(As Mario and Luigi waited for things to be safe, Corey and the kids were playing with the new toy)

Mrs. Riffin (O.S): Come on down, guys. It's time for games! We've got prizes.

Corey: Yay! Prizes!

Kids: All right!

(The kids then ran out of the room with excitement. When all was quiet, the toys came out again, then made their way to Corey's bed)

Doraemon: What is it?

Peach/Daisy: Can you see it?

(They looked up)

Donkey Kong: Who the heck's up there anyway?

Charizard: Mario, Luigi? Who's up there with you?

(Then, all of a sudden, Mario and Luigi came out from under the bed, much to everyone's shock and disbelief)

Scooby-Doo: Mario? Luigi?

Zelda: Why are you under there?

Mario: Uh...nothing! Uh, nothing.

(Mario and Luigi gets up and dusts themselves)

Luigi: We're sure Corey got a little excited, that's all. Too much cake and ice cream, we suppose. It's just a mistake.

Doraemon: Mistake, huh? Well, those mistakes are sitting in your spots!

Scooby: (gasps) Oh no!

Diddy: Did you get replaced?

Mario: Hey! What did we tell you earlier? No one's getting replaced.

(Everyone else just looked at each other with doubt on their heads)

Luigi: Okay then, let's all be polite, and give whatever it is up there a nice, big "Corey's Room" welcome!

(The video game characters toys then began climbing up the side of the bed. They then peeked over the edge, then they gasped and looked shocked at who was up there)

Mario/Luigi: Oh crud!

(There were two toys. One wearing mostly blue with red gloves, boots, mid-section, and mask. A webbing pattern that covers the red portions of the suit, starting at the mask. The suit also has a black spider in the center of the chest and a larger red spider on the back, both of different designs. The mask has plastic lenses with chrome covering. The other one was wearing a red and black full-body tactical suit and a laser blaster. Their names are Spider-man and Deadpool. They sprung to life, looking at the room for a moment)

Spider-man/Deadpool: Where are we?

(Spider-man then pushed a button on his wrist)

Spider-man: The Avengers! This is Spider-man, come in, Nick Fury!

(For a moment, nothing responded)

Spider-man: The Avengers! This is Spider-man! Can you hear me? Why aren't they answer? Is it because I'm a kid. Deadpool, what about you?

(Deadpool then pushed a button on his wrist)

Deadpool: X-force, Russian giant, Pinkie Pie, world's longest name ever! (Guess whose Russian giant, Pinkie Pie, and world's longest name ever) Do you read me? They're not answering either!

(Just then, the two heroes noticed something as they looked shocked. It looked like a Space pod)

Spider-man/Deadpool: (gasps) Our space pod!

(They ran to the "Space pod" aka the package that ripped, then frowned as they examined it)

Spider-man: Great, this is just great. Mr. Stark and Wolverine left us to go into this pod, so we can get help. And it's broken!

Deadpool: We'll just have to fix it.

Spider-man: How? We have no idea how this works!

Deadpool: Look, Peter-

Spider-man: Don't say my real name!

Deadpool: Look, Spidey, I know things are bad, but they're counting on us, so we have to fix it, okay?

Spider-man: Okay.

(Spidey sighed, then pushed another button opening another device like a communicator)

Spider-man: Well, at least Tony's communicator still works. Ahem. Spider-man/Peter Parker Mission Log: Stardate 4278: Me and Deadpool's space pod has run off course in route to Sector Z, separating us from our allies, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker, Spider-Bot, Spider-man noir, Spider-ham, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Russell, Cable, Domino, Yukio, and, of course, the Avengers and X-men. We've crashed landed on a strange planet. The impact must have awoken us from a deep sleep.

(He then jumped on the spring of the bed as the other toys that Corey got, behind him, started to move as they chuckled a bit)

Donnie: Seems like newbie toys, huh?

Leo: Yeah, I know. I'm sure it'll wear out. They're probably just new anyway.

Spider-man: Terrain seems a bit unstable. And there seems to be no intelligent life anywhere.

(Just then, Mario and Luigi appeared out of nowhere to Spider-man and Deadpool)

Mario/Luigi: Hello!

Spider-man/Deadpool: Gah!

Mario/Luigi: Whoa!

Deadpool: Weird-os!

(Spider-man and Deadpool jumped back, Spider-man had his wrist out trying to shoot web out of his by pressing a button on his wrist, while Deadpool had his Laser Blaster making sound effects)

Spider-man/Deadpool: Fire! Fire!

