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(Alice gives Bella a graduation gift she will never forget: a trip to see Ellen live, and the added bonus of seeing Hollywood's hottest actor Edward Cullen.)

Bella POV

After finishing my last exam, I open the door to the apartment I share with Alice. I am finally done. It has been a long road but I can finally start making plans to achieve my dream.

After high school I was given a scholarship from UW for a two-year degree. I met Alice and Rosalie in my first year and we became the best of friends. After getting to know each other, they found my cooking to be spectacular and managed to convince me to go into culinary school instead. It was the best decision I've ever made. Not only has my food gotten better, but I have learned so many new things. My dream is to open my own bakery.

I go into the bedroom and change into a nice pair of sweats and tank-top even though it's only 5pm. I like to be comfortable at home. I reheat some leftover lasagna and sit on the couch to see what is on tv. I'm in for a treat, "Summer Dreams" is playing with my absolute favorite actor, Edward Cullen. What I wouldn't give to have five minutes of his time! Of course, being me, I would probably squeak, whimper, and blubber out "HI!" before passing out cold. Not only am I well known by my friends as a klutz, but I have also been known to faint in extreme situations.

I am pretty shy and keep to myself. If it wasn't for Alice, I wouldn't get out much at all. I'd only had one boyfriend in high school, which was with my friend Jacob Black. Our dads were best friends and we thought maybe we could make them happy by getting together. We were together for three months, but found we weren't much of a couple. We both decided we would make better friends than a couple. It's worked out well for Jacob. He has been dating the same girl for the past two years. He and Vanessa, or Nessa for short, are planning to get married soon. Sadly, I am going no-where. Not only do I not have a boyfriend, I'm still a virgin at almost 22 years old, and I work as a barista at Starbucks. On the upside, I have a job interview at Sadie's Restaurant in downtown Seattle. I am making $12 an hour at Starbucks and if I get the job at Sadie's I will be making $16. If all goes to plan, I should have enough money saved to start up my own place after four years.

I expect Alice will get out of class shortly. She has one more final to get through before finishing her junior year. I get into watching the movie. "Summer Dreams" is a remake of the old school "Grease". Edward Cullen and co-star Tanya Denali star as Danny and Sandy. I hate Tanya; she's not the greatest actress but worse, she broke Edward's heart when she cheated on him. How could you go and cheat on Edward? He is the nicest guy ever. I've read almost every magazine article about him. His real name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, he's 24 years old, never been married, enjoys the outdoors, his favorite color is blue, and he believes the most romantic date is a picnic in the park. He makes me swoon! If I ever got the chance to meet him, I'd feed him some of my greatest treats. They say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The next red carpet I go to, I'm taking one of my famous chocolate éclairs. Alice swears it's the desert of sex gods. She says it makes her hornier than Aphrodite on crack!

I think I fell asleep on the couch because Alice comes barging in waking me out of a dream staring myself as Sandy and Edward as Danny feeding him an éclair.

"BELLA! You'll never guess what I got you for your graduation present! You are going to love it!" she tells me.

Alice has only two voices: loud and louder. Of course, there is only one thing that could get her quiet as a mouse, and that is going to a red carpet showing with her favorite actor Jasper Whitlock. He walks by and Alice goes quiet, then I never hear the end of her dreaded mistake, because he never notices her.

I look at her face; she is way too excited. I get a bad feeling in my gut. The last time I saw her look like this she gotten the idea that a trip to Minnesota's Mall of America was the best vacation idea anyone could have. Of course, she didn't tell me that was where we were going. She said we were going to "Nickelodeon Universe," which is where Edward started out as a child star. I was supper excited, until I learned about Alice's plan to also taking us to Mall of America with its 500 stores. My feet never felt the same after that.

"Um… it doesn't involve a trip somewhere, does it?" I question. If we are leaving the state, I need to be careful.

"Yes, but I promise you are going to love me forever for this!" she tells me. She takes out an envelope and hands it to me.

I tear a side off and pull out plane tickets to Hollywood, California. The only thing really going through my mind right now is in four weeks we are going to be near Sunset Boulevard and more shopping. I can't really blame Alice. She is going for a fashion design degree and she definitely knows her stuff.

