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Chapter 4

Fun at the beach, Santa Prisca, and a Surprise

It wasn't even noon when I reached back to my hotel room. It only took that long as I took the long route by going into the forest and walking back from there so that no one could follow me.

Was it paranoid? Yes.

Was it necessary? Definitely.

After all, Robin did try to spy on me.

Seeing as I had nothing to do, I meditated for 5 hours, only taking a break to eat lunch.

While eating lunch, I had an epiphany.

I didn't want to just live my life by editing memories.

I mean I have only done that since I arrived in this world 4 months ago. It wasn't like I was actively looking to be in fights. I just wanted the power as a precaution, just in case, I needed them in a tight situation.

I realized that I wasn't actually living. I was just surviving.

So, I decided to go out and have some fun.

And thus I decided to go to the beach. I knew I could find something fun, there.

My appearance was the same as my base form, just a little taller. Instead of green skin, I had tanned skin. I also let my grey hair as it was. It would only help me distinguish my identity from the afternoon if the heroes try to find me.

I was quite surprised by the number of people on the beach. I mean a villain just fought with the heroes and destroyed a part of the harbor. Then again, it might be an everyday thing for them and it had been a few hours since the fight.

I almost regretted going there as when I reached there, the beach was filled with people, a lot of people.

To waste some time, I mixed in with a group of men who were surfing or should I say a few were surfing while a dozen others were trying to learn from them or just hanging out with them to feel cool. I quickly realized that I didn't have a lot of talent in surfing but the memories of Robin's early years really provide me with enough skill to come off as a prodigy. The guys didn't believe me when I said this was my first time on the surfing board.

An hour of getting thrown off from the board into the water was enough to learn the basics. After that, I decided to play volleyball with a group of college boys and girls. There was a lot of flirting, dancing, and singing going on.

And I didn't discriminate against anyone other than who was already taken. I flirted with any girl I could. And there were a lot of girls who were interested in me. Apparently, grey-white hair on my tanned skin looked exotic.

With my mature attitude, I came off as a college student instead of a 16-year-old so no one commented on me being able to consume alcohol. I also introduced myself as a medical college student so it was also one of the factors.

The people were definitely impressed by my ability to consume alcohol. I out-drank everyone in the group and didn't even get drunk. I only had a little buzz going on and even that was rapidly decreasing by the minute. Sometimes, the powers really felt like a curse.

When I went to my hotel, an hour later, I went there with a girl on each arm. They were both best friends and did everything together. Their words, not mine.

I didn't care about the age gap at all. They were both above 18 and only that mattered to me (I checked that with my telepathic powers). I wasn't going to destroy my chance for the first threesome. Hell, I didn't even remember their names halfway through the walk back to my hotel.

We all knew what we wanted and they both especially knew what they wanted considering they wanted me to 'show' them my room. They didn't waste any time once we reached my room.

Hell, the kissing started even before I had the time to lock the door. And there were times when I wasn't even participating. It was a free-for-all situation. We didn't take much time to lose our clothes.

The look they are giving me now when I just took off my shirt and pants showing my body and erection. Damn!

I might have not liked the way I arrived here, but I am liking this gig more and more, with each passing day.

Without wasting any time, I jumped on the bed and joined them.

4 Days Later

22nd July 2010 (08:00 pm)

Isla Santa Prisca

'Where the hell are they?' I thought with some irritation.

I distinctly remember that today was the day, Santa Prisca incident happens.

It's been a little more than 4 days since the fight with Twister happened, and it had been a fun 4 days.

I spent my time meditating and the girls with whom I hooked up.

In these last 4 days, I decreased the time spent my time meditating by at least 30%. So, I was only able to meditate for 10 hours daily from morning to evening, taking breaks to only eat. That way, I was able to edit only 27 days' worth of memories since I fought with Twister.

While, from evening till night, my time was spent at the beach, trying to perfect the art of surfing and spending the time flirting and fucking the girls. With my body's vitality, I easily outlasted them. They were sore for the whole time and even then I wasn't satisfied fully.

The 4 nights, we spent together were definitely one of the best in any of my life. I can confirm that the new generation is really dirtier compared to the previous generation. The things they asked me to do them and they did to me were definitely not for weak of hearts.

I was quite sad to see them go yesterday. They were also visibly upset about reaching the end of the holiday trip even when I promised to call if I go to the Gotham.

Yeah, right! Like I would go to that hellhole willingly! Even then, I saved their mobile numbers, just in case.

Initially, I felt like I was wasting quite a lot of time that would have been better spent on editing the memories and learning new skills. But, I stood by my decision and had fun.

