I've been reading a lot of versions of people own toy story, so I made my own. And I know the cover looks kinda crappy, but I did my best okay. I'm telling the roles because I don't like how they introduce the character at the point they were introduced in the movie, and if they're more characters then in the fanfiction they add it making it harder to tell.

Super Mario and Luigi as Woody

Deadpool and Spider-Man as Buzz

Charizard as Rex

Rigby Raccoon as Hamm

Scooby doo as Slinky

Princess Peach Daisy as Bo Peep

Doraemon as Mr. Potato head
Corey Riffin as Andy

Bart Simpson as Sid

Trina Riffin as Molly

Alvin and the chipmunks as the aliens

Now I know what you're thinking "Why are there two characters in Woody's and Buzz's roles?" Well, I couldn't decide over Deadpool or Spider-man in Buzz's role, so I went with both since it's my Toy Story. The same with Trina being younger./strong/p