Part 7: End

"You're too late, heretic! The Titan awakes from its slumber and soon it will-"

The man's insane ramblings were cut off by a bolt of electricity launched directly into his eye socket, frying brain matter and soft tissues before the corpse collapsed into a twitching heap and stink of overcooked meat.

Red gave Pikachu a small nod as the mouse boredly strolled past the corpse, continuing their methodical clearing of an abandoned port on Cinnabar Island of the twenty or so Titanomachy cultists that had taken up residence.

It had taken months but the day had finally come when he could fulfill his side of the bargain to the deity he had contracted with, to begin weeding out smaller changes to the balance of their world that Lugia was evidently prohibited from interfering with.

A cult that worshipped the Legendary Birds had gathered to perform some kind of sacrosanct ritual in order to call upon their God, Articuno, and beseech it to do...something that Red wasn't entirely sure of but the fact that Lugia had a 'bad feeling' about it spoke volumes about the true nature of the threat.

Snapping out of his musings Red stepped aside as a nearby shipping container-long since rusted by the nearby sea-was sent toppling over, a trio of struggling Pokemon creating quite the racket.

Daikoku and Alexander were doing their best to tear into a Metagross as the pseudo-legendary struggled mightily, claws constantly tearing away at the Venusaur's ensnaring vines while waves of psychic energy redirected the Charizard's burst of flame and buffeting claws.

A battle that likely would have gone the steel Pokemon's way if Pikachu hadn't sent another bolt of energy into one of its eyes, the beast unleashing a metallic shriek as its flawless concentration-courtesy of the interlocked brains residing within the steel shell-was disrupted due to the agony.

That was the thing about most rock and steel-types...low pain thresholds courtesy of their hardy and near indestructible nature.

Unable to focus long enough to shield itself from Alexander's flames the Pokemon was promptly engulfed in an inferno, blindly stumbling around-

-until dual streams of compressed water slammed into it, creating an uncomfortably loud shriek as steel was subjected to intense thermal shocks courtesy of Big Brother rounding a corner, Daikoku finishing the job by sending a storm of razor leaves into the brain centers of the Metagross and bringing the battle to an abrupt end, leaving only a twitching and steaming husk of a living being behind.

Giving a short whistle Red's team once more began to spread out and continue their hunt-

-until all stiffened and snapped their gazes into the distance as several sharp coughs sounded out, Red swiftly snapping his fingers and bringing the group out of their collective stupor.

While there had been plenty of research devoted to its study no one was really sure why the noise of gunfire was so hated by practically every known manner of Pokemon. It didn't matter it if was domesticated or feral, old or young...the distinct crack of ballistic weaponry provoked a uniform response of unthinking and lethal violence directed at everything in the immediate vicinity.

While surviving records of both the cause and events of the Cataclysm were practically non-existent or fragmented it wasn't hard to imagine that, given the proliferation of firearms prior to the event, early attempts at defense using these weapons only lead to more and more ferocious assaults.

Naturally, guns were banned under enough punishments to last generations and only a few select organizations were supplied and permitted to use them.

Silencing the weapons seemed to avoid the worst of the reactions but it was evidently not enough to avoid some measure of irritation, even Red's experienced and hardened team distracted by the clamor.

Continuing on their way the young man finally made his way to the center of the ritual grounds, a trio of ACE agents decked out in pitch-black gear and masks briefly glancing at him before returning to frisking the bodies, one approaching him with a familiar gait.

"You sure do give us the juiciest of hints, Red. Moved on from the Rockets to cultists?"

Shaking his head at Green's joking tone as she flicked on her pistol's safety and holstered it he nodded his head to a pair of bodies, sprawled out next to a makeshift altar.

"That them?"

"Who else?"

Stepping around the corpses Red glanced at the ornate object, resembling some odd mixture of old American Día de Muertos offerings and Greek symbols that he didn't know the names of, the whole ensemble covered in blood from a no doubt unwilling participant.

"Huh. Looks like they were making an offering to Crius using old Mexican traditions. Makes sense, in a twisted kinda way. The Legendary Birds were first spotted in South America during the cataclysm years-or so the stories go-and the Titan of Ice...well, who else but Crius?"

Red gave Green a sidelong glance, remarking, "I only got half of that."