And what do you know? I now don't feel like I am just surviving. I could now feel like I am starting to live a little too. Although, learning and mastering surfing definitely helped a little in my decision. The girls are really attracted to a surfer who has well-defined muscles and abs.

While spending time with the girls, I also got a solution to one of my problems. I kicked myself for not thinking about it sooner.

The idea was to place a few blocks in my mind while I am having sex with normal women. They worked like suggestion implants and helped me control my strength. I could decrease almost 99.99% of my strength through the blocks. The end result would be a minor enhanced human male version of me. It was perfect for having sex with normal human women.

I had to spend a little time practicing placing them and removing them otherwise the method worked quite well. Obviously, I could easily break through the implants from outside in case of emergencies as I am always aware of the blocks though that would leave a minor case of headache due to removing them without actually going in the mindscape.

This let me enjoy sex more as I wouldn't have to worry about hurting them. It would also enable me to have more pleasure during sex as I didn't have to hold back.

Trust me, it is a tried method. I used this on my second night with the girls. While I was not bad on my first night, the second night really convinced them to spend time with me more. And I could do so much more without worrying about accidentally killing them.

And if somehow I come across Super Heroines during sex, I could easily remove my mental blocks in a few seconds, safely, to increase my strength just above theirs so that we both could enjoy the sex all the more.

Anyway, knowing today was the date, I quickly flew over here. And I have been floating here in the sea for the last half hour. I was stark naked which made this a little uncomfortable too.

I already broke all of my mental blocks just in case I have to fight my way out.

I can't go further until the cavalry arrives as I can't turn off the motion sensors and the other equipment that keep track of the movements outside the island. Oh, I could, if I wanted to go in guns blazing and let them know about my position. So, Obviously, I had to wait for them.

I didn't have to wait much longer.

I sensed them arrive though I couldn't see them until they de-activated their ships' invisibility. Aqualad dropped down and paved the way forward by cutting the net with his water magic.

Aqualad was only able to destroy the net because of his water magic. The motion sensors on the net didn't recognize water as the cutting device. But they would have recognized steel or any other thing as the cutting device. I hadn't even touched his memories so I couldn't do the same but once I am done with his memories, I am sure it would be a child's play to do the same.

While Aqualad climbed up on the cliff after disabling the motion sensors, I easily and silently flew away. I thought I could silently go through the base with my invisibility.

So, I did. And it was really easy.

The base was crawling with the Kobra gang but no one detected me.

I first went around and found the computer room. Unfortunately, I realized that I can't take out the formula from the computers without creating a commotion. I could easily knock out the goons working on the computer but that would alert the enemies when they would wake up. I didn't want to leave any trace of me and I also didn't want to create more difficulty for the team.

So, in the end, I decided to wait for the team to create it. While flying around, I noticed that the Kobra gang had the same type of guns I took from Brick. I was a little impressed that they updated the guns from bullets to energy ammunition for the enhanced individuals. But, I also realized that they won't work on the super-enhanced persons like Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy, and me. They would just stun us instead of injuring us.

A few seconds later, I heard the unmistakable sound of firing due to my excellent hearing. I decided to go there and get the timetable.

I reached there to find Kid Flash had given their positions away.

I flew down just after them above the tree line though I maintained some distance so that Miss Martian doesn't pick me up. I had to exercise some great caution as Super Boy could easily hear me through his excellent senses and they had their pesky Infra-Red tech goggles which could bypass my invisibility too. I hadn't tested it which in the hindsight is very reckless of me. I should have tested the full capability of my invisibility.

It didn't take much time for them to round up both of the fighting groups.

And then started the teenage drama… Who was better? Who gave their positions away? Who should be the team leader? You know the usual.

The animated series didn't do justice. They really were very annoying. I was also really glad that I wasn't with them like I planned some days ago. I would really have killed one of them if I had to hear that nonsense all the time.

Knowing they would create the disturbance for me in less than 20 minutes, I quickly flew away to the base in my invisibility. While flying there, I got an excellent idea.

I searched for the living quarter and found them after passively scanning through a goon. It was quite good that I had Dubbilex uploaded me with the same package they uploaded in Superboy. It contained almost every language so I didn't have any problem in understanding their Spanish thoughts otherwise getting the directions might have proved a little difficult.

While there, I took every cent I could find. After all, they don't need to have money with them. I didn't even leave the jewelry too.

I have a great philosophy. If organized criminals don't have any money, they won't be able to do any crime. The crime rates can seriously decrease if we take every penny from the criminals. Take Lex Luthor for example. His ability to do crimes would really plummet if he won't have money for food. I mean how he would make his underling do crimes if he can't even pay their salaries. Hell, most criminals commit crimes for money.

