This is just an idea that come to mind last night and I couldn't sleep until I was written down. This is set after the Return to Zero so if you haven't read that then read on with you dare.

I of course do not own the Lorien Legacies books (but I do own copies of the books :P)


John was meditating, and had been for hours. Ella had said that it helped him to control some of his legacies that he had develop over the last few years – and meditation especially help with not seeing in to the future. John had try to stop a version of the future happening only to make it happen. Sam didn't blame John for what did happen – after all John hardly choice to get processed by the damn harvest kid and with John's legacies to learn all the others he was the perfect target for someone who wanted more power. While a lot of people thought being able to learn any legacies was cool and was jealous Sam knew it was more of a curse.

It had been a long time since Sam had seen John. Over two years. He and Six when on they own journey and John…John needed time alone to recover from the battle, Setrakus Ra, and recover from losing Sarah, Henri and all the others. It seemed that John took everything that happen the hardest.

"Hey," said John, he didn't turn to look at Sam or even open his eyes, Sam wasn't sure how John heard him but he wasn't surprised.

"Hey," said Sam choosing the sit next to John "Ella said you'll be here…."

"Not much gets past her," said John. John and Ella had become close over the last two years – almost like a real brother and sister. John was protective over Ella and if anyone hurt her –Sam felt sorry for them, and in turn Ella had become almost like an extra leg for John and leg that without it John wouldn't be where he was now. John open his eyes "How are you?" he asked

They hadn't had much time to talk since they all meet again. But that sometimes happens after a big fight, being locked up (again) and getting controlled by a legacies hating kid. "I'm well," said Sam simply – and he was more or less. He was lucky he knew so many healers but he wasn't going to say that – not now at least. "What about you?"

John paused for a moment "I'm getting there – I think…."

"Most people knows what happen," said Sam at once "They know you aren't to blame…." Sam paused for a moment "Nine wants to train with you – but you know Nine… he thinks everything feels better after you punch something… or someone…."

"I'll look forward to it," said John dryly. Sam knew how the fight would go down – John would hold back and Nine will keep pushing and pushing winding John up until he was flat on this back. Nine would laugh and ask John did it make him feel better and John wouldn't say anything.

"Me and Six wonder what you were up too," comment Sam "And by the way…I think Sam also wants a fight…."

"I'll add her to the list," said John "They is a whole school filled of people wanting a fight….."

"It'll be good training for them I guess," said Sam

John shrugged "I don't think I want to learn anymore legacies accidently," he said. John paused and Sam wounded if John could now processed people. John paused for a moment "How about you tell me what you and Six been up too," he said

"It's a long story," said Sam

"I'll got nowhere to be," said John and Sam haven't either. And he knew Six would understand if he was later than what he said.

"Well," said Sam "If you really want to know….." and Sam begin to talk. He guess their reunion was going to be like this. They both been though so much at just knowing each other was more or less alright was all they wanted to know. Knowing that they were there for each other no matter what. Sometimes reunions weren't like the ones in the movies...