Chapter 4

Plums- I don't see the problem with that, but if that's what you recommend, then alright. Lets try to give it a shot.

R reyes- Well, it'll come up later with ED-E and BT. Whether they can help with treating it, I'm not sure.

"*Grunts* This is the last of the scrapped bots that I could find." Said Jack as he dragged the last bot to Ikit, who was inspecting a large paladin tank. Placing the last droid in a pile, Jack couldn't help but be surprised at how many spectres, the military mechs of the IMC, were reduced to scrap. Out of the few hundred that BT claimed the base had, there were at least several dozen in a pile here. A few were destroyed by Ikit, something that BT confirmed as security cameras caught Ikit destroying a group of 8 spectres with ease, but the rest were, according to a report in the base's systems, were destroyed by other large rats that were of the same size as Ikit, just brown in color instead of white, or unknown humans with powered exoskeletons armed with plasma weapons.

Thinking those humans were the ones that the Courier was going to confront, Jack hoped the man would be fine as the reports from various IMC soldiers claim that a single black armored soldier can kill an entire squad of their own with ease. Something that was of concern to Jack. Then again, the actions reports pointed to the fact that the IMC didn't use any of their titans, so its possible that they'll have a chance if any of these black armored soldiers are still alive.

"So, why do you need these in a pile?" Asked Jack as he looked at Ikit, who began to sniff at the tank, causing Jack to shake his head. If it was an attempt to distract Jack, then the rat was in for a surprise. BT had been monitoring him the entire time and kept him updated on what Ikit was doing. So far, surprisingly, the rat had been simply tearing things apart, inspecting their contents, or looking at the vehicles in the storage bay that he was in. No doubt that the rat was learning much from his investigations. The question was, will he keep to his part of the deal? The one that Master Chief spoke of.

"If he does betray us, then BT will crush him or I'll put a grenade in his mouth." Thought Jack as he patted a frag grenade on his person. For now though, he'll settle with just keeping an eye on the rat, who was now done with the tank and going to the pile that Jack made.

"Want all metal things in single pile so I-I can tear-rip them all apart in one piece!" Yelled Ikit as he stopped inspecting the tank, having acquired all the knowledge he wanted for now. Now he was going to tear apart the robots and learned their secrets.

Walking over to the pile of robots, Ikit grabbed one and began to tear it apart with his halberd and claw. Once its insides were exposed, Ikit began to carefully dig inside, eager to discover what made the Spectres tick. As he went on his way, Jack wondered what the others were doing.


"God damn." Commented Courier as he inspected the dead body of a rat man, similar in size to Ikit, but with brown fur instead of white. Surrounded that rat were more along with a handful of Enclave soldiers, some with power armor and some with military uniforms. Judging from the carnage, these rats took them by surprise and killed the soldiers just as they killed the rats.

"Not going to find many survivors here." Commented Courier as he stopped inspecting the body and went on his way. ED-E beeped in confirmation as they ventured deeper into the Enclave outpost. Based on the size of this place, there seemed to be under a hundred personal here in this outpost. A very strong contingent that made Courier pray that he only had to encounter one or two at a time.

He had seen the training that Enclave soldiers had during the battle of Hoover Dam, where the Remnant, a bunch of former Enclave soldiers, fought against Caesar's legion, an enemy of the NCR. Though old, perhaps in their seventies to even nineties, the old folk proved to be a force to be reckoned with, killing dozens of Caesar's best men. If former soldiers of the Enclave, that fought past their prime, were able to still fight with ease, then Courier shuddered at the implications of fighting Enclave soldiers that were in their prime.

Fortunately, it seemed nothing was left alive. As the Courier went deeper and deeper into the base, he found more dead bodies, both Enclave soldiers and ratmen. It was clear to the Courier that a massive occurred here, one where the Enclave lost. The primary reason for it being obvious. It was the same reason that the Enclave kept losing against less highly trained and technologically inferior forces.

To understand the Enclave, one will have to know the background of the Courier's world. Of what happened to it. And how his world became what it was today.

