Wolford's Fox Brother

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This is the Sasuke Recovery Arc where he tries to leave with Orochimaru

"Sasuke! I will bring you back to the village! Even if I have to break every bone in your body! I will bring you back!" Naruto yelled at his fellow teammate. Naruto at the time was fighting his best friend at the Valley of the End. He had a light red chakra cloak. It made him look like he had a fox appearance. His whisker's on his cheeks were darkened to have thicker lines. He had fox-like chakra claws along with his feet. His rear had a single chakra tail sticking out. His face bared fangs with his eyes being crimson red with black slits down the middle.

Sasuke grunted back, "I won't LOSE NOT TO YOU!" Sasuke had a transformation that turns his skin grey, lengthens his hair, and causes him to develop wings. His hand sparked to life with a Chidori that emitted black and white lighting in his hands.

Naruto growled in return as a Rasengan formed in his hand. It was purple as it swirled to life to dense chakra, "As I said before Sasuke! You're my friend! I WILL TAKE YOU BACK!"

Sasuke charged forward with his Chidori and Naruto jumped forward with his Rasengan. Their attacks smash into one another. It creates a dense black ball that encased their jutsus clashing. Then the mass of black energy fell inward on itself. With nowhere else for the energy to go but outwards. That attack shook the ground beneath them ripping reality apart.

Even though the two were strong and powerful, they were far beyond godlike. However, the beings or should I say ancient beings who resided in them. The clash of moves caused the sphere to implode and then explode causing all the energy forced inside outside. It was like compressing a rubber ball. However, the amount of energy built up inside, the energy whiplash outwards destroying the Valley of the End. Little did they know that the ground beneath them was had a weak barrier between one world and another.

Due to the immense amount of energy produced, condensed, and the pullback apart. Sasuke was found on the side on the ground unconscious. Naruto laid in the water motionless. Every damn muscle, bone, and twitch hurt like a bitch. He had no strength whatsoever and no energy to move his body. His chakra was empty for once in his life. With all the energy he has ever had. It was gone as he began to sink to the bottom of the lake. He looked up as he saw his world turn dark. The light from the top of the lake began to fade. "So… this is how I die? Defeating my best friend, then sinking to the bottom of the lake. The one thing that we were taught to do… walk on water, but I can't even get up to move let alone walk on water. I wonder… will I see my mother and father then? Will I be free of this cursed past?" Like that naruto passed out due to oxygen loss as he sank to the bottom. Little did he know he was swallowed up by a black warp in reality at the bottom of the lake.

Kakashi arrives minutes later as he landed next to Sasuke. He felt the immense amount of energy being produced especially on the last clash of their attacks. He looked down from a tree finding Sasuke barely hanging on to dear life. He just woke up from being unconscious realizing the dobe beat him. "Naruto… you fool… your… your really a goddamn fool. Defeating me? An Uchiha elite? You really must care about me, you don't want me to walk down the path of revenge. You were the only one who understood my pain… the only person I could call my friend… no, my brother". Sasuke slowly sat up as he felt something missing. He looked to his left realized his left arm was gone.

Kakashi landed as he began to quickly wrap bandages around Sasuke's missing arm. "Kakashi-sensei… I am sorry for the trouble I caused you and Naruto… I am sorry… I see that Naruto really and truly was my friend". Sasuke looked at the ground brooding how he was beaten by the dobe. However, Sasuke didn't feel that mad about it. He felt elated, he was defeated, now he has someone who he can call an equal. Someone who gives him a challenge and makes him want to get stronger.

"Pakkun look around for Naruto he must be here somewhere". Kakashi ordered his dog summoning's to search for his student.

Pakkun and pals sniffed for Naruto as they walk towards the water and over it, "Kakashi… he… he".

"He what?" Kakashi said worriedly.

"He is down there." Pakkun pointed down into the depths of the lake with his paw.

Kakashi's eyes widen, he threw off his Johnin jacket and dived into the water. He forgot to take a breath forcing him to come up and breath. He caught his breath and swam back down into the water, but he kept going and going. All he saw down there was darkness, emptiness. No shred of Naruto anywhere, "No… he can't be". Kakashi began to deny his student was down there. He swam back up and caught his breath. "He can't be."

Pakkun frowned, "I'm sorry Kakashi, but that's where his scent went".

Sasuke looked at Kakashi worried, "Naruto… where is he?" Sasuke looked upset.

