Here is a list of Episodes for Star Trek Hunter

As of this posting, I am currently posting Episode 22: Sacrifice...

Episodes 1 & 2: Flash Forward and The Colony of New Hope (this story)

Episode 3: Breakfast Serial (start of the hunt for the telepathic serial killer)

Episode 4: Run to Earth

Episode 5: The Fires of Pon Farr

Episode 6: BK2 (Breakfast Killer #2)

Episode 7: The Great Mushroom (yeah - trippy)

Episode 8: The Bolian Web

Episode 9: The Library

Episode 10: Interview with an Ethicist

Episode 11: Intersections and Reunions

Episode 12: Prisoner in the Ice Castle (the succession for the new Andorian Emperor)

Episode 13: The 15,000 Cities of Cun Ling (includes the beginning of the Andorian Civil War)

Episode 14: When Death Comes

Episode 15: A Stitch in Spacetime (Wesley Crusher comes to save the day, only to find Wesley Crusher... and Wesley Crusher...)

Episode 16: Slavers (the brief Orion Slave War and the Battle for Vulcan)

Episode 17: Terms of Surrender

Episode 18: World on Fire

Episode 19: The Ivonovic Commission

Episode 20: Survival (yet another secret mission inside Romulan space)

Episode 21: The Enemy of My Enemy

Episode 22: Sacrifice (Captain Minerva Irons is put on trial for her many crimes against the Romulan Star Empire)

Episode 23: JAG Wars (Internal strife in the Federation keeps the Office of Judge Advocate General busy)

Episode 24: A Trillian Problem (The Trillian Civil War)

Episode 25: I Dream of Shiva (A new religion takes hold within the Romulan Star Empire)

Episode 26: Rain Over Rising Sun

Episode 27: Sword of Destiny (those adventurous Klingons had to show up sooner or later)

Episode 28: The Covenant (the conclusion of Star Trek Hunter)