Obviously, there would be some people like Joker, Victor Zsasz, and the other fanatics who would do crime for the sake of doing it but quite a lot of criminals can really be neutralized if we take all their money.

Anyway, after looting everything from them, I put the cash and the jewelry half a mile away from the base in the forest near a big boulder. By my estimate, it would be around 3,000 dollars all around excluding the value of the jewelry. The cash alone was enough for me to live a month of a good life without any worries.

My only regret was that I couldn't go through Cobra's safe. It had an alarm otherwise I would have smashed it apart. I could have gone around that obstacle by smashing the walls in which the safe was fitted and then take it with me. But I can't make other things invisible and sneaking through the base would have been really difficult with a visible safe. It was bad enough with the cash and jewelry. But at least, I could hide them in my fists and mouth.

Once, I was done with that, I went straight to the computer room. There I found Robin going through the computer.

My arrival coincided with Kid Flash. Even I was surprised when he flashed past me. My invisibility almost broke due to the shock.

I just floated behind him as silently as I could. My pen drive was in my mouth so I wasn't visible at all. Even then, Robin somehow sensed something was not right and threw a bat-rang at my position.

I ignored Kid Flash's squawk and used my telekinesis to force its trajectory away from my body. It passed through me with only an inch of a gap. Thankfully, Robin didn't think it was my doing and went back to his work ignoring Kid Flash's "Dude, what was that for".

I silently sighed in relief.

"So what do you got?" Kid Flash asked.

"Chemical formulas... I am guessing it involves Venom"

The next thing I know, I am seeing Venom Formula and the Blockbuster formula. I ignored what they were talking about as my attention was on the computer screen. The very next second, I saw was how they were combining it correctly to get a product 3 times powerful than venom and permanent. The thing I needed to increase my power if I get into a bad situation.

Unfortunately, even with my medical knowledge, I couldn't create that without knowing the proper procedure. I really need to get back to Desmond's memories. But I can't until I complete Robin's and Aqualad's memories.

I let them realize whatever they wanted and decided to move when they go away. In the meantime, I distinctly heard a helicopter landing. But they weren't going away. Only when the unmistakable sound of fighting came did they go away.

I quickly went to the computers and inserted my pen drive. After that, it was a child's game to get everything on the Cobra-Venom. It was good that I bought a 128 GB pen drives otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the full information though I would have gotten most of the information in a 64 GB pen drive.

I got everything just as the fighting died down. I quickly got out of there before anyone could walk inside.

Next, I went to the armory. It was easy picking from a mind of goon.

There, they had guns, rocket launchers, and many other things. I only took the ammunition for the guns and sneaked them through the base. It was more difficult as the base was on high alert. And the large pieces of battery ammunition weren't that small that they would fit in my palms. So, I took an outfit from the closet of one of the goons which were of my height, and pretended to be a henchman. This way I was also able to get a few guns too, hidden on my body.

It was quite scary to find that most of the outfits that the henchman wore were the cult outfit. They literally didn't have any other clothes.

I guess I could understand the thinking it creates. It is the same thing the military of every single country does. By making them wear the same clothes, they unconsciously recognize the fellow fanatic as the ally and the others as the enemy.

Anyway, once I put the ammunition in the same place as the cash, I went to the base again. This time, I went to the cobra's living quarters. They were obviously quite big compared to the goons' though it appears that it was the recent thing. I realized he took Bane's quarters when he took the place from him. He obviously tried to renovate it as I don't think Bane would be concerned with so many luxury items.

Anyway, I waited for the fighting to start again.

After a minute, I heard the unmistakable sounds of guns firing and fighting. I quickly punched through the safe.

"Jackpot" I whispered to myself when I came across the dozens of bundles of 100's.

The alarm sound was downed by the fighting sounds. Even then, I didn't want to take any chances so I quickly took out the cash which was unmistakably quite a lot.

Thankfully, the cultist's outfits had deep pockets. I filled them up with the cash and jewelry.

Once that was done, I hightailed out of there. It was child's play to sneak through the base with all the fighting going on as every single one of the fanatics was outside, fighting with the team.

Once, I put all the things in the place, I went back after taking off the clothes. And this time, I went straight to the Sports Master's location.

I wanted to check a theory. I wanted to see if I had to actively try to get the timeline to change or will it try to remain the same.

Once I was there, I sneaked into the helicopter. It didn't take me more than a few seconds to find the location of the case. Just as I was about to take the case containing the cobra-venom vials, Sports Master entered the helicopter.

