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Aizawa POV

Eraserhead didn't know whether to thank Nezu, and throttle the little psychopathic rat.

On one hand, he didn't get ALL the problem children this year. The loudest two were for Bloodking to deal with. Not to mention this year's incoming freshmen didn't look completely hopeless. There was even a bet already going around amongst the teachers which of the four legacies would rank highest in the sports festival.

On the other hand, the exam was still completely illogical and skewed in favor of brats who could make things go boom. Most years he would just complain and move on, but this year, this year he was standing his ground. It was dumb luck he had come across the kid's exam in the grading spree, but he would be damned if he wasn't given a shot.

"Principal Nezu." Aizawa greeted the rodent as he entered his office, drawing the little mammal's attention from where it was glued to his computer screen.

"Ah yes, Aizawa, come, sit sit, would you like some tea." He postured, and gestured to the tea set off to the right, Aizawa didn't dignify him with a response, instead deadpanning at him as he waited for Nezu to address the issue.

If he was putting in this kind of effort, he was damn sure Nezu already knew what he was here for.

"Well what would you like me to do about it Aizawa, the results speak for themselves, to rescind someone's admission now would hurt our reputation."

"This wouldn't even be a problem if we were more thorough with our practical, more lateral with what we made them show. I've sent you multiple alternate exams that you continue to ignore." Aizawa ground out, the bags under his eyes seeming to deepen when Nezu just grinned at him.

"It's a one day exam, I've told you before, your ideas are all either too complex or would take too long, usually both. For the amount of applicants we get we have to streamline the process." Nezu replied, and Aizawa's eye roll showed none of this was a new discussion.

"But I do have another solution for you. For this case at least." Aizawa said, watching Nezu lean forward and press his paws together in a thinking pose.

"Every first day, I put my class through a Quirk Apprehension Test." Aizawa started, getting a grumble from Nezu.

"One you've been asked to not overlap with introductory ceremonies every year." Nezu grumbled. "Half of our first year hero students miss my speech every year, and I put a lot of work into those speeches."

"I know Nezu." Aizawa resisted the urge to groan loudly at the principal while rubbing his temples with his left hand.

"So your plan is to bargain allowing the students to go to the entrance ceremonies in exchange for getting your extra student hmm?" Nezu continued, still in his thinking pose.

"Nope. My solution has both hero classes missing the entrance ceremonies." Aizawa countered with a vicious smile. Enjoying the shocked look on Nezu's face as he explained his plan and got Nezu's reluctant approval. He thought the Shinso kid had potential, so he'd give him this chance to prove himself. Do or die, that was what it took to be a hero.

Scene change

Aizawa almost considered that worm crawling his sleeping bag back away from the classroom once he heard the noise from down the hallway. He could hear loud thank yous and apologies, as well as muted acceptance of both. All that on top of the usual chatter of teens, wasteful. But he'd whip them into shape soon enough.

It took 7 seconds for him to be noticed by most of the class in his sleeping bag once he silently rolled the door open. The only one that did was the top scorer of the entrance exam, although her seat was closest to the door. Her sea green eyes narrowing at the opening door and her nose twitched in apprehension. Good. Those instincts would take her far.

"It took everyone 8 seconds to be quiet once I arrived." Aizawa started his speech as he unzipped his plush yellow sleeping bag from around himself, revealing the bedraggled hero costume underneath. "That's far too long to be logical."

"Who is this guy." He heard the invisible girl whisper to the blonde girl with large sky-ward facing horns in the seat behind her, getting only a shrug in response.

"I'm your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa." He greeted, his tired eyes meeting a pair just as worn out as his, although he could see the spark underneath them. He had been surprised to see Midoriya on his roster, but it was a pleasant surprise. He had been part of the boy's envoy home from the quirk hospital. He knew how hard he must have worked to power through the drug to make it here. He also knew the unfairness hadn't ended yet.

"First order of business." He began, still keeping his eyes locked on the greenette. "Midoriya, the government is dragging their feet on the paperwork. So officially, you have to stay on your quirk suppressants for the time being. However, as you are enrolled in our systems, Nezu gave the bigwigs an ultimatum, they have until Friday, this weekend we'll be taking you out to see how much your quirk has grown since you last used it properly." Aizawa saw a measure of relief in the boy's eyes, as well as a brief flash of fear. A fear of Skaar and what he could do unleashed again. He'd have to tell All Might about that.