"Um, thank you Alice." I reply. Of course, she is not happy with reaction.

"Keep looking!" she says. She is not deterred. I know she would have gotten something I would like too, so I keep looking. I finally see tickets to the Ellen show under the plane tickets. I smile. Ellen is great, so nice and always funny. It will be fun to see her live.

"Thank you, Alice!" I give her a hug. I know I will have to deal with shopping as well, but I love her.

"Bella, you're welcome, but I said you were going to love me for this! Guess who is guest appearing on the show!" She gives me the biggest smile.

"No Way! Really?" She doesn't even need to answer me. I know already. Edward Cullen on the Ellen show! I give her a bigger hug and promise eclairs, which has us both hugging and jumping around our living room.

"I think we should do something nice for Ellen, like bake some treats for the show. What do you think?" Alice says. I agree. Ellen does so much for others that I would like to see someone do something really nice for her. However, if Edward is going to be there, I want to do something that is going to get everyone's attention.

"I think we need to do something really big for the show actually, plus it is going to take a lot of money to bake for the audience, Ellen, and the crew. I think we should wow Ellen. She is always going big to help others. I say we go big too, and with Edward there we want to be noticed." I smile at her so she understands the mistake she made that we can fix through me.

"How about this. Let's start a GoFundMe account for "Ellen Appreciation". We will have three weeks to get donations and use that money to wow Ellen. I say we also contact Jeannie and ask her advice. I'm thinking something to do with animals." A huge smile spreads across Alice's face.

"Let's do it, and we can get Rose involved and maybe the college students to help out as well." So, we get started with the account and things start rolling.

We are able to get in touch with Jeannie on Ellen's staff, who decides to change our tickets to a date three days earlier. I am so excited, not only to surprise Ellen like this but to see Edward in person. Jeannie has also given us extra tickets, so Rose is also coming with us. Just before we leave for the airport, Alice surprises us with matching tee-shirts that read "Ellen Appreciation Group".

We get an escort from the airport to the hotel where Jeannie meets us. We make some stops and get things in order for Ellen's surprise. Jeannie is nice enough to let us do our cooking at her house the day before the show. She is in heaven with my sweet treats as we make plans for how tomorrow will work. She even promises a surprise for extra eclairs for herself which we give. The plan is for us to go through the back, rather than standing in line with the others for seats, so no one will see our shirts and give away the surprise to Ellen. Jeannie will have the eclairs on display for when we are announced.

The next day, we are rushed through the hallway and to our seats while Ellen is in her dressing room. We are given front row seats so Ellen is sure to comment on our shirts. It all went so fast that I want to go backstage again to check out the store and hope to see Edward. And here we go!

Ellen comes out and everyone is jumping up and clapping for her while she thanks us. "Good morning everyone, we have a great show for you today with lots of surprises. The one and only Edward Cullen is in the house tonight!" The crowd goes wild. I'm screaming so loud with them I doubt I will have a voice by the end of the show.

"My staff also says that I have a surprise of my own, so we will wait and see what that is." She goes on to welcome us all here and making jokes along the way. I'm laughing and having a great time. Ellen heads to her seat and Jeannie comes out with an envelope for Ellen.

She reads the envelope, "My guest fans are in the front row, please welcome Alice, Rose, and Bella with the Ellen Apprecation Group!" The crowd applauds as we make our way to the couch next to Ellen.

"I did notice you ladies with your shirts and wondered what it all was about. Why don't you take turns and tell us a little about yourselves and how you came to be here?"

Alice starts off, "My name is Alice Brandon and I'm a University of Washington student majoring in fashion design. Jasper Whitlock if you are watching this, I LOVE YOU!" Everyone starts laughing.

"My name is Rosalie Hale, also going to UW, majoring in mechanical engineering." Rose replies.

"Anyone you would like to say hi to Rose?" Ellen asks.

"Just you Ellen. Love you girl!" Rose says.

"Why thank you Rose. How about you Bella?" Ellen asks politely.

I blush of course. "My name is Isabella Swan. I just graduated from Washington Culinary School, and this was my graduation gift from Alice to come on your show." I reply, bumbling out my explanation. Alice elbows me whispering "relax," so I take a deep breath and try to relax and ignore the cameras and audience.

