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It is going on a year since moving to Hollywood with my friends following our time on the show. After agreeing to marry Edward and finding out just how bad the paparazzi can be, we found a nice little private island off the coast of Brazil to get married. Even as rich as Edward was, I always wanted a small wedding and having one on a beautiful beach was perfect for us. Ellen was even able to attend. We had become wonderful friends since the show and after Alice, Rose and I opened our own shops with Edward as a silent partner, she came to visit my bakery often.

I had a long discussion with Edward about actors' rights to enjoy life without being hounded. We came up with a great deal; we found two 10-acre plots of land for sale across the street from each other, just outside of Hollywood and had a builder come in to dig tunnels. We would have multiple area's they could escape to return home or continue shopping without having to worry. We did have to draw up a confidentiality agreement for them to sign so others could not be found either. Each person was given a card with a star at the top for VIP access to travel to escape.

I was heading into the bakery for the day to get started. It was 5am and I had gotten sick this morning. Must have been the Chinese I had last night. Edward insisted I take a day off cooking and brought home food.

"Morning Angela." I told my friend from Forks. Edward and I went to visit my father before the wedding, and I saw Angela in town. We got to talking and she was looking to relocate somewhere. I spoke to her and we came up with her helping in my bakery four days a week. She was also going to culinary school but wanted to open up a Mom and Pop diner style restaurant. She met her boyfriend, Ben. He'd been studying Italian cooking, but changed his mind when he fell for Angela.

"Morning Bella, I hope you don't mind, we got a large order for the eclairs last night before closing so I got started on them instead of the donuts. I figured you'd agree." She said.

"Yeah, no problem. Let me just get started on those. Just remember I have to take Friday off this week for Ellen's show." I reminded her. She just nodded. I knew I didn't have to worry about her forgetting. Friday would be the one-year anniversary of appearing on Ellen's show. Unfortunately, some of the Appreciation Group would be unable to attend this year. Alice was heavily pregnant at eight and a half months and Rose would be watching over the businesses, in our absences.

The day was going smoothly so far. Around 10am I heard a commotion outside. I sighed to myself. They never learn. Fans and paparazzi alike are crowding the area, and I am sure they are headed for my place. Bella's Hidden Treasures Bakery was a haven for not only the sweet-toothed lovers of my treats, but also a secret to celebrities looking to make an escape. The paparazzi knew they disappeared but other then Rose's Auto Shop, they haven't figured out where else they escape to.

Five minutes later I see Justin Timberlake just outside the door and go to head him off and let him and his bodyguard in. He is one of Ellen's best friends and was given knowledge of our hidden secrets and signed the waver. Others, like Jane Volturi, refused to sign the agreement. She'd somehow heard about our escape route and wanted to use it, but after refusing to sign the confidentiality agreement, I sent her away. She went straight to the press to say we had an escape route for celebrities. Let's just say that people were not happy, and she had to take work in the U.K. after that. No one would hire her here in Hollywood. That is how they found out that one of the routes was through Rose's shop. She had a five-car garage, but only four of them working. The fifth was for security to use in order to escort celebrities out safely.

I let him in and said "Customers only please. Demetri, you know you can't get within 100 yards of my shop or you will face charges! Now back up all of you; the show is over." I still remember when I let them have it. Edward, although proud, told me that I should never give the paparazzi anything to try to use against me. He didn't realize I was willing to fight back! I remember it like it was yesterday.

Edward and I were walking around properties to find something that would suit our needs for land. We were overrun by paparazzi and one of them pushed a very pregnant woman to the ground in his need to get the perfect shot.

"What the hell are you doing? Move out of the way!" I moved to help the woman up and she thanked me.

"Are you hurt?" I asked her. When she said she wasn't I let her go on her way, but not before I took her information and laid into the man who pushed her. He was much taller than me, but that wouldn't stop me. I took out my phone while he was trying to get pictures. I pushed his camera out of the way and took his picture instead. To say he was shocked was an understatement.

