Author's notes: This is chapter 18 of my adult fan fiction story Cheer Fight: Shego's Revenge. It mostly involves Kim Possible and Shego. With some minor parts including Ron, Felix, Bonnie and Tara.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will some sexual content.**

Cheer Fight: Shego's Revenge

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Ch. 18 – Prison time for Bonnie

It had only a few weeks since Kim was put through her whole ordeal of Shego's Revenge. Kim was feeling depressed and still recovering. Her depression might have had something to do with that fact that it was a boring weekend with nothing to do and it was raining outside but probably not. Kim was a very strong woman but being rapped by every villain she had ever fought in the past had took it's a toll on her.

In Ron and Kim's apartment, Kim was in her living room, under the covers watching TV when there was a knock at the door. She got up, wrapped her blanket around her tight and walked to the door, looked through the peek hole and saw that it was Tara. She opened the door. "Hi Tara."

"Hi Kim, how are you feeling."

"As good as I can be for someone who was rapped by a bunch of very bad men."

"So I take it you're still not...oh, never mind. Anything I can do to help get your mind off of know?"

Kim cracked a pleasing smile at Tara, "Just the fact that your hear is good. It's nice to have company on a rainy day like today."

Tara smiled back, "No big!"

Kim turned around, "Hey, that's my line!"

They both shared a laugh.

Tara asked, "Where's Ron?"

"In our bedroom. Or as he likes to call it - The studio."

"His studio?"

Kim smiled at Tara, "He makes funny internet videos, remember? He's working on a new one right now. Do you want some coffee or tea?"

"Tea would be nice."

As time passed Kim and Tara talked over hot beverages. Tara told Kim more about her girlfriend Zoe and how what happened to her (being kidnapped by Shego) had brought them closer together then ever before. Kim told Tara that her and Ron's wedding was postponed, for a little whole. Kim needed time to get her mind back in the right place.

Just after Tara took another sip of tea she asked, "What happened to Bonnie and Lacy?"

"Lacy is in prison, where she belongs. Bonnie, she's in a special prison with Shego and the other rapping ass holes."

"Kim, Bonnie didn't rape you."

"Yes she did. She tried to make me eat her pussy but got frustrated when my tong couldn't get out far enough through that thing in my mouth. Plus she masturbated in front of everyone and shocked the hell of of me and worse yet...she - "

"Ok...I get it. Wait...hold up. A special prison?"

Kim grabbed her TV remote and turned it to channel 1. Then she she grabbed a different remote and a new menu popped up. Tara asked, "Oh, you have satellite and cable?"

Kim chuckled, "Something like that." Kim put in a special code as she continued. "Wade set me up with a special satellite link." Once the code was approved Tara saw Bonnie on the TV screen! Her jaw dropped in horror as she saw the torture that Bonnie was being put through.

Bonnie was sucking a big black cock through a glory hole, her legs were straddling a Sybian vibrator, her mouth was locked open with an "O" ring, her hands were hand cuffed behind her back and their was a collar round Bonnie's neck. There was also a chain attached to the collar that went through the hole of the glory hole. Finally a camera was pointing down at Bonnie sucking the cock.

Tara was in a little bit of shock, "Kim, what...waa..."

Kim explained, "Bonnie, Shego, Dr. Drakken...there all here, in this special prison called The Black Hole. Only I have a link to all the cameras because of what they did to me. You could call it the revenge network. Or the torture network."

"Revenge? Torture. went through this years ago it ate you up inside, remember? Wait, what about the biker dudes?"

"I don't know, don't care. Dr. Drakken's punishment was great through. Joss had him bent over naked and locked in a stockade. She brought one of her baby cows in to see him and the caff thought Dr. Drakken's dick was his momma's tit. It was so funny to watch that dumb ass squirm as that caff sucked his cock."

Tara shook her head almost not believing what she was hearing. "I'm surprised the cow didn't bite it off."

Kim smiled for a moment, "I know, right! Oh, watch this. Watch the screen!" Kim pressed a button on the same remote she used a moment ago that brought up the video feed of Bonnie and suddenly the collar around Bonnie's neck shocked her! Through the TV speaker, Kim and Tara heard Bonnie scream through her "O" ring. "AAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

Tara asked, "Did YOU just shock her?"

