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So this is one of a few ideas I've had in my head for awhile now. And just a word of warning...

This is rated M for a VERY GOOD REASON! I'm warning you right now that things are going to be... Twisted.


It was a normal day in Gamindustri. Well, as normal as a world with divine beings known as CPUs could be at any rate.

In Leanbox, the CPU known as Vert had fallen asleep while doing some EXP farming for one of her many MMO games. Despite sleeping, she was able to play remarkably well. It only took her two attempts to land a killing blow on the Dragon instead of the usual one. And the only reason it took her two attempts was because she pressed the wrong key in her sleep.

In Lowee, the CPU known as Blanc was currently chasing her two little sisters, Rom and Ram, around as she was covered from head to toe in yellow and green paint. The two young girls laughed and ran away from the "Booger Monster" that was chasing them. Needless to say, that only encouraged Blanc to chase her sisters around even more.

In Lastation, the CPU known as Noire was currently in the shower and scrubbing herself down very thoroughly. There had been an accident in one of the factories a few hours ago and she had gotten buried under a pile of liquid goop that had gotten EVERYWHERE on her, under her underwear, over her breasts, in her eyes, ears, nose and other parts. The only thing she was thankful for was that the stuff wasn't toxic in the slightest. Her sister, Uni, was under another shower in the same room, doing the same.

And in Planeptune, the CPU known as Neptune, a short girl in a white hooded parka with light purple-colored hair that was short and spiky and eyes of the same color was in her sister's lab and looking at a large cellphone that her sister, Nepgear, was handing her. "Uh... Nep Jr., I already have a phone, what's with this?" She looked at in confusion but still took it, after all, if her sister was giving it to her, she wouldn't say no.

Nepgear, a girl with long legs and long, light purple hair with the same color as her sister's, and was wearing a white sailor outfit, smiled at Neptune. "Well, since you keep getting zapped into other dimensions, I figured you could use a cellphone that could call home."

"I don't get zapped to other dimensions THAT often!" Neptune protested.

"Ultra Dimension."

"That was Darksty who gave Rei the power to send me there." Neptune pointed out.

"Zero Dimension."

"That was because of Uzume's console we found."

"Heart Dimension."

"Kurome kidnapped me and put me in a pod."

"Remember when you helped train those Overlords to fight Trillion?" Nepgear pointed out.

Neptune sweat-dropped slightly. "Well, okay, but it doesn't happen THAT often!"

"Didn't you get pulled into another dimension to use water guns against, as you called them, ninja girls with giant boobs that rival Vert and Yellow Heart, Neptune?"

Neptune sweat-dropped, "yeah, but that was a lot of fun, that was a one time thing too!"

Nepgear gave Neptune a flat stare. "Just last week you accidentally killed yourself, ended up in Hell and got kicked back out after you made everyone down there worship you."

"Don't ask me how *I* was judged to be bad enough to go to hell." Neptune grumbled, but at least Planeptune had gotten a bunch of shares out of it. Histoire wasn't pleased with HOW she had gotten the shares, but she wasn't complaining about the fact that Planeptune was currently enjoying a surplus of shares.

"And the month before that you chased Prinnies into the Netherworld because they stole your pudding."

"But it's PUDDING!" Neptune protested and sighed. "Fine, so I sometimes get sent to other dimensions." She looked at the phone, "and how will this help me call home?"

"Well, I made it!" Nepgear smiled brightly, which slowly died off at the look of apprehension on her sister's face. "Come on, Neptune, I promise it won't blow up."

"That's... The least of my worries." Neptune sighed softly. "Nepgear, are you sure this is completely safe?"

"Of course it is!" Nepgear pouted at her sister. "You make it sound like all of my inventions are dangerous!"

"Well, not ALL of them..." Neptune admitted. "But there was the microwave you fixed for Blanc that somehow caused the food to come to life and almost kill everyone in the Basilicom."

"But that..." Nepgear whimpered, that wasn't her fault! How was she supposed to know that using mutagenic energy crystals as a power source for the microwave would have THAT effect on the food?

"Or that car you built for Uni..." Neptune chuckled as Nepgear put her hands over her heart and sunk to the floor, sulking. "Didn't it capture her, drive to the top of the Basilicom and shoot lasers out of its headlights at Noire when she tried to free Uni?" Nepgear nodded softly. "And then there was the pocket watch you made for Vert."

Nepgear whined in dismay as she heard all of that. "That's not my fault! I didn't know that I had accidentally programmed it to seek out technology to build itself a giant robot body that could travel through space!"