"Now you will see how it feels. You know who I am and who my husband is. This is going on his next Instragram feed, showing why paparazzi should have rules to follow as well as a code to live by. You just pushed that pregnant woman to the ground with no concern for her or her unborn baby. Well let me inform you, I will speak to all the businesses in the area myself to find video footage of the incident and you will also be all over social media after today. You will be lucky if no charges are pressed against you, but I can guarantee you will not have a paying job for your pictures after today." I turn to the rest of them. "Make no mistake, celebrities are people too and deserve just as much right to privacy as anyone else. Maybe if you asked them nicely like a normal person, they may actually give you the time of day." I took Edward's hand and we walked into the closest business where I asked to speak to the manager. After that day, they knew not to mess with me because they watched me walk into all the businesses of the sounding area and knew I meant business. The photographer's name, Felix Cudmore, was given later after it went viral. After Edward put it up, other celebrities joined in. That is how Demetri also ended up charged later. They were friends and when I outed how the celebrities were treated, they didn't take it lightly. He deliberately pushed me down to get pay back but I called the police and had charges brought against him. He now needs to keep his distance from me or faces jail time.

"Good day Mr. Timberlake, I can see you could use a little break, come with me please." I walk him and the bodyguard into the back room where we have a small office and lunch area that connects Rose's shop, Alice's shop, and my bakery. He reminds me to call him Justin.

"You're welcome to relax for a while and have a bite to eat if you want. What color exit do you need today?" I ask him. He has been in before when he was first learning about our escapes. We have a three-color scale escape plan for the celebrities. Green is through Rose's shop where the security can pick them up. The paparazzi knows this location. Yellow is to the five-floor garage elevators we build across the street for parking, and red is to the garden right beside the parking garage with a gazebo on a hill that you can just drive past for pick up.

"Yellow today," he replied. "Jessica was craving some baked goods and expects me home shortly."

I smile at him. "Of course, I will go pack some things up."

"Give this card to the gate security to bypass the garage fee." I handed the security guard the pass, then headed back into the bakery where we have at least ten customers just standing around trying to act like they aren't waiting for Justin to come back out.

"If you are waiting for Justin, I am afraid he is already gone. Please make your way out if you are not an actual customer, thank you." I say, as all but one leaves the shop after looking at the cabinets of food available.

I go back to look at orders to make it look like I am going back to work and Justin really is gone. I know his security will be here shortly, and he has things to eat and drink in the back while he waits. I pack up some cookies, stuffed muffins, a couple of donuts, and a few of the eclairs after making sure we will have enough for the hundred listed needed for today. After that, I start the next order and then tell Angela that I will be in the office checking supplies as we are almost out of the diabetic sugars we use.

"Here you go Justin; tell Jessica I hope she likes it, and I even added the cream filled muffins she likes. Have a good day." He and the guard follow me to the downstairs door which takes him through the tunnel. The tunnel is lit up with colored lights, yellow on one side and red on the other. I push the button for yellow and both the top white lights and the yellow side lights come on.

"Just follow this about 1000 yards across the street and take either the 1st or 2nd elevator to whatever floor you need. Have a good day, Justin." He gives me a hug and thanks me and goes on his way. I head back to the office to take care of some paperwork.

I wake up for the third day in a row sick. Edward says that's enough and wants to take me to the hospital, but I disagree. We settle with a compromise of me going to his dad's clinic while Edward heads to work. He makes the call to his dad to make sure I can be seen and I agree to call him with news right away, even if he is on set.

I see Edward's dad and things go great. I leave with a huge smile on my face and call Edward to let him know that things are fine, I have a prescription for some meds, and I'll talk with him later when he gets home from work. I plan to make his favorite dish so I stop at the store to get a few things I need and see a cute surprise I can use. I'm also happy that I will not be empty handed when I see Ellen in two days. I was struggling to figure out what I could do for her show and now I will have a surprise for the both of them.

