Beginning of a War

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Naruto and Shin were standing on the ground as everyone else were flying around. Naruto and Shin were able to finally teach others to use flying magic. Naruto also began to train everyone with gravity seals. Everyone had on three times earth's gravity, so this was an intense work out for all of them. Naruto turned down to May, Aug's little sister, "I want to fly too! I even came prepared this time!"

Naruto stopped May before she could pull her skirt up, "W-Woah! Woah! Woah! Hold it, how about I do this". Naruto cast a spell on May which caused her to skirt to stiffen somewhat but allowed her to move freely. "Then we can do this". Naruto cast his flying spell on her as she began to giggle and fly around.

Of course, Naruto controlled where she went. She told him how high, how low, and what moves she wanted to do. Yuri saw Naruto helping May fly around as Aug chuckled while he floated over to her, "Naruto is pretty good with kids, isn't he? Is that what your thinking?"

Yuri almost lost concentration "Urk! I-I w-what! WHAT! N-No! I mean YES! YES, HE IS! I-I mean! Aug! Shut up! Don't say such things like that!" Yuri fired a bolt of lighting at Aug which caused him to tumble to the ground, the good thing is they were only a few feet off the ground, "Baka Aug!" Yuri began to pick up on Naruto's carefree nature. Then it dawned on her, "OH CRAP! I JUST ZAPPED THE PRINCE!" Yuri flew down where Aug was, "I-I'm so sorry Prince Aug I".

Aug chuckled as he stood up, "Okay, I deserved that. Yuri you don't have to worry about me being a prince and all. I'm going to fall once in a while, besides your picking up on Naruto's carefree nature. I like that about Naruto, he doesn't care if your god, a king, or a Noble. If he doesn't respect you, well he won't give it to you. Rarely does he ever call my old man Uncle Diseum, he still calls him Old Man Uncle Diseum".

Yuri giggled, "Yeah I guess your right, he is begging to rub off on me more".

"I also noticed you have an orange box for your chopsticks at lunch. I know how much Naruto loves orange!" Aug smirked putting his hands under his chin.

Yuri began blushing, "S-Shut up! Just because I like orange it doesn't mean it came from Naruto!" Yuri didn't want to admit that Aug was right.

Flashback to Last Night

Yuri was talking to her mother, Yuri asked Naruto to drop her off back at home. She wanted to visit her parents for a while, "Wait what do you mean I'm obsessed with orange?" Yuri asked her mom confused.

Rozu giggled, "Yuri before you and Naruto began to date, or even got engaged. You told me about the ring a boy gave you. Ever since then you've bought almost everything you own in orange. Your bra, undies, other dresses, and you began to make sure your hair was even nicer. You even added an orange ribbon to your nightstand drawer. Inside the drawer was the box that held the ring that Naruto gave you. The box even had an orange ribbon on it, you kept it and tied it to your nightstand drawer". Rozu added as she chuckled.

"W-Wait so your saying I started liking orange because of Naruto?" Yuri began to recall the events.

"Yup". Rozu gave her daughter a smug look on her face.

Yuri blushed as she remembered the lines Naruto said to her when he gave her the ring, "Yuri this ring is a sign of my willingness to protect you. You, including everyone else, are my precious people. Until today I haven't had too much to protect. Shin and my grandparents are strong and can take care of themselves. That does not mean I won't stop wanting to protect them. Now I have more people who I want to protect. I want to protect you because of your someone special to me Yuri. Maybe one day you will be something more to me than just my girlfriend". Naruto continued to speak, "As the same promise, I also made to everyone else. I will protect you and everyone else. I don't break my promises. I will never break them, that's my nindo way". Naruto brought her into a hug as her face was buried in his chest. Yuri just wrapped her arms around Naruto and smiled.

"And your thinking about him right now". Rozu pointed out as Yuri slouched in defeat.

"Y-Yeah… your right!" Yuri sighed.

"I remember how you use to tell me how much you hated your orange hair! Now, look at you!" Rozu added with a chide remark.

Yuri giggled, "Yeah… I love my hair now".

"What about your body? You wished you had a smaller bust because all the guys were the same. They kept looking at you like you were a piece of meat and an easy catch". Rozu kept rubbing the salt in.

"S-Shut up mother! I-I get it! I see how Naruto has changed me for the better alright! Jeez, you don't need to embarrass me so much!" Yuri pouted.

"I'm just happy your happy Yuri, not you have someone to look forward to sharing your life with". Rozu walked over hugging her daughter, "You've turned out to be a beautiful flower".

"Thanks, mom". Yuri hugged back.

"So…". Rozu slowly pulled away.

"So?" Yuri repeated confused.

"When do I get grandchildren?" Rozu clapped her hands cheerfully.

"W-WHAT! Ack! MOTHER!" Yuri screamed as Rozu began to laugh walking out of her room.

End of Flashback

*Scene shift* Imperial Castle

"I see, so the final tower has finally fallen at last". Oliveira said with a monotone voice.

"Yes, which means everything including the towns and villages has been wiped out". Zest replied.