"Well welcome to the show, Bella. Anyone to say 'hi' to?" I shake my head no, even when Alice makes it noticeable that she hits me with her elbow.

"Something to say, Alice?" Ellen asks with a smile knowing something is up.

"Speaking for Bella, she would like to say a huge Hello and I love you to Edward Cullen backstage!" It is official I'm going to kill Alice. I blush worse than ever.

"Ah, an Edward Cullen fan. Well, you just might get to meet him. Now, tell me about the Ellen Appreciation Group." Ellen says.

Alice elbows me again, this time whispering "it was your idea!" Of course, I am realizing that there is no such thing as whispers with us having mic's on. I take another breath and speak up.

"Ellen, you have done so much good for other people, we wanted to do something good for you. With the help of Jeannie, we spent yesterday baking over 1000 eclairs for you, the audience, and your staff as a thank you for everything you do to help others." I say. The doors off to the side open up to display about 500 of the eclairs.

"I'm touched ladies, thank you so much!" We all stand up to go to the eclairs and Ellen tries one. Her eyes widen and she lets out this groan-moan combination.

"Wow, this is really good Bella. You should open your own bakery. I'd pay good money to have more of these." Ellen says. I blush and thank her.

During the break we have the first rows of audience members come up and get some eclairs. I had made sure I would have enough. Jeannie had told us there were 400 seats, so I made enough for everyone. I also want to make sure Edward gets one.

We make our way back to our seats. We know that our next surprise is coming up.

"Welcome back everyone. We just met the Ellen Appreciation Group with Bella's lovely eclairs as a gift for me; thank you again ladies. I'm told there is another surprise. Jeannie?" Jeannie comes out with another envelope.

"It seems I have another gift." Reading from the next envelope.

"The Ellen Appreciation Group has decided that baking goods is not enough of a thank you to someone as special as Ellen Degeneres. Please watch this video in your honor." Ellen reads, surprised to see yet another gift coming her way.

The video starts out with me. "Hello Ellen, when I got my tickets from my friend Alice, we decided to do something special for you. We knew baking you some treats would be nice but it would never be enough. We know your love of animals, so working with Jeannie (she too is in the video alongside Alice, Bella, and Rose), we wanted to do some good."

The video shows us getting picked up from our hotel with Jeannie and making our way through Hollywood. We stop at Walmart and talk to the manager and make plans with him on the screen. You can't tell what is being said, but hands are being shaken on the screen, and next we drive to the local Animal Shelter.

Jeannie takes over, "Hello Ellen. When these ladies told me their idea, I just had to help out. We are speaking with the manager here at Hollywood's local Animal Shelter, Sharen Harp, where they currently house 79 dogs, 102 cats, 2 parrots, and a turtle. With my help, The Ellen Appreciation Group was able to raise a total of $182,576 on GoFundMe." At this point, a Walmart truck shows up filled with tons of animal food for dogs and cats and what might be food for the other animals as well. It has to be at least $50,000 worth of food being donated to the shelter. "These ladies spent three weeks trying to get as many donations as they could to help this shelter for the next two years. What they do not know is, we had a last-minute donation after the website was taken down to cash out for money. That person price matched what they made, for a grand total of $365,152 in donations for the shelter in your name Ellen. They have truly gone above and behind to do something they knew would make you happy. This is a truly wonderful gift, thank you ladies." Jeannie says in the video.

I can't believe it. We are all so happy to make so much and to be surprised with someone matching what we made. I am so thankful all these animals will be well taken care of for the next three to four years. The first week we had only made about $3,000, but after talking to Jeannie and her getting others on board it jumped up to $40,000 in week two. By week three we were just over the $100,000 mark. We waited as long as we could before taking it down. Jeannie took charge of the account when we flew out to California. Last we knew the amount was $133,487, which was way more then we ever thought would be donated. Our goal had actually been $25,000. I am not upset to say I shed a few tears. By the looks of things, Ellen is trying to keep it together herself. She gives all of us hugs and thanks us for such a nice gift from fans.

She makes her way back on stage and we take our seats.

"Now to introduce my dear friend, please join me to welcome EDWARD CULLEN!"