When I get home, I get to work on Edward's lasagna and a homemade baked apple pie. I set everything together and send Edward a text to let me know when he is on his way home so I can put dinner in the oven. I also check out nursery designs online.

Once he's home, we have a comfortable meal while I ask him about his day. He's not allowed to tell me much - just that the film has to do with a serial killer targeting fathers and daughters. After dinner I bring out the pie and slice a piece that I had prearranged to cut out.

"Now Edward, I want you to take it slow with the pie. I remember last time you almost choked." I tell him, also hoping he wont choke on my surprise.

He takes small bites while I go slow with my piece waiting for my surprise to show. Before he can even get the bite to his mouth, the surprise slides right out. His face turns confused when he picks up the item. It's one of those plastic baby's you can put in food.

"Bella?" He takes a closer look and then comprehension sets in. He looks at me.

I smile big. "We're pregnant!"

Edward jumps out of his chair and hugs me, then proceeds to kiss me over and over. I have finally gotten used to his stares and kisses, so I don't faint as much.

We discuss things while I show him the designs I like so far. I also talk to him about names and tell him my idea, which I am glad he likes. I call my Dad and let him know the news before he hears it on television. Edward's parents, Rose and Alice are also informed and are very excited.

Friday rolls around and we are at The Ellen show. Jeannie welcomed us in and we got settled into a room. It was so different being here watching the show and not in the seats like before, and I'm bummed that Alice and Rose couldn't be here.

We get a knock on the door letting us know we are up in five minutes. I'm nervous to go back on live television, but this is Ellen and she will just be the first of many that will ask us to come to his/her show.

We head down the hallway and wait to hear our que.

"Welcome back to the show Edward and Bella Cullen!" We hear Ellen say and the screaming and clapping goes off.

We walk on stage and hug Ellen, then give a wave to the audience.

"So Edward, let's start with you! You're working on your new movie 'The Chosen One,' correct?" Ellen asks.

"Yes. They cut the title down a bit, but the story is the same and is due out in November." He tells her. He explains a little about the story line and moves on.

"Now Bella, I've been hearing great things about you. You have even gained VIP status among the celebrities, which is quite a hard task. How do you feel about that?" She asked.

"I just feel that every person should be treated fairly is all, even celebrities. I am sure their love of my bakery might also have something to do with that." I tell her while smiling. She totally understands.

"Speaking of your bakery, did you bring more surprises for me." I laugh.

"Well I wouldn't be part of the Ellen Appreciation Group if I didn't! Edward and I decided that since we met on your show, you should be the first to know..." I wait for the anticipation of both Ellen and the audience before going on.

"We're pregnant!" The crowd goes crazy and Ellen gives me a big hug.

"Congratulations to the both of you! Do you know what you're having?"

"Well that's where the surprise comes in Ellen. We decided that we met because of you so if we have a girl, we plan to name her Elena Rosemary after yourself and my closest friends." Ellen gets teary eyed.

"Thank you both, that is very generous. Now tell me, did you surprise Edward with the news?" We discussed how it happened and my surprise for Edward.

"I had a feeling she might be, so it wasn't that much of a surprise for me." He says.

"Oh, don't let him full you, he was totally shocked!" I said to Ellen.

"Edward are you trying to say your wife can't surprise you?" She asked him.

"Sorry honey, but you have "tells" I've figured out over the last year and not much can get by me." He says while trying to hug me and make me feel better.

"Well I may have one more surprise before we end." I say to Ellen.

"Well let's have it." She is supper excited.

I turn to face Edward. "We are having…. twins!"

Edward's mouth drops open, he blinks, his eyes get a little glazed, and yes, for the first time I am not the one fainting, Edward is. Ellen laughs along with many others in the audience and ends the show.

Overall, I think it was a great anniversary on The Ellen Show.

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