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Chapter 2: Step Two

Eterna City was beautiful. The buildings were simple but sturdy, and plantlife was scattered here and there. Mabel couldn't believe she didn't come here more often. It was much more peaceful than Hearthome City. Hearthome, despite being a relatively small city, was still flowing with constant chatter and streams of civilians at almost all hours of the day. Here Mabel saw very few people: a mom with a baby carriage and a Budew, a couple holding hands with matching Minun and Plusle- but Eterna had a quiet and gentle, lovely flow to it that was like nothing she'd ever seen. She didn't realize how much she needed a change of scenery until she stepped foot inside the city.

Mabel and her companion, Omar O'Malley, stood in shock staring at the immense statue of a legendary Pokemon located in the corner of the city, which stood tall and proud. Some ancient text was carved into its side, that Mabel ran her fingers across... Her green eyes were wide with wonder, her freckled face lit up. Mabel didn't know much about Legendary Pokemon, but this one was...well, terrifying was one word she'd use. She couldn't imagine a real Pokemon looking like this. It was more like a terrifying monster! But she also found it cool...

"Groww!" Baron barked and she looked at him. His fiery black-and-orange pelt was blowing in the breeze as he dashed along the side of one of the Eterna City ponds, staring at his reflection in the water. His tongue was lolling from his mouth, and his eyes were huge and as full of wonder as her own. He found joy in the simplest of things and she loved that about her Starter. Behind him, Omar's Riolu and Munchlax followed. They were chasing after the fire-type dog with huge smiles on their faces.

The sight made Mabel's heart swell.

Baron in their journey here had found fast friendship with those two. Omar's Riolu, Rhea, was a sweet girl, very fierce and determined to prove herself as Baron's equal while Ricecake was not as slothful as most Munchlax's, he always used his best effort to keep up with his two friends.

"Rio! Riolu!" Rhea cheered as she leaped into the air and tackled Baron, finally catching up to him. Mabel gasped with fear as the two tumbled into the watery depths. But she had no reason to worry, the two emerged just fine moments later. Baron was panting, his adorable face dripping with water, his fur soaked through as he sparred and struggled against Rhea. Mabel knew, of course, that he was going gentle on her. He was much bigger than her, and quite strong if yesterday's battle was anything to go by.

Omar raced forward and made sure they were alright, then backed off when he was sure the situation was fine. Ricecake watched from the shoreline, gleeful, as Rhea and Baron began to use Pokemon Moves, swimming through the water. For a fire-type, Baron was quite adept at swimming. She supposed that was probably why Officer Jenny's chose Growlithe's as their main Pokemon. Fear never stopped them, they were quick to adapt. Or maybe Baron was fearless of water because he'd easily beaten a Buizel the day before.

Mabel's mind wandered as she watched the three Pokemon play.

Baron had been amazing yesterday.

She lifted her Poketch and scanned her starter Pokemon.

Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon.

A Pokemon with a friendly nature. However, it will fearlessly bark and attack anything that invades its territory. When not wild, it is fiercely loyal, going to any length to protect its trainer. It has a brave and trustworthy nature. Growlithe has a superb sense of smell, and will never forget a scent. It uses its sense of smell to detect the emotions of others. Because of this, many region's law enforcement chooses Growlithe and its more fierce evolution, Arcanine, as their go-to Pokemon. While adorable, this Dexter unit recommends never approaching a Growlithe and its trainer without permission- as Growlithes are fiercely protective and will chase what it perceives as a threat until ordered otherwise.

This was the first time Mabel was using her Pokedex. She was shocked by the wealth of information displayed on the screen. Outside of having a 3d image of her Starter, it also had other information like average weight: about 42 lb, and height, 2,4. Just by skimming that basic information, Mabel could see that Baron was far bigger than average- standing at least three feet and definitely weighing more than 50 lb. She was, at her core, a Pokemon breeder so she wondered what Baron's parents must have been like.

