The drive was surprisingly quiet, only the music from the radio was playing and even that was muted. Sam had his elbow against the door and was staring out the window, lost in thought as the fields flew past them.

The only sound that filled the air was the car's engine, roaring as she drove. It had been a gift, if you could call it that, from a different lifetime. Remnants of a life left behind that was ultimately all they had left.

Sam closed his eyes and breathed out through his nose, not wanting to think about that and focusing on the job at hand instead.

They had added the jar to the others in the truck, bringing their collection up to nine. They weren't exactly sure how many they had to get but they weren't going to be stopping their collection for a while.

"What are you thinking about?" Dean asked, breaking the silence. From the corner of his eye he could see Dean glanced at him before turning back to the road.

"The car." Sam said honestly, looking back to the trunk. "The souls. Just a bunch of crap."

Dean scoffed but Sam saw how he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. "Focus on the souls." he told him. "Focus on what we're doing."

"I am." Sam said, reaching over to punch Deans arm when they passed a farm where he saw a cow. "But that makes me think about everything else too."

"Then focus on finding someone else for us, or where we should go." Dean told him, annoyance clear in his voice. "Find which states next."

"Anything to get out of Nebraska." Sam said grabbing his laptop out of his bag and brought his legs up to balance it on his knees. "Also if that last guy was a hunter, then we might run into other hunters later on."

"Good, the more the merrier." Dean said with a snort. "I want them to come in the drones, we can get at least ten souls at once."

"Lot more work though, ten people." Sam said, typing in their coordinates and staring at a map. "Unless we kill them one by one."

"Might have to keep them drugged then, if they know it's coming they might have a heart attack and die right there." Dean pointed out. "Which means more work and more ways to play."

"You're a sadistic fuck Dean, hope you know that." Sam told him, biting back a smile at the pointed look Dean shot him.

"Pot, kettle." Dean said with a smirk. "C'mon Sammy, we both know you're just as fucked up as I am. We had the same upbringing."

"I am a well adjusted citizen and a human being." Sam told him. "Don't compare me to you Dean."

Dean's eyes darkened and for a moment Sam thought that maybe he went a bit too far, it was hard to gauge Deans limits at times and more often than not he found himself skidding the line.

Then Dean smiled and that did absolutely nothing to lessen his worries. "Okay." he agreed. "You're a completely normal human being, no dark side, nothing sadistic. Just a normal. Human. Being."

"Dean," Sam started to say.

"No, no. You're right." Dean interrupted him. "You're absolutely right Sammy, don't worry." his smile turned into a grin and black spots appeared in his eyes. "I got the message."

Hours later Sam realized just what Dean had intended to be his punishment. It almost seemed like he had found the sluttiest waitress in the next state over and was putting all the moves on her, paying him no attention whatsoever.

Not like she wasn't a willing flirting companion. She was all but falling out of her top and getting to her knees right there in the diner. She couldn't tear her eyes away from Dean, barely remembering to do her actual job, something her manager kept shouting to her about.

Dean was laying it on thick, hand coming out to stroke at her wrist, grinning at her and licking his lips slowly, letting her see every last movement, let her feel his touch gentle and promising.

Dean wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her in a bit closer, she was the one who took the rest of the distance and crossed it, sitting down almost on his lap. Sam's eyes went to her hand which was slowly moving under the table and from the satisfied look on Dean's face he knew that she was palming his cock through his jeans.

The oven in the diners kitchen blew up for a moment, the fire shooting upwards to the ceiling and causing the cooks to shout in alarm, grabbing the fire extinguisher and trying to control the flames.

"Get off your ass and get back to work!" the waitress's manager snarled at her. She rolled her eyes and then rolled her hips against Dean, giving him what she was sure a sultry look.

"I get off at six." Sam heard her murmur, his eyes pinned to Dean's hand on her lower back. His hand was slipping under her shirt to stroke at her skin and he watched a flash of pleasure appear on her face.

"I'll be here." Dean murmured back, smiling at her and leaned in to whisper it to her.

With that Sam finally stood up, leaving the table and the diner, Dean could pay for their meal that he didn't eat. He didn't want to see any of that anymore.

Sam was the one that drove up to the diner later that night at exactly six o'clock. He kept in the shadows and watched the waitress ran over to the passengers seat. Before she could register that he wasn't Dean with a single thought he made her keep moving, getting into the passenger's seat, and closing the door behind her.

He couldn't control their minds, Dean was the one that was able to manipulate a mind more than him. But he could control their bodies, he could force their bodies to move as he wished and that's what they used to bring people whose souls they were going to take.

Or in this case, making sure she got into his car and didn't make a big noise about it. He made her sit in the passenger's seat despite how her eyes were jerking around. She couldn't even make a sound but that was going to change later on.

Reaching an abandoned cabin Sam came out of the car and made sure that the girl followed him, her movements and walking smooth despite how much she was starting to panic more and more.

Opening it the girl walked in and he let her look, the entire room was painted in runes, there were chains that were against the wall; its intent clear, to hold her in place. But most of all was the table filled with knives of various blades that were cleaned of blood

There was also another jar there, ready and waiting for her soul.

The girl was slammed against the wall and the chains wrapped around her tightly, just a bit too tightly around her neck as he examined each knife one at a time.

Choosing one he picked it up and turned back to her, relishing in the look of fear in her eyes, the tears that were already falling down her face.

She was rather pretty like this.

But she was going to be a lot more prettier opened up.

He took his time with this one, made sure to have just a little bit of fun. And if he prevented her from dying too fast, stopped her from bleeding too much, kept her alive just a few more seconds just to see those eyes filled with terror and pain?

Well that was just part of the job.

When his wrist started to hurt he wrapped it up, pressing the knife down to her collarbone and brought it sharply down, opening her up completely, coating him completely in her blood.

He didn't like lickng it, the taste was something he didn't like.

But he didn't mind being coated in it.

The jar was pressed into his hand and he held it up, letting it fill with blood and a glow of runes the soul followed. He closed the jar tightly and set it down against the ground.

"See Sammy?" Dean's voice murmured into his ear, arms wrapping from behind him and pressing them flush against one another. "You're just as sadistic as I am."

Sam snorted and reached for his brother, spinning the both of them around so that he could pin him to the wall right next to the waitress.

"You're an ass." Sam told him, leaning in closer to him, hand on his shoulder to keep him in place. "You didn't have to do that."

"Yeah I did." Dean said with a smile. "Because Sammy," Deans hand went out to grab at Sams and brought it up, licking at the blood that was staining his fingers. "You're just." Dean trailed down Sams hand to his wrist, nipping at it, pressing his teeth against his pulse point. "Like. Me."

Sam turned his wrist to grab at Dean and pull him in close, kissing him roughly and hard, teeth biting into the other lips before parting, breathing heavily.

"You're an idiot." Sam told him. "I know, you don't have to be a dick about it and try to fuck any little slut that'll look at you."

Dean hummed, pleased, and reached to tug Sam into another kiss. "But jealousy looks so good on you little brother." he murmured.

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