and talked with her briefly as she got into her pajamas.

"Hey, Haley. Why are you still awake?" Sam asked.

"I was waiting for you, Jonah, and Jake to return from night patrol. Did Jonah and Jake come home yet?" Haley yawned as she pulled up her covers.

"Yes. Jake and Jonah are home too. We arrived home together tonight." Sam replied as Haley started to close her eyes.

"That's good. Goodnight Sam." Haley said before falling asleep.

"Goodnight Haley." Sam snuggled in her sleeping bag, falling asleep instantly.

Jake and Jonah had fallen asleep immediately also, dreaming good dreams with no idea of what was ahead of them in the next few days.