(Inside a child's room, a poster was seen with a bad drawing on it. Then, out came a villainous figure with two arm cannons on his hands. He was a robot cat from the future. He wore a mask to hide his face and a huge cape covering most of his body. He was known as Doraemon, though in toy form. Corey was holding the figure)

Corey: (mimicking Doraemon) All right, prisoners, hold it right there!

(Corey's nine just to let you know)

Corey: (normal voice) This is fun. (Mimicking Doraemon) I said freeze!

(Of course, the toys themselves weren't moving at all, but looking like they crowded around in front of a box labeled "Bank")

Corey: (Mimicking Doraemon) Now, hand over the dough!

(Corey then picked up a brown figure nearby with a cork on the bottom. He was a raccoon named Rigby. He opened the bottom, making the money come out. He then made the toy Doraemon kiss the coins)

Corey: (Mimicking Doraemon) Ah! Yes! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! (Makes kissing noises) I'm filthy rich!

(Corey then brought out two female toys as he grinned. One was wearing a pink dress and had blonde hair. The other had an orange dress and orange hair. Their names were Princess Peach and Daisy, porcelain figures)

Corey: (mimicking Peach) Please, stop it, Doraemon! (Mimicking Doraemon) Silence! Or your Koopa Troopa friends are roadkill!

(He then made the robot cat toy nod to some turtles on two legs wearing red and green shoes respectively called Koopa Troopas)

Corey: (mimicking the turtles) Help! Save us! (Mimicking Daisy) Oh no! Not our Koopa Troopa friends! Who can save us now?

(He then pulled out two more toys as they "jumped" onto the scene. One was short, wearing a red shirt under blue overalls with yellow buttons, a red hat with an "M" on it, gloves, brown shoes, and had a pull string. The other one was tall wearing a green shirt under blue overalls with yellow buttons, a green hat with an "L" on it, gloves, brown shoes and had a pull string. Both had a badge that said Princess Rescuer and monster stopper. They were called Mario and Luigi)

Corey: They heroes are here!

(Corey pulled Mario's pull-string)

Mario (Voicebox): It's-a me Mario!

(Corey pulled Luigi's pull-string)

Luigi (Voicebox): It's-a go time!

Corey: (Mimicking Doraemon) Oh crud, it's the Italian brothers, Mario and Luigi! (Mimicking Mario) We're here to stop you one eye bot!

(Corey pulls out one of Doraemon's eyes)

Corey: (Mimicking Doraemon) How'd you know it was me?! (Mimicking Luigi) Now you can surrender easily or things will get messy!

(He then pulled out another toy. It was a brown dog with black spots, Black eyes, and had a slinky in his middle section named Scooby-Doo)

Corey: (mimicking Doraemon) Nice try, Red, and Green! Neither of you can't lay a hand on me! (Pulls Scooby-Doo) Not as long as I got my dog that has a built-in force field!

(He stretched him to make it look like he protected Doraemon)

Corey: (mimicking Mario) Oh yeah? Well, that's why we got our dragon lookin' Pokémon that can eat dogs with force fields!

(He pulled out another toy. He was orange, with wings, and a tail that had a flame on it)

Corey: (Mimicking Charizard) Ro-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-r

(He made eating noises for the brown slinky dog as he dragged the slinky dog away while making yipping noises)

Corey: (mimicking Luigi) All right! Now you're going to jail for good, Doraemon!

(He made growling noises as he with the Mario and Luigi toy picked up Doraemon, then placed him in a baby crib nearby with a cardboard sign taped with the word "Jail" on it)

Corey (Mimicking Mario): Say goodbye to your girl and robot kiddies!

(Inside the crib was a two-year-old pink-haired girl that crawled over to Doraemon and picked him up. She wore a pink suit. She was known as Trina as she sucked on the toy robot for a while, then banged Doraemon against the railing of her crib, sending his parts flying)

(Luigi4life Presents)

(Pieces went flying while Mario and Luigi lied on the floor, but Corey picked up the brothers as he grinned. He then pulled the cord from Mario's back)

Corey: (normal voice) You two saved the day again, Mario bros!

Mario: (voice box) Well, it's-a time for some relaxation, partner.

(L4L's Toy Story)

You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me

(Corey then turned the boxes around, changing the cardboard buildings to the drawing of Goombas)

Corey: Yee-haw! Let's bring home the little creatures!

