Author's notes: This is Chapter One of my adult fan fiction story Cheer Fight: Shego's Revenge. It mostly involves Kim Possible and Shego, with some minor parts including Ron, Felix, Bonnie and Tara.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story does contain sexual content. NOT this chapter but later chapters will.**

Cheer Fight: Shego's Revenge

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 1 – The Call For Help

Kim Possible, the girl who could do anything, still couldn't cook. She put eggs in a mixer but the dough was too runny. She didn't realize that she had put too many eggs in the mix. The moment Kim turned the mixer on it spun too fast and the mixture went all over her shirt instead.

Kim yelled, "Oh…come on!"

Ron rushed to her aid from the bedroom. "We've been out of high school for over seven years and you still can't cook?"

Ron quickly turned off the mixer and smiled at Kim.

Kim, on the other hand, was not pleased. "It doesn't like me. It never has."

Ron took a kitchen towel and brushed the sloppy mess off of her shirt, "Kim, remember what I told you. You must become one with the…."

Kim grabbed the towel out of Ron's hands, "Oh shut up! Why can't I do this? I can do anything."

Ron kissed her on the lips, "You can't fix a car either, remember? Thanks to your super smart brothers, the Sloth, which they fixed for you when they were freshmen, is still going strong today."

Kim took the towel and loved whipped him on the side.

As Ron walked away he yelled at Kim, "Felix will be here any minute. You better change tops unless you don't mind looking like that in front an old friend we haven't seen in over two years."

Kim whispered to herself, "He's right. I'm a mess. I better change before Bonnie gets here too."

It had been two years since Kim became connected with Bonnie during her College Spring Break. Within those two years Kim graduated college, Kim and Ron got a house together. They were engaged but not married yet. Bonnie and Kim also and become close friends and hung out quite often.

A few years ago, when Kim and Bonnie became friends again, Kim and Ron had bought a clothing store for Bonnie to get a fresh start. Unfortunately Bonnie couldn't handle running the shop on her own so Ron sold it after Bonnie's year trial period was up, as they said they would do if Bonnie couldn't handle doing everything by herself.

After the shop was gone Bonnie took a part time job working retail at Smarty-Mart. She constantly complained that it was so humiliating, to which Ron told her that Smarty-Mart was his dream job when he was in high school and she should enjoy it. Besides, he often reminded her that she WAS the owner of a clothing store. "You made your choices so live with them."

The three of them remained close even after what took place during College Spring Break. Bonnie kept her word and she never had sex with Kim or Ron after that. They had some small fights, a little bickering every now and then but they remained friends.

On this day, Bonnie was coming over and Kim wanted to make some cookies but that didn't go so well. She thought to herself, "How can someone who can do anything mess up something as simple as cookies?"

Kim took off her shirt as she walked to her bedroom to change.

Within an hour, Felix was ringing their door bell.

Kim opened the door. Felix rolled his chair in the doorway just a few feet. Kim bent down to try to give him a hug but he stopped her, "Kim, no need for you to come to me."

Felix pressed a button on his wheel chair and the chair converted and lifted him up in the air toward Kim! Felix was now on TWO LEGS! He put his arms out to hug her.

Kim hugged Felix, "Sweet. Did you make any more new modifications?"

Ron answered that question for his friend, "Did he? His chair is ten times better than it was back in high school, if you can imagine that?"

Kim responded, "Really?"

Felix lowered his chair back into its normal position, "Yea, it's partially a tank now."


Felix laughed, "Still using Spankin?"

Kim asked, "Wait, what? What's wrong with…"

Ron whispered in her ear, "Keep 'What's The Sitch' and lose 'Spankin'." Kim responded by shrugging her shoulders in defeat.

Within a few seconds, Bonnie was right behind Felix. She was so busy texting she didn't see where she was going and walked into him in the doorway. "What the…?"

Kim introduced Bonnie to Felix, "Bonnie, do you remember Felix from high school?"