"Got it senseiiiiiiiiiii" Midoriya gave him a tired thumbs up from his seat, making it apparent to those that hadn't noticed yet that he was indeed on something rather powerful and debilitating.

"Secondly." Aizawa continued, only acknowledging the response with a quick nod. "Everyone should have a UA sports uniform. I need you to put those on and meet me out at the testing field." Aizawa said, holding up a spare uniform from within his sleeping bag. He was glad it was out now. Hangers weren't comfortable to sleep next to.

With that said, Aizawa left his students scrambling out of the room as he made his way out himself, ready to meet with the student that should be waiting there for them.

Hitoshi Shinso was an interesting case. His quirk had so much potential to resolve crises, but from what he could tell, it had never been pushed beyond the baseline, and might never be. It was a quirk that, as it was, would make Shinso a successful hero, but he'd most likely never be loved like All Might, and most certainly never in the top ten. But if he was willing too, he could be one of the best underground heroes around. Aizawa honestly saw a bit of himself in Shinso. It was why he had gone so far to give him a chance. To prove he wanted to use his quirk heroically.

Of course, he had to prove he was willing to, and had been doing, the dirty work needed to become that hero. Willing to not become a one trick pony that gets killed in a dark alley unknown to the world.

Once the students had assembled, Aizawa gave them a once over, glad this wouldn't be a repeat of a few years back, when one idiot duo had gotten lost for the rest of the day after changing into their gym uniforms. Suffice to say he'd booted them back down to General Studies then and there.

"Alright class, listen up." Aizawa began, taking note of the 20 students in front of him. On a different field across campus, Vlad King was giving a similar speech to his own, and Snipe had pulled Shinso from his gen ed class to put him through the wringer.

"To be a hero means always being ready, and always being pushed to your limit." He continued, his eyes raking across the crowd in front of him, his calloused fingers toying with the baseball in his pocket, already planning out his first move. First place? No, her quirk would deliver the plus ultra he wanted to make an impression. Second? No, Midoriya was still too drugged to guarantee a top showing. Third…...Oh yes, that would be quite entertaining.

"Here at UA, you will be forced to drive yourself beyond what you thought yourself capable of, and before anyone complains about how unfair it is, I'll have you booted from the program before you can finish your sentence." Aizawa ground out, quelling the protests he could see forming in most of his class. "Your first test begins now."

With a swift motion, he underhand lobbed the baseball with a built in tracking chip to Uraraka, earning a light squeak of surprise, but a clean catch from the girl.

"Uraraka, how far was your throw in middle school?" Aizawa asked, gesturing to the field behind him.

"47 meters sir." Was the nervous reply as the hero student took her place in the throwing circle.

"Average, but of course, heroes are anything but. Do it again, but this time using your quirk."

Uraraka gave him an odd look, one eyebrow raised slightly as he saw the unasked question in her face. He gave a curt nod, glad she understood his point, and why he picked her for this example. It showed that despite the bubbly personality that had been on display in the classroom, there was more to her than just a cheap smile.

Uraraka gripped the ball in her hand, curling all five of her fingers around it before tossing it lightly into the air. And unlike what the others were expecting, it just floated higher and higher and higher…..

"I'll just score that as an infinity and we can continue." Aizawa said, making a quick jot on his phone to record the score as Uraraka blushed and retook her place among the students, near Midoriya and the bird headed student he had been next to since entering the field.

"Here's the deal. The government has always tested students on general athletics exams without the use of quirks, to make it 'fair' they say. It's completely illogical. Quirks aren't fair and neither is life." Aizawa snapped, startling his students at his sudden change from his tired voice.

"You'll be repeating those exams with your quirks, and so are students who didn't make it through the practical, if your score is lower than any of them, they get your spot and you're off to gen ed."

With the ultimatum laid out, Aizawa sat back and watched the panicked emotions flying through their faces. No need to tell them that the other hero class was going through the same ranking. And that there was only one student challenging to take a spot. The life of a hero had no such assurances.

