Modded Beyond Recognition

Chapter: 1

I was minding my own business on my world, a bipedal sheep building a smeltery before the sun set instantly. This world has disabled cheats and this is not a lan world. The sun rises again to midday, then midnight and back with decreasing time between swapping again. I hit ESC and nothing happens, next thing I know, my screen is black and I have fallen face first into the screen, sinking in fast.

I wasn't given enough time to grab the edge of the screen before my feet joined me and my window out into reality glitched out of existence. I am in void but I can somehow see myself as if I was in daylight. Suddenly my body changes proportions and my clothing becomes thick wool, my shirt becomes a singular colour and merges with my trousers, the colour of the wool is fading between crimson and black similar to what you would see on a jeb_ sheep and the wool begins covering my head like a hood. During my fall, I'm unnaturally reoriented upright as if I was standing before I gently land on a singular square of path and it slowly loads more squares until I find myself in a city that couldn't belong in Minecraft but loaded in just like it.

I recognise the city to be a deserted New York with viscous zombies and abominations. Most of the buildings were almost completely destroyed and a few had fallen into each other. I was not alone in this city and wouldn't survive long here if I was spotted so I rushed toward the nearest building to hide inside. I was not so lucky.

A walker spotted me and was sprinting towards me about to attempt to impale me with it's blade but before it can do so, I instinctively raise my left arm in front of me and turn to face it while gripping my eyes closed subconsciously and the attack never came. Opening my eyes, I see a wool roman shield attached to my left arm was blocking my view and upon lowering my arm, I see a walker impaled on a spike of wool that seems to have shot up through the tarmac of the path silently. With that done with, I calmly wander up to the doorway of the building and attempt to open it but sadly it is locked.

Wait, how am I calm? While I ponder this, I begin tapping on the door rhythmically until I hear the sound of a stone block breaking and see an empty doorway in front of me with a pile of pixels on the floor of the doorway. Confused, I step inside and I begin tapping on the wall before looking at the wall in shock as pixelated cracks had appeared around where I had been tapping before they suddenly disappeared and I realised that I'm living Prototype as my reality with Minecraft physics.

I check my right pocket and a window appears in front of me, the Minecraft inventory and in it was a dark oak door that I mentally moved onto my hot-bar. Facing the doorway with a pixelated door in hand, I move within a step of the door and waved my hand on where the door would have been and it appeared except it was a dark oak door and not the door it was previously. I need to find a tree to punch...

I own this account, this character and this story, not the games or other references that can and will appear in this story. Credit should be given to wherever credit is due. Prototype is owned by (I have no idea and aren't going to check) and Minecraft was owned by Microsoft (last I checked).

This story uses Minecraft mods that I don't own and don't know who owns them. Please enjoy this crossover for me.