"The demonoids that Master Strom created along with Zest who led them. Lead attacks on the food caravans. This stopped the food supply, while the nobility lived safe and wealthy lives. The commoners grew weaker and grew resentment to the Nobles. That was when Master Strom was able to turn them into demonoids, they revolted and took down the nobles. They began to way waist to the village after village. Master Strom despises the nobility, but this strategy is victimizing the innocent townsfolk as well". Miria asked, "My lord, why go to such extremes?" She asked.

*Scene cut Throne Room*

Olivera was sitting on his throne talking to the other demonoids, "Thanks to all your efforts we drove this empire to absolute ruin. This day marks an auspicious situation… Since we're done, I wonder what we should tackle net". Olivera put his hand to his chin to think, "Crushing the empire was my one goal, there is nothing else I wish to accomplish. I've achieved everything I've wanted".

"W-What the hell does that mean?" A Demonoid asked.

"That's crazy!" The one next to the other Demonoid spoke up.

"Why stop now? Why not take on the other nations and take on the whole world!?" A Demonoid asked as the others began to agree.

"Tell me why we would trouble ourselves with something so tiresome?" Olivera asked.

"With this many demonoids, we could make a nation of our own!" One spoke up.

"Any of you can pursue anything you wish to possess. I only wish you don't impose them on me". Olivera started without much care for the others, "I'm not interested".

"Is that right? Then, in that case, I'll make my own decisions". A Demonoid with a scar on his face smiled.

"You can go do that; in fact, you could have done that in the very beginning". Olivera pointed out. Like that he began to walk out leaving everyone else behind.

"I am sure there are more of you who share his ideals. If so your free to go don't hesitate". Olivera gestured his hand towards the door allowing them to leave at their leisure.

"Pardon me master, but is it alright to let them do this?" Zest asked bending down to Olivera.

"Makes no difference, as I said I already achieved my goal of overthrowing the empire. We might as well let them do as they please". Olivera let a sigh out.

"Master, if I may be so bold. Why do you have such hate for the empire?" Miria asked.

"Well let me tell you why". Olivera went to talk.

*Scene Change* the Earlshide Kingdom

Naruto, Sicilian, Yuri, and Shin were all on top of the castle. They were wearing their mage uniforms with coats. Aug was wearing a separate coat that was golden, with a golden uniform underneath. Today was for Aug was being crowned prince after all. There were lines exchanged between King Diseum and then Aug. Aug replied, "I promise to protect this nation and everyone in it".

"I now recognize you Aug Von Earlshide as crowned prince". Diseum looks down at his son proudly, "I expect to devote your service to the kingdom and its people".

"Yes, your majesty". Aug replied.

Then a knight came running up, "Your majesties! We have grave news! A group of demonoids has shown up in the Kingdom of Swedes! They're attacking right now!"

"How dare you come up here with such new!" A knight shouted.

"NO! Leave him be if a Demonoid is attacking that takes priority". Aug smiled on his face as he looked at Naruto and Shin. Naruto had a grin on his face as he punched his hands into one another.

Like that the crowd began to slowly panic, "Please do not panic!" Aug stated in the microphone that Shin invented to help Aug speak up in front of the entire kingdom, "Do not be alarmed, the kingdom of Swede will be helped. We have a group to fight them, we'll resist the demonoids!" Aug turned to Naruto and Shin, "You ready?" Aug turned to everyone else.

"Yes, your majesty!" Everyone else replies.

Naruto smirked, "Well you may be crowned prince, but I'll take that crown from you one day". Naruto chuckled as everyone in the kingdom deadpanned.
"He means he is ready, common let's go!" Shin smiled.

Aug looked at the crowd again, "This is Naruto and Shin Wolford! The grandsons of the Wiseman and Lady Guru. These two are also the ones who defeated the Demonoid who appeared here recently. Today with my classmates and I, we've been continuously improving ourselves. under Shin's and Naruto's leadership, we have gained the strength to stop this! We'll go to Swedes at once and eradicate those demonoids at once!" Aug threw his cloak off along with everyone else, "Naruto… Shin if you two could help put everyone's minds at ease.

Naruto quickly walked up to the microphone before Shin could, "Don't worry everyone! We'll make sure that we defeat the demonoids! That's a promise! I don't go back on my word! That's my nindo way Dattebayo!" Naruto shouted in the microphone as everyone deadpanned, but they were filled with hope. Though, many were confused with the nindo way and Dattebayo… I mean what the hell does that mean?

"Shin comes up with a name instead of study group, it makes us sound like we're a bunch of nerds". Aug smirked.

Shin swallowed as he walked up, "Ladies and gentlemen, do not worry. Everyone here has the combat and ability to defeat the enemy. What my brother Naruto meant, is that he will protect all of us including you. He said that it was a promise and he never breaks his promises. We will win because".