"Yea, and she deserves every bit of torment I can give her. Even the good kind of torment, like this."

Kim pressed another button on her remote and she heard the Sybrian vibrator picking up speed. It was like the sound of a motorcycle revving up between Bonnie's legs.

Bonnie felt a good feeling of stimulation. That super high speed vibration feeling also made her WANT suck the cock in her mouth even knew it would because Bonnie did the same to her many years ago.

Bonnie's eyes rolled in back of her head as her pussy felt REALLY good so she went deep on the cock. Deapthroating the cock faster and faster as she felt more and more pleasure in her pussy. Within a few seconds the cock came in her mouth and the chain on the collar was pulled through the hole - tight. Bonnie's mouth was now pulled closer to the hole and she was forced to swallow all the cum being shot down her throat.

After the guy came the chain let up. Cum dripped from Bonnie's mouth and chin as she tried to take a breath. However, she was still feeling the fast vibration between her legs so her head shook.

Kim looked at Tara for just a second as she pressed a button on the remote again. The fast vibration stopped. However, Bonnie didn't have time to rest. Another cock poked through the whole and the chain was pulled to make her come closer to it.

Tara saw that Bonnie was starting to cry now too.

Kim told Tara, "Remember that oil shower thing Shego put you through? Well, you can't see it from this angle but there's a shower head just above Bonnie's head. I can spray this cock sucking slut with oil if you'd like."

Tara looked at Kim, "Is this what you do all day? Torture Bonnie?"

"No, not all day. Just when I feeling depressed and I realize that this whole mess is all her fault."

"Kim, come on. What's really going on?"

Kim ignored her question. "Nothing. Joss told me Bonnie sucks off about 20 - 30 cocks a day. I think it's the biker dudes but then why..."

Tara tried to stop her, "Kim."

But Kim just continued, "Cum is Bonnie's only source of food now! She's been there since the day they took her away, you know, after the day they RAPPED ME..."


"What was that about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago? 20 - 30 cocks a day! Wow, she really is a cock sucking..."



Tara took the remote out of Kim's hands and told her, "Do you really want this for Bonnie?"

"YES! This all started with her. She humiliated me by oil wresting me in front of our closest school friends, her and Shego tricked me in to sucking cock at a glory hole because of some stupid bet and then - years later - when I finally forgive her for doing all that she betrays me again and has me rapped in front of all my villains. I want her TO SUFFER!"

Kim grabbed the remote from Tara and presses a button. Bonnie's sock collar went off again. Both of them hear Bonnie scream, "AAGGGGGGGGGGGG!"

Bonnie sobbed uncontrollably with a cock in her mouth.

Tara looked at Kim in her eyes, "Kim, stop it."

"NO! I hate her! I REALLY HATE HER! I want her to..."

Tara tried to plead with her again, "Kim. Bonnie has made some very bad choices in the past but look at what you're doing to her. She's hurting."

"I know...I want her to hurt. SHE HURT ME!"

"This isn't the Kim Possible I remember from high school. The one that used to save the world. The one that cared for people and saved people. Come on Kim. Save Bonnie."

"NO! She deserves this she...I can't stand her...she..."

Tara wrapped her arms around her friend. She hugged her and squeezed. Suddenly, Kim dropped the remote and exploded with a very emotional cry.

Tara told her, "I know you're hurting now. You'll get through this but have to let it go."

Kim continued to cry in Tara's arms.

Five days later at Lowerton Prison.

Bonnie was in a jail cell when a guard came to her door. The guard told her, "Someone is here to visit you."

A few minutes later Bonnie walked into the visiting room and saw Kim was sitting and waiting to visit her. Bonnie sighed.

Kim still looked battered and weathered from what happened to her.

Bonnie picked of the phone and looked through the glass as she said, "Hi."

There was a moment of silence but then Kim told her, "I pulled some strings and had you transferred here."

"You couldn't have pull a little harder and had me released?"

"I could have told them to pull really hard so you're mouth would get closer to the glory hole!"

Bonnie looked shocked that she knew about that, "What? How did you know..."

"Bonnie, I know more then you think I know. I saw what you were going through so I had you moved. Or rather Tara convinced me to have you moved."

Bonnie asked, "Tara?"

"Yeah, we talk a lot now since...well..."

More award silence.

Bonnie broke the silence with, "I was wondering how I got here."

