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P.O.V changes



Date Unknown
Time Unknown



Where… where am I?

My mind was all muddled up. It took some time to get my mind in responsive mode. I tried to open my eyes but the direct light in my eyes blinded me, giving me a headache. My head already hurt like hell and on top of that, that damn light didn't help me in the slightest. Dizziness and nausea were minor problems compared to the headache.

But the question was how come my head hurts that much. I definitely don't do drugs or even drink alcohol so I was stumped why the hell did my head hurt so much?

'Huh! I definitely didn't open the curtains and I remember switching off the lights, the last night' I wondered. My chest was also felt heavy as if wanting to puke but couldn't for some reason. There was something that was keeping me from relieving myself.

Then out of the blue, I could hear a man speaking. I was instantly on alert. Except for my girlfriend, no one has the key to my apartment.

I squint my eyes to see who was speaking but couldn't find him through the brightness of the light. I could only see an outline of a human being. I couldn't exactly hear what he was saying. It all came down as a jumbled mess. I tried to move but found my body too heavy to move. Feeling panicked I started to struggle but it was all in vain. My whole body was numb.

As time passed, I grew more panicked. My body started moving a little and I could feel the feeling returning to it. But it was not much better than before. In fact, it wasn't better at all.

The man probably noticed my movements by now but he didn't do a damn thing. Or at least he didn't do as far as I could tell. I continued to struggle but little by little I started feeling lethargic. Sometime later I passed out while struggling.

'The bastard probably gave me some anesthesia' were my last thoughts filled with panic. But I didn't have time to wonder how he did as I passed out.

Date Unknown
Time Unknown

The next time I woke up there was some haziness around my mind like before but I was definitely feeling a lot better than last time. My headache was gone. The feeling in my chest was also not there. No, no, they were there but muted.

'Maybe now I can understand what happened to me' I mused. After some thinking, I concluded that I was somehow knocked out. But I didn't know how the hell that man did that.

'Maybe he used some type of gas' I wondered.

Every type of scenario was going in my mind. And with that came questions. Did someone drug me? Who kidnapped me? The last thing I remember was going to sleep after 24 hours of binge-watching all seasons of Young Justice. I distinctly remember locking the door before sleeping.

My apartment was in a very secure locality so how the kidnappers even broke into my house? Was this some kind of prank pulled by my girlfriend? If it was then I am definitely not laughing. And once I get out of… whatever it is, I am definitely going to have a talk with her. I mean I know it was a dick move on my part to go back on my promise but I had my whole day plan out. What if I couldn't go with her to her friend's brother's wedding. I hated the guy anyway.

Just thinking about that fight makes my blood boil. But then I remembered my situation.

'If by some chance, it's not the work of my girlfriend, then who is behind this? I was not some VIP and my family was definitely not the rich kind so I was in quandary as to why some kidnappers would kidnap me? There were many other targets that could have been a better choice for a ransom' I thought with some trepidation.

Again I heard a man muttering. I was instantly on alert. I berated myself for letting my guard down in enemy territory. I opened my eyes and again got blinded by the light.

I was under some light that was too much for my eyes. So I did the next best thing. I tried to speak but couldn't speak more than 2 words and they too came out as a jumbled mess. I then tried to move and to my surprise, I could easily move but then again I was tied so it wasn't a good thing. The end result was still the same. In between, I kept my ears open to gain some knowledge of where I was?

Little by little, the temperature of the room was increasing. I was getting more and more uncomfortable as the temperature started increasing. My chest started feeling heavy. I was panicking again. My struggles were proving to be in vain. No matter how much I struggled I couldn't move my ropes or whatever they were. Suddenly there was an uncomfortable feeling in my mind and I blacked out again.