Naruto walked up putting his hand on Shin's shoulder and telepathically told him the name. The two went to speak at the same time, "We're the Nine-Tailed Fox Magicians!" "WHAT THE NINE-TAILED FOX MAGICIANS!" Everyone, but Yuri, shouted internally confused as Aug began to giggle. Naruto and Shin both stated together. The rest of the group were completely confused by Naruto's and Shin's words. Naruto and Shin threw their coats off, Naruto's body began to glow with a golden chakra. Naruto's pupils become slits, the whisker-like markings on his face become thicker to resemble the trigram, and the chakra shroud's shape alters to resemble a full-length haori.

Naruto jumped into the air floating using magic as a giant nine-tailed fox began to form around him. The fox took form as Naruto shouted, "Common everyone! Nine of you in each tail, the rest can go into the body!" Olivia, Julius, Mark, Tony, Lynn, Thor, Alice, Sicilian, and Aug jumped into the nine tails. They all threw their cloaks off, Shin jumped into the main body of the fox. Naruto extended his hand outwards to pull Yuri into the head with him. They were able to float in the body without having to use magic. Everyone's began to glow with a golden chakra haori as well, "Onwards Nine-Tailed Fox Magicians!"

"Okay! This is pretty awesome!" Aug shouted.

"Yo! Let's go!" Thor said pumped.

"Nine-Tailed Fox Magicians! I could get used to this name!" Maria smirked.

"Not bad Naruto". Yuri placed a kiss on his cheek earning a blush from Naruto.

Everyone else were excited as Naruto shared Kurama's chakra with everyone. Naruto, Shin, and the others began to fly off in the nine tails form, "Really you use me as your team's name? Then you allow these vermin in my body!? Naruto!" Kurama growled once they were a good distance away.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Everyone shouted confused, Shin, and Yuri were the only ones who knew what this was.

"Yeah, long story short. I'm from a different world, I was made into a Jinchuriki as a baby. What we're in is a beat known as a Bijuu, they're made up of chakra and he is inside of me. We're kinda working together for a while now!" Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as everyone just stared at Naruto confused, shocked, and didn't understand a single word he just said, "I'll explain in later". Naruto forgot they didn't know about Kurama.

Everyone just stared at Naruto confused and shocked, they wondered just how powerful Naruto was. As they were flying Aug speaks up, "So the Nine-Tailed Fox Magicians?" Aug said with a smirk.

Naruto smirked back, "Well I think it fits us quite well as were flying in a beast that is a nine-tailed fox. Neh Kurama what do you think? You're a mascot!"

"SHUT UP NARUTO! I AM THE KING OF ALL BIJUU I WILL NO BE!" Kurama was interrupted as Yuri flew out of the head for a moment and began to rub Kurama's ear, "Ohh my Kami… yes… right there… that feels good… there a little to the left… ooh… yeah… that's the spot." Kurama began to almost purr and grumble as Yuri rubbed his ear.

"Awww he so cute!" Alice said with a lot of pep in her voice.

"I think this is pretty cool. It's so manly!" Julius said while flexing his muscles he could feel the nine tails power.

Shin thought it was pretty cool as well, "Well I do think I can get used to this!"

"Yeah, Naruto is amazing!" Sicilian said with amazement.

"Hey, Naruto, Shin were coming up on the border," Thor spoke up.

"Already? Well, I'll have Kurama slow down a bit". Naruto slowed them down as they continued to look out for the Kingdom of Swedes.

"You know now that I think about it, fighting these demonoids give me the jitters," Maria said with worry.

Naruto smiled, "Don't worry Dattebayo! I'll make sure I protect you guys no matter what! I'm pretty sure you guys are stronger than you realize. I believe in you guys, so don't worry I'll be there if you guys ever need me!"

"Yeah, Naruto is right. We'll watch each other's back". Shin speaks up trying to help everyone to relax.

"Now when we arrive, I want you guys to pair up and watch each other's back. I know you guys can all fight, Sicilian I want you to focus on the wounded. Shin, you stay near Sicilian to make sure she stays safe. The rest of us will take on the demonoids." Naruto smiled, then he felt Yuri rest her head on his shoulder.

Maria puffed her cheeks out, "No fair! Everyone was able to find some sort of lover!" Maria said annoyed, "Just you watch demonoids! I'm going to vent out all my frustration on you!" Maria screamed as Naruto deadpanned, "Tou-san said that women can get scary… just like Kaa-san." Naruto remembers meeting them that one time when he met his mother, she was indeed scary.

"Alright enough messing around. The Kingdom of Sweed is in view." Aug focused forward as everyone prepared for battle.

Naruto dropped Kurama mode as he charged forward. He saw two demonoids attacking a woman and her daughter. Naruto came charging in, "HEY GET AWAY FROM THEM!" Naruto slammed his fist into the Demonoid who has the black vest on. Naruto sends them flying away, Naruto quickly brought his body around kicking the guy, with the scythe, in the face sending him flying into a building.

"Naruto try not to lead jump in so quickly, that was a little reckless," Thor warned Naruto.

"Don't worry so much, getting them away from the civilians is my top priority!" Naruto quickly walked over to the mother and child, "Are you two alright?" Naruto asked.

"W-Who are you?" The little girl asked.

Naruto smirked as he pointed at himself and Thor, "We're the Nine Tail Fox Magicians! We come from Earlshide!"