Over two hundred years ago, the nations of his world, the USA and China along with many others, launched nuclear weapons at each other, destroying their world and consuming the world in radiation, leaving the world uninhabitable aside from a few patches of land that haven't been touched by nuclear weapons. The reason for this was because resources were running out. Oil, and fossil fuel were running out. Without those precious resources, the nations will fall to civil strife from their own people. Desperate to prevent this, companies and nations tried to develop new energy sources to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, at the same time, the nations also began to fight over each other for the few remaining resources left in the world.

At first, they fought conventionally, using regular arms against one another. This resource war, as it would be called, had been fought over lands with highly prized oil, like Alaska, with those fighting taking high losses. As the war dragged on, taking more lives and putting an even greater strain on the nation's remaining resources, the ones in charge of each nation decided it was a good idea to launch a nuclear strike on their enemies in hopes of ending the war. Unfortunately for humanity, every single nation that had nuclear weapons had that idea and so on the year 2077, all nuclear-capable nations launched their nuclear stockpile on each other. This Great war would start and end on the same die and would leave the world scared for the rest of its existence. Those that didn't heed the warning andreach to safety in time, or were in areas that weren't targeted by nuclear weapons, died, either by the explosion of these weapons or from the fallout that came after. As soon as the nuclear fallout was over, the survivors of the Great War began to long and difficult process of rebuilding a land that was ravaged by radiation and mutated beasts.

One of the big group of survivors was a splinter group of government and corporate leaders called the Enclave.

According to Arcade and the Remnant, the Enclave was a shadow organization of the U.S. government. They knew what was coming ahead of time, probably even years before the war even started. Since the cost of protecting every single American would be an economic nightmare, the Enclave decided to save only the important people, so that when America was destroyed by nuclear war, they could rebuild.

So, the Enclave hide on an oil rig, far away from the mainland, which protected them from the nuclear weapons that bombarded America. With radiation levels so damn high, far higher than it was during the Courier's time, the Enclave hid on the oil rig, binding their time to rebuild America. So, nearly two centuries later, the Enclave returned to America, eager to rebuild the nation to what it used to be. Unfortunately for other survivors, the Enclave was incredibly xenophobic to all that wasn't them.

Apparently, during their time on the oil, the Enclave had gotten the idea that they were the last, aside from those locked away in fallout shelters, like the Vault project, which was really just social experiments made by a insane and corrupt corporation, pure strand of humanity left. Any other humans were tainted, changed by radiation. As a result, they forbid other people from thriving communities that formed after the radiation fallout occurred, to join the Enclave. They just shot them on sight and tried to genocide the people of the America wastelands. If it wasn't for the actions of a tribal, the NCR and the people of the wasteland would all be dead at the hands of the Enclave. The courier didn't know this tribal, but if he ever meet them, he'll give them a drink for saving the wastelands. Or rather a plasma gun. That was more useful.

Going back to the Enclave, their xenophobia had, inadvertently, created their biggest weakness. Because they refused to allow those from the wasteland to join their armed forces, the Enclave forces were the smallest armed forces during their time. Although better trained than even the Brotherhood of Steel, which was the best trained group of people that the Courier knew, even having access of power armor and energy weapons, they were outnumbered by even them, which is ironic considering that the Brotherhood also didn't allow people in their ranks unless they do something exemplary for the Brotherhood. As a result, they lost, despite their advance technology and training, to more numerous Brotherhood and NCR troopers Navarro, their main base on the mainland of America, as well as the more against every single faction that formed since the Great War.

Without Navarro and the old rig, the Enclave scattered. Some going to the east while others went west, joining the NCR secretly. And so, the Enclave was gone. The last remnant of the U.S. government scattered to a bunch of elderly men and women that wanted to move on with their lives.

Sighing, the Courier went into thought of what would happen if the Enclave hadn't been so xenophobic. The wasteland would be a different place with them around. Their advanced technology would have helped the wasteland. Combined with the technology of big mountain, which the Courier is slowly reintroducing to the world, both to the NCR and Followers of the Apocalypse, the wastelands of America would be a safer place to what is was now. Sighing again, he stopped thinking and decided focus on his current task, which is searching for anything of value on this base as well as for survivors.