Date Unknown
Time Unknown

After some more tries following by the same pattern of waking up, trying to see, move but unable to do so, and then listen to the kidnapper or I thought he was some type of kidnapper (I did not know then how wrong I was)

With light blinding me I couldn't see him but I could definitely hear him talking to himself. After some time I stopped trying to open my eyes and get blinded. Still once in a while, I would try to open my eyes to see if that blinding light is removed or not. There were times when I could feel my body responding to my commands but most of the time it was only for a few minutes. And I was tied on some sort of table at that time, so, I couldn't even escape from wherever I was.

One thing I noticed was, whenever I was in command of my body I would feel different degrees of pain. Sometimes it was just an uncomfortable feeling but sometimes it was quite enough to make me hurt. But as time passed I noticed that I started feeling less pain or even no pain at all. But an uncomfortable feeling persisted continuously. I don't know how much time had passed.

It took some time to get my mind in the game. I understood I was getting experimented on, by some crazy and sadistic scientist.

Sometimes when he wasn't in the mood of experimenting, he would mutter aloud and talk about how he will improve the body. I concluded he was talking about my body. Then he will start talking about ideas about how to improve my body without damaging it.

'I need to get out of here ASAP' was my prominent thoughts.

I even had a thought about my parents in between when I was in my consciousness state. How were they even coping with my disappearance? But I knew even if they went to the police, it wouldn't do me any good. I was going to spend my time here. My family was not some VIP's so chances were the police were not going to waste their energy on my kidnappers.

'Most probably my case was already closed and I was declared dead' I thought with some resignation.

Thankfully one day the lights were removed. I squinted my eyes so that he doesn't see me waking up. I could see a man facing in the opposite direction so I couldn't his face. I hadn't heard any other voice the whole time I had been here so I knew there was only 1 man with me in the room. I opened my eyes fully to stock up the situation. I didn't let him see me that I was awake but I could tell one thing that I am definitely kidnapped but not for ransom.

I was in some kind of laboratory.

My fears became tenfold. Till now I had hoped that I wasn't experimented on despite some proofs, and, it was just imagination of my mind. But now, I definitely knew that I was kidnapped for some experiments. My mind provided a tidbit of useless information that experimentation on humans was illegal. But when has the law stopped the Government or some high tier agencies from illegal activities.

I counted to 10 to calm myself. It didn't work so I continued to do that anyway. I continued to do that until I was calm. It took a long time to get calm. Once I was calm I checked on the doctor/scientist.

He was a tall man. He had long brown colored hair tied in the back in a ponytail. He wore a standard white coat and grey pants. Judging by the streaks of white in his hair, he may be well into the forties. I couldn't see his face but I could see some type of creature on his shoulder the entire time, now that I inspected closely.

'Does this mean that some alien is controlling the man' I wondered before shaking myself. 'Maybe it is only some kind of pet that he mutated by experiments. I know I shouldn't have watched those alien controversy videos' I berated myself

Suddenly the man turned and saw me awake. He was surprised to see me awake. I didn't move or say anything. Let him conclude his assumptions. This way I could have an opportunity to escape.

Now I was sure that I was kidnapped by an alien after seeing its face. The creature was a four-legged grey colored small dragon/lizard hybrid. It had elongated teeth and horns. He didn't even remotely resemble any creature I had known. I thought the man was going to do something or maybe the creature controlling him would order him to do so.

For a second I wondered whether the creature was reading my mind the entire time and letting me freak out just for shit and giggles. It definitely has some type of telepathic power because without some telepathy it couldn't have controlled the man.

'If it isn't controlling the man then I have to assume that they are working together' I concluded

But nothing like that happened. The man just gave a look to a tiny lizard – dragon-type creature on his shoulder. The creature looked at me. I could feel he was up to something so I remained on guard. But without my body responding to my instruction I couldn't do anything. I definitely didn't expect his horns to glow red and suddenly I was feeling very tired. I could feel it in my mind. I don't how I could feel it in my mind but I could. I even tried to fight it and remain awake but still sleep claimed me after fighting a long battle.

Next time I woke up I was sure that the creature had some time of telepathic powers which was in itself amazing. I didn't care whether I could open my eyes or use my body. My heart sank just by remembering how easily the creature put me to sleep. I wondered whether I would get out from here or not.