Thor nods his head, "Don't worry we're here to help save everyone." Thor added, "Now follow, me I'll escort you to safety. Naruto… try not to overdo it." Thor chuckled as he began to walk away.

"Hey! What is that supposed to mean! You say I'll destroy everything!" Naruto threw his one hand into the air as he stomped his feet on the ground comically. Naruto stopped when he saw the little girl smiling and waving to him. He smiled, he smiled knowing that he and the rest of the group were going to save everyone.

Just then Naruto head Aug's voice as he was speaking to everyone in Sweed, "Attention everyone! I am the prince from the Kingdom of Earlshide! I am Aug Von Earlshide! My group and I have acquired the power to take down the demonoids! I can assure you that we will work with your royal guard! We will protect you, now for you demonoids! I can assure you! You will be eradicated from this place! So you better abandon hope! Run! Run while you still can! We have two heroes on our side, both of them have defeated Demonoids before! We have Shin and Naruto Wolford the grandsons of Merlin the Wise man and Melinda the Guru!" Aug shouted as the Demonoids began to snicker. While the civilians all cheered to the Nine Tail Fox Magicians.

Soon everyone grouped up, like that Naruto took lead, "Alright everyone we need to cover ground quickly. I want you two to go in pairs. Let's get going now! Sicilian you go heal the people who need it at the sanctuary. I'll send a clone to go with you, I'll be fine, if I transform into Kurama mode, don't worry."

"HAI!" Everyone shouts as they begin to run off.

"Sicilian, do your best, I'll come running if you need it." Shin held Sicilian's hands close to his.

Before Yuri left, she gave Naruto a quick kiss on his cheek, "Wish me luck! I'll make sure to take out as many as I can!" Yuri shouted with her fist into the air as her and Shin ran off to protect the west side.

Naruto flew into the air as he saw in the distance a Demonoid taking out guards on the perimeter. He charged in as the Demonoid shot a blast that killed the soldiers. Naruto grit his teeth as he flew in and knocked his next attack away, which was shot at the girl mages behind Naruto. Naruto fell into a stance ready to fight, "Oh? Your one of the mages that the prince talked about!" He smirked, this Demonoid had brown hair on the sides, blonde on top, and a scare on the right side of his face.

"Hmp, begone". Naruto muttered as two clones above the Demonoid slammed two Rasengans into his back killing him. Naruto turned to the two female mages, "Hey you ladies alright?"

Scene Change

A group of Sweed soldiers were backed into a corner by two demonoids. The guards were shaking in fear, they did what they could to fight. But these monsters were too strong, but suddenly one of the demonoids were frozen in a pillar of ice. The other Demonoid looks up to see Yuri, "W-WHY YOU!" He screamed.

Yuri chuckled standing on top of the building, "Oh my! You saw me?" Yuri said with her left hand with two fingers extended outwards.

"YOU DID! HOW DARE!" The Demonoid was preparing an attacking, but he was quickly cut by a sharp object.

It was by Tony with the vibration sword, "Man this thing cuts!" Tony smirked.

The soldiers all cheered, some of them even had a crush on Yuri. Yuri giggled as the soldier clapped for her and Tony, Yuri said, "Sorry boys, but I'm already engaged to the man of dreams." This quickly ended the men's clapping.

One of them shouted, "Damn that boy! HE GOT SO LUCKY!" One soldier shouted as the rest of them began to agree, Yuri, deadpanned along with Tony.

Scene change

Two demonoids found the safe house that all the injured were being watched after. Soon the two both descended as it was being guarded by Tony and the clone Naruto was inside. Tony was prepared to fight, but Olivia fire off an earth spell smashing into the farmer looking Demonoid, "Don't worry Mark! I got your back!" She said with determination.

Then the other Demonoid jumped at Olivia, "Damn you! ARGGG!" He screamed as Mark fired a flame spell burning the Demonoid.

"I got your back, Olivia!" He said with a smile on his face.

"Y-You're not a swordsman!" The one Demonoid who was burnt almost to a crisp stood up.

"Never said I was!" Mark and Olivia were back to back as they both cast a stronger flame spell together incinerating the Demonoid to ashes.

Scene Change

Inside the safety home, Sicilian was doing the best she can to heal the injured. Naruto, even though he was a clone. He used what magic he had himself as a clone to heal the others. The two ran around helping as many injured as they could.

Scene Change

Shin was in the middle of a battlefield full of demonoids. He was launching attack after attack. These demonoids couldn't even get close to Shin. Some came from his right, incinerated, left, incinerated, from above, incinerated These demonoids were walking into a death trap. Shin was getting fed up on how weak these demonoids were, "Common! IS THAT ALL YOU GUYS GOT!" Shin shouted out wanting more.

Naruto arrived on top of a building hearing Shin scream, "Shin… I've never seen you want to test your skills so much." Naruto stood at the top and watched his brother kill Demonoid after Demonoid.

From the side

A Demonoid with red hair watched in shock and awe, "W-Where does he get the force of his magic! H-how is he so strong!" He said scared.