I stilled.

He came to my direction, running, and quickly went to the control section after taking a look at the case.

I gave a sigh of relief when he didn't realize that I was there. I have no doubt that if he wasn't in a hurry, he would have sensed something was wrong.

I quickly took the case and went to the back door.

Just as I reached there and thought of an idea about getting out of the helicopter without him realizing, I heard the beeping sound.

I round up to see a bomb looking as if it was going to blow in a few seconds.

I only a few seconds of time to run back towards the Sports Master. Thankfully, they were enough. It was really difficult to manage the invisibility when the bomb went off.

Unfortunately, the helicopter caught on fire which was making me miserable as fire and I really don't get along.

I only had a moment's time to hide on the side of the wall before Sports Master looked back.

I was a little surprised that Sports Master didn't try to take the case. Instead, he jumped after a few seconds of realizing that the helicopter was a bust. I also flew away after him.

Landing down, I opened the case to see the loot. Unfortunately, one of them was missing. It only had 3 vials and a bottle which could fill 3-4 more.

'Damn it' I cursed in my mind.

I thought if I took it away, I could see if the plot changed or not. But now I realized that Sports Master was already a step ahead. He probably hid one of the vials with him as a backup.

'Oh well,' I shrugged and flew towards my secret stash's location.

While flying I saw that the helicopter crashed with the buildings and they caught fire very quickly.

'Man! Bane's gonna be pissed' I thought with a wince and a little amusement.

I also had a little regret. I was thinking of looting this base further in the confusion and taking every valuable thing that wasn't stuck to the ground. But now it was a bust.

I landed in the place to see my stash was just as it was when I left it.

I sighed in relief. I was a little paranoid that someone would discover it by chance, especially Kobra seeing as he sneaked through the forest in the canon.

'Now how to take them with me' I questioned myself seeing the size of my loot. 'I would need a suitcase of some type to take them all away. And I can't be invisible if I have a suitcase with me. Well, I don't have that but I do have an outfit with deep pockets' I mused.

I quickly wore the dress I stole.

'Now what to take' I questioned myself.

Well, the most important things are cash and jewelry. The cash could be easily stashed in the pockets of that dress I took from the cobra goon; same with the jewelry, though it would be a tight fit.

'Well, I could wear some of them to lighten the load' I mused as I started putting the cash in my pockets. By my estimate alone, it would be more than 50,000 dollars.

Next day

23rd July 2010 (07:00 am)

Happy Harbor Hotel

I had to do a second round to take the ammunition from the place.

I also took a quick look at the base as the fire had died down by then and I thought I could salvage some things.

But I took a single look and turned around. The place was crawling with the Bane's henchmen. The Cobra Cult and its leader were nowhere to be found. And most importantly, Bane was sitting on a rock glaring at nothing. No doubt, he was angry that his factory was destroyed.

I could have felt his bloodlust from a kilometer away.

So, I hightailed out of there.

While I could easily take out Bane, even in his steroid form, I didn't want to reveal myself at any cost.

Anyway, it was only after midnight when I got back to the hotel. And by then I was spent. Truthfully, stealing was a lot of work, hard work.

After a quick shower and dinner, I was asleep in seconds.

I only woke up today at 6 am.

From where I got ready and checked out just in time. If I had been even half an hour late, I would have had to pay for another day.

Now, I am walking around with my backpack slung over my shoulders, thinking about a few things.

I was quite tempted to rent an apartment or house near the beach in this city. I wouldn't have to go anywhere to hook up with the girls. My surfing skill and body alone would get me all the sex I would want. After all, quite a lot of girls come to the beach from nearby cities too.

I already had a lot of cash, and with it, I could easily live for years in luxury.

But with a heavy heart, I decided against it as there were quite a few problems.

First, It would become boring after a while. Even now, it was not fun as it was for the first time. I would definitely consider it a vacation spot for a weekend every month. But I don't think I would be happy here.

Second, I would be in the vicinity of kid superheroes and even heroes who would be visiting Mount Justice. The chances of a villain getting lose here was a good possibility. And I didn't want to live in a city where a villain could come.

And third, chances are I would get involved in the plot through some form of bad luck which would be catastrophic.

There were a few more minor reasons not related to the superhero business like I don't like the humidity, etc.

So, in the end, I decided to go to some other city. I couldn't fly in the light so I spent my time in a park meditating on Robin's memories for about 13 hours, and only took a break for breakfast and lunch.

Once, the night fell, I flew away to my first destination, star city.

