Date: February 12th, 2017

Location: Kuoh Town, Kuoh Academy, Japan

With a role of her eyes, Ria Evens watches as Issei Hyoudou runs for his life from the wrath of the Kendo Club again. Once again Issei's two so called buddies, Kenji Matsuda and Koizumi Motohama ditch him. With a sigh, Ria wonders what Raynare and her team are up to. After transferring to Kuoh Academy a week ago under Azazel's orders, there has been nothing but radio silence. Unfortunately, Ria's reputation as the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess as well as the Princess of Destruction and the Spearhead of the Grigori follows her. This of course provoked a not to warm response from Kuoh's sole Governor, Sona Sitri on the first day she arrived.

The encounter wasn't outright hostile, but Sona made things perfectly clear to Ria. Cause problems in her territory and there will be retribution. Consequences be damned. This doesn't go over well with Ria's lover and best friend Akeno Himejima. However, Ria defuses the situation before it can fully escalate out of control. An agreement is reached basically stating: "Stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours if you cause no trouble." After the meeting, both Ria and Akeno are free to go. The first time Ria meets Akeno was when she visited Baraqiel and his wife Shuri Himejima. Ria was only five years old at the time. From time to time Suzaku Himejima (the only person from the Himejima Clan besides Tobio Ikuse still on friendly terms with Shuri) would come and visit.

Unfortunately those happy days with Baraqiel and his wife Shuri come to an end in 2010. On orders of Suou Himejima, the head of the Himejima Clan. A squad of the Clan's finest soldiers are sent to kill Akeno and Shuri. However at the time, what the Clan doesn't know is that Baraqiel along with several Fallen Angel's are waiting for the assassins thanks to being forewarned by Suzaku. By this time, Akeno, Shuri and Ria (whom are visiting at the time) are in a Grigori safe house. When the assassins enter the premises the Fallen Angel's annihilate them all.

Enraged, Suou Himejima declare's war on the Grigori. However, The Fallen Angel's planted hidden surveillance cameras throughout the area before the assassins even arrive. Knowing this, Baraqiel and the others successfully goad the assassins into revealing why they came. With this information, Suou is discredited and forcefully removed as the Head of the Himejima Clan. Knowing Suou to still be a threat. Baraqiel has him discreetly assassinated later on.

Horrified that if it wasn't for Suzaku, Baraqiel probably wouldn't have made it on time to save Akeno and Shuri. Ria from this point on resolves herself to get stronger and officially joins the Grigori. Over the years, Ria gains several titles such as the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess as well as the Princess of Destruction and the Spearhead of the Grigori. Especially since she accidentally discovers that she can use the Power of Destruction when she saved the life of a young Fallen Angel named Raynare. At the time, Raynare, was on the verge of dying at the hands of Stray Exorcists. Besides her main titles, Ria as four more. The first two are to her immense displeasure: Switch Princess given by her friend Bikou and Crimson Bust Princess by Azazel himself. The man who raised her. As well as the one person Ria considers as well as sees as her true father.

However the third title, Devil Princess by Magari and Nurarihyon only causes Ria to chuckle. The biggest surprise was after befriending Ophis at age fifteen. Ria gained a fifth title by Ophis: Mom. For some reason this is to Ria's amusement, however her best friend Kunou becomes jealous. When she is sixteen, Azazel manages to procure a Evil Piece set.

Due Ria's freindship with Ophis, her Evil Piece set is heavily modified so that Ria only needs one Evil Piece to reincarnate a person as powerful as the Red Dragon Emperor/Empress. So far, Ria has rencarnated Akeno, Valerie Tepes, Koneko Toujou, Tosca, Kaede Katase, Arisu Murayama, Verrine and Le Fay Pendragon with their explicit permission. Back in the present, Ria and Akeno watch as Kaede and Arisu beat the ever living hell out of Issei. Akeno just shakes her head, "Ria After class, I think it's time we paid Ray a visit after school."

Ria nods, "I agree."

Location: Kuoh Town

After school ends, Rias and Akeno travel to the old church. However half way there they come across Raynare in her Yuuma Amano disguise talking to Aika Kiryuu for some reason. As soon as Ray see's Ria and Akeno she makes a exuse to Aika before running off. After this, Ria and Akeno follow Raynare. And later catches up to her. Cornered, Ray's eyes widen before a stream of tears pour out of her eyes after Ria asks her what's going on, "Ria, Akeno. Please help me! Dohnaseek has allied with Kokabiel. Kokabiel plans on assassinating Sona Sitri so he can start the Great War. Me, Kala and Mittelt are only going along with this nutcase scheme to collect information. However, I think Dohnaseek is on to us. We are under heavy surveillance. I'm risking a lot even telling you. However it's worth it. By the way that girl, Asia Argento is on her way here."