As he searched, however, he soon began to rule out any survivors from the Enclave. It seems that everyone was dead. With no personal from the Enclave, he hoped that there were survivors from these Skaven or IMC, because they needed info. They could get it from terminals in the IMC and Enclave bases, sure, but the Courier knew that a person can provide more context than a simple computer log.

Eventually, after sometime of searching, Courier found the central mainframe of the base, which was a large square supercomputer, surrounding by various generators and, to the Courier's discomfort, two sentry bots.

He rarely encountered the large, three wheeled, bots during his travels, but the few times that he did, he learned to fear their mobility, unless they were on uneven terrain, and their weaponry, which were usually a repeating laser cannon, a minigun, or a rocket launcher.

Not taking any chances, Courier walked behind one and examined its status. To his relief, the sentry bot was offline. An inspection of the other one revealed the same thing. Making a note to take these bots, along with any other robots and goodies he could find here, to the others, he motioned ED-E to hack the terminal to get anything from this base. As the robot did its job, the Courier wondered what Chief was doing.

Forward Unto Dawn.

"What is this?" Asked High Elf as she touched a plastic bag of, what the Chief claimed, was a package of food. Having never seen anything like this, or anything the ship had really, the Elf was overwhelmingly curious, much to the delight of Cortana as she could be extremely informative with someone. She would have done so with Chief, but the man usually only wanted the basics, something Cortana could get behind.

"An MRE." Explained Chief as he placed a crate of said MREs onto the back of a supply Warthog, the vehicle he used to arrive to the Dawn, which replaced the mounted turret for increased carrying capacity.

For the past hour, they had been gathering all kinds of important equipment and resources from the ship. These include, radios, food, weapons, even vehicles. To Chief's mild surprise, a vehicle bay had survived the last battle of the Human Covenant War.

In the vehicle bay, was a myriad of human vehicles as well as Covenant ones, acquired from a splinter group of the Covenant that joined the humans during the waning days of the war. The vehicles ranged from the human mongoose, to the mighty scorpion tank and the Covenant banshee.

There were even Covenant weapons around, like the Type-one energy sword and the Covenant plasma rifle. These weapons were on the list to keep Ikit Claw from. Making a note to hide them to prevent the rat from acquiring them, Chief began to long process of putting weapons and crates of food onto the backs of supply warthogs, putting essentials first. Elf tried to help, but she was too busy asking questions of UNSC equipment to be much of a help.

For his part, Chief answered her to the best of his ability, though Chief wondered just how mature this elf was.

Despite claiming to be a young woman, the elf was more akin to a human teenager that hasn't been exposed to the outside as much as they should have been. When Cortana made the theory that her kind were isolationist, Chief guessed that might be the case.

If so, then the elf as in a rude awakening when she learned of the Human Covenant war.

"Its used by soldiers to provide a meal as soon as possible. In a battlefield, we just don't have time to make a field kitchen so my government made those to act as a quick way to give a soldier the necessary nutrients he needs." Explained Chief.

"Hmm." Said High Elf as she examined the MRE. It was much bigger than Elven traveling rations, which she usually had fourteen packages of.

A single traveling ration had enough nutrients for a day. For an elf at least. She wasn't sure how much a human needs to eat, but she was sure that it was much more than an elf as she seen priestess eat more food than even the most gluttonous elves. If she was an elf, she just needed to eat a single steak, though eating meat was considered abhorrent to elves, and she would be fine. But no, she eat an entire fried pig, much to the girl's embarrassment.

"Kind of big." Said the Elf as she threw the MRE into the box she nabbed it from. "Must have a lot for a single soldier."

"It's supposed to be." Said Chief as he checked a UNSC shotgun for any faults. "It needs to provide enough nutrients for a single day and in quick succession."