24th July 2010 (01:00 am)

Star City Hotel

I arrived in Star City at just around midnight after less than an hour of flying.

From there, I booked a hotel. Truthfully, booking hotels was getting a little expensive for my tastes.

'I really need to get myself some sort of base' I mused

I could get myself an apartment but it can be dangerous. After all, they provide little security in the form of a door except for whatever security measures the building has.

If it had been some normal world, I wouldn't have any problem living in an apartment. But with enhanced villains and heroes running around...

No way! I could get killed by some sort of bad luck as collateral in the fight between villains and heroes even with my new body. It isn't like they would care about the building complex that was between their fight. And with my luck, I would be sleeping in that particular building.

So, I would definitely procure myself a base that would provide at least some safety. Moreover, it wouldn't feel right without some sort of base. Every Self Insert I have ever read in Marvel and DC, have their own base.

It's a tradition.

Anyway, my goal to come to this city was because I left the guns I took from Brick, here. So, I went there and took them back to my room.

Once I was back, I went to sleep. After all, I have to wake up early and do my daily 10-hour meditation, before starting on my new project that I thought of while flying here. It was a shame that I didn't think of it this morning. It would have been better that way.

24th July 2010 (11:00 pm)

Above Star City

I was flying about half a kilometer above the City taking in the scenery as I go.

It was truly a beautiful sight. Hell, it was always beautiful whenever I am flying. There is something else seeing from high above, especially at night when the lights illuminate the city.

I had just completed the part of my new project that was linked to this city. So, now I am going to another city for the next part of the project.

I was only carrying my backpack with me. It had my clothes, other essentials, and a lot of money and jewelry. I realized today that I couldn't carry the guns and ammunition with me everywhere. So, I procured myself a small storage room. There I dumped most of the guns and ammunition. I only took 2 guns and 4 cylindrical power cell as its ammunition just in case a situation arises where I couldn't use my powers.

It was then I heard a cry for help from a woman judging by her voice.

I stopped at once cursing my bad luck. I mean what're the chances of getting into a situation while just thinking about it.

Anyway, after cursing for a little while, I flew down, towards the place from where the sound came. While going there, I also took out my face mask and wore it to hide my identity. I also broke the mental blocks, I placed on myself by 10% to be on the safe side.

It was not far. I only covered about 2 blocks of distance before stopping when I heard the cry. At such long-distance, I only heard the cry due to my sensitive ears otherwise I doubt even the person a few dozen meters away would have heard her.

I stopped above a building inside the Royal University.

I looked around to see anything suspicious but couldn't find it. In the end, I had to use my sensing ability.


My target appears to be running after kidnapping a woman. And judging by how he/she is transporting her (read carrying her like a potato sack), the individual appears to be a peak human level individual or even an enhanced individual.

After dropping my bag on the rooftop of the building, I zipped past the buildings in between my target and me. I didn't care if anyone saw me flying as I had the mask to hide my identity. In a few seconds, I was just above my target.

And what bad luck it was!

The one who was kidnapping the woman was none other than the Black Spider. The woman was wrapped up in the web. Even her mouth was shut by the web so that she can't make noise and alert anyone.

'Damn it. That means the League of Shadows is involved' I thought bitterly. I mean why oh why, do I get to face them every-damn-time?

I took a deep breath to contain my anger and zipped past him at my full speed. He didn't even realize that I took the woman though he will realize soon that she is gone, no doubt due to weight lightening from his shoulders. I only stopped a few blocks away.

People don't realize but even a common man is different from my previous world.

I have realized in time that they are hardy folks compared to my previous world. They would have to otherwise the casualties alone would be higher from the fights between the heroes and the villains.

That's why I wasn't worried about the woman getting hurt when I took her from Black Spider.

Not just that, but there are other differences too.

I already mentioned about people growing till 21. Some people in my previous world also grew up till 21 but most stopped growing around 18 years of age. Here, that milestone is 21 instead of 18.

People also age differently here. The people age slowly till their mid 40's and then age a little faster after that. Only after 60-70, they start to look their age (in perspective to my previous world).

Due to this, women can even give births in their 50's. Black Canary is a perfect example of this particular fact. Her mother was the original Black Canary during the 1940s and she had the current Black Canary in the 1980s. Even if the original Black Canary was in her early 20s during the 1940s, that would make her about 60 when she gave birth to the current Black Canary. Although, I guess she could be considered an outlier.

The people also look far better here than in my previous world. Hell, I haven't seen a single male or female in the last few weeks that could be considered ugly.

Due to them being stronger and faster than the previous home world's humans, the world records are also quite different from my previous world.