"Compliance chip. You wouldn't remember."

Bonnie sighed and say softly, "Thank you."

"I want you to suffer for what you did to me but - THAT - was too much. My computer friend did some work and now you'll be here for a little while instead."

"How long is a little while?"

"Five to ten years. It all depends on you."

Bonnie yelled, "Five to ten years in prison? Seriously? How can I do 5 - 10 years in prison without a trial?"

"According to the records there was a tail."

"Nerd boy"



"Would you rather go back to that other place?"

Bonnie calmed down and looked away as she answered, "No."

Kim said thick with sarcasm, "I mean if you really don't like it here I can arrange it so you can go back to sucking cock through a glory hole all day. You must have really enjoyed that shock collar as you swallowed down all that hot thick nasty cum."

"Alright, ALRIGHT...I get it. Five to ten in here is a lot better then a day over there."

Kim got closer to the window that separated them, "And don't you ever forget who pulled you out of that hell. You owe me!"

"Fine. I owe you one."


There was another moment of award silence until Kim asked, "So, whatever Shego paid you this time, whatever she offered you, was it worth it?"

Bonnie finally broke down and cried as she told Kim, "For what it's worth, I'm so sorry. For everything. I realize now that I really messed up big time and no amount of 'I'm sorry' will ever be able to make up for what I did to you."

Kim told her, "What really hurts is that after I helped out of a bad life, you went right back into it. After I thought we were starting to become friends, you betrayed me."

Bonnie started to really ugly cry, "I'm so sorry!"

"I'm sorry too but I don't know if I can ever forgive you this time. I don't think I can ever trust you again for as long as I live."

As Bonnie continued to weep Kim told her, "Ron loves me more then you will ever know or comprehend. I cheated on him with Michelle, the oil wrestler, and he forgave me. That's now much her loves me. I have no problem telling you this now but…that night you sucked his dick during our College Spring Break it was sort of a 'this will make us even' blowjob."

Kim sighed before she continued, "Looking back at that moment now, I don't know what I was thinking. If I knew then what I know now I would have never had done that. I should have left you at the bus stop in the parking lot of that bar."

Bonnie tied to apologize more. "I know. I know...I really - REALLY sorry."

Just before Kim was about to hang up her phone she said her final words to Bonnie, "Ron really wanted to kill Shego that night he saved me but I stopped him. He wanted to kill you to but I told him no. I talk to Tara a lot now. SHE'S a good friend. She assured me I'll be ok. I know it will take time but I told Ron that - we'll be ok too. We're still going to get married."

Bonnie wiped her tear soaked face as Kim continued, "Do you know what really breaks my heart the most. That day you can over, that day this whole Shego Revenge thing went down, I was going to ask you to be my maid of honor at my wedding. You were starting to be like a best friend. You know I don't talk to Monique that much anymore since she moved away. I also know how your family thinks so very little of you. I know you needed to feel wanted so I wanted to help you and now...I..." Kim shed a tear.

Kim took a breath then said, "When you eventually get out, and if I find it in my heart to continue talking to you, then you'll know I've forgiven you and you'll owe me - big time. OK?"

Bonnie finally smiles and even laughs a little, "Ok."

Kim looks away for a moment as she says, "If they day ever comes."

Bonnie worries, "If...?"

Kim answers truthfully, "Yes, IF! Until then, it's good-bye."

Kim finally hung up her phone and walked out as Bonnie hung up her end, crying.

Bonnie knows now that she has lost everything. Her family, her friends...everything. In the back of her mind she also knows that Kim cares a little bit for her. Even if is it just one small drop of caring, it's there. Kim could have made her stay in that Black Hole prison...but she didn't.

Bonnie wipes her face and goes back to her cell.

Once in her cell again she listens as the guard slams the cell door shut! This noise makes Bonnie jump. She's heard the loud sound of the cell door closing over and over again for the past few days but she still hasn't gotten used it it. Bars closing, locked in a cage like an animal. She sighed!

Once shut she grabbed on to the bars and looked out. There's nowhere to go, nothing to do. Her prison is not just the bars and the concrete walls around her but also her own mind. She hopes that being in here for the next 5 - 10 years doesn's drive her crazy.

She whispers to her self, "Thank you Kim." Then lowers her head and accepts her punishment.