(Mario and Luigi, however, noticed the "fire" was not real)

Luigi: Whoa, hey, whoa. Did we scare you two?

Deadpool: We're not scared! We dealt with crazy, life-threatening thing! (To Spider-man) Why is aren't they affected?

Mario: Now, didn't mean to. Sorry. My name's Mario, this is my brother Luigi, and this is Corey Riffin's room. That's all we wanted to say

Luigi: Also, there's been a bit of a mix-up. That's our spot, see, the bed there-

(Spider-man and Deadpool then noticed the badges on and lowered their weapons)

Spider-man: Neat, you two must be knights if you rescue princesses!

Mario: Huh. Oh! No! No! No! No! No! We do rescues the princesses, which are also are girlfriends-

Deadpool: Oh! So the two of you are Kings!

(Spider-man and Deadpool shakes Mario and Luigi's hands)

Luigi: Say what?

(The others behind Spider-man and Deadpool got up as Sandy shook her head)

Sandy: Oh brother.

Jake: Those two as kings? I really don't see it.

Spider-man: I'm Spider-man!

Deadpool: And I'm Deadpool!

(Spider-man and Deadpool lean close to Mario and Luigi)

Spider-man: (Whisper) But, between us. My real name is Peter Parker.

Deadpool: (Whisper) And my real name is Wade Wilson.

Spider-man: We're heroes aka the protector of many worlds. Our space pod crashed here by accident.

(The others looked dumbstruck as Mario and Luigi nodded)

Mario: Yeah, we agree. This is an accident. This place here is our spot.

Deadpool: We need to repair our turbo boosters. Do you people have the high-tech stuff to fix this?

Luigi: Well, let's see, we've got double A's-

(Deadpool and Spider-man then gasped as they noticed something)

Spider-man/Deadpool: Watch yourself!

(They shoved Mario and Luigi down and shot their defense weapons)

Spider-man/Deadpool: Freeze! Who goes there?

(The defense weapons was reactivated as the other toys that were coming up, peeking, ducked down a little)

Charizard: Don't shoot!

Donkey Kong: It's okay!

Diddy: We're friends!

Spider-man: You two know these life forms?

Mario: Yes, they're Corey's toys!

(They stopped firing, then looked at the toys about to come up)

Deadpool: All right, everyone. You're clear to come up.

(He then walked to the toys that came up as the newer toys behind walked behind them)

Ralph: This is exasperating.

Leo: He does seem pretty quick with those weapons.

(Spider-man and Deadpool stopped firing)

Spider-man: We are Spider-man and Deadpool. We come in peace.

(The Pokémon grinned as he shook the heroes' hands)

Charizard: Oh, I am so glad you two aren't Pokémon toys!

Deadpool: If you're talking about a monster, then we're glad too.

(Spider-man and Deadpool stop shaking his hand)

Spider-man: Now, thank you all for your kind welcome.

Charizard: Hey, what does those buttons do?

Spider-man/Deadpool: Well, I'll show you.

(Spider-man pressed a button on his chest)

Spider-man (V.B): My Spidey senses are tingling.

(Deadpool pressed a button on his chest)

Deadpool (V.B): Chimichanga!

(Everyone looked amazed)

Zelda: Well, Mario and Luigi got something like that. There's a pull string, only it-

Doraemon: Only it sounds like a car ran over it!

(Mario and Luigi backed away, clutching the cord on their backs)

Rigby: Oh yeah, but not like these ones! This is a quality sound system. Probably all copper wiring, huh?

(The raccoon toy then looked at him)

Rigby: So, uh...where are you from? Tokyo? Mexico?

(Mario and Luigi frowned, turning away from them)

Spider-man: Actually...no. We're actually heroes for the X-men and Avengers.

(Mario and Luigi looked at the box that came with them as they spoke exactly like what was on the box he read)

Deadpool: As a member of the great Avengers and X-men, along with our teammates, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker, Spider-Bot, Spider-man Noir, Spider-ham, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Russell, Cable, Domino, and Yukio, we protect the universe from the threat from the Evildoers, who tried to destroy us

Spider-man: Like the Sinister Six, the Vulture, Shocker, Scorpion, Mysterio, the Chameleon, Green Goblin & Venom, the alien slime creature that tried to take over me!

(Mario and Luigi looked shocked as they heard the same words while reading the box. Everyone looked stunned, with a long pause)

Doraemon: Is that so? Well, I'm from anime!