There could be a few other differences but these are the ones that are visible most of the time.

Anyway, I gently dropped her at a building rooftop after flying for a few blocks so that the Black Spider doesn't know my location. Then I closed my eyes and used my sensing ability to look for Black Spider and any other of his team members and see if anyone is coming in my direction.

I was especially looking for Cheshire.

I was both, dreading and excited to fight her. The last time we fought, she had more skills than me. But since then, I had edited a lot of Robin's memories related to his martial skills.

It was quite a scare when one day, I found his memories to be in the Wayne Manor learning from Bruce Wayne, himself, instead of practicing for the circus. I realized it was after the time he lost his parents in that accident. Anyway, learning from Batman was truly a daunting task and I was just starting on those memories. I have to give credit to Robin. He took the training like a champ

Even then, I had learned a lot from them already. I am sure I would do better now.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, (I can't decide which) she wasn't here. Hell, other than Black Spider, no one suspicious was there. And he was panicking about losing the target and was running around like a headless chicken, trying to find her.

After I confirmed that he wasn't going to find us, I looked down at the woman trying to get my attention.

She was angrily glaring at me. I realized she still was wrapped up in the web and couldn't even talk because of it. I sheepishly rubbed the back of my head when she made some noise from her nose.

"Sorry about that. I was just looking if your kidnapper is coming for us or not" I said as I helped her free. With my strength, it was quite easy to break the web.

"Who are you?" She asked once her mouth was free.

'Wow! No thanks or anything. How rude' I thought. Then I realized, she was probably asking for my hero name.

"I do not have any name for my hero identity. I am not in this business as you can see with my civilian attire. I just heard your cry for help and came" I explained.

She just tsked and started making herself presentable.

She was a bespectacled young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is short, almost to shoulder length at the back, and with bangs over her eyes though the kidnapping left her hair in disarray.

She wore the classical lab coat of a scientist, with the sleeves rolled to her elbows. The white coat has several pockets, with one holding a pen. She also wore dark-blue pants that reach her ankles and an olive green V-neck shirt. She has a small earring on both ears.

'What is the problem with her' I thought with annoyance. Still, she looked familiar.

In the end, I just shrugged and decided to go away.

"Okay, then. I guess, take care and don't get caught again" I said. No reason to be impolite even if I was leaving her to fend for herself.

"Wait! Where are you going?" She asked with rising panic.

Fed up, I rounded on her.

"Lady, I just saved your ass from one of the high ranking members of the League of Assassins. You didn't even thank me. And that attitude of yours isn't helping me when I am trying to be helpful. So, I am going as I don't think I am wanted here" I said turning to leave.

"Wait! I am sorry about that" She pleaded.

I stopped and looked like I was making a decision. Truthfully, I already made the decision. I was only taking time so that I don't have to hear her bitching. People only bitch when others are being helpful for free. They quickly change tune otherwise.

"Very well, so let's start. What is your name and why is the League of Shadows trying to kidnap you?" I asked.

She sighed in relief at my acquiescence and then visibly composed herself for answering the questions.

"I am Professor Serling Roquette. I teach nanorobotic at the Royal University, the one where we were just a few minutes ago. And I don't know WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO KIDNAP ME" She all but yelled the last part getting visibly distraught.

'Probably thinking about the kidnapping attempt' I mused.

"I think I do. They are probably looking for you to do something related to your nanotech skills for them" I said to her distraught "Don't worry, if they wanted you dead, you would have been dead already" I explained but it made her all the more distraught.

Still, I wasn't prepared to hear her name. I mean I knew on the basic level that she was kidnapped 2 weeks before the showdown between the team and the league of assassins with the drama between Artemis and Cheshire. But I didn't realize that she had been kidnapped today. It wasn't in my plan at all. I thought I would leave her to them just like in the canon.

Hindsight is 50-50 after all.

In the end, I decided to help her. I couldn't exactly leave her behind. That wouldn't sit right with me. After all, I couldn't ignore something in front of me.

"Look, I can't exactly help you. After all, I am not trained to fight League of Shadows" I said to which she looked on the verge of panic. I continued "But, I can protect you until we can contact Justice League or at least Green Arrow and Black Canary. They are more equipped to deal with them"

Thankfully, by the end of my explanation, she looked more positive.

"Do you have any way to contact any of them?" I asked.

She raised her eyebrow but when I continued to look in her direction, she shook her head.

I sighed. I had hoped she would be able to contact them.

"Look's like we will do it the hard way. Come on" I said and picked her up bridal style before she could reply back and flew away.

It was cute to hear her squeak. Still, I stifled my chuckles. No need to get her angry.

