Chapter 30


"How nice of the Silent King to give us a contingent of his own guards to escort us to meet him. How very kind of him to give us warriors to protect us from any imaginary threat to us should anything come to harm us here." Thought Trazyn as he walked silently next Orikan as they walked in tandem with the Lychguard, who had their hyper phase swords and dispersion shields equipped, ready to defend their charges at a moment's notice. "Or kill us if the Silent King wishes it."

As they walked through the deepest parts of the Song of Oblivion, specifically towards where the Silent King was, Trazyn could see rank upon rank of Lychguard protecting the hallway they were traversing. There must have been at least a thousand as they passed them, each standing vigilant against anything that dare attacks their charge. Their one true charge. The one that had doomed the Necrontyr. The one that made the decision that changed the Necrontyr to the silent Necrons.

Yes, the Silent King himself. Szarekh of the Szarekhan dynasty. The memories were rushing towards Trazyn as he recalled a better time. A time before he was metal. When he was flesh.

Sixty million years ago, back before the Necrons came into existence, there had been a race of humanoid aliens called the Necrontyr, whose existence had been plagued with misfortune from the day the first of their kind came to being.

Their home planet was a barren, radiation-riddled wasteland. Their sun a merciless one and the wildlife was utterly hostile. Assailed at every moment by ionizing solar winds and intense radiation storms, the flesh and blood Necrontyr became a morbid people whose precarious life spans were riven by constant loss. Riddled with radiation sickness and other illnesses that shortened their lifespans, the Necrontyr became a morbid people, knowing that their deaths were certain just as much as they were unpredictable in terms of when it comes. Their cities were even built in anticipation of their demise, becoming little more than vast tomb complexes with a few temporary homes for the living.

Despite this, the Necrontyr tried to overcome their weak physicality through scientific means, trying to create some way for their people to become stronger and escape the pit fate had given them when they were created. But alas, nothing ever came. Nothing they can create can rid them of the diseases that riddled their bodies. It was as if their weak physicality was engrained deeply to their souls.

Instead, the Necrontyr, realizing after thousands of years of failures, they needed to leave their planet and colonize new worlds, began developing spacefaring technology. Soon, the Necrontyr departed their hellish world in ships made of living metal that can withstand the rigors of space flight to find new worlds that can prove more suitable for their people. And for a time, they thrived. New, far better worlds were colonized. Countless worlds were inhabited and, though the Necrontyr still bear the scars of their homeworld, they became a galactic power. New dynasties were being created and the old ones thrived as Necrontyr technology advanced far beyond than any had imagined. Thousands, perhaps millions of worlds, were colonized and it seemed a golden age was upon the Necrontyr. But alas, then came the Old Ones.

The Old Ones were a race of reptilian aliens that were, in many ways, the opposites of the Necrontyr. Where the Necrontyr were short-lived, the Old Ones were immortal, having cracked the secrets to eternal life. Where the Necrontyr were masters of scientific achievements and the physical plane, the Old Ones were masters of an alternate plane of existence called the warp, which they used to travel much greater distances then the Necrontyr. When the two races meet, the Necrontyr were jealous of all the Old Ones had, particularly their immortality. Yet despite that, the leaders of the Necrontyr, a trio of their greatest leaders, the Triarch, stayed their people's hand, and asked for the secrets of eternal life or, at the very least, something to help alleviate the genetic burden the Necrontyr had. The Old Ones, however, refused. Why the Old Ones refused to give this race such a gift is unknown to even the highest level of Necron authority. But, had they done so, perhaps the galaxy would be a better, kinder, place than today.

The Necrontyr were enraged at this and their jealously grew as the Old Ones colonized worlds faster than they could and even had the ability to create new races through their mastery of the warp. This caused some Necrontyr dynasties to wish to fight the Old Ones and take their secrets by force. Others wish to prove themselves to the Old Ones they were worthy of the gift of eternal life. And others wished for the Necrontyr to simply be united. Unfortunately, the various dynasties were starting to go at each other's throats, their jealously fueling their rage and indignity.

Seeing the impending collapse of their empire, the Triarch realized that something must be done or else the Necrontyr will be doomed to extinction. Thus, they did the only thing they knew could unite their people. They declared war on the Old Ones.

For many years, the Necrontyr fought against the Old Ones, seeking to achieve the eternal life they so craved and to appease their jealously against the Old Ones. However, if they thought they would win, they were sadly mistaken.