"Naruto… he at the bottom of the lake". Kakashi cursed himself for not being faster. He swam back under this time trying to get to the bottom. He looked around in the darkness, it was almost impossible to see anything. He swam to the surface as he let a breath out, "I-I can't find him… he… he dead". Kakashi got out of the water. He sat on the side next to Sasuke as Sasuke's eyes were wide with tears.

"He… that fool… he… he can't be dead". Sasuke looked at Kakashi.

"Common, we need to report this to Sandaime Hokage… he isn't going to be happy". Kakashi felt gloom, upset, and he failed someone. He failed his sensei, Minato-sensei.

Sasuke was on Kakashi's back as he tightened his grip on Kakashi's back, "I'M SUCH A FOOL! I-I GOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO UNDERSTOOD ME KILLED! I'm… I'm all alone now… I-I messed up… thinking nothing but power and revenge… the path that led me to get my friend… no, my brother killed". Sasuke's eyes began to spin letting off a crimson glow with a flower petal-like pattern as his eyes began to cry blood.

In the Portal


Naruto was floating in the middle of nowhere unable to move. He was out for about five minutes as he woke up. He looked around wondering where he was. He looked at his right arm, it was cut and bruised up.

"Damn you got your ass kicked". A chuckled was heard as Naruto sat up.

Naruto looked around finding himself in his mindscape, "Hey! Nine Tails, what the hell happened! Why am I here?" Naruto asked.

"Simple you brat, you and that Uchiha caused the rift between dimensions to rip open. You guys so happen to be releasing a ton of energy over a weak spot". Kurama scoffed.


"Seems like it kit, you were swallowed into a hole before you drowned. So, I used my chakra to evaporate the water in your lungs… your welcome". Kurama laid on his stomach using his paws as a pillow.

"Thanks, Nine Tails… okay you know if we're going to keep talking I should at least you know your name Dattebyao!" Naruto demanded.

"Annoying brat… grrrr, it's Kurama. Don't think were on a name basis this means anything! I am not helping you with anything!" Kurama shut his eyes, "Get the hell outta here. Letting you use my chakra has made me tired". Kurama kicked Naruto out of the mindscape.

Naruto woke up laying down, "Damn fox it's my mind he can't just kick me out… I swear". Naruto was floating in the middle of nowhere unable to move. He looked around wondering where he was. He looked at his right arm, it was cut and bruised up. He could still feel as, but then the barrier around him disappeared. He appeared in a forest with a bunch of trees. He stood up looking around as it was raining. He looked around, he knew for a fact that he wasn't in Land of Fire. Let alone in the world of the Shinobi. Then he came across a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Naruto didn't have any idea or clue where he was. He had to rely on Kurama to heal him. Naruto limped towards the house. He had dry blood on his face, dry blood on his arm. Just about every bone and muscle ached of pain. Naruto made it towards the cabin as he knocked on the door. Soon after knocking a woman with pink hair opened the door. An old lady who wears a pair of glasses, a black robe and a pointed hat, and emits the aura of a "Witch." She looked down at him, "The hell happened to you?" The woman asked worriedly.

Before anything more could be said or be done. Naruto felt the fatigue taking over again as he fell over passed out. The woman saw this happen, "MERLIN GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Then an old man came running over to help her out.

One Day Later

Naruto woke up in bed as he was all bandaged up. He looked around as the room had a nice warm cabin feeling to it. It was as if the place was used to get away from society. He adjusted himself to sit up, he swung his legs over the bed. He felt his strength has returned to him and his pain was gone. He got up and saw his outfit was a pair of PJs very similar to his back in Konoha. He opened the door and began walking downstairs, he looked around finding two old people in the family room. There was a boy who had a Western-style countenance with black hair and black eyes with a rugged Japanese facial structure.

The old man had a typical look of an old man having a white hair and a long silver beard that overreach his neck. He wore a brown robe as if he was some magician or something like that. Naruto walked into the room with them alerted of his presence, "Hey there". Naruto smiled.

The woman and the old man were shocked, "How the hell is you up and walking around!" The old woman with pink hair shouted. She reminded Naruto of Sakura the pink-haired banshee he was still confused about why he liked her.

"Oh… I uh just heal fast". Naruto tried to lie.

"Cut the bullshit, no magic or person with magic can heal bones just like that!" The woman yelled.

Naruto deadpanned, "Who the hell is this woman! MAGIC! THE HELL SHE MEANS MAGIC!" Naruto was shocked. "Ummm pardon me for asking, but whom might you three be?" Naruto asked.

The woman let a sigh out and smiled, "My name is Melinda Bowen. This is Merlin and this is my grandson Shin".