The room goes crazy. I take deep breathes so I don't faint, while jumping up, clapping, and screaming with everyone else.

He comes out with something black in his hands as he waves to the audience and gives Ellen a hug.

"Hello Ellen! Before we get started, I just have one thing I have to do. You see, I'm feeling a little under-appreciated," Edward says.

He comes towards Rose, Alice and myself and hands Rose a shirt, Alice a shirt, and has me stand up and puts a "I love Edward Cullen" sweater over my shirt. I can't help myself; I blink to make sure I'm really seeing Edward up close and personal. I look deep into those gorgeous green eyes until I can't seem to breath and the next thing I know the lights go black.

When I come to, I'm in what appears to be my hotel room. Well shit, I made an absolute fool of myself in front of Edward Cullen. I will never be able to pick on Alice again about the Jasper incident.

My bathroom door opens and who happens to walk out of it? None other than Edward Cullen himself.

"Hello my Bella, glad your finally up." Edward says. I have to really think but I can't seem to do so with him so close and walking toward me.

"Oh God, I've died and gone to heaven or I'm dreaming." I say out loud. He gives me that famous half smile that only he can do.

"Oh, and which would you prefer?" He asks me as he steps next to the bed.

"Definitely dreaming. I would never have the chance to do this, dead or alive." I grab him by his shirt and kiss the living hell out of him. I run my hands up his arms to the back of his head and grab that hair of his. I've been dying to see how soft it is. I moan. Kissing him is the best thing in the world.

"Wow, you feel so real." I tell him, while taking a breath.

"Maybe I am, and I wasn't done with you just yet." My dream Edward puts his lips back on mine and I enjoy every minute of it. So much so I feel myself black out again.

When I come too, I'm leaning on Alice back in the audience and Ellen is just finishing up speaking with Edward. God, I've missed the whole thing! I so need to get home and watch this episode to see what I missed.

"I would like to thank Edward for coming tonight and we happen to have two more surprises before we end the show. Jeannie if you would." Ellen says.

The monitor comes on and we see Jeannie backstage.

"Thank you, Ellen! I promised a surprise for each of The Ellen Appreciation Group members for all their hard work. After getting to know all three of these lovely ladies, I found what they most loved and wanted in the world." Jeannie then runs on stage with an envelope.

"Rose if you would come up please." Rose joined her on sage. "Rose I was told you have a love of football but more so for the one and only Redskins linebacker, Emmett McCarty. Well here he is!" Emmett struts out from behind the stage.

Rose walks up all smooth like and says a nice and calm, "Hello big boy." Putting a hand on his bicep while getting a big smile from him. I can tell Rose is a happy clam.

"Next, if Alice will come up." Alice runs on stage, excited. "Alice we all know who you love, so here he is. Welcome Jasper Whitlock!" The crowd goes crazy and poor Alice's jaw drops. She is quiet as a mouse again until Jasper is right in front of her.

"Hello, little darling." He says to her. Finally, Alice comes out of her frozen faze and realizes she can fix her mistake.

"Eclairs!" Alice yells at Jasper and grabs his hand dragging him over to my famous eclairs and sticks it right in his mouth. I am laughing my ass off knowing she is trying to catch him, hook, line, and sinker, with a sexy sweet treat.

"Last but not least of all is our dear Bella. She is the true inspiration behind this idea and since you have already met our dear Mr. Cullen, I found out from your friends that your dream is to open your own pastry shop. With help from Ellen, we want to help you achieve your dream with this check for $50,000." My jaw drops. Meeting Edward was the absolute best thing in the world. Now I will have the money to start my dream career.

"Now hang on a minute." Edward says. I blink, not knowing what to expect.

"I happen to have a very nice offer for Bella here. Bella, I am in need of a new cook, and it just so happens Jeannie told me not only about your lovely eclairs, which I love, by the way, but she said you made the best deli sandwiches while baking at her place. I would like to offer you a job as my personal cook." He stood up while talking and began walking to me.

He steps right up to me, "How does that sound?" I nod my head even though at this point I have forgotten what the question is. The only thing I can think about is those lips I had just dreamed about being on mine again. I look away from his lips to see his eyes a dark green looking at me with what appears to be lust. I would say yes to anything this man wanted.

