A few days ago:

A man that is tall with long blonde hair, a brown coat, and a black suit, with glasses showed up to Resembol. He makes his way up the hill where Em and Al burned their house down. He is confused and makes his way down to the Rockbells where Granny is looking down memory lane with the photos.

"Pinako, it seems my house is gone…" says the blonde man.

"Hohenheim, you haven't changed a bit…" says Granny.

Back to now:

Em, on the other hand, takes a pit stop with Major Armstrong on the way to Resembol. They make their way to the east on horseback with Breda and Mr. Foo where they head off in the desert. Em is very confusing but it is too late to turn away now. She's already dug her feet in deeply. Though the heat was making her uncomfortable as she goes through with them. Al does manage to help Lt. Hawkeye out but they end up at a hideaway trying to find Barry. They split up where Al goes with Lt. Hawkeye. While Havoc is with Mustang where they find a lab that smells horrible.

"Jean, I didn't know you stood me up for this reason...I should be hurt…" says a familiar voice.

It turned out to be Lust, the boys shoot at her and try to get out of there after finding out who it is. But, Lust with her last-ditch effort attacks them head-on and escaped finding Al with Lt. Hawkeye. She mentions how sad it is that she has to kill two sacrifices which make Hawkeye upset enough to continue to shoot at Lust, luckily Mustang lived severing the wounds closed and he starts using his wounded hand to attack Lust after Al makes a cover to protect him and Hawkeye. Cl. Mustang can put her down and finally kill her. King Bradley orders for an ambulance to get for Mustang and Havoc. When Mustang and Havoc are safe Al makes his way home with half of his mouth gone. Wyn rushes him inside with his arm that he lost while waving.

Lt. Armstrong and Em are surprised when they make it where Mr. Foo is taking them. When they see a familiar face in the desert, a wonderful beautiful woman indeed.

"Emma, Lt. Armstrong it's so nice to see you," says Maria.

"Well... I'll be 2nd Lt. Ross," says Emma.

What isn't a surprise to anyone is that Lt. Armstrong takes off his shirt and tries to hug Ross. After a few minutes, they sit down and talk about what is happening and what Em decides to do, which is to keep moving forward. Maria leaves with Mr. Foo to Xing where she will be safe. On the way out, Em has to evade being attacked and makes herself be taken down. She gets to talk to some people that the Rockbells saved before they died. She makes a promise to thank the Rockbells in their stead after finding out that an Ishbalan they saved killed them. Lt. Breda and Lt. Armstrong leaves to Central while Em goes to Resembol in hopes to get her arm fixed up before going. She decides to keep her promise by visiting the Rockbells grave while giving her mom some respects.

"Wait, who is in front of Mama's grave?" she thinks to herself.

She stops dead in her tracks as she knows exactly who that is.

Flashback in Hohenheim's mind:

"Daddy?" says Little Emma.

"What is it, Emma?" asks Hohenheim.

"Can't we play? Please?" asks Little Emma.

"...when it's safe, Emma Daddy promises," says Hohenheim.

She pouts crossing her arms looking away from him.

"You say that all the time Papa! Isn't it safe at home?" asks Little Emma.

Hohenheim dodges the question he goes to rub her head but stops himself.

"Why not go see what Mama is cooking? I will join you for lunch today," says Hohenheim.

"Really?! You better not break your promise! Al! Papa is joining us for lunch today!" says Little Emma.

She runs off happily to go find her baby brother understanding that Al probably doesn't understand what is being said. Hohenheim looks after his little girl sadly, all he can hope is to give her a home and a life worth coming home too.

"Dear? Lunch is ready!" calls Trisha.

Pause in flashback:

Hohenheim turns to the grave and sees his little girl which isn't as little anymore.


Hohenheim stops and puts his books down going into the kitchen he sees Trisha holding their youngest in her arms feeding him. Alphonse isn't more than a year old. While Emma turned two and is smart as a lick. She smiles happily pulling out a seat for him. Well, she's trying too, Trisha has to help pull it out.

"Papa! You are keeping your promise!"

Pause in flashback:

"Van Hohenheim, you bastard!" says Emma, angrily.


"Papa! You gotta sit with Mama okay? I will sit next to you with Al, okay?"

End of that flashback:

"Emma, that isn't a way for a lady to speak especially to your father."

"Father?! You aren't my father!"

Another flashback:

"...Papa...I'm scared...can I sleep with you please?"

End of flashback:

"That's a cruel thing to say, Emma...I remember when you used to call me: 'Papa' or 'Daddy'"

"That was a long time ago….you don't deserve that after you left Mama with two kids at home!"


Hohenheim has his case as baby Al sucks his binky crawling toward Hohenheim, there is a tug on his pants leg where Emma looks up at him confused.

"Daddy? When will you be back?" asks little Emma.

Hohenheim doesn't answer just says goodbye as he walks out the door, leaving behind his two children.

End of flashbacks:

"Right, you burned down our home...Trisha… you just had to wait for a little longer.."

"You don't have a right to cause her more hardships! She got sick and died! We burned it so there wouldn't be a reason to come back...it was our resolve."

"No it wasn't, it was no more than that it was nothing more than a child who wet the bed."

"You are wrong! Hmph! Just looking at you is pissing me off!"

She starts to walk away.

"Language, a lady shouldn't use such language, especially in front of her parents,"

"And a man should stay for his wife and kids! You have no room lecturing me!"

She storms off but stops seeing a large shadow behind her.

"Stop following me!" says Emma.

"You are going to Pinako's right? I have nowhere else to go..since you burned my house. Why don't you see your mother?" asks Hohenheim.

"I saw you're ugly mug and it irked me too much, I shouldn't cause Mama to worry," says Em.

"You still call her 'Mama' but you don't call me 'Papa'?" asks Hohenheim.

"Are you getting deaf in your old age?! I will not call you Papa, bastard!" says Em.

She hurries off letting Hohenheim follow behind her.

"You say I'm not your Papa anymore but you have your hair like mine," says Hohenheim.

Em glares at him and braids her hair back. She then starts walking into town.

"How is Alphonse, Emma?" ask Hohenheim.

"Why do you care?" asks Em.

She walks on she doesn't know why she is answering him, she wants nothing to do with him. She knows deep down that her mom wouldn't appreciate it if she ignores him. So for her, she will answer any questions she has.

"He is my son, last I saw him he was a baby," says Hohenheim.

"It's none of your business and that is your fault!" says Em.

She flips him off and continues walking the long way hoping he will get lost and she can go to Granny's house in peace.

"You have turned into a beautiful young woman," says Hohenheim.

"...Thanks.." says Em.

"Are there any boys in your life?" asks Hohenheim.

He hoped not but he knew he couldn't say anything if she was.

"No! I don't have the time to date!" says Em, annoyed.

"That's a relief..you are too young to date," says Hohenheim.

"I will date whenever I want! Whoever I want!" says Em.

"Are you into someone?" asks Hohenheim.

"Papa!" says Em.

She blushes turning bright red in the face and covers her mouth.

"Fucking! Nevermind! It isn't any of your business maybe I do maybe I don't! Leave me alone!" says Em.

Hohenheim smiles hearing her call him, "Papa". Em hurries off, running off to Granny's hoping that he will forget about it. When they get there Granny has dinner ready for them to enjoy which puts the questioning on hold which makes Emma happy about that. She eats the farthest seat away from Hohenheim that she can do at the small table. She goes to bed later that night, Hohenheim goes in to check in on Em. He frowns sadly at his daughter remembering the last time he got to tuck her in without touching her. He didn't want to hurt her but it turns out he did. He makes a promise to make it up to her one day, her and Al.

The End