'What the hell am I thinking? I am definitely getting out of here. I just need 1 chance' I berated myself for thinking sad things.

With that, I started planning my escape. I opened my eyes and to my surprise and joy, nobody was there. I was in some type of glass pod lying on my back. I could see the black and rough ceiling. It looked like a cave to me.

'Does this mean we are underground' I wondered. I shook my head and start planning for the future.

I was definitely not going to miss this opportunity. It may take days for the doctor to return and in the meantime, if I just get control of my upper area, I could knock that creature down by surprise and lift the man from its control.

But if they are both working together then I am fucked. I will need full control of my body to knock out that man.

I need to control my body in both cases as without it my escape plan will be impossible. So I start concentrating on moving my fingers with all my will. I tried to move 1 finger and kept at it until I could move my finger a little bit. I was elated by the success after hours of concentration or rather what felt like hours. Trust me when your life is on the line you can remain focused for a long time.

And thus after a long time, I could move my hand completely.

But then I saw my hand, and I froze. Instead of brown skin, it was green. It was also a bit thin. There were no hairs on my arm too.

'Did those experiments changed my skin? Damn! Those mother-fucking bastards', my heart just sank getting bad information every time. I wondered even if I somehow escaped this hellhole, how I will even be able to function in society. I will be labeled as a freak or abomination. Tears gathered in my eyes just thinking about this. Still, I preserved. I focused with all my will to move my other hand by focusing on my rage.

It took less time in getting my other hand moving. When it started moving I started on my leg. I could use both my arms and legs when the sound of the opening of the door came. I was grinning like a fool at my success. I instantly stopped smiling and pretended to be asleep.

The doctor did… what he normally does. I don't know what he usually does. I was feeling particularly wary as he could forget to give me anesthesia and do the experiments nonetheless. I have not seen him dissecting me as I have to keep my eyes closed but I could definitely feel some pain and uncomfortable feelings despite the anesthesia.

And it doesn't matter if he wasn't dissecting me. Whatever his experiments entail can't be good for me – that I was sure. The green skin was enough proof.

But he didn't do anything before moving away. I was sure he will do something. I was just waiting for the shoe to drop. The next thing I knew was gas was released directly on my face and shoulders. It was totally unexpected. I inhaled some of it due to the surprise but blocked after that.

When the doctor went away I tried to move but to my surprise, I felt a little sluggish. I instantly knew that gas was the reason for my state. On one hand, I was happy as in the future I would avoid inhaling the gas but on the other hand, I felt angry and sad at all of my hard work going down the drain.

Still, I got an idea after lamenting about it for some time. I kept awake purely by will. I didn't try to move my body as I didn't want to waste my energy.

I mentally counted approximately the time for my next visit as it could help me in getting to know the schedule. And it also helped me in my boredom. I would have gotten a little insane if I didn't have anything to pass my time.

I counted for 23 hours straight. I don't know how I did that but I did. Maybe it was due to my desperation. Still, I knew it was around 22 to 26 hours of gap. I concluded that it was 24 hours most probably.

Still, the doctor came again and checked the vitals. Again today I didn't feel any pain or uncomfortable feeling like the last time. He just checked my vitals from what I could see by opening my eyes a little bit. I wondered whether the experiments were over and now it was just studying period and making sure I remain perfect for his use.

I was ready for the gas and when it came I didn't inhale any of it. I don't know how but I could stop my breath for a long time. I just chalked many of the inconsistencies to the experiments as I had more important matters to worry about.

Only when he went away, did I go to sleep. Waking up for more than a day had taken some toll on my body. Moreover, I already used most of my energy to get my parts in moving the previous day. I instantly went to sleep after that.

The next time I woke up, I couldn't move. I knew I overslept so I waited for the next dosage of gas before sleeping.

This continued for a while.