He then remembers Olivera telling him that Shin gave him a good thrashing, but Naruto. Well, Naruto was far beyond his level in strength.

Scene Change with Maria and Aug

Maria did a magic search, "Your highness I did a quick search, I think we've about wrapped things up here."

"Yes, but don't let you guard down," Aug said as there was an explosion.

Soon a man with the brown/blonde hair, and the scar on the right side of his face appears before them, "Where is he!? Where is that blonde brat with whiskers! I'll make him pay for driving that attack into my back!" The Demonoid screamed.

"Oh you mean Naruto, well he isn't here," Aug smirked.

"That voice… oh, your prince Aug of Earlshide!" The Demonoid asked curiously.

"That's right, we've come here to put you down!" Aug got ready to fight, "Before we fight, I must ask. What are you after? Are you the Demonoid's leader?"

"Huh? What if I am?" He smirked.

"Once I pound your head in, it will dampen the other's will to fight." Aug squinted his eyes at the Demonoid.

"Just come and try it! It will take more than just taking this empire down to satisfy my anger! I'll kill every last one of you!" He smirked as his eye began to glow and his muscles bulked up.

"Is that the source of your power?" Aug asked as he extended his hand out as if he was going to do an attack, "No matter… you will still be defeated."

"I'll tear you apart!" The Demonoid screamed as he lunged forward at Aug.

Maria quickly slammed her hands down to use a surprise attack. She was shocked when the Demonoid was holding up to bodies as a meat shield, "A sneak attack eh? I like it! Me! Fabio! Will make you my woman!" he screamed.

"Well I am looking for a boyfriend, but you just don't fit the bill," Maria smirked back.

Maria began to shoot off a volley of lighting and Aug was shooting bolds of lighting. They saw that the Demonoid must have found some mages magic gear and stole them. (A/N: He did not take them from those girl mages. He picked them off of someone else, he was injured by Naruto, but not killed. I know, I know, but I didn't realize he was important for later. Lmao).

Soon his magic gear broke because he lost concentration. He saw that Maria broke it, "You lost concentration." Then there was a sudden bolt of lighting courtesy of Aug. Fabio looked at the hole in his chest. He muttered, 'D-Damn you'. He fell to the ground dead.

Scene Change

The Demonoid with red hair was worried, he didn't think the other demonoids would be taken out so easily. "Our original plan was to draw out Naruto's and Shin's full power. We wanted to gauge their strength to see just how powerful they were. Now, what do we do?" The boy with red hair asks this to himself.

In the distance

Zest closed his eyes and thought, "I know… can I ask you a favor… Miria?"

Scene Change

At the gate, there was an explosion that blasted open the iron gates. Miria came walking through as fire surrounded with every step she took. Her red eyes glowing and her hair floating in the air because of her aura, "Bring it on… humans." She states coldly.

Miria fire off a giant attack, then Alice and Lynn came jumping in putting up a barrier. Alice shouted, "Everyone gets back!" She shouted to the terrified guards behind her.

"I hate to say it, but you'll slow us down!" Lynn shouted back at them. The guards quickly retreated.

Miria finished her attack and shocked, "W-Who are you?" She asked looking at the two petite magicians.

They both struck a pose, "Nine Tail Fox Magicians!" They both shouted. Looking at her menacingly! (A/N: Let me know if you get the reference!)

Their fight soon commenced as Alice began to fire off blue-red flames at Miria, she stood there putting up a simple barrier. Miria deflected the attack as it was sent flying into a clock tower destroying it, "Ops overdid it a little." She said looking back at the guards.

"Alice! Look out!" Lynn shouted.

Alice was sent flying back as Miria used her magic to send her flying. Alice skidded on the ground but landed on her feet. Her magic gear began to heal her, "Enchanted gear?"

"WHY YOU!" Alice fired off more volleys of flames towards Miria.

Miria quickly dodged, she fired off demonic attack as Alice put up a barrier, but Miria cut her attack short. She came sliding underneath Alice's attack tripping her.

Lynn went to fire magic, but Miria used Alice as a shield using one hand to pin both of her arms behind her back, "S-She strong!" Alice winced in pain.

"A-Alice!" Lynn bit her lip not knowing what to do next.

Miria smiled, "Your fighting style is amateurish.

Scene Change to the Demonoid boy with Red Hair

"I see master Zest… he sent reinforcements…". The boy cast a wide area to spell everyone to hear.

Scene change to three demonoids

"Listen, everyone! All Demonoids withdraw! We're at a disadvantage! Withdraw immediately!" The three demonoids listen confused.

"What? Retreat!?"

"I want to run wild!"

"To think we're losing to humans!?" Just then he was shut up by a blue flame from Shin.

"We're at a disadvantage here! Retreat and regroup!" The same voice shouted before. The two Demonoids watched as Shin came walking towards them as blue flames behind continued to burn.

Like that all Demonoids began to run, Naruto and Shin both saw this. They both floated into the air, as blue balls of flames appear in their hands. They both shouted, "Don't think! You're getting away!" Naruto and Shin both shouted at the same time even though they were meters apart from one another covering different sectors. They both fired off a blue beam sweeping the entire border of the kingdom. Just then they had to pull up so they didn't hit any allies.

