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Ministry of Magic, Department of Mysteries Court Room 4, August 5th, 1982 10:00 am

Minerva watched as the ruby robed Wizengamot filed in; they were led by Albus, as the Lords and Ladies took their respective chairs. There were several balconies all around the circular court room for public viewing, all of which were completely packed. One, only for family and friends of the accused, was where Minerva sat with Harry sitting on her lap fast asleep, a gryffindor blanket wrapped around him, along with Andromeda Tonks nee Black, her husband Ted, their daughter Nymphadora, who had just turned ten in May, and Alphard Black, Sirius's favorite uncle. She had tried to send for Remus Lupin but got no response and he didn't show up so she wasn't sure what to think. The balconies overlooked the many seats of the Wizengamot and the main floor, clear of everything but a chair with shackles on the arm rests. As she waited for the trial to begin she stared at Harry wondering how the outcome of the trial will affect the sleeping bundle on her lap.

She sincerely hoped that Sirius was found innocent despite the seemly overwhelming evidence. After that tragic Halloween, many things had happened, some of it was only slightly irritating like the fact that the Daily Prophet had dubbed her godson the "Boy-Who-Lived." Minerva shook her head at that ridiculous title. Unfortunately, it only got worse from there; two days after Harry was orphaned, Sirius was caught in a muggle town after supposedly being confronted by Peter Pettigrew, who accused him of betraying the Potters, right before Sirius blows him and thirteen muggles up, injuring dozens more, with what could only have been a Bombarda Maxima. Apparently when aurors arrived on the scene there was a huge crater in the streets, most of the buildings either demolished or on fire, with Sirius kneeling a few feet from the edge laughing and crying hysterically saying "I killed them" over and over. His wand was found beside him on the ground and he didn't resist when they scooped it up or when they put magic suppressing shackles on him. All of this was in the report that Albus had allowed her to see. She smiled as she remembered when she "asked" him to see to file. As she thought about it, none of it seemed consistent if Sirius were truly the one who was Voldemort's spy. Why would he have bothered to go anywhere except a place to hide if he had commited one of the worst atrocities during the war? And that was saying something considering how many died, and the terrible acts that had been commited in Voldemort's name. No, the more she thought about it, the more she was convinced he was innocent.

At that moment the doors opened again this time only three came through. Two of them were aurors wearing black robes, between them was Sirius looking far worse than the last time she saw him. His body looked thin under the grey worn robes. His normally smiling face was pale and almost hollow looking. The long black locks of his hair had the beginnings of grey at his hairline. His greyish silver eyes almost always filled with humor looked dull and haunted. The sight of this beaten man after only 10 months in Azkaban Prison made Minerva's blood boil. She vowed to do something about changing the guards in Azkaban. It was past time they stopped using such inhumane methods like Dementors to keep the prisoners "subdued." Having to relive your worst memories constantly, without reprieve, was outright barbaric. Even for the ones who followed Voldemort.

She shook her thoughts away as she realized Sirius was already shackled to the chair with both aurors standing a bit back and on either side of the chair holding their wands at their side, in case the prisoner tried to do something.

"I, Chief Warlock Albus Dumbledore, call the trial of Sirius Orion Black to order," Dumbledore said audibly, even though his voice was barely louder than if he were speaking to someone right in front of him. Minerva knew it was due to the bareness of the room and its circular shape. "The charges against the accused are 2 counts of accessory to murder, 14 counts of murder, and 38 counts of assault." Dumbledore looked at a second pair of aurors guarding the doors, also garbed in black robes, and nodded. One brought forward the file with the results of Priori Incantatum, which shows the most recent spells cast, along with eye witness statements from the muggles in the street and the arresting aurors' reports. He looked it over even though it was for show as he technically shouldn't have known what it contained until today. Minerva knew the only reason he had access was because Alastor Moody was the arresting auror and close friends with Albus.

Dumbledore began, "So it appears as if the only spells you cast were some tracking charms, auror taught marker charms, and a shield charm. Why the marking charm?" Instead of answering the question Sirius did something completely unexpected.

"I, Sirius Orion Black, willingly submit to veritiserum and submit my memory of the true secret keeper and the events after… Halloween." Sirius faltered near the end his voice catching a bit. Murmurs broke out among the audience and the Wizengamot although Minerva just smiled at the bold move, glad he wasn't as defeated as he looked. It was highly uncommon for anyone being accused of anything to submit to veritiserum and memories of events, even if they were innocent of the crimes. Most witches and wizards didn't like the vulnerability of being forced to answer any questions asked truthfully, let alone the lack of privacy of one viewing their memories. It didn't help that there was an old law that prevented any member of the Most Ancient and Noble House, or any variation thereof, from being forced to submit to either no matter the circumstance.