Despite all the technological achievements of the Necrontyr, despite all they had achieved in their species' lifetime, they were no match against the Old Ones, whose mastery of the warp rendered any technology based on the physical plane redundant. A single Old One, so long as they were skilled in manipulating the warp, was capable of destroying armies of Necrontyr with a mere thought. And so, the Old Ones, not seeing the Necrontyr as a threat, pushed the Necrontyr back, doing so for decades until they pushed them back to their ancestral homeworld and other worlds in the fringes of the galaxy that the Old Ones didn't bothered to pursue. Why they didn't annihilate the Necrontyr completely is also unknown to the Necrons. Perhaps they thought the Necrontyr would eviscerate each other once they realize victory is impossible against the Old ones. Perhaps they wanted to humiliate them and have them lived with the consequences of their actions, of seeing the sad remnant of their empire, a shadow of it's former self. Or perhaps, they didn't want to exterminate them and wanted to help them, seeing the consequences of their choice for denying the Necrontyr the gift of eternal life. Whatever the reason was, the choice of sparing the Necrontyr was one of tragedy. For sparing the Necrontyr, they doomed themselves to annihilation.

The Necrontyr, bitter and humiliated, began to tear each other apart, the dynasties seeing one another as the cause for their failure and defeat. As their people tore at each other, killing each other, the Triarch, a new one after the deaths of the old ones, were desperate to find a way to stop all this and figure out a way to unite them all. Their desperation, however, proved to be their undoing. For in that desperate moment, a great being came before the Necrontyr and offered them all that they wanted. Eternal life and unity as well as the ability to defeat the Old Ones.

This being was of pure physical energy made manifest, said to have been created at the dawn of creation itself. This being would be later called, along with the rest of it's kind, a C'tan. And this being would seal the fate of the Necrontyr.

There are conflicting reports of that day. Even the records of the tomb world Solemnace conflicted with the archives of other tomb worlds. Some claim the Necrontyr brought the C'tan to them inadvertently, through their negative emotions. Others say the C'tan's discovery was a pure accident. And others say the C'tan had watched the Necrontyr struggle against the Old Ones and only came before them at the most critical moment to make their offer even more appealing. Whatever the truth is, the outcome is all the same.

Szarekh, the ruling Silent King at the time, and the other Triarchs, accepted the offer given to them. The offer of eternal life and permeant unity between the Necrontyr as well as a way to fight the Old ones on a more even playing field. The only one of their court to protest such an offer was Orikan the Diviner, claiming it would be the death of all Necrontyr. He was ignored by all, either out of arrogance or desperation. If only they had listened to him.

The offer of immortality came first, the C'tan then gave the Necrontyr the knowledge necessary to construct great devices that would give them the immortality they so desired. With this knowledge, the greatest minds of the Necrontyr began constructing such devices, pouring day in and night to make the dreams of immortality a reality. It took some time, but the devices were ready and the Necrontyr descended upon the devices to become immortal. Such a thing should be a boon to such a race of short-lived people, but alas, this immortality was a curse.

The C'tan had never truly cared about the Necrontyr. They only cared about their souls and the destruction of the Old Ones, seeing them as usurpers of a galaxy that belongs to them. But they lacked soldiers for them to use. And such, the Necrontyr will provide such soldiers, but not in their current forms. No. They needed to be more. Something both more and lesser at the same time. And thus, the C'tan constructed the methods of bio transference, the process of stripping one's flesh and soul away from their mind before transferring said mind to a metal body made from a powerful, regenerative property called Necrodermis. And so, while the Necrontyr, not knowing of the C'tan's deceit until it was too late, went inside the devices that granted them all immortality, the C'tan, all of them, feasted on their souls and whatever else their great machines produced while giving the Necrontyr what they desired, growing stronger as a result. It was said, when he learned what the cost of immortality was, Szarekh locked himself away in his personal chambers, wallowing in his terrible mistake. The Necrontyr race was gone. What replaced it was something even more terrible. The Necrons.

When the C'tan finished, however, they restarted the war against the Old Ones, this time entering the fray and with trillions of immortal servants at their side. This time, the Old Ones were the ones that were being exterminated. This time they weren't facing the desperate attacks and battles conducted by a race on the verge of infighting due to jealously. They were facing the cold and silent march of a dead race, lead by their C'tan masters. Their weapons were also of higher quality than what the Necrontyr had. The C'tan, knowing every advantage is needed, ascended the Necrontyr technology to even greater heights, far beyond what the Necrontyr had ever thought possible, giving them the power to destroy entire star systems with but a push of a button.