Shin and Naruto both saw a large explosion. Naruto and Shin both began to fly in that direction. Naruto caught up to Shin, "I can sense the Demonoid over there… it's powerful… probably one of the strongest we've ever face." Naruto said with a serious face.

Shin nodded his head, "Common! Let's go!" They both shot off quickly towards the raging battle.

At the Battle

Yuri and Tony were behind a wall waiting for an opening, "Cover me!" Tony shouted as he ran out with his sword. Yuri turned the corner and fired a fire spell.

Miria used Alice and threw her at Yuri's attack, Alice put up a barrier and Yuri lessen the power of her attack. The two slammed into one another.

Tony came to their aid, "Yuri! Alice! HUH!" He looked shocked as Miria appeared in front of him. She kicked the sword out of his hand. She went to punch him; he uses his barrier. Miria shattered his barrier and had an attack at the read hitting him point-blank in the face. This sent him flying into a wall knocking him out cold.

Lynn stood up and fired a lightning bolt, but Miria dodged and used earth magic to trap her and then knocking her out. Alice screamed in rage readying her attack, but Miria went to shoot her attack at them, but then moved her arm. She aimed at the downed Tony, she fired, and Alice rushed in to save him. She cast a quick barrier, trying to fend the attack off. However, a piece of earth shot up and hit her in the gut knocking her out.

Yuri screamed, "Alice!" Yuri backed up frightened and scared, she quickly put her hands up to cast a spell.

Miria went to strike and kicked Yuri away, Yuri had a barrier up which blocked the attack. Miria then brought her foot around to kick her. Yuri took a boot to the face as it sent her into the ground, "How annoying these clothes are." Miria cast a powerful spell that removed the enchantment on Yuri's clothing.

Yuri tried to fire an attack off, but Miria punched at her stomach. Yuri hunched over in pain; she didn't lose consciousness. Yuri still went to fight back, Miria this time grabbed the back of her face and smashed it into the ground, "Let's using you will draw out their power." Miria smirked as she lifted Yuri's face from the ground. She had a bad bruise on her cheek, as well as the blood running down her lip. "Oh? What's this?" Maria grabbed Yuri's left hand, "Oh? Is this an engagement ring? How cute." Miria smirked as Yuri noticed what she wanted to do.

"N-No!" Yuri quickly fired a magic attack in Miria's face, but it did nothing, "T-That was from N-Naruto." Yuri had one eye close and the other open, she was angry, "Don't you dare touch it!" Yuri smacked her hand away as Yuri stumbled backward away from Miria.

"How cute, you and Naruto are engaged… I wonder… what it be like if I killed him in front of you… perhaps… I killed you in front of him… well, either way. I'll do it eventually." Miria walked forward and stopped as she brought her hand right up to Yuri's face, "Begone." She stated coldly as she fired off a beam of demonic energy. However, she was interrupted as a flash of yellow dodged her attack and she found a deep cut on her arm.

She slowly turned around to find Naruto hunched on the ground over by Shin where Lynn was. Alice, Tony, Thor, and Yuri were laid next to one another. Naruto looked at Yuri, "Yuri! Yuri! Tell me your okay! She removed your enchantment!" Naruto said worriedly, he quickly took off his shirt and jacket. He covered the injured Yuri with it.

"N-Naruto… Y-You need it I-I." Yuri spat up some blood as Naruto sent magic into his clothes that began to heal Yuri.

The only thing Naruto had on was a black t-shirt with a fishnet armor a t-shirt. Naruto growled as he stood up as Yuri recovered from her injuries and slept, "Shin I know this is selfish… but stay out of my way." Naruto's voice changed to a deep voice which Shin backed up a bit.

Miria who was watching this felt the sudden change in Naruto's energy. Naruto slowly began to walk towards Miria with his hair covering his face. Shin began to heal the others if they were knocked out. Miria charged at Naruto with intense speed, but when she went to kick him. He brought his left hand up and caught her attack. She tried to pull back, she twirled herself around to kick him. Naruto let go and dodged.

Miria lunged forward shooting an explosive blast at him, but Naruto took his fist and grabbed her attack. His hand engulfed her attack as he crushed her breaking the bones. Miria let a scream of the pain out as she backed up. Naruto said, "You hurt them… you hurt my friends… you destroy and ravage this innocent town. I want to know one thing I don't stand for my friends and this kingdom's innocent getting hurt! WHAT ALSO BOILS MY BUBBLE IS WHEN YOU WENT TOO FAR ON YURI!" Naruto had a golden cloak that shrouded his body. Naruto's pupils become slit, the whisker-like markings on his face become thicker to resemble the trigram, and the chakra shrouds resemble a full-length haori.

Miria's eyes widen, "J-Just what the hell is he!?" She said shocked with wide eyes.

Naruto tightened his fist, "Someone you don't mess with!" Naruto disappeared from her eyes.

