Hello there. I apologize for spending such a long time without updating, but that is because I lost interest in it. I feel like it was too fast-paced, and I didn't really like how I was writing Taiga. I feel like he was too... Bland and Mary Sue-ish of a character, and I was starting to get tired of writing him. So I just stopped, and dropped out of the fandom for a while, joining others, basically getting a clear head.

And now I'm finally in the mood for a rewrite. I'll do both chapters at once, so you'll know when they'll be ready because I'll delete this AN.

The story will be in a slower pace than before, and I'll work on establishing Taiga's character further. No, he won't be Senku's cousin this second go around. It was literally a spur of the moment decision, and one I didn't really see the need to add, being literally useless information, since it didn't change the character dynamics that much.

Thank you for following and favoriting this story in the short run it had, and I'll be happy if you end up choosing to stay while I work on the rewrite.

Again, thank you for reading, and see you when the rewrite hits.

Peace Out!