"So you just need to eat one of these and you're good to go? And you have to eat them all in one go?" Asked the elf, frowning. This was a far cry from elf traveling rations, which were meant to be eaten in intervals. One can be eaten in one go, but it wasn't necessary. Why would this UNSC designed a ration that was suppose to be eaten in a single sitting? "Seems wasteful."

"Trust me." Said Chief as he looked at the elf. Though she couldn't see his face, the stare that she got unnerved the elf. It was like seeing Orcblog with his helmet on. Only this stare was, somehow, even more uncomfortable to look at. "If you knew what the UNSC faced, then you would understand." With that he placed the shotgun on the back of another Warthog, this one filled with weapons. After placing it, he looked at High Elf. "We'll be returning soon. We'll deliver the food first then come back for the weapons." Chief then got on the Warthog that the elf was on.

"You're driving?" Asked Elf as she got on the shotgun seat. Looking at the driver seat, she pouted. It looked fun to drive this thing around.

"I have more experience." Said Chief as he drove the Warthog. It may seem easy to drive the Warthog, but it wasn't. The amount of times that he had seen a Warthog be flipped over by careless UNSC troopers or marines, made the spartan cautious on who to give the jeep to. "In time, Cortana and I may help you with driving, but not today."

Pouting, the elf just endured the ride back as she wondered what the others of her party were going to do when they learned of her disappearance.

Dwarf Shaman, the Dwarf of their group, would be drinking in sorrow for her disappearance as well as praying for her safe return. Despite them constantly insulting and making jabs at each other, they cared for each other.

Priestess would be crying to sorrow and would pray for her safe return as well. The same could be applied to Lizard Priest.

Goblin Slayer, however, was the one that caught her attention the most. At first, he would assume that Goblins had taken her and would try to find their next and kill them while rescuing her. If she was even alive. When he wouldn't find her, she wasn't sure how he would react to that. He could become even more distance from the other, but with Priestess, she doubted that would happen. She was the one, along with that friend of his that lived with him on that farm, helped make him more sociable, if only a little.

But the problem was, that he never lost anyone that he grew close to after his sister died at the hands of Goblins. So, she wasn't sure how the man would react when he learns of the disappearance, possible death, of one of his party members, one that he grew close to. He would grieve, of course, but the question was that concerned her was if that grief would consume him. Praying that she can get back home soon, she looked at Chief, who drove back to the IMC base.

"Reminds me so much of Orcblog." Thought the elf as she stared at the spartan. "So quiet and so reluctant to speak much." Just looking at the spartan made her think of Orcblog. Sighing, she decided to make a conversation with the man in hopes that would remove her thoughts of her tiny crush.

"Got anyone special back home? Where you come from?" Asked the elf. She knew this wasn't an appropriate thing to say to someone that she just met, but it wasn't like she had much to go on and it was the first thing that popped up in her mind.

If the spartan was bothered by the question, he didn't show it. Instead, he just responded in his usual stoic voice.

"If you're referring to a lover, then no. Spartans were forbidden to form such attachments with anyone on the same team or in the civilian populace." Said Chief as he drove, the base in sight now. High Elf looked at Chief, interested in this.

"So no friends or girlfriend back home?" Asked High Elf. The answers she got shocked her.

"They're all MIA or dead. There was a terrible war that nearly killed the entire human race." Said Chief as he parked the jeep inside a vehicle bay filled with various tanks and trucks. Once parked, he looked at High Elf Archer, who was shocked at his words. "Help me unload. Once we unload everything, we're going back to the ship and scavenge some more."

Sighing, High Elf agreed and together the two began to unload the food that they brought from the Dawn. As she helped unload, High Elf looked at Chief, who meticulously unloaded the boxes of MREs.

"Nearly killed the entire human race? What kind of war is that and kind of horror did you face?" Thought High Elf Archer as she grabbed a box and walked to a pile that Chief was forming.


Ten hours later

Camp fire

"So, we just wait for a couple of minutes for the food to be ready?" Asked High Elf Archer as she saw some steam come out of the plastic bags that contained their meals. High Elf Archer and Ikit Claw were amazed when the three humans in their party poured some water they acquired from the IMC base into these plastic bags, which they inserted some thin bags of what contained their food prior, before rolling the open seal up. Then before the two non-human's eyes, they saw the plastic bags inflate as the bags did their work. Chief explained what's going on and how the whole process works, much to the amazement of High Elf Archer and Ikit Claw.