Miria turned around to dodge an attack from Naruto but he wasn't behind her. She around but was quickly met with a punch to her back realizing that he tricked her. She was sent flying forward into a wall. She flipped herself around and her demonic aura skyrocketed, everyone felt her energy levels increasing making it a bit harder to resist. Shin was standing there watching just how far apart they were in strength.

Miria lunged forward trying to hit Naruto. Naruto simply dodged without a care in the world, a chakra hand came from his back which blocked her attack, "W-What! How is that!" She was met with a roundhouse kick to the face courtesy of Naruto. Just then Naruto was hit with a paralysis spell as he saw a Demonoid with red hair try to stop him, "Miria use a bomb attack now!" He shouted.

Miria jumped into the air and prepared her attack. Naruto eyes widen as he shouted, "KURAMA!" Naruto's body erupted into chakra as he took shape of a Golden Nine-Tailed Fox. He quickly swung his claw at Miria stopping her attack. Naruto also took the other claw and swiped at the other Demonoid, "No one ever threatens or hurts the people I care about! NO ONE! NOW DISAPPEAR!" Naruto called upon two clones as he began to create a Rasengan, he then added wind chakra. Everyone heard the buzzing of his attack that took shape of a fuma shuriken. Naruto shouted, Tailed Beast Bomb Rasenshuriken! Kurama created the tailed beast bomb and Naruto fired the Rasenshuriken throwing it at the down Miria and redhead Demonoid causing a massive explosion that disintegrated anything everything inside of it.

Once Naruto dropped out of Kurama's form. He saw the dust clear and saw only one figure alive. Miria stood up bleeding heavily with her clothes in tatters, her wincing in pain. That attack hurt her, it hurt her on the cellular level. Naruto felt his hands were a little numb, but Kurama fixed that quickly. Naruto walked forward and grabbed her by the collar of what her clothes remained. He glared at her in the eyes and said, "If you… your demonoids… if anyone tried to attack another kingdom. I'll promise you… I'll hunt down Olivera… I'll exterminate him, your kind, in a blink of an eye. The only reason you continue breathing is that I want you to tell him my message." Naruto looked up as he saw a clone come jumping down with the dead body of Zest.

Mira's eyes widen in shock to she one of her ally's dead. He had two large Rasengan indents on his torso and his stomach, "W-Who i-in the hell are you?" She asked wanting to know who Naruto was, his power, his abilities were otherworldly.

Naruto growled, "You can take over kingdoms… hurt the people… you can destroy all you want. I will always stop you because I am something you and your kind will never be able to destroy. I am the hope of this and all other countries. I am the answer that all living beings that cry out for peace. I am the protector of the innocent, I am the light that flattens the night! ! I am Uzumaki Naruto! So, don't you forget it! ALLY TO GOOD! NIGHTMARE TO YOU" Naruto threw her out of the kingdom just with his raw strength. He turned his Kurama mode off as he turned back towards the others.

Naruto makes his way over slowly as Yuri stands up with his help, "Y-You did it… you were able to drive the rest of the demonoids away." Yuri rubbed her head.

"Yeah, that was amazing!" Thor added.

"That was so manly!" Julius added.

"Must say, we're lucky to have you guys on our side." Mark chuckled.

"Yeah, even I don't know if I could have driven them back like that," Shin added.

Naruto sighed, "All I care about are keeping people safe, and the people I care about safe too."

The group makes their way to a safe area where everyone was being healed. Naruto and Shin walk in to find many still wounded and Sicilian doing her best to heal everyone. Shin, Naruto, Yuri, Olivia, Alice, and Maria jump into beginning healing. Naruto on his patience he gave them a small bit of Kurama's chakra which healed everyone almost instantly. Sicilian was doing her best to heal everyone, but she was struggling because her reserves were running low. Naruto saw how distressed Sicilian was and so did Shin.

Shin walked over to find Sicilian trying to heal a man who was dying. She didn't have the reserves to heal him. She was struggling and still hating the fact that she was still too weak to do anything. Shin stepped in and healed the man with his magic, but the man's wound was deep and life-threatening. Shin said, "Sicilian you kept this man stable for this long… you healed so many others too. Don't you think you didn't do anything." Shin frowned, "I don't know even if I can save him… the wound is so deep."

"W-What! Please! You have to save my husband please!" The woman begged.

"I-I'm trying but even my healing magic won't do anything, it's a life-threatening injury. I'm not that proficient in healing him." Shin began to struggle to try to keep his concentration. Soon he saw another pair of hands go above his. He looks up to see Sicilian again working her hardest after she caught her breath.

Sicilian said, "Then let's do it together." She smiled as the two began to heal the man, the two saw his wound slowly closing. Soon his wound closed, and they were able to save the husband, the woman thanked Shin and Sicilian a lot.

Shin smiled, "Sicilian you did a lot today, you've saved a lot of lives." Shin held her close.

"I-I know but I feel like I didn't do enough… many ended up dying on my watch, even the clone that Naruto left me. He was only able to save a few before he disappeared." Sicilian looked down on herself.

"Now that's not true look." Shin pointed to the civilians that she did save. Her eyes widen in shock as they all bowed and said.