Naruto gave a smile enviously back, "Cool and thank you guys for helping me. The name is Naruto… Uzumaki. It's nice to meet all of you guys!" Naruto gave them a hearty smile a smile that Shin would make. The aura he gave off was powerful and strong. Shin was just like that, they both seem hyper and strong.

"So, Naruto if you don't mind me asking where did you come from?" Merlin asked.
Naruto began to rub his head, "I-I… came from a place far away from here. I was teleported after a really hard battle trying to save a friend". Naruto let a small smile out.

The woman who introduced herself as Melinda got up, "Well whatever battle you were in. You are not from his world. I don't know where you came from, but you aren't from this world". Melinda looked at Naruto narrowing her eyes.

Naruto was surprised she caught on that fast. Not just that she was even thinking of that. Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Honestly I don't really wanna talk about it. I thank you all for what you have done for me. I think I have troubled you all long enough".

Merlin stood up, "I wouldn't go out there if I were you. First of all, we have no idea who you are. If you're a threat we will have to kill you or turn you in. Tell us, who are you". Merlin asked.

Naruto sighed again, "What a drag". Naruto began summoning his inner Nara. Naruto began to explain himself from the world he was from. He explained he had Kurama the Nine-Tailed beast that was sealed in him. He told them how he an orphan and he had no parents since they died the day he was born.

"Naruto I can still see it in your eyes, there is more than you just growing up and being a ninja". Melinda saw right through Naruto. She could read his aura that he gave off, it was happy and caring. It was warm and welcoming, but something would have to trigger for him to be like this. Deep down in Naruto was a ball of hate, anger, and pure rage from his past.

Naruto grit his teeth, "I-I… I don't know about that". Naruto shifted his eyes to the side getting a look of certainty from Melinda thought she was right.

Shin walked up to Naruto, "So, you're like really strong right?" Shin asked.

Naruto nodded his head confirming Shin's assumptions, "Why do you ask?" Naruto asked.

"Well, I was wondering if you could show me what this ninjutsu and chakra you speak of. It sounds highly different from magic!" Shin smiled.
Naruto had a smile appear on his face, someone was interested in him. It made Naruto have a smile on his face, "Sure! Let's go outside!" Naruto ran back into the room he borrowed. He slipped on his old raggedy clothes.

He walked out of the room as Malinda stopped him, "There is no way in hell, your outfit is like a kill me target!"

Naruto whined, "I like my outfit". Naruto complained.

"I think this suits you better". Melinda waved her hand as an energy ball surrounded Naruto.

Naruto was wearing a black long sleeve shirt that had a zipper in the middle. The sleeves went down to his wrists. He was wearing an orange short-sleeve coat. The coat had a rim that curved outward and up like a cone. The coat was all orange, but the rims of the sleeves and the very bottom of the coat had black flames on them. He was wearing tan ninja pants with his ninja tool pouch connected to his right thigh. He had the bottom of his pants tucked into his black shinobi opened toes sandals. From the side Naruto he finds his Leaf Headband. He puts it on his head smiling. "Thanks a lot, granny!" Naruto smiled.

"I'M NOT THAT OLD!" Melinda's eyes went white as she had sharp pointed teeth.

Naruto left his coat in the house as there was no need for it. He went outside with Shin as the two became very quick friends. Naruto and Shin went outside as the grandparents stayed by the door as they watched the two. Shin showed off his proficient magic skills as he was a very powerful mage.

Naruto smiled, he extended his arm out making sure his palm faces the sky. He swirled his chakra as he formed a Rasengan in his hand. "Woah! What's that!" Shin smiled.

"This is a jutsu called the Rasengan. I can teach it to you! As long as you teach me that weird blue fire magic!" Naruto smiled.

"Wait, doesn't that require chakra?" Shin asked.

"All living beings have chakra, one just needs to learn how to access it". Naruto smirked.

"Hey, brat can you hear me?" Kurama spoke up.

"Furball what's up!" Naruto smirked.

"Damn you kid, anyways how about a deal. I'll teach you Fūinjutsu, I wasn't sealed in a damn Uzumaki for nothing. I learned a few things, maybe you can bust me out of this cage. If you keep your end of the deal up. I'll let you use my power. I see an opportunity that can help both of us". Kurama spoke up.

"You got it!" Naruto let out a foxy grin.

"Who was that?" Shin asked.

"Oh! That's Kurama! That's the furball living in this!" Naruto lifted his shirt as he sent some chakra to the seal on his stomach.
Shin was in awe, "Woah! What is that!" Shin asked.

"Its Fūinjutsu! It using chakra to allow a person to use written seals and chakra to store things!" Naruto was getting pumped. Shin was another really good friend, he was very and eerily similar to Naruto when it comes to reserves and strength.