"You could have warned me before taking off," She said angrily.

I simply remain quiet as I was busy using my sensing ability at the maximum. If I had been alone, it would have been a child's work as I could have flown fast and covered more area. But with her, I had to be careful. While humans are more sturdy in this universe, they are still fragile compared to someone like me.

I couldn't even leave her somewhere and search on my own. The League of Shadows could easily grab her while I am finding the heroes.

Truthfully, I don't even want to find them. They would have questions and could even start looking into me if it reaches Batman.

'Coming across Sterling really was really a stroke of bad luck. Well no use crying over spilled milk' I thought and continued to look around.


At last, after half an hour of search, I finally found someone.

The one I found was fighting some guys at the docks.

I quickly flew over there, well as fast as I could while carrying a fragile human female. Looking at her, I found Serling shivering due to the cold. I forgot that it is quite cold for normal humans to fly, especially at night. I had to will myself not to stare at her perking nipples. It was only now when I realized that she is quite hot. I had been really busy in my thoughts.

When I reached there, I found it was Red arrow instead of Green Arrow. He was fighting Brick and his men... again.

I looked inside one of the goons' mind and found out that Brick was quite pissed at getting robbed of his cargo a few weeks ago.

'Oops. I didn't realize he would find out about my theft' I thought.

Now, I had a choice. I could either give Serling's responsibility to him or find Green Arrow or Black Canary.

In the end, I decided to give Sterling to him and be done with it. I was already late for arriving in the next city and I didn't want to be late anymore.

I landed a block away and dropped Sterling on the ground.

There we waited for him to finish up. Serling also warmed up and didn't bother me for a while.

"What are we waiting here for?" Serling asked when she couldn't control her patience any longer. I guess I spoke too soon. I could already sense her dwindling patience so I answered her.

"We are waiting for our hero to complete his current task. It is bad manners to disturb them when they are in between a battle" I joked a little to ease the tension taking a quick look at her breasts to see that her nipples were still perked up.

She just humphed.

'She really is a piece of work' I mused.

Still, Red Arrow appears to be done.

As he was walking away from the battle, I picked up Serling and flew away to meet in his path, ignoring her squeak. While Serling was trying to get warm, I decided on a plan that would help me hide my identity from him.

Once, there, I flew down in the alley that was in his way and waited for him to arrive after dropping Serling.

Just as he arrived, I backed away and used the stealth techniques I learned from Robin's memories to sneak away. With my invisibility, it was child's play to sneak away from there without getting his attention.

This way, I didn't have to talk to him and I was also able to give Serling's responsibility in safe hands. I could sense that Red Arrow was looking for me after hearing from Serling.

Once, I was far enough, I flew up and went towards the Royal University to pick up my bag.

Once there, I closed my eyes and sensed to look for anything unusual and to see if someone was watching me. There didn't appear to be anyone watching me though the Black Spider was waiting for Sterling in the building.

'Well, it's Red Arrow's problem now' I thought and flew down before picking up my bag and flying away.

2nd August 2010 (11:40 pm)

Star City Hotel

The last 9 days were spent making 9 new fake ID's as real as possible.

To fool the people, I changed my hairstyle and beard in every ID. For example, in one of them, I was bald and without any beard. In the other ID, I was bald but with a small beard. And in the other ID, I was bald with a long beard.

Similarly, in the other 6 IDs, I had long hair and short hair with different types of beards. This way, I didn't have to change my facial structure and still have 9 ID's though I had to change my eye color to distinguish them and pass through the eye scanner checks.

They were also in my base form, just a little aged. With my shape-shifting abilities, it was child's play to get a natural look of 22 years old man instead of a 16-year-old boy. I also changed my height by half inches to further distinguish them but all of them were above 6 feet. I also had to change the birthday and thus all of them were born a month apart

This way, I now had 10 accounts that could pass through a hard check. Moreover, each ID was for a different state so not many would check them. I now had ID in every major state other than Gotham and Metropolis. I didn't want to take chances by going to Metropolis as Superman could hear me flying or any other thing. And I wouldn't go to Gotham for something this trivial.

There were Rhode Island and some other smaller cities too where I didn't have any ID but it was enough for now.

I made the accounts as I couldn't deposit 500,000 dollars in a single account. Hell, I can't deposit more than 5,000 in a single account as it would get flagged. And even then, I had to deposit that much amount of money bit by bit. I deposited 1,250 dollars every week. It was the highest I could go without getting my accounts flagged.