"And that's a half that no one but me would need to have taken up by such useless crap. We'll call this one mission complete, tell your girlfriend that-"

Green's pistol was out of its holster in less than a second, smoothly scanning the surroundings with a controlled arc as Red narrowed his eyes, his team also growling and warily observing the landscape.

Something had caught their attention and it wasn't friendly.

"Red? You have eyes on anything?"


Gradually spinning on his heel the two trainers and their Pokemon warily surveyed the docks, unsure of why, exactly, their instincts were so frantically warning them-


Both ducked low, gazing skyward as, in the distance, a figure detached itself from the Seafoam Islands and approached their position...just as a wave of mist rolled in around them, obscuring their vision and causing Pikachu to hiss in vexation.

"Red? Is that the-"

"Don't make any aggressive movements and let me handle this, alright?"

"Happy to hand off Legendary control to you. Go for it."

Green's tone was steady aside from a slight tremor to her voice, hands a bit shaky as she holstered the gun one last time, the other two ACE agents following her lead as they backed off into a nearby corner.

...Not that Red blamed them, he himself wasn't exactly brimming with confidence over their means of halting a natural disaster in the making. He had assumed merely stopping whatever ritual the cultists had created would be enough to stop the rousing of Articuno...but either they had completed it before being put down or this was merely a minor response from the Legendary Bird.

He wasn't sure which was worse.

The loud, unnaturally powerful wingbeats drew closer and in less than two minutes Red's team rapidly huddled around him, growling together as the chilly mist dropped in temperature even further, snow beginning to condense and fall from the sky as the loudest and most forceful gust of air from wings yet struck, almost flattening the trainer as his eyes widened.

Parting the fog like a Gyrados through stagnant water a colossal avian appeared overhead, plumage of varying shades of blue on display as it gazed down at them with narrowed eyes, Red instinctively rubbing his arms in a vain attempt to stave off the chill.

But the Legendary's gaze didn't stay on him for long, instead shifting to glare at the altar, still standing tall next to the bodies of its creators-

-and an enraged cry that set Red's ears ringing erupted from the Titan of Ice's maw, a stream of blinding light covering the construct in glistening frost, a negligent and irritated stomp of powerful talons crushing the offending sculpture into dust without a trace of its prior existence.

Followed shortly afterwards by a malevolent look directed at his person.

Trills of purposeful and lethal intent coincided with the Titan of Ice approaching at a sedate pace that did nothing to hide its fury, even breathing becoming a laborious task as the air hurt to simply inhale.

But he had been prepared for an event such as this.

Numb fingers scrabbled for an instrument located in his pack, the Legendary bird not halting its forward progress in the slightest as he finally managed to fish it out, suck down a breath of air that stabbed his lungs and bring the tool to his frozen lips.

The first notes were distant and halting but it brought a halt to the Pokemon, avian eyes locking onto the Human with unnatural intensity. Taking that as a good sign Red continued to play the song he had heard several dozen times and practiced hundreds.

After all, it was the same song he often heard Lugia play, both in the tangible world and in psychic emanations he would receive from her.

The playful, haunting and oftentimes melancholy tune wore on, the Legendary Bird even swaying or bobbing its head as he continued to play, minutes passing by until at last the final notes dissipated into the air, Articuno's gaze and attitude far less intense and lethal than it had been previously.

A tense moment as the opposing groups stared the other down...and with a powerful flap of wings that kicked frozen icicles into his skin the Titan of Ice took to the sky, returning to the Seafoam islands with an echoing cry as warmth finally seemed to return to their surroundings, Red releasing a pent up breath that, thankfully, didn't hurt.

...That had been an experience.

"Red? You've always surprised me but I think this might be the first time you've bamboozled me. How did you get a pissed Legendary to back off with just music?"

Turning to face Green-the girl rubbing her arms in a vain attempt to return warmth to them-he shrugged.

"I was told that song carried special meaning. Something about being a friend or chosen. A lot of what Lugia tells me about Legendary's and their habits is either cryptic or convoluted."

"Shame. It'd be nice if we knew for certain what it was that made them tick. We could take back the planet just through the power of song and interpretive dance."

Lips quirking in a small smile Red stated, "I don't think we'll ever truly understand them."

They both turned to face where the destroyed altar had once rested, acknowledging the truth of that fact.