"Well, this is a highly unusual turn of events," The headmaster of Hogwarts said calmly although if one looked closely, they would see a small smile on his face. He looked towards the two aurors by the door, who had been standing there since before the Wizengamot had entered, and the two behind Sirius, and nodded at them. Two of the aurors walked towards a side door, as one of the aurors behind the chair, held his wand to Sirius's temple and instructed him to leave nothing out, from the day the fidelius was cast to the day he was caught by aurors. He pulled his wand away as a long stream of silver light about a foot long came with it, pulling a vial from his robes, he deposited the memory into it. They then waited for about 10 minutes until one returned with a vial of clear liquid, he walked up to Sirius pausing to look at the Chief Warlock waiting for confirmation before tilting Sirius's head back and emptying the vial in his mouth. While he did that the other auror had returned with a dark cloaked figure; the robes were bulky so no one couldn't tell if they were witch or wizard, their face was unnaturally obscured by a raised hood in spite of the brightly lit room, possibly due a spell on the robes. McGonagall knew this was one of the rumored unspeakables. The employees from the department of mysteries. She had never seen one before now (to her knowledge anyway) though she knew they researched undiscovered and untested magic. Their identities were kept secret from everyone, especially each other, to prevent anyone from getting access to the potentially dangerous magical research. The auror walked back to his post and the unspeakable grabbed the vial with the memory from the auror and immediately left without uttering a word. She suspected it was to verify that the memory was authentic and not tampered with in any way. The veritiserum Sirius was given seemed to be working as his expression went blank and his eyes looked glazed. You could hear a wand drop as Albus began questioning Sirius.

"What is your full name?"

"Sirius Orion Black."

"When were you born?"

"November 3rd, 1959."

"Why did you use a marker charm?"

"I was wanting to be followed but not stopped."

"Why did you not want to be stopped?"

"I was going to murder Peter Pettigrew."

Dumbledore frowned at this and Minerva didn't look too happy either but she hoped Sirius knew what he was doing.

"In the auror report it states that, as you were brought into custody, you were heard saying over and over 'I killed them'. Who were you talking about?"

"James and Lily. It's my fault their dead."

"Were you the Potters' secret keeper?"


"Who was the secret keeper for the Potters?"

"Peter Pettigrew."

The crowd broke into murmurs again only to stop at a glare from Dumbledore.

"Why him?"

"I was too obvious. I figured the last person anyone would suspect was Peter."

"So you murdered Peter and 13 other muggles because he betrayed you and the Potters to Voldemort?"


Dumbledore asked his next question quickly to be heard before the crowds got too loud, "No that's not why you murdered them?"

"No, I didn't murder anyone. I didn't get the chance to. I was about to cast a cutting curse at his head but I hesitated at his accusation and he took the opportunity to cut off his finger and cast a blasting hex behind his back. He morphed into his rat form and escaped into the sewers he blasted open."

"Rat form. Was he an animagus?"

"Yes. James, Peter, and I all worked to become animagi to help a friend through a tough time while in school and succeeded in our 4th year. I'm a dog, James was a stag, and Peter is a rat."

The crowd seemed shocked which was the only reason they weren't whispering about this too. Minerva understood because she was equally shocked not only did they become animagi right under her nose without her suspecting a thing but they succeeded in their 4th year which was almost unheard of. Granted the law was you needed to be 17 to start learning as it was potentially dangerous while your magic was still developing.

Dumbledore was silent for a moment before asking, "Is there anything else you wish to say?"

Sirius glanced to his right up at the balcony Minerva was sitting in seeing the bundle she held, "Yes. I'm sorry Albus for not telling you who the secret keeper was. And I'm sorry Minerva for not telling you either and for running off instead of finding you."

Dumbledore nodded, "Well, as we all know, it is possible to fight veritiserum so let's take a break while we wait for the unspeakables to verify the authenticity of the memory provided and see if it matched the story you just told us." The wizengamot filed out and Minerva took the time to go and feed Harry. He had woken up near the end of the questioning and was starting to get fussy and seeing as the diaper he was wearing was self cleaning it could only mean he was hungry. The two year old was surprisingly well behaved given the usual stigma, but she supposed he still had time to start his "terrible twos" as they were commonly referred.

Once she had fed him, he was so full of energy she couldn't go back into the court room without disrupting the trial. She didn't want to draw any attention to herself or him. She went around the long way to wait outside the doors the wizengamot and accused would exit and conjured a chair big enough for both her and Harry to sit comfortably. Though mostl he ran around chasing a bird Minerva had conjured and was directing. It was hours before the Wizengamot filed out Albus trailing last followed closely by Sirius. Minerva smiled at the sight of him unshackled and the normally reserved professor jumped up to give him a hug. Harry was clutching her robes and following behind trying to hide from all the strangers.

"So obviously you were declared innocent but what happened?", McGonagall asked as she broke the hug, slightly embarrassed she had run to him like a schoolgirl.

"Well they came back and displayed the memories after verifying them and after the took the pensive display away, they unanimously voted that I was innocent for the murder and assault charges however-"

"-You're fined for being an illegal animagus", Minerva finished. She knew no matter what happened they wouldn't let that slide. "How much?"

"Few hundred galleons but it's not like I can't afford it even though I only have my trust vault. I can't say I'm looking forward to the day I'll have to take up the head of house. I'm sure that will be decades from now, but until then I could not bother to work at all and still have plenty left over thanks to Uncle Alphie. Not that I would of course, I'd go mad doing nothing all day."

Minerva smirked and said, "I assumed you already were mad."

Sirius barked out a laugh and said, "I'll make a marauder out of you yet. You already have the perfect nickname, Minnie."

She mock glared at him, "Stop that. The last thing I need is for Harry to start calling me that."

Almost as if to spite her Harry said, "Minnie!"

Sirius burst out laughing but Minerva smiled and teared up a bit as she realized that was his first word. If this was what life was going to be like she didn't think she could want for more.


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