"Yup." Said Jack as he poured some coffee spray into thick metal cups filled with water. He then stirred the drinks with a plastic spoon he got from one of the MREs' they ripped open. "May seem amazing to you, but to us, its nothing special." Once he was done stirring, he gave a cup of coffee to everyone, even Ikit Claw, who starred at it with curiosity.

"What is this-this brown puddle?" Asked Ikit as he looked at the coffee. Sniffing the coffee, he didn't smell anything funny aside from a sweet scent it gave off.

"Coffee." Said Courier as he took a sip from his cup. "Suppose to keep you awake during the day or wake you up with caffeine. Not a very healthy way according to my girl, but it works." Frowning, High Elf took a sip from her cup. Upon drinking it, she widened her eyes and she immediately spit it all out.

"Its disgusting!" Yelled High Elf as she glared at her coffee, finding the taste to be horrid.

"Well, military coffee isn't known for being…well tasty." Said Jack as he took her cup. "Its more known for being easy to make and to give your body good nutrients." Chief nodded in agreement as he took a sip of his coffee without his helmet. With his helmet gone, they could all see his face and they were impressed.

With blue eyes and brown hair, the man was quite attractive for a human male. In fact, High Elf could say with confidence that he would have attracted quite a few Elf maidens with how he looks. Same with Cooper and Courier.

Upon seeing High Elf spit out her coffee, Ikit tried it, wanting it for himself. Surprisingly, the rat enjoyed the coffee and drank it all down. Licking his lips, he looked at Jack and pointed at High Elf's cup of coffee. Shrugging, the man gave it to Ikit, who once again drank it all down.

"Good-good!" Yelled Ikit as he looked at the pile of discarded MRE accessory packets, intending to find the paper packet that contained this coffee he desired. As the rat rummaged through the plastic packets, High Elf looked at everyone else.

"So, what do we plan to do next?" Asked High Elf. Courier just pointed to John, who looked at everyone.

"We've done all we can for today. Once we eat, we'll plan more in the morning. Unless you two have some intel we could use." Said Chief as he looked at Courier and Jack.

"ED-E is setting up a link between the Enclave outpost I scavenged through to the IMC base. BT and Cortana are helping with the process. They'll be the ones to talk to about what he got from that base. Not me." With Courier done, Jack started.

"While Ikit was busy tearing about the base for…well everything that caught his eye, BT found some interesting intel from the base. There's big port town some distance away. According to the intel, its human made as it matches some old human architecture back during the medieval ages of Earth."

"Inhabited?" Asked Chief. When Jack nodded, Master Chief went into thought. After a few minutes, he spoke.

"We'll need to scout it out. Any of you good at stealth?" Jack and Courier nodded their heads. Ikit, who heard that, nodded as he picked up strange packet. It wasn't the same as the one that Jack used to make that delicious coffee, but it caught Ikit's eye. Walking over, Ikit brought it over to Jack, who sighed as he began the process of making Ikit the drink.

"Alright then. Ikit, you stay here and keep scavenging this place for whatever you want." Ikit grinned, happy at the order. "Jack you stay here with BT and ED-E. We still need to map this place out, after all."

"You got it." Said Jack as he stirred Ikit's drink. The rat meanwhile, looked at interest as the water, mixed with the contents of the packet, turned brown, just like the coffee. Once it was done, Jack gave the completed drink to Ikit, who sniffed it before taking a sip. Upon tasting it, Ikit nodded in satisfaction before drinking it. With him distracted, Jack continued.

"BT and I found some IMC drones that we can use to scout the place. We can link it to Cortana and she'll be able to effectively map the entire place. Once the entire area is mapped, BT and I will go to any areas of interest and see what we can dig up. If there aren't any, we'll just stay here and…I guess act as back up." Chief nodded, finding that acceptable. He was about to speak, when Ikit yelled out.