They still had no idea what it was that drove most of the Gods of their world, Red perfectly aware of the fact that Lugia's innermost thoughts and motivations were beyond the scope of his own worldview. How had Articuno known that such an offering had been made in the first place? It was kilometers away and deep within the isles...yet mere symbolism and tradition had drawn it out, enraged it so?

Heavy thoughts for another time, Red stretching his back and recalling his allies aside from Pikachu, most of them jumpy after the surprise visit from the Titan of Ice.

"Do you need me here?"

"No, we're good. Want your name plastered all over the headlines saying how you saved Cinnabar?"

The male's face twisted into a pained grimace.


"Heh, just kidding. Besides, this little mess isn't going to be reported in the first place. Don't need to give any crazy enthusiasts out there the idea that they too can go around summoning Legendaries."

Staring around the iced over wharf Red felt himself agree with that statement wholeheartedly.

"And tell that girlfriend of yours thanks for the heads up."

Green shook her head as she gazed over the altered landscape.

"If this was just the Titan of Ice upset over a failed ritual...hate to imagine what it would look like if it was properly pissed."

"You're getting involved too early. Remember, Pokemon are smart. Just because they have different societal cues and norms doesn't mean they aren't curious about our own, or try to take advantage of them."

"Y-yes sir, Trainer Red!"

"...And relax. Contrary to popular belief you don't always need to be the alpha, the pack leader. You only need to be so at the right time."

"Understood, sir!"

Fighting back the urge to sigh Red looked over the three interns at the Professor's ranch, wondering if he'd offended Oak somehow. Not that he had anything against newbies-he remembered just fine that he'd once started from zero as well-but teaching wasn't something he'd ever enjoyed or even particularly thought of himself as good at.

Yet here he was, the Professor offering him a smirk when he'd walked in that morning and, in not so many words, stating that he had a special job for him so that he wouldn't 'mope about as much as an endorphin deprived Haunter'.

He wasn't moping, he was just surprised, that's all. He'd returned from the excursion to Cinnabar about a week ago only to find Lugia completely absent, no sign of her presence whatsoever. No note, no psychic communication...nothing.

Sure, he hadn't expected her to wait and base her time around his schedule...but this was the first time he had actually gone out and performed his first official act as her enforcer, he'd expected the Legendary to be-


Moving on autopilot Red's hand snapped outwards, pinching a sensitive nerve cluster on the inside of the water-type's neck and causing it to yelp and leap backwards, abandoning its sneak attack in the process.

He decided he should probably focus on the current task at hand. Because he was not moping.

"See? Two seconds of dominance and I don't have to worry about him again for a few days."

The three interns followed his pointed finger, the Wartortle that had attempted the ambush warily glaring at Red as the young man simply shrugged.

"Remember, Wartortles evolve by fighting, by saturating their bodies in a constant chemical mix of hormones that provoke a flight-or-fight response. It's fine if they fight each other or even other Pokemon...but it's not fine if they try to fight us, the wardens of this place. So we assert dominance through a battle that they despise, a quick and precise one that convinces them they'll never get what they want and that it's easier to just listen to us rather than waste time and energy."

Turning to his students he concluded with, "That's what I meant by not wanting to be on a constant alert. They see that and believe we're looking for a fight, for a challenge. Better to be aloof and know the signs, which is why the Professor sent you to me, I imagine. Now, what usual cues does a Wartortle give before looking for a battle?"

The three seemed nervous but eventually answered to his satisfaction-swiveling ears, guttural hisses and lack of movement-Red telling them to spend an hour observing the community of Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise that resided on the ranch and intervene while he watched their progress.

Which was mostly just a means to focus on something other than his missing contractor.

The thirty Squirtles playfully tackling each other around the edge of a lake made for a chaotic scene that Red knew would have the newbies frazzled and off balance, meaning the seven Wartortles would likely get away with a bit of 'non-ideal' behavior.

The two Blastoises, old and scarred, were content to simply watch the tableau while idly drifting in the lake proper, eyes and crest of their shells visible above the surface and nothing else.

A familiar scene that had him offering a neutral stare to a trio of the second stage evolutions as they gathered together, eying his location and lowly conversing with a collection of grunts of warbles.

It was a testament to how eager they were to take him down a peg that the normally upfront and combative species had resulted to ambushes in a bid to assert some level of dominance over him.