Then she remembered that Baron was bred and raised by an evil old woman who had very insidious, filthy plans for the Growlithe's she'd produced. Specifically, Baron and his brothers had been raised for the purpose of Pokephilia. She wanted to be a breeder herself, and she couldn't even imagine being so vile that she'd ...think about sex with Pokemon when it came time to help her Pokemon partner up with another Pokemon. Mabel's mother and father had started a program that rescued victims of Pokephilia, and Baron was one they had picked to be her starter. That thought made Mabel angry because Mabel also knew that her mother had only helped with that "rescue program" because she was guilty of the carnal acts herself. And more than that, she'd "relapsed" and had sex with Baron behind Mabel's back, causing the adorable puppy pokemon to revert mentally.

But at least he was okay now. Safe with her.

Baron must have noticed her distress, because he stopped playing, and his huge, soft eyes focused on her. He hung from the edge of the shore with his paws, staring at her with his head cocked. Arceus, she loved him so much. She wished she could undo what her mother did, undo what that woman who raised him did. But she couldn't. She couldn't do anything to help him other than being there for him.

"Hey, are you okay?" Mabel's companion, Omar, asked. He laid a reassuring hand on her arm.

Mabel nodded, and she smiled at Baron, beckoning at him. The fire-type dog barked at Rhea, clearly announcing he was done playing and hopped onto the shore. He shook himself off, paws resting in the dirt. Flecks of water sprayed everywhere i. Mabel couldn't help but laugh when she saw the state of her starter. His fur was going in every direction, frizzy as can be and still slightly wet. Even so, she didn't protest when he ran up to her and began rubbing his muscular, thick-furred against her legs.

She knelt and kissed the side of his muzzle, running her fingers across his broad ears and thick pelt. He panted with delight and licked her right across the cheek.

Mabel couldn't help but pull away when she noticed something. Between Baron's back legs, he was visibly getting excited. His pink member had slid from its sheathe, and it visibly throbbed. She felt sick to her stomach, and her face turned red.

Omar watched this exchange. "That's...normal, you know."

Baron stared at her plaintively, his eyes sad. Growlithes really were in tune with their trainers' emotions, because he looked down at the ground in shame. Mabel wished she could comfort him, but she also didn't want to encourage his abnormal feelings. It wasn't "normal." She refused to believe that it was. But she could make Baron happy in a different way. She forced her disgust away. It wasn't Baron's fault, his body was just reacting because he was raised that way! Mabel grabbed Baron by the ears, staring him right in the eyes, smiling as genuinely as she could.

"What do you say we check out that gym we saw on the way in?"

Omar picked up Rhea and Ricecake. Rhea rested on his left shoulder, while Ricecake he carried in his arms. The teenage boy scratched the back of his head as he interrupted her. "Hey wait, I thought we agreed that we'd head to Oreburgh first. That's where most beginner train-"

Mabel felt a rush of irritation. She knew Omar didn't deserve it, but this was what she wanted to do with her Starter Pokemon. She'd seen on the way into town that it was a Grass-type gym. She could wait to go to Oreburgh to start their gym challenge, sure, but she at least wanted to check the place out. As far as Mabel knew, there were no rules that stated a trainer had to start at any one gym in particular. Besides, Mabel wanted to see what a gym was like. All she knew about it was that it was this...massive and badass building, totally out of place in this city!

Omar noticed her sharp look and fell quiet. "Well...I just wanted to help."

Baron glared at him too, and that's when Mabel realized how much of a….well, how much of a bitch she was being. Omar hadn't done anything to do deserve such rudeness...but something about the boy just rubbed her the wrong way since the start of their journey together. Of course, she knew why. Because he was just a stand-in for the real guy she wanted. Avery Higgs.

Mabel forced the thought of Avery out of her head and stood up. "I know you do, I just want to check it out."

The two trainers and their Pokemon headed back into the main part of the city. Omar stopped at a particular shop, peering inside with interest. It was the bike shop they'd passed by earlier. Honestly, Mabel wanted to buy one but she wasn't exactly rich and the price tags were...well, to say the prices were lofty was an understatement. Omar glanced at her apologetically.