And much to his surprise, not a single student vocally protested to him about the unfairness of it. Whether that was confidence carried over from the practical, a response to his earlier words, genuine acceptance of the situation, or some combination he wasn't sure, but he was glad he didn't have to deal with the whining.

"First up, 50 meter dash." And so the tests began.

It was a good crop, Aizawa had to admit. The usual braggant emitters who had been born lucky and lazy were all putting in real effort and pushing themselves rather than over relying on their quirks. Not that there weren't edges to be sharpened. There always were.

The two he had been watching closest had surprised him as well. Midoriya was clearly pacing himself, and for good reason. While the strength to stop a zero-point villain in its tracks was absent, so was knocking himself out on side effects from the suppressant. Midoriya was consistently placing top 5 or 10 in each event, but Aizawa still had yet to see him enhance more than two of his limbs at a time, a change signified by a slight greying of his skin and bulging darker grey veins across the affected area.

The midget, Mineta, also overcame his unique biology. His quirk made him grow ridiculously sticky balls from his head instead of hair. An unfortunate side effect of this was his hair took more nutrients than the rest of his body to fuel, leaving him much shorter and lighter than his classmates. That kind of physical disability could cripple a hero, but Mineta was clearly used to working around this barrier. Utilizing his smaller size to increase his mobility and speed to make up for his lack of staying power and strength. The little pervert even managed to earn first place on the repeated side steps, along with a note to send him to Hound Dog for counselling for his ...tendencies.

When the final event, the distance run, was over when he declared another infinite score for Yaoyorozu's motorized scooter, Aizawa was quick to tally the scores and glance them over on his phone. The top 5 were his four legacies and Yaoyorozu in first. Not overly surprising, but it showed just how much ground the rest of the class had to make up to compete. At the other end of the list however, both Mineta and the invisible one, Hagakure, actually tied for last.

A quick glance at his other tabs told him the scores from 1-B, as well as Shinso's score. The grumpy text from Nezu was promptly ignored.

"All right everyone, here are your results." Aizawa flicked the screen and projected the scores up, intentionally showing Hagakure in last rather than the tie. As impressive as it was that she managed to get through the practical with sneak attacks and hero points alone, she needed a bit of a push to get her to step up on the physical side of things.

"And here is the results from the gen ed student that was tested. Luckily for you, there was only one this year." Another flick added Shinso to the rankings, above both Mineta and Hagakure.

Although she was invisible, Aizawa could only picture the look on the girl's face was crushed enough. It wasn't his expulsion threat, but visible proof that she hadn't done enough would be shocking enough for her to step things up.

"Of course, the other hero class, 1-B also took the tests." Aizawa continued, taking a small measure of pleasure from the shocked looks on everyone's faces. Only the top five, minus Iida, didn't react to his announcement.

With one final flick across the screen, an additional twenty names were added to the projected scoreboard. Aizawa had to hold back a smirk when he saw Vlad King's top student, the explosive brat, placed under his top 3. And even then he only barely beat Iida for the 4th spot. Sure he'd have to listen to the man griping later, but it ensured he had ammo against his fellow teacher, at least until the sports festival.

The relief was palpable as his class saw that while she was the lowest in his class, and lower than Shinso, class 1-B had a student even lower than Hagakure.

From what Aizawa remembered, Nirengeki Shoda was a pudgy boy whose quirk had something to do with breath. He hadn't seen him directly to judge that he did in fact have zero potential, but his score was the lowest.

"As the lowest score was in class 1-B, Nirengeki Shoda will be dropped to the general education classes and Hitoshi Shinso will be added to their class. Just remember, two of you still placed lower than him as well. If it wasn't for Shoda, it would have been your spots given to him." Aizawa's stern tone made a reappearance as he glared out at the class, daring them to protest. And while he could tell the pink one, Ashido if he remembered correctly, was giving him a stink-eye with one arm wrapped around the slumped invisible girl, she said nothing.

"Now everyone get back to the classroom, you've got other classes for the rest of the day." Aizawa dismissed them with a wave of his hand, already turning on his heel and making his way across campus. He had a student who had requested to see him after all.