Pikachu's eager query from where the mouse was sprawled in the shade of a rock-staring at the three turtle's with malevolent glee in his eyes-caused Red to shake his head in clear refusal, the electric rodent chuffing in disappointment before going back to sleep. An interaction that the three water-types had witnessed, quickly moving someplace else with nervous glances over their shoulders.

Most Pokemon on the ranch had quickly learned that the mouse wasn't one to be trifled with.

Red sighed, thoughts once more wandering as his starter's implied threat quickly deescalated the growing tension among the crowd.

Fine. He was moping.

Only six hours to go on this shift…

Hanging up his hat and shirt Red ambled to his apartment's restroom, worn out from the long day of supervising the interns and ensuring that they didn't get themselves-or others-killed.

At least they weren't completely hopeless, a few more months of on the job training and he figured they could be trusted to look after themselves and the ranch...maybe.

Releasing yet another explosive sigh-Pikachu giving him a wry look as the mouse leaped onto his raised platform that counted as a bed before curling up for yet another nap-the young man swung open the door...and froze.

Coincidentally matching the motion of the other occupant of said bathroom.

Pure white hair that hung around her slim, naked body in a chaotic whirl and concealed it from view, right arm outstretched as the left clumsily tried to attach a bandage to three bleeding gashes, silver eyes blinking at Red in shared confusion and surprise.

He stared for perhaps a second more than was socially allowed before spinning on his heel, swiftly closing the door and neutrally stating, "Sorry, I didn't expect you to be here."

Sounding mildly sheepish Lugia responded, "The fault is mine, I both left and returned without any form of warning."

Silence fell as Red tried to set aside the brief glimpse of her curved hip poking through the waterfall of silken hair in favor of the bloody wound she sported, mind wondering at just what, exactly, could have harmed her so.

He opened his mouth to ask just that-

"While a tad embarrassing, could I perhaps ask for your aid in bandaging and cleaning my wounds? Human first-aid is...strange?"

-and shook his head, quickly grabbing a potion from one of the shelves he kept stocked as well as a fresh wrap of gauze. Those lacerations were a bit too big for simple medical adhesives.

"How did you-"

Red's head snapped to the side so quickly that he winced, feeling tired muscles cramp from the action. Lugia had neglected to put anything on and more or less flashed him as he walked in, mind now dominated by the sight of her slight, curved bust, flat navel and perfectly curved V of the mound between her shapely legs-

"Oh, I forgot just how shy you were. There, all better."

Hearing a slight rustle that he assumed was her donning some manner of clothing the young man returned his gaze to the Legendary...and found that her previous nudity had somehow been SO much less erotic than her current appearance.

Rather than don any manner of clothing she had simply arranged her hair so that it covered her chest and fanned over her hips, hiding her more intimate parts through what he could only assume was a bit of telekinetic trickery.

"...And this is supposed to help me focus how?"

A truly mischievous smirk-even as a bit of pink dusted her cheeks-appeared on the Beast of the Sea's features, her words coy as she purred, "But you are standing at such erect attention, Pokemon Trainer Red~."

He didn't bother hiding his sigh of irritation at both her glib tone and predictable response from his body, instead lightly holding up her wounded arm and spraying the potion over it, antibiotics and steroids combined into a blanket cure that could heal a wide variety of surface injuries.

She gave no indication that it so much as stung.

"How did you earn this? I would have thought that someone as powerful as you could heal wounds like this in a manner of seconds?"

A blush of all things colored pale skin, Lugia averting her gaze while explaining, "I...may have gone to confront the Titan of Ice after you encountered it. Just to make sure that it understood you are my enforcer and to bring any harm to you while carrying out my will is tantamount to bringing harm to me. Wounds inflicted on us by our brethren don't heal through extrasensory means so easily."

Eyes briefly flicked to meet Red's before once more staring off to the side, a strangely embarrassed gesture that caught him off guard as he retrieved a roll of gauze.

"We...might have come to blows over the matter and ended up in disagreement for a few days."

Red sighed, explaining, "I played your music just like you told me to and we parted ways without incident. Was a fight really necessary? You got hurt."

He resisted the urge to smile as in a rare showing of childish behavior Lugia puffed out a cheek, defensively stating, "I only got injured twice! And to quote that Grand Champion friend of yours, 'you should see the other guy'!"

"Blue isn't my friend."

Narrowed silver eyes met his own and he could no longer hide his grin, the Beast of the Sea huffing.

"You said you got injured twice?"