"Hey, you go on ahead, I'm going to see what kind of bikes they sell."

There was more than one type of bike?

Well, Mabel wanted some alone time with Baron anyway. Mabel nodded. "Sure! I'll be at the gym. See ya later Omar!"

She headed off, and much to her surprise, Rhea hopped off of Omar and darted after them. She ran right up to Baron and stared defiantly back at her trainer. Omar was shocked, to say the least.

He stared at his little Riolu, and he hesitated, then said, " you...perhaps want to do the gym challenge with Mabel?"

The tiny blue-and-black Pokemon nodded, crossing her arms, and glared at him as if daring her trainer to deny her. Something told Mabel she just wanted to do everything Baron did, and she couldn't help but giggle in delight. How adorable! Baron gave Rhea a big smile of encouragement, nuzzling the tiny baby Pokemon. Inwardly, Mabel felt a pang of excitement. Rhea was so cute! Mabel would love to battle with her!

Mabel couldn't believe she thought that way! She never had considered herself a future battler, and yet here she was... " that alright, Omar?" She stared at the dark-haired boy, worrying her bottom lip.

Omar hesitated. "Well...Well, I guess…" He gave Rhea somewhat of a dirty look. "Whatever, it's okay, I wouldn't want to deny her that. Let's go Ricecake." He opened the shop door and stepped inside without another word, his feelings clearly hurt.

Mabel understood. She would be just as hurt if Baron wanted to join Omar. Even so, that didn't stop her from reaching down and scooping up the adorable Riolu. Rhea cheered with delight and rubbed her snout into Mabel's face. Baron raced around Mabel's legs, tongue lolling from his mouth. Mabel's battle party had just increased by one!

Before anything, Mabel wanted to see what she was working with. She knew little about Riolu's, as they were a somewhat rare Pokemon. She scanned Rhea with her Pokedex. Meanwhile, the Riolu stood next to Baron and peered up at her with those adorable innocent eyes.

Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon.

Emanation? What did that mean?

This Pokemon is exceedingly energetic, youthful in nature. As such, many young trainers find it to be quite overwhelming to raise. It has enough stamina to continuously run throughout the night, so taking it for walks can be quite challenging...Additionally, it has many other hidden talents. It emanates a constant aura, which intensifies when it is sad, afraid, or angry. It can also use these aura powers to determine the emotional state of others, both human and Pokemon. These same energy waves can be used to detect the state of the environment around it. This Dexter unit recommends approaching this Pokemon with clear intentions. A Riolu will rarely resist capture from a trainer it deems worthy, as it loves companionship.

Rhea was average-sized according to the dex, and she was different looking than the Riolu in the image conjured up by Mabel's Pokedex. Where a Riolu was usually just all blue, Rhea had patches of darker blue and one patch of black on the top of her head, between her ears. Her ears were also longer than average. Mabel skimmed through the other pages of the Pokedex.

It had a page with all the available moves Rhea knew: So far, she only knew a few. Metal Claw, Work up, and Quick Attack. Curious, Mabel once again checked Baron's moves. She knew a couple off the top of her head but wondered what the dex would inform her. Baron had a rather large pool of moves. Flame wheel, agility, roar, bite, howl, and helping hand.

"Alright, you the gym we go!"

Rhea threw her fist up. "Riol!"

There was somebody already fighting with the gym leader when Mabel got there. Much to Mabel's distress, it was a familiar face, and one she would rather not have seen so soon...It was Aquafina, the water-type trainer she'd battled the day before. Aquafina was standing across from the gym-leader, a beautiful young woman with orange hair and a fierce, determined demeanor. Honestly, calling her beautiful was an understatement. The gym leader's body was rather muscular and sun-tanned, her long legs clad in orange shorts held up by a black belt. Half her belly was on display.

The Pokemon battling Jet, Aquafina's Buizel, was a tiny pink Pokemon Mabel recognized as Cherubi.