With the C'tan and the Necrons fighting as one, the Old Ones were now doomed to defeat. Glutted on the life force of the Necrontyr, the empowered C'tan were nigh unstoppable and unleashed forces beyond comprehension.

Planets were razed, suns extinguished and whole star systems devoured by black holes called into being by the reality-warping powers of the Star Gods.

So, for centuries, with the power of the C'tan and the power of their immortal Necrons, they drove the Old Ones to extinction, creating a new empire in the process, one where the C'tan feasted on all living things, even themselves. When the final battles were over, however, the Silent King Szarekh made his move. As the C'tan were feasting on the life energy and souls of the Old Ones and the weakest of their kind, Szarekh turned their armies of Necrons against them, using the technology given to them by the C'tan against the star gods. So unprepared for this betrayal, the C'tan fell to their servants, shattered into shards and forced into powerful containment devices of Necron making. With both the Old Ones and C'tan defeated, Szarekh ordered his people to slumber and heal.

Despite beating two of their most hated enemies, the Necrons were depleted. Between the casualties suffered from battling the Old Ones, both as the Necrons and Necrontyr, defeating the C'tan, who reaped a considerable toll on them despite the element of surprise on the Necrons' side, they were unable to battle the rising Aeldari, a race of powerful warp manipulators that the Old ones created to help battle against the Necrons and C'tan. Not without all but obliterating what remained of their people. Thus, Szarekh ordered his people to retreat to their tomb worlds and slumber for millions of years in order to wait until the Aeldari are gone, for like all organic races, their time will come where they will be nothing more than a footnote in history if they were lucky. And when that day comes, the Necrons, fully recovered from the losses suffered in the war against the C'tan and Old Ones, will come and take their rightful place as rulers of the galaxy.

So, with those orders, he had the great tomb worlds of the Necrons, those recovered from their time as Necrontyr and taken from them by the Old Ones, those that were kept during their time as Necrontyr, and those that held bases and fortresses during their war against the Old Ones, be transformed to great chambers filled with stasis-crypts, where they'll sleep until the time has come for the galaxy to be reminded of their power and restore their dynasties to their former glory.

And with this final command, Szarekh severed the command protocols that were given to him by the C'tan that gave him the ability to control his people completely in order to prevent disunity between the Necrons, feeling that he didn't deserve to be the Silent King anymore. Nor a leader for the Necrons anymore. Thus, he took a massive ship from his dynasty, and left for the void. Some Necrons say to run away from his crimes against his race. Others say to seek penance or solace. And others, especially of his own dynasty, believe that he seeks a cure to the curse he placed upon his people. Whatever the reasoning, Szarekh was gone, and without him, the Necrons were forced to obey whatever Phaeron or noble that existed in their dynasty or those in positions of strength.

Sixty million years passed and Szarekh's plan worked to a degree. The Aeldari are much diminished than what they were before, and thus more manageable for the Necrons, but they are not the only threats. Countless other races and threats have emerged that threaten the return of the Necrons and their rightful rule as rulers of the galaxy. To make matters worse, the great awakening of the Necrons was not done in unison. Some tomb Worlds were destroyed by the ravages of time. Others awakened far earlier than others or haven't awakened at all. And even more had something go awry that caused their inhabitants to go mad or lose become shells of their former selves, even more so than before. Despite that, the Necron people are still ready to fight these upstarts and the Aeldari in order to reestablish their rule as the rightful rulers of their galaxy. Such was the decree of the Silent King. Such was their desires.

At least until now.

Marching towards a massive doorway, flanked by two full cohorts of Lychguard, Orikan and Trazyn were allowed through the doorway, where inside was a massive war room that contained a holographic map of the entire galaxy. And in that room was a single entity, standing near the holographic map, studying it's various regions with cold green eyes.

Much like Trazyn and Orikan, he was an eight-foot-tall Necron with a strong metal body that looked like he can easily lift an Orc up and snap their neck with ease. But unlike them, he held a crown atop his head that was nearly the same size as his head in height that jutted out in angles. He had a blue cape behind his back that was laced with Necrodermis and in his left hand was a massive scepter with two green blades that had a circle in between them.

This was the Silent King himself. Returned from his exile to lead his people once more. The reason to unite them against an extragalactic threat that will soon be upon their galaxy. During his exile, the Silent King found a race of biological monsters called the Tyranids. Able to adapt to any environment and foe, these monsters devoured entire galaxies of organic life to satiate a never-ending appetite. Seeing the threat they posed to the Necrons and their goals, Szarekh returned to his people, to unite them against a threat that superseded all others. Upon arriving, however, Szarekh saw the sorry state the Necrons were in. How some of his people were driven mad by the great slumber or other unforeseen dangers to his people. And how others remain slumbering still, awaiting their time to awaken. Even worse, the Necron dynasties began to suffer from the infighting that had been one of the reasons he accepted the C'tans offer in the first place. And so, Szarekh began the difficult task of both awakening the rest of his people and imposing his rule over his people.