Felix remembered her, "Hi Bonnie."

Not being able to completely change her bitchy attitude Bonnie said, "Wheelchair boy?"

Ron, defensive over his best bro friend, replied angrily, "His name is Felix!"

"Oh yeah…the one with the flying wheel chair at graduation. I remember you now," never making eye contact with anybody as she walked into the room and started playing with her phone again.

Kim sassed, "You'll have to forgive Bonnie her eyes are always glued her phone."

Ron leaned over to kiss Kim, "I'll see you on Monday."

"Have a good time at the convention."

As Ron and Felix closed the door behind them Bonnie asked Kim, "Where's Ron going?"

Kim started shaking her head in dismay, took a deep breath, looked Bonnie in the eye and responded, "First, rude much? Wheelchair boy… really? How can you not remember him?"

"I did remember. I said he was the one with the flying wheel chair at graduation, remember?" Bonnie snarked.

Kim rolled her eyes and huffed in frustration, "Anyway, Ron and Felix are going to a video game convention in LA. Ron won two tickets and a flight out there. Virtual reality games are all the rage now and video games aren't really my thing so Ron is taking Felix. They talk all the time via video calls and play video games on line anyway. It's a guy thing."

Bonnie chuckled, "A guy thing? I know a few nerdy girls who might disagree. Remember Lacy?"

"My old roommate..."

Bonnie and Kim said at the same time, "Acid Mouse!"

Kim continued, "Yeah, I almost forgot about her."

"Is she still in prison?" Bonnie asked as she continued to text on her phone.

Kim kept talking as she walked to her kitchen to try and clean up her mess from earlier, "As far as I know. Anyway, I thought I told you about the boys going on this trip a few weeks ago? It's the reason we're hanging…"

Kim stopped talking when she heard her cell phone ring. She turned around to Bonnie and said, "Hold that thought."

Bonnie looked up from her phone for two seconds and said to Kim, "Hold what? I wasn't the one talking."

Kim rolled her eyes and then picked up her phone which was on the end stand in her living room. Before she answered she looked at the ID of the person called and was baffled, "What the sitch? It's Tara!"

Bonnie looked at Kim as she answered, "Tara, what's up it's been…"

To Kim's shock, Tara pleaded, "Kim, help me. Please."

Kim's face sank as she tried to pull information from Tara, "Tara, slow down. What's wrong?"

"I know you used to fly all over the world saving people or something so I thought to call you first."

Bonnie looked at Kim concerned. Kim continued, "It's ok, just take a breath and tell me where you're at."

"That's just it. I don't know. They're lots of trees and…"

Suddenly…the call went dead.

Kim yelled, "Tara? TARA!"

Bonnie asked, "What's going on?"

"It was Tara. She's in trouble and I know just the man who can help us find her." Kim pulled open a drawer and pulled out her old wrist communicator and contacted Wade.

Wade's face popped up on screen, "Hi Kim, going old school tech today?"

"Never mind that. Tara just called. I haven't heard from her in years. We talked for a few seconds and then call went dead. She said she was in trouble. Can you trace the call?"

"Kim, that's first grade hacking and… already done."

Bonnie asked, "Wait, how did he - without her…"

Kim looked at Bonnie with a glint of pride in her eyes, "Super genius!"

Wade informed Kim, "I pinged her phone at a bar 50 miles south of Lowerton. It's a biker bar called The Rat Hole."

Kim said thick with sarcasm, "The Rat Hole? Sounds like a lovely establishment."

Wade added, "Guess who owns it?


Wade said with excitement, "Motor Ed!"



Kim thought out loud, "On second thought, it kinda makes sense. He is into cars, bikes, mullets and he would take pride in naming a business 'The Rat Hole'."

"Anyway, old villain or not, if you're going to try and find Tara at a bar called The Rate Hole, you shouldn't go alone."

Kim looked at Bonnie as she was texting on her phone…again. She raised one eyebrow and told Wade, "I think I have the perfect backup for this mission."