"Yes, on my back. It's nothing serious, just a-"

Ignoring her protests Red parted the silver curtain, wincing as he found a fist-sized bruise right below her right shoulder blade, darkly colored with mottled purples, blacks and blues. He knew from firsthand experience that such an injury, while not debilitating, was painful and deep.

"...Why did you go to all this effort?"

Now seeming incredulous the Legendary smoothly retracted her bandaged arm, hands placed on her hips-which given her state of undress was a very dangerous pose-as she replied, "Because I finally found a contractor! Do you have such little awareness for how magnificent your first attempt at carrying out my will actually was?"

"Yes, actually. You weren't here to tell me."

Coughing awkwardly-which made her modest assets bounce in a way that naturally drew his eye-the Legendary recovered with, "Yes, well...oh dammit all."

Then Red felt lips sealing his own, a trace of mountain springs and salty ocean breeze suffusing his senses, of something immeasurably soft and pleasant impacting his chest...he was being kissed.

By an actual Goddess.

He could never let Blue know.

The warmth and affection passed as she separated from him, instead replaced by a visual expression of such emotions as she gazed deeply into his eyes, an uncomplicated and joyous smile on her beautiful features.

"I have told you this before...but it is no doubt hard to understand without having experienced such events firsthand. But to finally have an individual that can so perfectly and ruthlessly enact my wishes, to perform acts I have been forbidden from pursuing for so long...what else can I do but treasure you so, wish to keep you all to myself?"

Red cooly met her gaze, neutrally replying, "That sound more like you're in love with the idea, not the person."

"Well it's rather hard to love a person that doesn't talk much, is quiet and reserved and occasionally even somewhat surly, who is resistant to change and has deep-seated daddy issues."

They locked gazes...and both broke into simultaneous grins, Lugia wrapping her arms around his waist as he reciprocated the action, mindful of her injury.

"Do you truly think me so shallow a woman that I would contract with someone who could only give me what I want and nothing else? If that was the true criteria I seek I would have found a suitable individual centuries ago."

"Just wanted to hear you say it."

This time their kiss was more intimate, more meaningful as both indulged in the other. Lugia in Red's wild and unyielding aura, he in her calming and tempestuous nature.

It was only natural for the pair to realize that they wanted a bit more than just a kiss.

The Legendary's hand grasped Red's own, guiding it downwards to her sinfully soft and malleable ass, humming in contentment as he gave tentative but increasingly bold squeezes and caresses to her rear, the gradually increasing pace of their locked lips giving way to a dance of tongues, billowing breath escaping the pair as their nostrils greedily sucked down air.

Breaking apart after solid and heated minutes Lugia salaciously grinned, caressing Red's cheek as he powerfully pulled her lower half against his, both hands now fully engaged in playing with her butt, a warm, ticklish and pleasurable massage that left her wanting the next step in their little duet of affection.

"Those are in the way~."

The young man's eyebrow raised as psychic power ensconced his form, pants and underwear neatly removed from his person with liquid smoothness, his hardened length bumping up against the side of her thigh as she giggled in excitement.

"Do I excite you so, Pokemon Trainer Red?"

"You know you do."

"Well allow me to validate that excitement, young man..."

Completely helpless in her grasp the male felt himself enthusiastically pulled by the wrists into the shower, a flick of the mind snapping the water handles to the ON position while he felt himself get lost in silver orbs as water began to pound across their bodies, initially chilled but swiftly transitioning towards the warmer end of the spectrum.

"Shower sex? Bit of a bold move to start things off with."

Running her tongue over her bottom lip the Legendary purred, "Oh I have my you feel something unusual downstairs, Red?"

"You mean other than arousal?"

She playfully grabbed his chin and directed it downwards, Red raising an eyebrow as he saw the water perfectly flow around their genitals, leaving them perfectly lubed with no risk of drying out.

"Not the most conventional use of psychic power I've ever seen."

"Am I conventional in any way, shape or form?"

Gently twirling a strand of damp silver around his fist Red smirked, lightly nibbling her neck.

"Not even close."

Feeling her hands possessively trace the curve of his chest the pair rested their foreheads against the other, smiling in contentment and growing desire.

"It's actually rather convenient that your accommodations have a non-slip pad on the floor."

"No sense in taking chances. What if a researcher was to slip and break their neck?"

Giggling to herself Lugia briefly ground her hips against his, sandwiching his hardened member between their bodies as Red hissed in pleasure.