Idly, both sisters wondered how the robot that had started as a pocket watch before growing tentacles and taking Vert's console, television, microwave, phones, several cars, some tanks, drilling equipment, a bullet train and finally a stealth bomber and reassembling them into a robot body to fly out into space was doing.


In space, many, many miles away from Gamindustri...

A large red meteor that seemed almost alive was making its way through space. Its singular purpose was to find a planet to land on and burrow deep under ground where it would absorb nutrients and energy from the planet while evolving the species that existed so that it could harvest them in the future.

Sadly for this one, it was destroyed as a giant robot blasted through it and shattered its body into pieces.

The hard shell that remained from the creature was taken onto the giant robot as a means to repair the damage that was taken from destroying said creature.


Back in Gamindustri...

"Well, there's an extra benefit for this phone." Nepgear pointed out happily. "There's a chip in it that I made with Croire's help."

"Darksty helped you?" Neptune asked, surprised as Nepgear nodded.

"Yeah." Nepgear smiled at her sister, "I had to give her a bunch of chocolate sweets, but she helped me make the chip that's in there. So if you're in a dimension that doesn't have a Histoire, Croire can find you and get a portal open and we can come get you."

"So I shouldn't use this around the microwave then?" Nepgear asked before running out and laughing as her sister started to tear up. "Just kidding, Nep Jr.! Thanks for the phone!"

Nepgear sighed and shook her head. "What would I do without Neptune?"

She really hoped she never had to find out.


A few minutes later...

Neptune walked into the kitchen and opened the freezer up and found some frozen food. "Well, I am kind of hungry." She pulled out some microwavable pizza pockets and threw one into the microwave. "Lesse... It should be... Three minutes, right?"

Normally that would be all that would be needed.

Sadly for Neptune, when she pressed the numbers, closed the door and hit 'start', a surge of power rushed through the microwave, through her body and into the phone, causing her to start glowing green. "Ah fish sticks! I was kidding when I said I should avoid the microwave!" Neptune cried out as she disappeared in a flash of green light.


Groaning as she sat up, Neptune looked around the room she found herself in. It didn't take her long to realize that the room she was in was rather small, there was a bed, which she was on, a chair in the corner and two doors. One of the doors looked like it was a closet door. "What happened?" Neptune asked as she tried to stand up and discovered something rather shocking...

She was completely naked.


"Oh, you're awake." A familiar sounding voice was heard and Neptune watched as the door opened, revealing a familiar-looking person.

"Arfoire?!" Neptune yelled as she jumped to her feet and pointed a shaky finger at her. "I knew it! You're an evil pervert who did lewd things to me and now I don't have my clothes."

The woman gave her a confused look. While she looked like Arfoire, Neptune noted that her skin complexion was a LOT healthier than Arfoire's was, she was wearing brown pants, a gray shirt and her hair was longer than Arfoire's was. "Who in Gamworld is Arfoire? My name is Chrome."

"...Huh?!" Neptune gawked at her. "What?!" The words that the woman, apparently Chrome, had just said, was a lot more important than the fact that she was standing on the bed in the nude and looking at this woman.

"You must have hit your head or something." Chrome muttered and shook her head. "You're on the Southern most area of Lowee, the Southern Continent of Gamworld. I'm Chrome."

"...Histy, I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore." Neptune twitched, who knew her sister would be prove right so quickly?

To be continued...

For those who missed the references...

Trillion is a reference to the PSP game "Trillion: God of Destruction" where Neptune, Noire, Vert, Blanc and Uzume were DLC characters that ended up in the Netherworld and helped various Overlords train to defeat Trillion. Their attitude was surprising to the Overlords, who expected them to be more full of themselves and not as "normal" as they were.

Neptune facing off against Ninjas with boobs like Vert's is a reference to Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash as Neptune is a DLC character there.

Neptune accidentally killing herself and going to Hell is a reference to the manga "Hello New World" where she ended up in Hell. The tortures she went through in Hell were actually less painful than Histoire's lectures and thus the denizens of Hell started worshiping Neptune because she was super bad ass and Lord Yama tried to kick her out but she fought back because she didn't want to go home at first. After realizing how sad Nepgear was, she went back to her world. When she got back, the shares in Planeptune exploded from how much worship Neptune was getting. At least until the next chapter.

Prinnies stealing Neptune's pudding? Come on, they were just getting Master Etna some pudding, dood!

Oh, and the robot is a reference to GaoGaiGar with the giant asteroid being a reference to Lavos from Chrono Trigger.