"More-more." Said Ikit as he growled in anger, his cup now empty. With that drink done, Ikit went to grab even more paper packets from the discarded pile. Once he acquired them all, he grabbed a cup, two bottles of water, and began to make his drink, using all the packets he got.

"God damn. That rat is spoiling his appetite. He won't have much room for food, which is done now." Said Courier as the food was finally done.

"Don't be too sure. For all we know, this rat is a glutton." Said High Elf as she watched the three men pull out their meals. They ripped open the bags and poured the contents into several metal trays. Upon seeing the food, High Elf Archer nearly barfed at seeing the disgusting slop of strings and meat shaped into a ball. "What the hell is that stuff?"

"Spaghetti and meatballs." Said Courier as he gave the elf her food. "Eat it. You'll get used to the taste. Trust me. It's only the first try that the food is bad." Sighing, High Elf used the fork she was given to try and eat her food. After acquiring a fistful, she ate it carefully. Upon swallowing, she nearly gagged. She would have thrown up if it wasn't for Chief giving her a bottle of water. Taking it and drinking all the water in a single go, she gasped out loud.

"That stuff is disgusting!" Yelled High Elf as she glared at her food. "Don't we have anything else?"

"Nope." Said Jack. "Unless we start harvesting some stuff here on this place, these MREs are the only thing we got for food."

"Except for those nutrient bars the troopers like to hurl insults at." Said Cortana, appearing the data disk that Chief always carried. "Seriously, if I had a credit for each time a UNSC trooper insulted the nutrient bars the UNSC provided the military, I could buy a new this whole piece of land we're in." Laughing a bit, the Courier looked at Chief.

"I got several items on my person that can help. A stealth suit and some devices that can make someone completely invisible. The devices don't last long, though, about a minute, so I recommend only using them as a last resort." Said Courier. Chief nodded as he looked at Cortana, who piqued up on hearing devices that can make someone invisible. Ikit would be interested too if it wasn't for him making his big drink.

"If you wouldn't mind, can I have one of those devices?" Courier just shrugged.

"Don't mind. I don't really use them that much." Said Courier as he typed into his supercomputer. To everyone's amazement, a small telephone-like object appeared out of nowhere and the Courier caught it with ease. "Here you go. What do you want it?" Ignoring how the Courier made the device appear, Cortana looked at the man with a grin.

"I think the rat and I can improve these devices to make them last longer. Maybe even figure out a way to make more of them." Upon hearing that, Courier widened his eyes in shock before grinning.

"If that's the case, then do it." Said Courier. "Those devices can give us an edge in combat, right?" Chief and Jack nodded in agreement. The ability to go invisible should not be discounted.

"Alright then, back to the initial talks." Said Chief as he ate. "You're coming with me and High Elf, Courier. A bigger team has better chances of survival if we get detected." Courier nodded.

"You got it, man. I got you and the elves back." Chief nodded in thanks before speaking.

"Alright, you got your assignments. Now eat." High Elf groaned as she began to eat the slope the others called food.

The next day

Goblin dropship

"Not as comfy as a Pelican." Said Cortana as she piloted the IMC dropship, one of the many vehicles the IMC had abandoned, to the port city that was spoken in the IMC's database. They would have taken a UNSC pelican dropship, but Cortana wanted to test out how she would do in an IMC vehicle. She needed to know if she can control them and if she did, needed to get practice in doing so as they had different specs than UNSC vehicles. So far, she hadn't had much trouble with them. "But I can get used to it." Chief and Courier, meanwhile, just prepped their weapons as High Elf Archer looked around the ship.

"This thing is called Goblin, huh?" Thought High Elf Archer as she looked around the ship. When she first saw it, she couldn't believe that it could fly. It looked so ungraceful and ugly. But when it did, she was shocked beyond belief. Once in the skies, High Elf Archer looked at the grand sea through a window, amazed at finally being able to see such wonders in the skies. "Orcblog would be so conflicted with this thing." Giggling, she looked at her companions as they checked their guns.