Such a task was compounded and made more difficult by the hatred some Phaerons had for his choices that led them to become the Necrons that they are today and the fact some saw him as a weakling that will bring them to their extinction. Still, aided by those that still saw him as a strong ruler and those that saw only he can unite the Necrons under one ruler, Szarekh fought long and hard to speed up the great awakening. Sending proxies to hasten the awakening of dormant Necron tomb worlds or, if inferior races were present that threatened their awakening, send armies to deal with them, on occasion arriving himself to deal with such matters if it's required. And so, for nearly two thousand years, Szarekh and his loyal followers awakened the Necron people, uniting the various dynasties under his rule once again, whether through diplomacy or violence. For the most part, he managed to accomplish his goals, and all the awakened dynasties bowed to him, including the ones that were the most active since their awakening. Yet, even still, more were being awakened and were being added to his forces. Soon, all of the Necron people, those that survived the Great Awakening anyway, will be under the command of the Silent King once more and his grand plan for their survival will soon commence. Already the first stages of his plan were underway, he just needed a few more pieces and it'll be finished.

But first, he had to deal with a certain underling of his that had been performing unauthorized actions without his knowledge.

Szarekh didn't even turn to Trazyn and Orikan as they made their way to him. It was only when they both bowing before him did another Necron arrive from the shadows. One built with a black, metallic, cape that bore the insignia of the Szarekhan dynasty and had the symbol embedded on his forehead. When that Necron appeared, he spoke.

"Trazyn." Said the Necron as his master stayed silent. It was a tradition kept for the Necrons during their time as the Necrontyr. The Silent King was to be silent, hence the name, only issuing his to his underlings or the other two Phaerons that make up the Triarch. If the Silent King ever spoke, it spoke of how serious or dire a situation is for the Silent King to break tradition. It was rumored amongst the Necron nobles that Szarekh had only broken the tradition twice. One for the betrayal of the C'tan and one for his orders of the great awakening. "The Silent King trusts you have good reasoning for your recent failures to meet your tithes to the Triarch as well as your recent absence in his courts." Trazyn, seeing the floor was his, spoke.

"My king, with the greatest of respect, I have tasks that require my full attention." Said Trazyn with the same charisma and joyful tone that enraged all Necron Overlords and Phaerons that have made dealings with him in the past. "These tasks are actually quite vital to assisting in defending the Pariah Nexus and the defense of the great exodus. For they will provide us with great weapons and a location for our people to resettle themselves in far lesser time than it would take for us to develop or find such things ourselves on our own. While I do not doubt the minds of our greatest Crypteks, I also do not doubt that the lesser races will come again and attempt to sabotage our efforts in the Pariah Nexus. Perhaps even succeeding in delaying our efforts. Some may find it ridiculous, but such things as one of our World Engines falling to the might of humans and the failure of the Great Awakening were also found ridiculous and unfounded, and yet they happened regardless. Surely, a great king such as yourself can see the need for new, more powerful weapons, in such a time right now. When our people's future is on the line." Szarekh just stayed silent as he listened to Trazyn's reasoning, processing it all in a matter of nanoseconds, before motioning his underling to speak.

"If so, then why did you not report your dealing with this god? This N'Zoth." Said the Necron. "If it is such a trivial matter, why do you not report these findings to the Silent King? To ensure that a situation like this does not occur."

"I had thought that it wasn't worth bringing forth to the Triarch." Said Trazyn. "I own only the forces of a single tomb world. One that dedicates most of it's resources towards the preservation of historical events and items. I had thought that it would be beneath the gaze of the Triarch of what a single Overlord is doing with his tomb world's resources."

"That is for the Triarch to decide, not you Trazyn." Said the underling. "However, considering that nothing of serious note has happened since the eliminations of the humans and because you have only utilized resources from your own tomb world, the Silent King has decided to not punish you for your lack of participation in the construction of the Pariah Nexus." Trazyn silently was relieved to hear that, but showed no care to that externally.

"I thank you, my king." Said Trazyn with a bow, to which Szarekh didn't respond to. What he did do, however, was motion for his underling to speak again.