Charizard: And I'm from the amazing world of Pokémon!

(Just then, Mario and Luigi, frowning, walked over to Peach and Daisy)

Luigi: Great, ya think they've never seen a new toy before!

Daisy: Well, sure. Just look at them. They got more gadgets on him than a Swiss army knife.

(Scooby then pressed the button on Spider-man's wrist, activating the sound effect and making him gasp)

Scooby-Doo: Ooooh!

(Spider-man pulls his arm away)

Spider-man: Hey, be careful! You don't wanna get in the way when I use my webs.

Deadpool: The same can go for my laser blaster.

Doraemon: Whoa, Those are some cool weapons. Mario, Luigi, how come you two don't have a cool weapon?

Mario/Luigi: Those aren't a real! It's a just a bunch of sound effects!

Rigby: What's with them?

Doraemon: Weapon-envy.

Sandy: Geez, calm down, Mario & Luigi.

Inkling the girl: No need to get jealous.

Mario/Luigi: Uh, jealous? Who's jealous?

Inkling the boy: You are.

Woody Woodpecker: Extremely jealous.

Toon Link: He's got a point.

Mario: All right, enough!

Luigi: Look here, we're all impressed with Corey's new toys-

Spider-man/Deadpool: Toys?

Mario/Luigi: T-O-Y-S! Toys!

Spider-man/Deadpool: Excuse us, but I think the word you're looking for is Super Heroes.

Mario/Luigi: The word we're searching for, we can't say cause there are pre-school toys.

(Perry made his animal noise)

Donnie: This isn't gonna be good.

Ralph: Come on, fight already!

Leo: Ralph!

Wario: He's right!

Waluigi: Where's the fight?!

Sandy: Hey, leave them be!

Doraemon: Well, getting tense, aren't you?

Charizard: Oh, uh, Spider-man, Deadpool? Now I'm curious. What do superheroes do actually?

Mario/Luigi: They aren't superheroes! They don't fight evil or shoot lasers and webs or fly-

Spider-man: Excuse me. But I got web wings.

Deadpool: And I have an awesome jet pack and super wings.

(Spider-man then pressed a button, then web wings from his side pop out. Deadpool also presses a button, then the wings from the bag attached to his back popped out, making the toys gasp in awe)

Rigby: Impressive wingspan. Very nice.

(Mario and Luigi grabs a wing and shakes them)

Mario/Luigi: Oh, what?! ...What?! These are plastic! They can't fly!

Spider-man: They are made of a strong substance design web-like!

Deadpool: And mines are made of a strong metal, which Logan and his team made!

Spider-man/Deadpool: And we can fly!

Mario/Luigi: No, you guys can't!

Spider-man/Deadpool: Yes, we can!

Mario/Luigi: You can't!

Spider-man/Deadpool: Can!

Mario/Luigi: CAN'T! CAN'T! CAAAAAN'T!

Spider-man/Deadpool: Oh yeah? We can tell you that we can fly around this room with my eyes closed!

Mario/Luigi: (sarcastically) All right then! Prove it!

Spider-man/Deadpool: We will. Now stand back.

(Everyone moved out of the way as Spider-man and Deadpool went to the edge of the bed nearby, climbing up the bedpost. Spider-man and Deadpool looked down at the toys below waiting anxiously)

Sandy: Be careful up there!

(Spider-man and Deadpool then closed their eyes as he spread their arms out)

Spider-man/Deadpool: Through space, time...and beyond! (Dumb I know but it was the only thing I could think of. But if you got anything better please tell me)

(Spider-man & Deadpool then jumped off the bed and went straight down. Just then, Spider-man & Deadpool fell down to a ball, hitting it and bouncing down to a small car, speeding down the track through the loop, ending up flying up the ramp. As everyone watched, Spider-man & Deadpool unknowingly got stuck on a plane mobile hanging from the ceiling, making it and Spider-man & Deadpool fly around the room, letting the toys be amazed as Mario & Luigi looked disbelieved. Then, a centrifugal force removed Spider-man & Deadpool from the plane and flying at the bed, then landed next to a disbelieved Mario & Luigi. They opened their eyes and smirked)

Spider-man/Deadpool: Can!

(Just then, about all the toys, except Mario & Luigi cheered and clapped in excitement)

Charizard: You flew wonderfully!

Diddy: Yeah!

Peach/Daisy: I know who my moving buddy's gonna be.

