In Roele the priest is giving his sermon over the microphones in the streets. A young boy in a suit of armor is sitting down with their relative. He is named Alphonse Elric, he is 14 years old and an alchemist. Alchemist are people who can take an object and take it into something else because a person can't take something and make it nothing. There are different types of alchemist including the military dogs who are known as the "state's dogs". One said state dog is the Fullmetal Alchemist, a 15 year old child who is a prodigy alchemist.

"A religious Broadcast on the radio?" asks Al

" 'Emissary of the sun God', what is that?" asks relative.

"I was just about to ask if you guys are street performers," says the man running the diner.

The relative explains that they are tracking something down but not specific what they are and asks about the broadcasts. The vender explains that his name is Father Cornello, he and customers explain that he is the Sun God's emerasy and worked miracles. The vender asks if the kids are even listening anymore and they said they aren't.

"Thank you for the food. Let's go," says the relative.

"Okay," says Al.

Al gets up and accidentally breaks the speaker. Al gets up using a transmutation circle to fix the speaker with alchemy. The man asks if they can work miracles as well.

"We're alchemist!" explains Al.

"We're the Elric Siblings," says the relative.

The people get excited but get confused swarming Alphonse.

"You must be the Fullmetal Alchemist! The young talented kid who passed the State Alchemist test!" says the crowd.

"Um...actually...I'm the younger brother Alphonse Elric...the Fullmetal Alchemist is my sister Emma Elric…." says Al.

"You mean the little guy is a little girl?!" asks one of the guys.

"Don't call me little, small, midget, or shrimp!" says Em.

She goes on a rampage until Al makes her calm down.

"Also: Hell yes I'm a girl! I just have a big jacket…" says Em.

She pouts a little bit before calming down. In the meantime: a girl named Rose goes to see Father Cornello, she is told she will get her wish in time. Then she goes to church and sees the Elric siblings. She asks if they will join the church and Em says that they won't because they aren't religious. She asks if Rose really believes that God can just bring people back to life she says yes and Emma informs Rose what humans are made of. She also informs her that human transformation hasn't been successful so her wish can't come true. She also informs Rose that they don't believe in God because they are scientists. Al and Em does go to the showing of Father Cornello, the siblings see that they are using alchemy. Emma tries to explain the laws of alchemy but only confuses her. So Al explains that something can't be made out of nothing but somehow Father Cornello can do so. The siblings look closer and notice the jewel on Father Cornello's ring. Emma tells Rose that she changes her mind and wants to learn the religion. So Rose goes to the church telling one of the helpers that the Elric siblings want to see Father Cornello, Father Cornello wants to send them away until he learns that Emma is there. So the man takes the sibling's down to an area Rose doesn't really know the area. The man takes out a gun and shoots off Al's helmet in the eye shooting the helmet off. While two others take spears holding Em in place, Rose yells at him for what he just did. The man explains it was because they are against God and God wants it done. He goes to kill Emma but Al gets up grabbing the gun. Emma on the other hand gets free from the grips of the men with the spears. Em grabs Al's helmet and thumps one of the people of the church.

"Woo!" says Em.

"My..head.." says Al.

"What is happening?!" asks Rose, startled.

Em tonks her brother's armor to show that it is hollow inside.

"This is just when you do the greatest sin, my sister and I…" starts Al.

" did it too, Emma?" asks Rose.*

"Let's talk about it another time. So this is the work of your God," says Em. *

"No! God wouldn't do any of this!" says Rose. *

"Sigh...Let's show you the truth, do you think you can handle it?" asks Em. *

She's confused but agrees to go through the plan by hiding in Al's armor. They go to Cornello's office. They meet Father Cornello and confront him on the philosopher's stone on his hand. Which Father Cornello says its true and now he can do whatever he wants with it. What he wants with it is to have the whole nation to his knees. Em and Al reveal that Rose was listening the whole time. Father Cornello tricks her into believing that he can revive her husband. She goes over to Father Cornello apologizing to the siblings. Father Cornello flips the switch and a lion chimera is released. He went to kill Emma but grabs her automail arm. She smirks at the lion snake compared.

"What's wrong? Kitten doesn't like what he grabbed?" asks Em.

The lion gets off her leg and arm taking off her jacket revealing that her arm is automail and the snake is biting off the pants on her automail leg. The fight begins with Al helping his sister. At the end of the fight Father Cornello's ring busts while he is "making miracles" happen. Em and Al run after Father Cornello but they get out to find a crowd going after him. They catch up to the office, where they trick him to admit his plans to the public. Em finds out the stone is fake so takes out her frustration on him. Em and Al to leave but Rose catch up with them and starts yelling at them about what she should do next.

"You need to figure that out on your own. Stand up and walk. Keep moving forward. At least you have strong legs to take you there." *

In the meantime:

Father Cornello bumps into a short round man in black pants, black boots, in black tank top with red dots going down to his black handbands,who is eating the lion chimera, while a black haired tall girl in a long black dress with long high heeled boots with long black gloves, her hair goes in front of her face. The girl is named Lust and the boy is named Gluttony. Father Cornello yells at them for giving him a fake Philosopher tells him that there is no way they would give a real one to a greedy human like him. Lust makes her nails grow and kills him as he goes to attack her. She informs her leader that Father Cornello was a failure.

*A/N: It's been a while since I read FMA so this is from the manga but parts of it have been changed or shortened. Lines from the manga go to the original creator: Hiromu Arakawa.