"You know Aizawa, I think this is the first time I've seen you go so far out of your way for a student." The deflated form of the number one hero sidled up next to him as he continued to Shinso's testing ground, where the boy was undoubtedly getting the good news from Nezu that he was being transferred to the hero course.

"What of it." Aizawa asked, not even turning to face All Might. "Come this weekend you'll be facing much worse than hosting a little fitness test for a student's sake." And if Midoriya's strength now, on the quirk suppressant, was any indicator, Skaar fully released might be a match for All Might in raw strength.

"True, but I always go Plus Ultra, to my own detriment sometimes." All Might admitted with a sheepish shrug, "And so do you, and every teacher at UA really, but to find one student from the many that fell short and give him another chance, one with a more even playing field than life would usually give. And after your speeches about the unfairness of life…" All Might trailed off as the two arrived at the door to the training ground Sinso was waiting at.

Aizawa didn't respond to All Might's implication. He just tsked and kept on his way, entering the training ground while the shriveled form of the number one hero left him to his task, not saying another word.

He would never admit it aloud, but Hitoshi Shinso reminded him of himself. He had also failed the hero exam and was placed in the gen ed classes. It was robots even back then, although they weren't nearly as advanced as they were now. He had busted his ass in physical training to give himself an edge after his quirk equalized the playing field against the many emitters he faced in the Sports festival. He had won the whole thing that year, he was the only person not a hero student to ever win.

And even after he was transferred to the course, after he made and lost friends. There were those who still looked down on him for not having a more destructive quirk. The system was unfair, and it most likely would be for years to come, but when he looked at Shinso, he couldn't help but see a bit of himself in him. More than a bit really.

Looked down on for their quirks, Shinso's because it was feared and 'villainous' and his because it was 'cheap'. Both fell short in the heroic exam by a single point. They even had the same side-effect from their quirks.

Shinso's brainwashing operated off increasing melatonin levels within his target's mind and increasing suggestibility to his own brain waves by exponential amounts. Unfortunately this also meant his own brain had more melatonin bouncing around than most people, making him perpetually exhausted, no matter how much sleep he got. Aizawa's own just meant he used more of the muscles in and around his eyes to suppress quirks. And like others muscle groups he did gradually build up resistances and the ability to keep his eyes open for longer, but he still had bags under his eyes most days, and not from running night shifts doing hero work. Not to mention the dry eye. That was a real pain.

But unlike him, Shinso had one advantage. He had an adult figure who had been through what he was going through now, and was willing to help him as long as the boy was willing to put in the effort required. To live with the fact that while he might not be popular, but that he could help others all the same.

Walking out onto the field, Aizawa could see the evidence that Shinso had been pushing himself as far as he could spelled out clear as day on his face. Snipe was still there too, watching over the boy who looked more exhausted than even Aizawa did.

"You were right Eraser. He pushed himself more than any student I've seen in an exercise. Was even hypnotising himself to drive past his body's natural limits." Snipe told him as he approached, Shinso's tired eyes lifting from his hunched exhausted stance to meet his own.

The two stared at each other for a moment, studying each other. Aizawa taking in the shaking limbs that most likely held a host of pulled muscles from over exertion, and Shinso at the man who could be mistaken for a hobo with his rumpled and dark clothes.

"The level of effort you put in today is what you'll need to put in every day. Just because you earned a spot doesn;t mean it can't be taken back if you start slacking." Aizawa said, his eyes never leaving Shinso's slumped exhausted frame.

Shinso's face twisted into a smirk Aizawa was all too familiar with, it was the same overly toothy grin he wore when he finally broke through to his students. "Go Beyond, Plus Ultra." Was Shinso's response as his legs finally gave out from under him and he fell back into a hunched sitting position, the smile never leaving his face.

Aizawa gave the boy a grin of his own. Shinso clearly already knew what was expected of him to stay in the hero course.

"Good, now get to class, you've got some introductions to do." Aizawa told him before heading back to his own class. Where hopefully his own brats weren't being overly loud themselves.

Wishful thinking.

Literally finished this chapter during one of my classes because I got so bored. But yeah, here it is, chapter 12 from Aizawa's pov. Different and lets me skip through most of the boring bits of the quirk test and put a new spin on the scenario.

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