(Mario & Luigi looked stunned as Spider-man and Deadpool looked a bit bashful to everyone)

Spider-man/Deadpool: Awww...thanks. Thank you all, guys. Thanks.

Mario/Luigi: Grrr! That wasn't flying! That was falling with style!

(Mario & Luigi groaned, standing alone at the other end of the bed, fuming. Scooby caught up in the euphoria, approached the video game brother toys)

Scooby-doo: Ha-ha-ha! Oh, hey, guys-

Mario: Shut up, Stupid Dog!

Luigi: Mario, calm down. In a couple of days, everything's gonna be just the way it was. They'll see...They'll see. We're still Corey's favorite toy.

(The next day, Corey was jumping on the bed with Mario & Luigi in his hands, smiling and laughing as a song was sung in the background)

I was on top of the world it was right in my pocket

(He jumped off of the bed, then shook Mario & Luigi like they were dancing, then flew them around)

I was living the life things were just the way they should be

He then placed Mario & Luigi down on the ground. Then, Spider-man & Deadpool was brought out as Corey mimicked a rocket, letting the toys weapon sound)

When from out of the sky like a bomb comes some little punk in a rocket

(It buzzed as Spider-man & Deadpool hit the brother toys to the ground. Then, Corey went into the closet of his room)

Now all of a sudden some strange things are happening to me

(When he came out, he was wearing something similar to the top half of Deadpool, and the bottom half of Spider-man as he had a toy blaster out)

Corey: It's the fabulous Spidey-pool off to the rescue! (Yes I know that's a shipping name we use for Spider-man and Deadpool, but they're not shipped here!)

(When he was gone, Mario & Luigi got up and looked at his room. As if an instant, the poster of the Super Mario Bros and all Mario and Luigi-related merchandise [plus the drawings of them] were changed to posters of Spider-man & Deadpool)

Strange things are happening to me

(They then looked at the bed they got up on, then looked shocked as they saw the bed covers had changed from Super Mario to Marvel one with Deadpool and Spider-man)

Strange things

(A bit later, Charizard tried roaring, though it was not successful. Then, Spider-man & Deadpool, sighing, positioned the Pokémon upright)

Strange things

(Then the Pokémon toy roared like a dragon-type Pokémon, with the pressure sending Doraemon's parts off of him)

Are happening to me

(The Pokémon smiled as he shook hands with Spider-man & Deadpool)

Ain't no doubt about it

(That evening, Mario & Luigi came to the Etch-a-Sketch, then gasped as they saw the drawing of Spider-man & Deadpool with their name on it, making him frown and glare at the heroes, who was fixing Dee Dee's hair)

I had friends,
I had lots of friends

(Mario & Luigi shook the Etch-a-Sketch furiously. A bit later, He-man, Sir Hiss, Hong Kong Phooey, and Charizard using toy weights, though the Charizard's handles had none)

Now all my friends are gone

(All while Karen watched while Spider-man & Deadpool was using the motors on Robot Jones to run like a treadmill)

And I'm doing the best I can to carry on

(Doraemon watched, then picked up the toy weight, trying to lift it, only to fall back after his arms pulled apart. Later, Mario & Luigi took out the checkerboard and looked for Scooby under the bed)

I had power (power)
I was respected (respect)

(They then noticed Scooby's bottom heading away from the bed, making Mario & Luigi concerned. He took a peek as he saw both Scooby and Robot Jones helping Spider-man & Deadpool with the package they came in)

But not any more
And I've lost the love to the one whom I adored

(The video game brother toys furiously kicked the checkerboard, making a checker piece ricochet to the drawer and into their mouths. The other toys, some of them newer along with Zelda, Link, Donkey Kong, and Diddy sighed sadly, looking at them)

Let me tell you about the strange things are happening to me

(Later, Spider-man & Deadpool was scratching Scooby at a sensitive spot while his bottom half wiggled, annoying Mario & Luigi, who was being hit by the bottom. They glared as they shoved the bottom down to the floor, making Scooby's top half fall down as well)

Strange things

(That night, Corey was placing all of his toys away until only Spider-man, Deadpool, Mario, and Luigi were left on the ground. He picked them all of them up and looked at each of them)

Strange things are happening to me...

(That night, Corey was sleeping with Spider-man & Deadpool on his bed while the other toys were asleep)

Ain't no doubt about it

(All while Mario & Luigi, in the toy box, peeked out and gasped at what they saw as they frowned sadly)

Strange things

(They sighed and looked down as they closed the toy box, groaning and feeling heartbroken)

Strange things