I would concentrate on getting my body in control whenever I was alone while sometimes I would be joined by our esteemed Doctor who muttered his plans out loud while 'experimenting' on me. He unknowingly gave me some information but most of the time it was only about how he will make 'X' pay; how he will be great, you know the usual crap.

This made me understand that he was doing this of his own free will. That alien was also most probably helping him.

Many times when I would wake up I wouldn't be able to move my body so I had to start again. This happened 2 times in total – Far too many in my opinion. Still, with every reset, I would be able to control my body in far less time. I also practiced to will my body not to move when I wake up from the second I confirmed that I was kidnapped. This way the man wouldn't be able to discern whether I awake or not. Trust me it was quite hard but when your life hangs in balance, you could even achieve the impossible easily.

This time I woke up only a few minutes before his visit. I could say that it was 5 or 6 days since I discovered that the gas was the reason for my containment. I blocked the gas naturally when it was released. When he went away, I started to will my body to move. I had an amazing opportunity to escape. I had some 24 hours before his next visit to gain my freedom.

When I was fully in control, I felt like I had run a marathon. I could easily move my body now. Although my breaths were labored, I didn't have sweat. I didn't mind it much. I just chalked it up to the side effects of the experiments. Now for the next part of the plan,

I didn't want to do this as it may alert the kidnappers/scientists but I didn't have any other option. I pull back my arm and punched the glass with my whole might. But before I could hit the glass, I was bombarded with gas on my face. I coughed naturally. I tried to keep my mouth shut but I had already inhaled some of the gas due to the surprise. There was also a steel panel above the glass panel now.

I was already very tired after getting control of my body and that gas didn't help in the slightest. I didn't think that there will be some defense mechanisms. But how the hell did the machine know?

'Those damn motion sensors. They could have alerted him by now' I concluded after some thinking. I didn't have any hopes of getting out but damn it if I did try my best.

I struck the glass and steel panel with all my might. Surprisingly I didn't feel any pain. Moreover, the panels flew upward striking the ceiling with surprising speed. I didn't think more about it at that time as I was feeling on the verge of consciousness. I couldn't concentrate properly. It was just desperation now that was fueling me forward. I didn't or rather couldn't take into account my surroundings which cost me.

The same gas which was used on me to knock me out was pouring in the room. And when I noticed it was already too late. I was already unconscious by then.

The next time I woke up, I couldn't move even a little. Hell, I couldn't do anything other than just lying there like a corpse. I fucking hated that feeling.

I could tell that the doctor was angry as he was muttering like usual "…..how dare you? ...I will show you…..You are my greatest creation. With me in your body I would eclipse the so-called heroes and Dr. Desmond will be powerful even Light wouldn't be able to control me. They will see my brilliance. They all will Hahahahahaha. But first, you will pay for what you did" I could hear him monologue the entire time.

He did something. Because the next thing I know was all pain. Unbearable pain,

Consciousness faded in and out.

I could feel it...

The world was a buzzing haze.

There was... something...

I couldn't think, couldn't move; couldn't...

Everything shook... as if a bomb had gone off.

It hurt. The kind of pain that ate away at rational thought

The world shook again, a deep rumble like the stomach of some great beast.

Something... sparked, at the edge of my mind.



My eyes snapped open.

My surroundings had become clearer, my mind, less muddled, and I no longer felt that gnawing edge of pain. I don't know what he did but in the end, it was like an invisible fog was lifted from my mind and with it lifted, came clarity.

I could hear him easily now.

I could even sense he was angry over something.

From the muttering, I came to know his name was Mark Desmond. He was working in CADMUS under the organization called 'Light'. And the organization cut his budget when they learned he was spending it, somewhere else. He was actually spending it on….… me. I mean my body.

What the Fuck?

It suddenly clicked where I am.

I was in DC universe where a lunatic Doctor was experimenting on me under the orders of a criminal organization.

Yeah…. I am fucked.

I blacked out from the sensitive information overload and the experiment which I just survived after taking so much pain.


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