"Do you want to stick that big, strong cock of yours inside me, hmm~?"

Raising an eyebrow at the sudden dirty talk Red found that the beautiful woman's expression and eyes were...clouded, unfocused. As if she was running purely on some baser instinct.

He'd seen similar signs on Pokemon before they went into heat and it looked like he was going to be here for awhile.

Suddenly whipping her body around and splaying her palms against the shower's wall, jutting her ass against his groin and tilting her head so that she was staring at him over her shoulder, pale coils of hair dripping glistening water across her lithe form the Legendary needily panted, breathily stating, "Well, do you want me, Red? Do you want to fuck me senseless? Because I want you to~!"

Crimson eyes met lustful silver-

-and the Beast of the Sea moaned like a young schoolgirl, Red's fingers harshly pinching bullet hard cherries, massaging and twisting as his member lightly brushed back and forth across her weeping slit, further lubricating their loins as he rested his head against hers.

"O-oh, oh yes~!"

Grinning lightly to himself at how vocal the normally regal and playful woman was now acting he moved his mouth to her shoulder, lightly biting it and causing the Pokemon to squeal in delight as she squirmed and ground herself deeper into the grasp of her contractor.

"Eh heh heh, stop stalling, young man~. Go ahead, and make me yours~!"

Removing her hands from the wall they swiftly traveled to her glistening hole, spreading the concealing lips wide and exposing brilliant pink, lightly shaking her ass as she sensually ran her tongue over gums and pearly teeth.

Red moved to satiate the abruptly lustful woman, lining up his cock with her grasping tunnel...and a small application of force sank the tip into her searing walls, both sharply inhaling at the sensation of so intimately connecting with the other.

"Oh fuck yes, please, go deeper!"

Spurred on by Lugia's erotic plea Red firmly grasped her trim hips, slowly pulling her body onto his as they panted in equal desire, the Legendary's canal gradually spreading before his advance.

A final push, a final groan from the pair and a wet SLAP echoed through the room as they became one in full, Red's length fully sheathed within the Legendary, both perfectly sized to match the other.

"Ahh, so good~! Start moving, Red, make me-AH~!"

Following her suggestion with great gusto Red pulled himself back, almost leaving her constricting walls in their entirety before slamming himself back into her, the Legendary putting her hands against the wall once more as she trembled in pleasure.

Red borderline euphoria. The warm water from the shower cascading down his back, the acoustics of their moans and grunts and the sheer heat and pressure lovingly choking his cock as he pounded into the Goddess with strong thrusts of muscle toned by hard work and years of travel.

"R-Red, I'm going to, going to-"

Such unyielding compression that it was borderline painful for the trainer wracked his embedded shaft, teeth grit as the woman twitched and spasmed in the throes of orgasm, a keening whimper emanating from her throat before she seemed to finally finish riding it out and sag against the shower's side...for about five seconds.

Grunting as Lugia enthusiastically pushed herself even deeper onto him, lips pulled into a silly grin and eyes positively dancing with aroused madness she simpered, "You haven't cum yet, Red? C'mon, hurry up and cum~!"

Recognizing the Legendary's attitude and knowing precisely what she was looking for Red reached out, wrapped her billowing and damp hair around his arm, letting the other once more maul her modest breast-

-and yanked hard, using the silver tresses as an improvised set of reigns, Lugia shrieking in delight as she gasped, "Yes, YES! Harder, my love, harder~!"

Caught off guard by the sudden term of endearment and a circular twist of her hips Red hissed in euphoric agony, groin aching and pulsating as stars danced across his eyes, cock releasing his seed into Lugia's insides.

"Ahhhh~…so warm, the love of a virile young man~!"

Pulling herself off of him with a pop, single dollop of cum leaking down her leg the Beast of the Sea suddenly wrapped her legs around Red's waist, almost unbalancing him as she began showering him with needy kisses.

"Mmm, Red...are you still up for more? Because I want much, much more from you, my lovely emissary~!"

Red could only shake his head in bemusement as she desperately ground her hips against his navel, wanting something hard and stiff inside of her.

He should probably take it slow, he got the feeling that his Goddess was going to be at this for awhile.

Waking up was an interesting experience. And a bit of a sore one, if he was being honest with himself. As if he'd spent several hours in constant, demanding physical activities-oh wait, that's exactly what had happened.

