My Sister Forever

It was morning and Dash was watching TV while having cereal in his pajamas. When Violet sat next to him with a book in her hand.

"Hey Violet. Good morning " Dash said with a mouthful of cereal.

"Hey Dash. Good morning." Violet said with a smile.

"What's the textbook for?"

"Actually this is a photo album."

Dash swallowed his cereal and said "Of who?"



"Yeah. You wanna see?"


Violet opened the book and it showed pictures of Dash when he was a baby.

"Awww. Dash. You look so cute."

"Who's that?" he said and pointed to a girl with Dash in her hands.

"That's me. I was holding you when you were just a baby."

"When was that?" Then he pointed to Violet holding Dash by his hands.

"That was when you trying to walk and Dad took that photo."

"Yep you were a cute one Dash." Violet said and pinched his cheeks like a grandma would.

"Okay Violet. Your hurting my cheeks."

"I want to tell you a story."


"When I went to school and when you were will little you would miss me so much when I was away."

"Tell me."

"Okay. It was when you were 3 and I was 6,7, or 8."

Flashback Transition

When it was Violet's first day of school she, Bob, and Helen were very excited, but for Dash not really.

"So, first day of school. Are you nervous hon?" Bob said.

"A little bit. I'm afraid that nobody will like me for who I am." Little Violet said.

"Aww sweetheart. You just be your loving self and everyone will like you." Helen said and gave Violet a kiss on the cheek for good luck.

"Thanks Mom."

When the buss turned up Bob said "There's the school bus. Have fun honey."

But 3-year-old Dash walked and crawled at the same time saying "No! Vi! No!"

Violet picked up Dash and said "What's wrong baby brother?"

"Vi no go."

"It seems like he doesn't want you to go to school." Helen said.

"You'll miss me, isn't it?"

Baby Dash nodded yes and started to cry.

"Oh Dash. It's okay. I'll be home. And when I get home, i'll play with you the rest of the day."

"You pwomise?"

"I pwomise." Then she hugged Dash and said goodbye to him.

Helen picked up Dash and she said "Don't worry Dash. She'll come back. Always."

At 3:00 PM

Helen and Dash were waiting for Violet coming home from school.

"Mommy. When's Vi home?" Baby Dash asked.

"Don't worry honey she'll be back."

When the bus stop by their house Violet came out from the bus with a smile and with her arms wide open to give Dash a hug. Dash ran to her and gave her a hug.

"Vi! Your home!"

"Like I said i'll be home. Always. And you will always be my brother forever. Now how about we play cops and robbers? You can be the cop this time. Just don't use your powers this time."

"Yay! Cops and Robbers!" Dash said and giggles.

The whole day Dash and Violet played until it was bedtime. When Violet had to go to school again she told Dash that she'll be back. Always.

End of Flashback Transition

"And I always told you that i'll come back. Always. The End." Violet said and closed the book.

Dash was in tears. He hugged her and said "Thanks for telling me that story Violet. You will always be my sister forever."

Violet returned the hug and said "Your welcome Dash. And you will always be my brother forever. Now how about we play cops and robbers? You can be the cop this time. Just don't use your powers this time."


The End

Next Week: My Brother Forever