(The two were a bit far from them)

When the road looks rough ahead

(Corey then threw the rope-like jump rope toward one of the boxes, instantly snagging one)

And you're miles and miles from your nice, warm bed

(A Luigi4life Production)

(Corey walked as he kicked another box out of the way)

Corey: Let's round them up, buddies!

(He then placed Mario and Luigi on top of a red race car toy. The car was named Lightning Mcqueen)

Just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you've got a friend in me

(Then, Corey used the remote to control Lightning to move the two around, pushing one of the cardboard boxes)

Corey: All right!

Yeah, you've got a friend in me

(Corey then picked up the toys as he slapped their hands)

Corey: Hey, M & L!

(A bit later, the toy seemed to be walking through the desert area, but in reality, Corey was giving them a piggyback ride near a painting)

Some other folks might be a little bit smarter than I am

(Corey then placed Mario and Luigi at the ramp of the stairs)

Corey: Come on!


(Mario and Luigi then slid down as Corey ran downstairs, waiting for them)

(But none of them will ever love you the way I do)

(Music by Randy Newman)

(Corey then caught the brothers as he smiled while hugging. He then ran to the living room)

It's me and you, boy

(He then placed Mario and Luigi on the couch, then jumped in as they all spanned around together)

And as the years go by

(Corey laughed as he grinned)

(Songs are written and performed by Randy Newman)

Our friendship will never die

(The couch slowed down as the song continued)

You're gonna see it's our destiny

(The toys tipped a little bit while Corey laughed. He then placed Mario and Luigi at the bottom of the couch)

You've got a friend in me

(He then pulled the couch lever hard, sending the dolls upward)

Corey: All right!

Yeah, you've got a friend in me

(The toys then fell on their bottoms, standing for a moment until they leaned to the side)

Corey: Score!

You've got a friend in me

(The blue-haired boy then passed the toys as he smiled at the decorations for his birthday party)

Corey: Wow, cool!

(Original Toy Story by John Lasseter, Peter Doctor, Andrew Stanton, and Joe Ranft)

(His mom, smiled to him)

Mrs. Riffin: What do you think?

Corey: Oh, mom, this looks great!

Mrs. Riffin: (laughs) All right, birthday boy.

Corey: I love it! It's awesome and full of cheer!

(He smiled at the decoration, then hugged his mom)

Corey: You're the best!

(She laughed and hugged her son. The mother continued putting up the last of the decorations as the toys continued looking at the scene with their frozen faces)

Corey: Mom, can we leave this up until we move?

Mrs. Riffin: Of course, Sonny. Anything for you, birthday boy.

Corey: Yay!

Mrs. Riffin: Come on. Get Trina. Your friends will be here at any moment.

Corey: Okay, mom!

(He then became excited as went and picked up Mario and Luigi. He headed back upstairs)

Corey: I love this Rock Music Birthday Party!

(As the three entered the room, Trina was still pounding Doraemon madly. Corey then stopped as he made Mario and Luigi bow)

Corey: (mimicking Luigi) Howdy ma'am.

(The little sister laughed happily as Corey put Mario and Luigi on the bed, pulling their strings as they fell down the bed)

Mario: (voice box) There's a spiny in my shoe!

Luigi: (Voice Box) Wahh! Boos everywhere!

Corey: (normal voice) Well, time to go, Trina. Oh, almost forgot.

(He picked up a few toys, placing them on the foot of her bed while Mario and Luigi were in the middle. The first of them was a brown ape with a red tie that had a "D" on it. The second was like the first one, but he was a monkey who wore a red hat, and a red shirt with yellow stars on it. The third one was a boy with a blue shirt, blonde hair, beige pants, light brown shoes, had a shield, and a sword. The Last toy was a girl with long blonde hair, a blue and white shirt, black pants, and brown boots. Their names were Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Link, and Zelda.)

Corey: Just thought you needed company.

(Corey then lifted his sister as he spoke)

Corey: Man, you must be getting heavy! Later, Mario and Luigi! Later, guys!

(With that, Corey and Trina were gone from the room)

(Directed by Luigi4life)

(Everything then became quiet until the Mario and Luigi toy blinked their eyes a bit. Their smiles then turned to worry as they looked concerned, then stood up)

Mario/Luigi: You gotta be kidding me...Corey's party's today!?

Before you ask, I'm not gonna do they "A's" that Mario and Luigi say somethings after or before words. I find that annoying.