"Remember, only recon. Our appearances will cause distress and suspicion, so stay hidden." Said Chief as he placed his assault rifle on his back.

"Okay, but wouldn't I not cause suspicion?" Asked High Elf Archer. "I'm not wearing any suit of armor of doesn't look out of place in the port city we're going."

"They may not even believe in elves, kid." Said Courier. "Plus, your green hair isn't exactly natural in most societies." High Elf Archer pouted at that.

"I'll just say that I was born with these long ears and that I dyed my hair." Said High Elf Archer. "Trust me, I got this." Chief and Courier looked at each other, wondering on what they should do. With a conflicted mind, Chief looked at High Elf Archer.

"Alright, but first, we're going to see the place from a distance. If we determine they know of elves, we'll send you in. If you run into any trouble, we'll come with the dropship to back you up." High Elf Archer nodded, happy that Chief trusted her and that she could do what she could do best. Scouting.


"Well, guess we can say that elves do exist here in this strange world we are in." Said Courier as he peered in the scope of his sniper rifle. Chief nodded as he saw the appearance of an elf if the ears were any indication.

"So, I guess I can go, huh?" Asked High Elf Archer as she looked at the two men, her brown cloak hood over her head.

"Yeah, but make sure you got a good excuse if they ask if you look too young or have green eyes and hair. Also have a good fake name if they ask." Said Courier as he peered on the port city. It was quite grand with white stone walls and the like. They couldn't see much through their scopes and they couldn't get close with the dropship as someone would have undoubtedly detected them if they got close enough for them to see the port city.

Speaking of the dropship, they hidden it in a clearing some distance away. After properly hiding it in among trees and bushes, the three ventured to the outskirts of the port city, where they hopefully won't be seen.

"I got it." Said High Elf Archer as she made her way to town.

"And make sure to keep in radio contact." Said Chief.

"I got it!" Yelled High Elf Archer as she pointed to the ear piece that Chief gave her before they left. With that, she begun to hurry to the city so the two men can't talk to her anymore. Shaking his head, Courier looked at Chief.

"You think Jack is having much trouble with Ikit?" Asked Courier.


"Why the hell are you beating that Titan with your halberd?" Asked Jack as he watched Ikit slam Storm Daemon at a broken Titan mech.

"Because I want to see-see what this thing has-has!" Yelled Ikit as he kept slamming Storm Daemon at the Titan, creating more cuts on it. "You can't know a machine fully if you can't break-break it first!"

"I know several people that would like to disagree." Said Jack before getting to business. "Look I uncovered some interesting intel from the IMC database. Apparently they found the place where they found the ratmen they've been fighting over. Want to help check that place out. Its your people." Ikit just grunted as he looked at Jack.

"Hmm…do these Skaven have Warpstone?" Asked Ikit. From the last conversation he had with the group, specifically the elf thing and the one called Courier, they told him that they encountered rat men on the island they were in. Upon hearing their description, Ikit immediately identified them as Skaven, his people.

Most would be overjoyed at this, but Ikit wasn't. The fact that other Skaven were here meant that they might try to steal his hard work. And that was a no-no. He needed to eliminate them or make them submit to his rule. Though from the sounds of it, the rats were dead for quite awhile and given the fact that the bases of this IMC and Enclave weren't ransacked, its likely that no other Skaven is alive.

Still, if they had Warpstone, then Ikit needed to find their nest. He needed Warpstone to fuel his technology and magic. Without it, all of his equipment would be useless and that was a big no-no.

"From the report, they said they found some strange reading from the nest. So maybe?" Scoffing, Ikit stopped his bashing of the Titan and began to leave the base.

"Fine-fine. Lead me to this burrow." Said Ikit, going past Jack and into the outside. Shaking his head, Jack followed the rat as they made their way to the Skaven burrow.


"He'll be fine." Said Chief as he watched High Elf Archer get inside after a brief hustle with the perimeter guards. "Now that she's inside, we got to go to the dropship. Keep it protected." Courier nodded, before the two left for their dropship, hoping that no one was near it.