Peeling open his eyes while ignoring the tearing sensation that accompanied it Red glanced around his room, instantly noticing Pikachu staring at him with something approximating reproach. Which was fair, last night had been anything but quiet. The electric-type probably had precious little chance to actually rest.

Attempting to lift himself out of the tangled and mussed sheets the young man found that he couldn't, some moderately heavy weight curled up on his chest keeping him pinned down.

Altering the angle of his neck Red was greeted with the sight of Lugia tucked into a ball, resting almost like a feline would on his body, form hidden by the wild curls of pale tresses as she steadily and contritely breathed.

He didn't think that would be a particularly comfortable way to sleep but then he wasn't a Pokemon, so there was that to consider…

Smiling at the woman's rather adorable position he let his hand lightly stroke her scalp, the Legendary mumbling lightly as she she shifted in her slumber, breathing changing patterns as she gradually awoke.

A light scraping of skin on skin as she craned her neck, half-lidded eyes of silver meeting bright red as a titanic yawn left the Beast of the Sea.

"Good morning, Red."

About to reply the young man's words never left his throat as Lugia raised her torso upwards, legs still tucked underneath her as she arched her back and raised arms high overhead, letting loose a pleasant moan at the action.

Red was just glad she had so thoroughly wore him out the night prior, otherwise the sigh would have had him raring to go all over again.

Finding his head suddenly held in place by soft palms and lips locked in a tender kiss Red gazed upwards into the eyes of his Goddess, her expression affectionate but also mildly sheepish.

"I hope you don't think negatively of me for being so...insatiable last night, Red. I tend to act quite needy when in the throes of passion."

Chuckling lightly to himself as he set his hands on her svelte hips the trainer idly remarked, "Believe me, I'm not complaining."

Smirking as she lightly nibbled on his lip the Legendary purred, "I'm glad you think so, I wouldn't mind doing this again~."

"Well that makes two of us...but you're going to have to give me time to recharge."

Openly giggling the woman snuggled into the crook of his neck, lazily stating, "A reasonable enough if you'll excuse me, I'm going to use my favorite contractor as a pillow for the next few hours."

"Sorry, the Professor needs my help today and there's no one else."

One eye cracked open in mild displeasure, Lugia archly asking, "What, you cannot take a single day off to spend time with me?"

"Not unless I want to let three clueless interns try to handle a herd of combative Tauros on their own."

Letting loose a rather adorable huff of irritation the Beast of the Sea grumbled, "How dare you provide a valid and sensible excuse..." before rolling off of him and nestling further into the blankets like a Caterpie sealing itself in a string shot cocoon.

Shaking his head at the sight Red sniffed himself, wryly grinning at the realization that he needed yet another shower, despite the considerable time spent inside of one last night.

"You know I find it rather humorous that you complain of my grandson's volume when engaging in intercourse, yet the whole research facility could hear you and the Beast of the Sea last night."

Freezing in place halfway between sitting and standing Red gave Professor Oak a wary glance, asking, "You...know who she is?"

"I'm not a fool, Red. There was signs aplenty of Lugia's dual nature even before my grandson sent me a message every other day asking if you two had, and I quote, 'screwed like a horny Magnemite'."

They shared a neutral stare.

"I have no intention of telling him otherwise. Knowing that insatiable social raptor of a boy he would start asking for home videos."

"Blue...would do that."

Taking his seat the young man watched the Professor rapidly type out the last bit of a message, sending it off before giving him his undivided attention.

"Not many can proclaim to have spent the night with one of the closest things to a living deity and then speak about it afterwards. And your actions on Cinnabar are equally impressive, surviving the wrath of the Titan of Ice and even placating it."

Raising an eyebrow Red carefully asked, "You know about that? I thought Green kept it secret-"

"She did. And I have a great many friends in ACE who are plenty happy to keep me appraised of unusual or sensitive missions that occur."

Contritely inclining his head Read sheepishly replied, "Right, sorry. Easy to forget that you're-"

"Still one of the most powerful people in Kanto?"

Smiling at the younger man Oak affectionately stated, "Perfectly understandable, my boy. I make it a point not to flaunt what I know and you have never enjoyed the game the way my grandson and I do. But enough about that, you are still instructing the three newcomers, correct?"

"I am."

Nodding to himself the Professor reached under his desk, pulling out an envelope before handing it to Red.