Ria clinches her fists while Akeno snarls, "Shit!"

Ria growls, "We need to to tell father about this. Ray, stay under cover. Don't even tell Kala or Mittelt that you contacted us. So what were you doing with Aika?"

Ray sighs, "Kokabiel wants the girl dead because she has some sort of Scared Gear. If Kokabiel is worried about it, then it must be powerful."

Both Ria snd Akeno nods in agreement. With a determined expression, Ria's eyes harden, "For now, stick to what you were doing. Stay under cover. Protect Asia when you can. Report to us when you can."

Ray nods, "Understood."

After this, Raynare leaves with a determined expression. Afterwards Ria and Akeno head back to their house Azazel bought for the couple. Once in the safty of their house/base, they contact Azazel and tell them the situation with Raynare, Kalawarner and Mittelt. In a rare burst of anger, Azazel growls, "Kokabiel really has gone too far. I'll get in contact with Sirzechs and the other Devil Kings. Report this to Sona Sitri immediately. She's a high school student and head of the Student Council so she should still be there doing paperwork hopefully."

Both girls nod before end communications. Afterwards the two then head to Kuoh Academy. An hour later, Ria and Akano are in front of Sona and her Peerage. After telling Sona everything Raynare told them, Sona's eyes narrow, "I'll get in contact with my sister immediately. Thank you for telling me this. Come to this office after school tomorrow."

Ria nods, "I understand."

Date: February 12th, 2017

Location: Kuoh Academy

After school ends, Ria and Akeno returns to Sona's office. Surprisingly Sirzechs' Queen, Grayfia Lucifuge as well as Serafall Leviathan are in the office to. taking it in stride, both girls take a seat and explain everything they told Sona to Grayfia and Sera. Both girls even tell Grayfia and Sera everything about Asia. Rubbing her temples, Sera then sighs, "This is a delicate matter. We must stand firm in our resolve in dealing with this situation. We'll observe the situation as it unfolds from here. Meanwhile Aika Kiryuu and Asia Argento will be covertly placed under our protection. All we can do right now is deal with things as they happen. At least for right now. Azazel is working closely with us in this situation."

Akeno nods, "As you wish Lady Serafall."

Ria nods in agreement, "Very well then."

After this, both Ria and Akeno leave the room. After which, Sera turns to Grayfia, "That girl, Ria Evens. Looks awfully like a mixture between Zeoticus and Venelana more specifically a female version of Sirzechs. They need to be made aware of this development."

Grayfia nods in agreement, "That she does Lady Serafall. She maybe the missing Rias Gremory for all we know."

Author's Notes:

This fanfiction is a spiritual successor to Same World Different Universe.

In this fanfiction Issei Hyoudou never possesses the Boosted Gear. The Old Satan Faction extracts the Boosted Gear from a 45 year old man before giving it to Rias. The Old Satan Faction's plan (before Azazel saved Rias) was to raise her as a obedient puppet.

Kenji Matsuda, Koizumi Motohama, Kaede Katase and Arisu Murayama aren't OC's they are actually the Matsuda, Motohama, Katase and Murayama from DXD canon. I just gave Matsuda, Motohama, Katase and Murayama first names.

Momoji Nakiri, Genbu Doumon and Mika are canon DXD characters.

Kunou, Asia Argento, Mittelt, Tosca, Le Fay Pendragon, Ravel Phenex and Koneko Toujou are aged up to 17 years old.

Rias doesn't have a full Peerage yet, but will gain them later in the story. The * symbol shows which individual hasn't joined Rias' Peerage yet.

This story is also AO3.

Rias's Peerage:
King: Rias Gremory.
Queen: Akeno Himejima.
Bishops: Le Fay Pendragon and Asia Argento*.
Knights: Tosca and Xenovia Quarta*.
Rooks: Koneko Toujou and Rossweisse*.
Pawns: Valerie Tepes, Kaede Katase, Arisu Murayama, Verrine, Kalawarner*, Mittelt*, Raynare* and Aika Kiryuu*.

Sona's Peerage:
King: Sona Sitri.
Queen: Tsubaki Shinra.
Bishops: Momo Hanakai and Reya Kusaka.
Knights: Tomoe Meguri and Bennia.
Rooks: Tsubasa Yura and Kiyome Abe.
Pawns: Ruruko Nimura, Jeanne, Mai Kazamatsuri, Natsume Minagawa, Millarca Vordenburg, Elmenhilde Karnstein, Elaine Westcott and Lint Sellzen