A man with brown hair, glasses, and a mustache peered at Mabel from where he stood next to the arena. He walked over to Mabel. "Young Lady, I take it you are looking to challenge the gym?"

Mabel nodded. "Mhm, if it's possible…"

"Well, why wouldn't it be? Might I see your trainer card?"

Mabel nodded and handed her Poketch over, as well as her Trainer ID. He looked over all the necessary information, nodding every now and then. "Yes yes, everything seems to be in order...seems like you have no badges yet, correct?"

" there anything else I'd need? it okay if I challenge this gym first, I was told Oreburgh would be the best place to start."

The mustached man gave her a stern look. "Well, that does make sense in some ways. Roark is the gym leader of Oreburgh, he has rock-type Pokemon. Let me explain something to you…" Mabel waited.

"You can challenge any gym. The way it works is that each Gym Leader has many different Pokemon of their preferred type. As you may have noticed, the lovely leader of Eterna specializes in Grass-type pokemon. Each gym leader chooses their teams based on the challenger's level. You are a novice, clearly...because of that Roark would have- " He held up two fingers. "Two Pokemon if you were to challenge him. Now, if you were to go there after getting this gym badge, he would have-" The guy lifted another finger. "three Pokemon. As you have a Growlithe, you would need to determine for yourself if you'd rather fight Gardenia and take the risk of fighting against Roark's stronger Pokemon later or go to Roark's now, and take the advantage."

That...was a lot of information to unpack.

Mabel looked up when she heard a familiar shrill - "WHAT!? NO!? HIT THAT LITTLE FUCKER JET!"

A giant beam of light was blasting in from the open roof, where sunlight gleamed. The green beam shot down with a blast of energy, hitting Jet unsuspecting as he Aqua Jet toward the Cherubi. Aquafina was stomping her foot on the ground, face red with rage. Jet fell unconscious on the ground before the Cherubi, which chittered in delight and hopped in place.

Mabel had to force back a laugh. Calling Aquafina a sore loser was...well, an understatement.

But apparently, the battle wasn't over.

Aquafina and Mabel had only battled using one Pokemon the day before. Apparently, she had more than one. The swimmer returned Jet and grabbed another ball from her belt. "I'm not finished yet Gardenia! Two more left! Pippy, go!"

Aquafina tossed her aqua ball, and a tiny blue penguin appears. "Pipleeeee" The adorable Pokemon called out as it appeared. It was a Piplup. Mabel was impressed. It appeared rather shy and weak, but when it saw the emotional state of its trainer, its eyes narrowed and it faced the Cherubi with fierce determination.

Gardenia smiled, and she winked at Mabel. "It's only fitting Pippy fights its equal. Go, Turtwig!"

A green turtle appeared across from "Pippy." Wow, a Turtwig! Two rare "Starter" Pokemon duking it out! Mabel was glad she came here. She quickly pulled out her Pokedex and scanned both targets, downloading their dex entries and skimming the information. Baron and Rhea watched the battle, enraptured.

Mabel set her Pokedex aside, and simply spectated now.

Gardenia knew what she was doing. No surprise, that's why she was a gym leader here. At first, it seemed like she had the advantage. She started the battle with a leech seed, then before Aquafina could get a word in edgewise, she began to order Turtwig to use vine whip. Mabel winced as she watched Pippy get whipped by thick, green vines over and over, red welts appearing all over the penguin Pokemon's body. Mabel couldn't help but tear up as she heard the Pokemon cry out in agony each time, unable to getaway. On top of that, Pippy was in so much pain that it didn't even seem to register Aquafina's commands until finally, Aquafina screeched-

"Pull yourself together, USE FLIPPING PECK, Pippy!"

The Piplup let out a series of loud shrill shrieks as it shook itself out of its dazed state, and jumped forward, repeatedly pecking the tiny turtle with its sharp beak. The grass-type was clearly not a fan, trying to run away and unable to defend itself, its shell doing little to help it from the flying type move.

"Turtwig, calm down, and use withdraw."