You'll work the rest of this week and then have two weeks off, here's a bonus for your exemplary work and extra duties in being an instructor."

Blankly staring at the package Red carefully asked, "What's this for, exactly?"

"Well obviously it's to pay for the vacation you and Lugia will take. Now that you two evidently have solidified your relationship."

Oak offered the suddenly nervous young man a knowing smirk, obviously taking great pleasure in his awkwardness.

"Might I suggest Alola?"

[No way, you're already there?! AWESOME! Get you're team in fighting condition, Red, cuz I am RARIN' for a rematch!]

Shaking his head at the unbridled enthusiasm displayed even in text Red snapped shut his Pokedex, slipping it into the water-proof pocket of his trunks, Lugia remarking,

"He seems quite the energetic one."

Having seen Gold's message through sharing his senses Lugia seemed amused at the contents, Red sighing as he laid against the crest of the Legendary's head, letting the Alolan sun beat down on his chest.

The pair had elected to take a rest day from their impromptu vacation, Lugia floating aimlessly among the waves while her contractor lazed atop her larger form.

"He is. He's the one who tracked me down on top of Mt. Silver and convinced me to return to Pallet. In a way, he's to thank for us crossing paths in the first place."

"I like to think we were destined to meet regardless."

Smiling at the Beast of the Sea's confident tone as his feet were kissed by cresting ocean water Red idly replied, "Who can say? Although I prefer his way of speaking over Blue's any day of the week."

Not more than three hours previous he had suddenly received a message from his rival, containing the exact translation of, [Hey Bitch, showing up at Alola in two days for League opening ceremony. Be there or be gay. Take your dick out of the Pokemon for three seconds and say high to your superior, or I'll have ACE take videos of you and distribute em' around the net.]

Attached had been a link of an animated skit, of a man being fucked by a Rapidash with Red's head superimposed over the Human's.

He decided not to ask Blue where he found shit like that. Even worse was that Lugia had thought it was funny.

"You're rival is quite the character."

"That's one way of putting it..."

Sighing and resting his head on his hands Red decided to enjoy what was looking to be the last few hours of relaxation he would be enjoying for the next few days, if not weeks.

The Alola islands were finally opening up a league of their own, recognized and canonized by all of the other regions and dignitaries from around the little slice of land they called home would be attending en masse.

He had to wonder if Oak had deliberately sent him to Alola knowing this would happen. Probably, the Professor didn't really deal with 'maybe' if he could avoid it.

He'd also heard that Giovanni would be in attendance, something he honestly wasn't sure how to feel about. It'd be ideal if they simply didn't see each other but he wasn't putting it past fate to throw him yet another curveball and have them be seated at the same diner table by coincidence or something along those lines.

A calming hum from the Pokemon beneath his back reminded Red that he was letting his mind wander in a thousand different directions once more.

"You needn't be so worried about such a harmless affair, Red. Goodness, at this rate your hair will turn to a shade similar of my own. Being my contractor doesn't mean you should assume the worst in every scenario."

"This is the creation of a new league in its entirety with Champions, Gym Leaders, politicians and Grand Champions all convening in one area, hoping to gain some sort of advantage or concession that might benefit their own region. Failing that, to cripple or reduce the others. Not exactly harmless."

"Which is why we'll be on hand to quell any disasters or spats that threaten to escalate. There, crisis averted."

Shaking his head in amusement Red sighed, tucking his hat over his eyes before replying, "Of course, why did I even bother worrying in the first place..."

"Precisely. Now let us enjoy what few hours we have left before excitement and activity once more rules our lives, hmm?"

Rather than respond with words the young man just sank deeper into the sun's warm embrace, the Legendary lazily steering them back towards Alola at a pace that would have them arrive in, say...a couple dozen hours, if they hurried.



"Will you tell me your real name?"

Blinking at the sudden question he asked, "I can, sure...but why do you want to know?"

"Curiosity, obviously. I know you identify more as 'Red' than you do your birth title but I have always wondered...indulge me, please?"

Shrugging lightly the male thought for a moment, a wry smile tugging at his lips.

"My real name? It's-"

Hah! Red has no true name...only Red.

Either way that does it for ALaaL, a short but fun tale that I hope you all enjoyed. Longer than SWAPR but in the same vein of it, compared to my other stories which are hundreds of words, lol.