"Thank you for saving us!"

"You're like a saint!"

"You saved my mother!"

"You saved my father!"

"You saved my son! You're a saint for sure!" They all spoke up as Sicilian felt a bit better about herself, she knew she had a long way to go. All she can do it continue to get stronger so she can help more people.

Soon everyone thanks Naruto, Shin, and the others for their help in saving the kingdom. Naruto was able to single-handedly push back the Demonoid. Naruto and the others began to take their leave and report back to the king. They made their way back and while flying in Kurama Naruto said, "Guys… when I was fighting that woman Demonoid… I-I felt it. I could sense it." Naruto narrows his eyes.

"What do you mean Naruto?" Aug asked while the others were listening intently.

"I-I… I could sense it… she was pregnant." Naruto spoke looking at the ground they flew over. Aug was shocked and silent, "H-How are you so sure?" Aug was baffled at this news.

"S-She is different than the others. Yes, the others wanted destruction and death… however, she was different than the others. It was as if she… had a will of her own. S-She had human emotion… even if she was a Demonoid." Naruto looked at his fist, "It before I decided to kill her like the others… I-I sensed her baby… inside of her." Naruto frowned, "I-I don't know… what to think, but I think these demonoids are evolving from they use to be."

"It's a high possibility, they were able to talk, and wield weapons. Well, let's report this to the king.

With that, the group arrived back at the palace and relayed information to the king. The king announced that the Nine-Tailed Fox Magicians saved the Kingdom of Swede. The kingdom threw a celebration while Naruto, Shin, and Aug planned their next move. They came to a single conclusion; it was to save the world from the demonoids rampage. However, Naruto says something that baffles the two of them. Naruto says, "Guys I think we aren't supposed to kill them… I mean… if they can walk, talk, and understand like us. I-I don't want to be the person who has killed a Demonoid that had a will of its own. Yea, some demonoids were evil and wanted to pillage and kill. Then there was that woman that I was fighting. All I could sense for her was her will to survive. S-She was pregnant… she didn't want to lose her child." Naruto put his hand on his other arm.

Aug closed his eyes, "Well that's a matter we will discuss when we get there."

"It's hard to think that the Demonoid we fought had a better sense of morals than the others. Maybe your right… but we need to be careful, they could strike at any moment." Shin warned, "This is only the beginning."

Naruto tightened his headband on his forehead, "The storm had yet to come."

Kingdom of Bluesphere Empire

Olivera listened to the injured Miria intently as she talked about Naruto's otherworldly abilities to him. Olivera bit his lip, "Well it seems we drastically underestimated Naruto's power. However, I have recently acquired a new ally I think you would like to meet. We both have goals that we want to achieve… isn't that right Madara Uchiha?" Olivera said as a swirl appeared beside Miria as it shocked her. Olivera went to leave, "Oh and Miria is that side project doing well?"
Miria rubbed her belly, "It's still early to tell… but I think it's coming along well."

Madara who was standing next to Miria smiled behind his mask, "Soon… I will have you… Naruto… Uzumaki."

Kingdom of Earlshide

Naruto, Shin, and Aug were currently in the castle before the king talking about what their next mission was. The king agreed that they were to continue training and honing their skills to get even stronger. The kind acknowledged this and also said, "I slept on the proposition you gave me last night Naruto." Merlin and Melinda raised an eyebrow along with Shin and Aug.

Diseum said, "I think your heart is in the right area to help the demonoids live a peaceful life they are capable of thinking for their own well being and the future. However, if they still prove to be a danger to the other kingdoms. I will not hesitate to put out the kill on sight order."

Soon the doors of the castle open with guards escorting two people. Naruto turned his head as his eyes widen, "Your majesty we bring two unknown foreigners saying that they know who Naruto Wolford is."

Naruto looked at what was in Infront of him. Sasuke was wearing dark blue pants, over which hangs a blue cloth that covers him from his stomach to his knees, he had a purple vest that was similar to Jiraiya's red vest on his chest. Naruto also saw Jiraiya with him as well, "S-Sasuke? Pervy-Sage?"

"It's good to see ya dobe." Sasuke had a smirk on his face.

Jiraiya came walking up, "It's good to see that you've grown up brat… you look even cooler since the last time I've seen you."

Naruto quickly ran up to Jiraiya and gave him a hug, even if he only knew him for roughly a month. The stupid pervert was still there and trained him during that month, "Pervy-Sage! Sasuke! How the hell did you guys get here!" Naruto was shocked beyond belief.

Jiraiya sighed, "Well it's a long story… that reminds me Naruto your fifteen, now right?"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "I'm sixteen, why do you ask?"

"That's what I'm afraid of… you see Sasuke here is seventeen. I wonder if the years here are longer than the ones back in the elemental nations. Well, we came here for some dire issues Naruto… the fourth Great Ninja War has been declared." Jiraiya's eyes narrowed as Naruto's eyes were also as serious.

"I'm listening." Naruto quickly spoke as Shin, Aug, Yuri, Merlin, and Melinda were shocked to see who was in front of them.

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