Hello, everyone. I'm sorry that this is not the official fanfiction as you can see in the title. Don't worry, this will be put online soon and I am planning on creating a forum of this if anybody has ideas or want to help. Once, I get at least one or two people to help, this will be deleted.

Summary: When Peter Parker reunites with his friend Ben Tennyson the shadows of his past begin to catch up to him. Secrets are uncovered and friendships are challenged but what is a guy to do when Thanos comes crashing down on his new home?

Requirements: You must at least watch Infinity War and Into the Spiderverse. This story involves heavily on those movies.

Characters: Ben has the same personality in Omniverse but he is more open to the idea of change. The Peter that I am using is my own version completely. In this fanfiction, he is a cartoon nerd and his favorite show is Steven Universe with Ben 10 being his second so there will be some singing in some scenes. I also had an idea where he graduated high school and college early to keep Ben company. Rook and Peter doesn't really see each other eye to eye but that is only because he is overly cautious in this fanfiction. Eventually they will start to get along.

Villains: Eon, Dr. Animo, Dr. Octopus, Deadpool, Cloaked Figure (PM me for details) and Green Goblin

Friends/aquantences: James Johna Jameson, Rook, Grandpa Max, Kevin and Gwen (will appear later on in the story) Harry Osborn, Miles Morales, Penny Parker, Peter Porker (minor character) Armandos Chow (I think that is how you spell it) and maybe Gwen Stacey

Pairings: No yuri/ yaoi. No Bwen (please). Other than than you can pair anybody you like.

Other notes: I am planing on featuring some episodes from the cannon series like Store 23 and Mad Ben World. There might be others but I can't decide on the tip on my tounge. I will also have Ben and Kenny meet because they have never seen each other in the cannon series and I think that it would be really cool if they did. There will also be a chapter that will be dedicated to classic Cartoon Betwork in a flashback chapter. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.