A/N: This story came from an idea that my son had. He might continue it sometime in the future, but he agreed to let me write the beginning and put my own flavor on it.


The morning was still as they walked hand in hand. They passed through the rose garden to the trees beyond.

He looked at her, once again feeling the joy of having her by his side.

Their marriage, for the most part, was one of blissful happiness. They loved one another deeply, and each showed to the other all the affection and reverence that each could have wished for. He still considered her perfect, his gift from the heavens.

If there were anything that he could change about their marriage, it would, of course, be that they would have had a child by now. Only the Lord above could know why there had been no fruit from their marriage. It certainly was not for any lack of performing the necessary activity.

He was not disheartened. If they had a child at some point, they would rejoice in it. But if not, they would still have a happy life and a loving home.

Their childlessness seemed to be most vexing to his wife when they were out in society. There were those who would make comments that even he recognized as veiled criticisms. Others were kinder, but it seemed that she still felt a bit uncomfortable whenever the conversation turned to children.

As time went on, they began to spend more time at home, where they could enjoy their love and their peaceful surroundings, for they were both amiable by nature. As much as he enjoyed socializing, the reward of seeing his wife content and at peace was so much greater that he did not resent the sacrifice.

Besides, they still enjoyed the company of the close friends who mattered most. This very day they were entertaining their sister and brother, with whom they had shared their wedding.

On that wedding day, he had vowed to himself that there was nothing he would not do to provide for her happiness, and that remained his intention. If staying at home made her happy, he would do it with gladness. Such was his love for her.

As they reached a clearing, she looked at him, and returned his loving smile with one of her own. The sunlight behind her seemed like a halo, framing her lovely face. Never had she looked more angelic than she did at that moment.