Except for my first account (which had about 35,000 dollars as I deposited some amount in it too), every other account had 1,250 dollars in it, except for the first 2 which had 2,500 dollars respectively. With my spending habit, I had more than 480,000 in hard cash lying around. And that is just asking for trouble even with them in a safe that I had to buy. Not to mention, the jewelry I took.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything I could do other than use it in spending on the necessities. I will just have to keep depositing 1,250 dollars per week in every account. This way, I could be done with the cash in 8-9 months. As for jewelry, I was thinking of selling them one piece at a time so that their owners can't track me down.

For addresses needed to open the bank account, I gave them the address of a storage box in their respective town. I didn't have to pay much for the storage boxes as they were quite cheap. This way if I do get some message from them, I would just have to pick my mail from there whenever I am in town. I don't think I would get any message seeing as apart from Dubbilex, no one knows about me.

The time I didn't spend in front of the computer was spent meditating and editing Robin's memories. I kept up with 10-hour meditation per day. This way I was able to edit a little less than 4 weeks' worth of Robin's memories. I also practiced katas a little, to adjust them to my body size.

Unfortunately, with my other work, I wasn't able to do much as making an ID really took time. Moreover, I had to visit every state in which my fake ID was so as to hack into the government offices. Checking out of the hotel and Flying around from one city to another city, every night was a little irritating, but nothing I couldn't handle.

While I was in Washington D.C yesterday, I took a detour and checked on Dubbilex. It had been about 4 weeks since the incident and my freedom by then.

I couldn't sneak into the facility but I was able to find him via my Telepathy. While it hadn't increased much, it was enough to reach Dubbilex as he still worked in the facility.

Dubbilex was very happy to hear from me again. I couldn't see him but I could feel his happiness from our connection.

I also learned from him that he was able to hide 20% of the Genomorphs in the lower levels by the time police arrived after my departure, that night. And by the time the Police were able to enter the grounds after hours of clearing the rubble of the ground floor, he was able to hide a further 20% of the Genomorphs and edit the records to further hide them. This way, he was able to hide almost all the Genomorphs that were on his side.

He also edited the memories of the doctors working there so that even they don't remember the correct numbers of the Genomorphs.

They were in the process of making a city underground so that they could live there. Also, he had been able to convince 10% more Genomorphs to his side since the incident and had them hide with the other Genomorphs. The Guardian and doctors are very concerned about the 16% (from their perspective) Genomorphs disappearing.

I was a little put out that he was taking a further risk getting discovered despite my warning as that was what led to his city getting discovered in the canon. But when he told me how he couldn't leave his brethren behind as slaves, I understood.

I was a little frustrated that I couldn't visit him or see him. But there was nothing I could do. I didn't want to take chances with the new security protocols that Guardian would have implemented and without the mind control, his security protocols would have been more efficient. I couldn't go invisible as they would have motion sensors and other techs to discover an intruder.

Still, I told Dubbilex to dig a tunnel that would lead them about half a dozen miles away from the city in a remote area. This way, when the time comes, I would be able to take them away without anyone knowing about it. He easily agreed to it.

Meeting Dubbilex wasn't the only reason I went there.

I also went to get me a G-gnome so that if I encounter an individual of great skill in some subject, I could take his or her memories. Dubbilex easily agreed and asked around as to who wanted to come. He could have ordered them but it was better for someone who wanted it. In the end, he sent me one of the first G-gnome to be ever made who was a little curious about the upper world.

Dubbilex brought the G-gnome to the sublevel 4, the highest where he was allowed to come. From there, the G-gnome had to come there by himself. The G-gnome was quite small so he was easily able to sneak off though he didn't like the ride back here via flying judging by the irritated feeling he sent me via telepathy.

I arrived back in this city last night as I knew that the next major incident (Amazo against the team) would happen around here. I was thinking that I might be able to get my hands on some of his parts in the confusion. I hadn't thought of how as I have been really busy.

While the G-gnome ate some food, I explained some ground rules to the G-gnome once we were safely in the room.

"The first and most important rule is that no human should be able to see you. If they see you, they will panic and try and kill you too" I said with the most serious tone.

"You understand?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Very good. Now, I don't have any other rules but I might make them if I think they are necessary" I explained.

When he tilted his head, I sure to god, I heard 'CUTE' in my head.

With a great will, I controlled myself from glomping him.

"Now, I am going outside to get you a bed and some other things. So, make sure to remain unseen" I said and walked out of the room.

After half an hour, I brought back a bed fit for a small dog and a few treats to see if he liked them.

He definitely liked them.

Once, he was fed and watered, I also went to sleep. After all, tomorrow is a big day and I have a theft to plan.


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