Melinda sighed, "I swear if that brat becomes like you, I'll kill you". Melinda looked at Merlin.

"What are you talking about?" Merlin raised an eyebrow.

"Well, he seems like a good kid. He is an orphan Merlin, I think Shin could use a friend… maybe even a brother to help him with social skills". Melinda thought of also teaching Naruto of this world's teachings it had to offer.

Merlin smiled, "Well the kid has nowhere else to go. Well, maybe we have a Naruto Uzumaki/Wolford among us". Merlin smiled.

Time Skip One Year

Naruto and Shin were now thirteen years old. They were right now outside training together. Naruto had picked up the same level of magic like Shin picked up chakra. The two trained together, ate, and even modified their rooms to conjoin. Naruto was sharp when it came to magician it's understanding. If you can break the spell down to the very molecule you were using. You can elevate it further by pulling in the molecules. You create fire as strong as you want it. Naruto learned to concentrate that into a Rasengan.

Shin followed Naruto in Chakra learning to walk on walls, walk on water without the use of magic. He learned to use magic and chakra simultaneously just like Naruto. They were both mastering to become a strong knight as well as a mage. They were trained under Michel Collins. He has the looks of a considerably young man with green eyes and short blonde hair. As for his physique, although he didn't look macho, he wasn't thin either; he had a lean but well-built figure.

Naruto picked up the physic that Shin lacked, but Shin picked up for the brains for the operation. Naruto was smart, but Shin's rational and thinking was a lot stronger than Naruto. However, sometimes Shin's anger got the best of him. While Shin also had to study under Malinda, Naruto taught Shin to use shadow clones. So, when they dispersed any information they learned was sent back to them. Shin thanked clones, Naruto, and Chakra for that.

Naruto has also been mastering to control more tails of Kurama. Naruto has begun to work in Fūinjutsu thanks to Kurama. Naruto could only do so much with Kurama as he did the rest of his learning on his own. All in all, Naruto and Shin worked like a well-oiled machine. If need be they could separate and still perform without one another. It just an issue when you slap them together. They were a pair to be reckoned with, Merlin dubbed them the Wolford Twins. Even though they weren't blood-related or even look similar. Their habits, wants, desires, and personalities trump that.

Time Skip October 10th Naruto's 14th Birthday

Naruto has told Merlin and Malinda of his birthday and Shin knew when Naruto's birthday was without a doubt in his mind. For Naruto, this has probably been the happiest year of his entire life. Granted he was thankful for Kakashi, Ayame, Teuchi, and Jiji. They were the only ones who ever treated him like a normal person. Everyone thought of him as annoying of the demon. It was a place Naruto never thought would exist. He was happy, but his happiness was only to get even better,

Naruto was confused, "Why do you guys have to blindfold me again?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, you will see!" Malinda giggled worrying Naruto a lot. He was thinking it was more homework or that surprise test she made him take on magic. It was the same day as his thirteenth birthday!

Naruto waited as what it sounds like paper and shuffling, "Forgot to get a card?" Naruto retorted as he got a smack upside the head by Malinda.

"SHUT UP YOU BRAT!" She had a tick mark on her head.

"Owoowowow!" Naruto whined rubbing his head while letting a giggle out. Shin just shook his head chuckling with Naruto.

Soon they removed the blindfold as Naruto stared at Melinda and Merlin. He looked around confused as he looked down at the coffee table. What next had Naruto shocked as he read this certificate. It read as followed,

For the family of the Wolford,

Dear Wolford family,

We have heard your request from taking in an orphan. We have decided to go with your request and accept it. I Diseum von Earlshide the king of Earlshide Kingdom, recognizes Naruto Uzumaki as the grandson of Melinda Bowen and Merlin Wolford and the brother of Shin Wolford. Please have Naruto Uzumaki sign on the line below, this country will recognize Naruto as a Wolford.


Naruto couldn't believe what he was reading. His face was getting warm and heated, he felt his heart skip a beat. He felt… wanted… loved… and cared for. He looked up at them with tears running down his face. He had a real family, a family he can now consider his own. Naruto ran up hugging Merlin and Malinda as Shin got into the hug as well. Naruto felt like he was on top of the world with his new family. A family he has longed for, getting to wake up in the morning and getting to see his family. Going to bed knowing that they will be there, coming back from training that he had a family waiting there for him. Naruto felt as if his dreams have become reality. Naruto began to write his name quickly without any hesitation.

For Naruto, this is only the beginning.

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