"That is the end of the show! Thank you everyone for watching and be kind to each other." Ellen finishes up the show and we talk a little with her and the stars while making our way backstage.

Edward gives me his number to call him about my job, letting me know I can use the check to move my things. He has a second property on his lot that his parents used to live in until they found a house themselves nearby. His old housekeeper and cook used to live there, but she is moving to Florida to be with her kids. He has a hard time finding trustworthy employees and hopes I will take him up on his offer even tripling the salary of what Ellen gave me. $150,000 a year to start, just to cook for him… and keep his secrets. Instead I offer a different idea.

"My friends are the greatest people I know. I cannot leave them. I will work for $50,000 a year if you will hire them as well when they graduate, and I will share what was my salary over the three of us. Alice is the greatest fashion stylist I know, and Rose is very good with household chores and cars. They will both be worthwhile employees and loyal." I bring my offer on the table.

"Deal, but I will give all three of you $100,000. I am not good on my wardrobe, my publicist usually hires someone when it comes to red carpet events, paying about $1000 an hour to tell me what is best to wear. At $6000-$8000 in one day of the year it can add up so honestly you will be doing me a favor and saving me money."

We are given another escort ride to the hotel where we relax and remiss about the day we have had. It is amazing how one day can change your life. I let Rose and Alice know about the job offer for them as well, and Alice is ready to leave school and start now. Rose on the other hand, would like to finish school but feels she can finish in California or do online classes for most of them. It is decided we will make the move. We will get rid of our furniture as Edward's guest house is furnished, even though it is only two bedrooms. He said there was a small library area that could be used as a third bedroom though, which I don't mind using.

At home we get started right away on this new stage in our lives. Over the next few weeks we get rid of things we don't need, box up what we are taking with us, and I put a few things I'm taking to my parents' place before saying goodbye. I am still only a few hours flight away from them, so it won't make much of a difference.

Once our place is empty and we are on our last night here, we get together for some bonding time over our time here.

It has been two months since I've started working for Edward. He was gone a lot in the first month filming, but after trying my cooking he asks me to marry him practically every day now.

The second month he came home, his housekeeper found out whose house she was cleaning and freaked out. He ended up having to fire her. Me, Alice, and Rose have picked up the slack for now as Edward has been rather busy of late.

I am currently vacuuming the living room with the tv running in the background until I hear Ellen.

Turning around I realize this is the episode with our Ellen Appreciation Group in it. I quiet the vacuum because I had honestly forgotten about it.

I am enjoying the show from a new perspective when I notice something I did not know happened. When Edward comes out and gives out the shirts and my favorite sweater and I faint, they don't cut the footage. Edward picks me up and takes me to what I thought is my hotel room. It is really just a room made to look like mine.

Edward takes an earpiece and puts it in his ear as Ellen asks him if he can hear her. He nods his head yes while walking into the bathroom. There are camera's all over the room. I've seen her do this before with guests to surprise them and shock them.

As I come to, Edward walks out.

Repeating what I had said, "Oh God, I've dead and gone to heaven or I'm dreaming." statement, Ellen tells Edward to say, "Oh and which would you prefer." At this point I am in shock.

"It was real" I say out loud.

I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings, so I freeze when I feel a pair of arms wrap around my middle.

"Come now, did you really want it to be a dream?" Dear God. Hell no, I never wanted it to be a dream, but I am too shy to ever do something like that for real.

He turns me around to face him, "Well?" he asks with a raised eyebrow. All I can really do is shake my head no. I've gone into shut down mode again.

"Well then, I think there is only one thing that can fix it. Are you dreaming now?" I cannot even talk. I've gotten used to being around Edward, but he still manages to take my breath away when he is this close. I just shake my head again.

"Hmm, I'm not sure you are. Better to make sure." He then leans down and looking back at my eyes once more kisses me. I lose all control again and kiss him with everything I am. He is a great kisser.

When he pulls back, he smiles at me, "Maybe now you're ready to marry me." Shocked that I had thought he was joking with me, realizing he is completely serious, I do it again. I pass the hell out.

So I was asked where the idea for the éclairs came from. It's from the movie "Simply Irresistible" in 1999. If you have never seen it, please give it a chance.


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