Turtwig let out a grunt and slid its body into its shell, protected from harm. Pippy's beak began to harmlessly bounce off the shell. It stopped, staring at the grass type with a puzzled expression. It stared back at Aquafina in confusion, who seemed equally as troubled.

"Now that its guard is down, use headbutt Turtwig, take that Piplup out," Gardenia ordered confidently. Aquafina's eyes widened.

"Pippy! Hurry, getaway qui-"

"TurTWIGGG!" The Turtwig moved too fast. It's huge green head slid from its shell and slammed straight into the water starter, knocking the Pokemon away a good distance. Pippy landed on its back, its eyes dazed...before they slid shut, and Piplup fell unconscious. Aquafina was speechless. She just stared...then she silently recalled her second Pokemon.

"I...concede," she muttered, "it's over."

Gardenia seemed puzzled. "You have one more, correct?"

Aquafina looked miserable, glancing at Mabel out of the corner of her eye. "My Pokemon are weak and pathetic. I'm over this." It was clear to Mabel that the swimmer was still thinking about the battle she'd lost to Mabel yesterday. This loss on top of it seemed to be too much for her to handle. She glowered at Gardenia, then marched off the field, slamming her shoulder into Mabel as she passed.

"I'll beat you next time, both of you," She muttered in Mabel's direction as she stomped her way out of the building.

Gardenia scratched the back of her head. "Yikes. Some people are just not cut out for battling." The ginger gave Mabel a huge grin. "I take it you're my next challenger?"

Mabel glanced at Baron and Rhea, who peered back at her with determined and excited gazes. Then she met Gardenia's eyes. "Umm, yes, I am. My name is Mabel Foster and I'd like to battle."

Gardenia eyed Mabel up and down. Then stared at Baron, who glared at her.

"Normally I'd take a break...let my Pokemon rest, but that battle was nothing. Let's do it."

Mabel's heart was hammering a thousand beats per second. She'd seen for herself that Gardenia was a ruthless battler, barking out commands with no hesitation and giving the other trainer no room to breathe. Mabel had to be equally assertive if she was gonna win this.

"I'd like to have a double battle with you. I can see that your Riolu and Growlithe have great chemistry, and on top of have no third Pokemon." Gardenia called out from across the field. "I want to give you a worthy challenge, and if I use my normal beginner team...well, I think it'd be too easy. You're a novice but your Pokemon are strong and determined."

Mabel blushed. That was high praise from a gym leader. Gardenia smiled when she saw Mabel's reaction.

"Gosh, you're incredibly cute. You have a boyfriend, hon?" Mabel somehow grew redder. She wasn't into girls but...jeez!. Gardenia was openly flirting with her! Baron stepped forward, and much to Mabel's shock, he snarled with complete and total rage. He dug his paws into the dirt on the Gym floor, and his taut, muscular body rippled with a clear need for action. He was jealous. Gardenia's eyebrows show up, and her amber eyes settled first on Baron, and then on Mabel. A sly smile crossed her face. "I seeeeee... Well, what do you say cutie? Two on two sound good?"

Mabel tried not to be too overwhelmed by the emotions running over her. Blushing still, she knelt down. "Umm, you two, c'mere."

Baron bristled, but obeyed, trotting over with Rhea close behind him.

Mabel put a hand on his head, ruffled his ears. "Calm down, okay Baron? Don't be angry, be happy for me. How can you battle when your emotions are controlling you?"

Baron wilted, his ears drooping. "Groww…" He whimpered, shame entering his expression.

"It's okay, I'm not upset! I just want you to be happy. Do you two want to battle together?"

For a second, it almost seemed like Baron was going to decline the battle. Then, he glanced at Gardenia, and he let out a blast of fire, body lighting up with determination. "GROWWW!" He howled, a huge plume of fire shooting from his mouth toward the sky. Gardenia grinned. Rhea and Baron looked at each other and nodded once, walking onto the field, clearly ready.

"Sounds like a yes to me, cutie," Gardenia beamed. "Then...let's get this show started."