"Moving on. Orikan claims that this N'Zoth has the ability to transport materials and personal from one dimension to another and that we can use this to transport the entirety of our civilization to another galaxy to begin again. Is this true?" Asked the underling.

"Yes." Said Trazyn. "I've had no hand in his ability to transport materials and personal from another plane of existence. That is purely from him alone. He may have acquired it from another of his brethren, but that is irrelevant to what we wish to have. He only managed to transport a small ship at best, but that is likely because he is very much restrained, his powers inhibited by these so-called Titans. I imagine once he's fully freed he can do what we desire of him." Szarekh processed this information for a second, thinking of how much it changed his plans, before conveying his emissary to speak.

"And what does he truly desire, Trazyn?" Asked the emissary of the Silent King. "What does he want when he has acquired this Azeroth for himself?"

"I imagine the tried-and-true method of conquering everything in his galaxy so he can rule everything in it." Said Trazyn. "I very much doubt he'll try to risk our wrath, however, my king, especially if we have him in a binding contract. It appears these Old Gods are forced to do what is asked of them if they're placed in a binding contract. If we prevent any exploitable loopholes and such when we are conducting our deal with it, we can essentially be free from anything that…God's machinations. I did it when I made my initial deal with it and he hasn't done anything against me and I've been keeping a close eye on all of his forces." Once Trazyn was done, Orikan then spoke up to add his say on the matter.

"Believe me, my king, this is a far better course of action than our original plan." Advised Orikan. "If all goes as planned, then we have ensured the future of our people as well as the domination of whatever galaxy we claim to be our new home. It will take some time for this commitment to bear fruit, but such things are irrelevant to us. And it will take far less time than our initial plan as well, thus preventing our enemies from sabotaging our efforts even more than they already did." Szarekh, after hearing what Orikan had to say about all this, stayed silent for a good full minute as he weighed both the benefits and cons of all this.

On one hand, trusting on an all mighty being to help bring the salvation of his people was something that Szarekh detested as it reminded him too greatly of his deal with the C'tan that doomed the Necrontyr. But on the other, unlike the C'tan, this N'Zoth wasn't, as Orikan told him, as powerful as the C'tan were at the height of the War of Heavens. He assured the Silent king that it would not take much for them to destroy N'Zoth if he ever decided to go against their wishes. He also showed him visions of what would happen if N'Zoth ever betrayed them. None of them going well for the Old God and his lackeys.

Plus, Orikan was correct. Their enemies may be defeated now, but there was still sufficient time for any of them to interfere with his great plan as well as delay his task of saving his people. The Aeldari the foremost problem at hand. His outposts have reported in that Aeldari raids and attacks were increasing as several craft worlds, massive space vessels the Aeldari call home, encroach on the Pariah Nexus. The Imperium of Man, the current galactic superpower, was sending in more forces to deal with his people, despite recent problems with other entities that desire their destruction. And the Orks were starting to hear of his Nexus and how it was obliterating all that come near it, thus causing them to congregate in great numbers to it, eager for a good fight. Any one of the three, even two, will be dealt with ease by his forces, but together and at the same time? It'll push their resources too much in defending their territory rather than focusing on their future. And that wasn't even considering the Great Devourer, the Tyranids. They were also arriving en-mass to the galaxy. In far greater numbers than ever before. Szarekh knew that this bores ill for all. Most importantly his people as the Tyranids threat was just barely containable for all major players with their current numbers. If more arrived, then they were all doomed.

Thus, with all those threats to the Pariah Nexus as well as the recommendations of Orikan, who he respected, Szarekh decided to alter his plans. Sending the message to his speaker, Szarekh waited for him to process this information before he spoke.

"Very well." Said the emissary. "The Silent King has decided to go with your plan Orikan. Trazyn, notify the Old God that he will be receiving an audience with the Silent King as well as an altercation to your deal with him." Trazyn bowed at that before speaking.

"I will at once, my king." Said Trazyn. "Oh, he will be quite overjoyed to receive more assistance from us. I can just imagine the stimuli he'll experience when he meets the Silent King." Szarekh said nothing before he dismissed Trazyn and Orikan. With that order, the two Necrons left the Silent King with the emissary in tow. Once he was all alone in his chambers, Szarekh looked at one of his metallic hands. Seeing the metal hand, Szarekh slowly closed it as he recalled the first time he saw his body after the cursed Bio-transference that took his soul as well as those of his people.

He will make things right for his people. He will give them a future. And he will find a way to remove the curse of Bio-transference. This he swore as the Silent King of the Necrons.