After the whole experience that ended with three hunters dead, with her leaving the bodies for him to clean up.

He didn't mind, at this point in his hunting career he knew how to stay out of sight of the public and how to properly dispose of any kind of bodies. It gave him something to focus on other than the clenched feeling inside of his chest.

He had no idea how to contact her, didn't have her or the boys phone number, so that meant either they'd run into each other or hope that she would come search for him.

In all honesty, he didn't have much hope that she would do so. All he could do is wait and see.

So, he settled back to doing whatever it was that he did best. He took on small hunting jobs here and there, drifted from town to town, almost on autopilot.

Thankfully, he didn't run into any other hunters; he wasn't sure what their reactions to him would be. He had no idea of knowing what Bobby would say to others, if he told anything at all. He knew that Ellen and Bills fates would be told, they were well-known enough in the hunting world for people to ask about them once they realized that they were gone. But whether word would get out exactly what had happened to them, he didn't know.

If not Bobby then Jo probably would tell, either out of vengeance or desperation to avenge them. He felt for the girl, a sudden orphan in the worst possible ways, but at the same time...the whole thing was used to bring Mary back to life and that...

That made it hard to really think of it in a bad way, even if the Harvelles souls weren't used in whatever ritual it had been.

There was a sudden hard knock at his motel door and he immediately snapped up to attention, breaking out of whatever thoughts had been going through his head, hand slipping under his pillow to grab the gun he had stashed there. He moved carefully towards the door, pressing into the wall and looking out from the corner of the window. Feeling his stomach swoop slightly he swallowed hard and placed his gun into the back of his pants, opening the door.

Mary stood there, a pissed off expression on her face. She stared at him in silence, hands in her pockets. He couldn't tear his gaze away from her, from the way that her hair fell along her shoulders, how her the green of her eyes stuck out in the moonlight like two gems. She looked ethereal, supernatural in a way that fairies and elves would have been described.

But even then, he could see the darkness clinging to her, could see the edges of her eyes where the darkness of her soul showed the truth of her existence. The scent of sulfur was clinging to the air around her and despite how it used to put him on edge before, now it almost seemed to relax him. Because it was a part of Mary, a part of her. And he wanted to know all of her down to the darkest parts.

He stepped to the side to let her in but she still didn't move, her eyes going to the side where, once he glanced over at it as well, saw the salt lines that he had automatically put up. He reached out and with a swipe of his hand brushed a part of the line off, rendering it useless. The moment he did so, Mary came into the room, taking her jacket off and throwing it to the side.

Her shirt was covered in bloodstains and for a moment John panicked at the sight, calming down slightly when he couldn't see that she was hurt anywhere.

For a moment, he was at a loss of what he should do. Should he offer her something to drink, did he even have anything to offer her to drink other than alcohol? Should he talk to her at all, ask her why she had come to him like this?

Mary seemed to answer it for herself, she went to his duffel bag and pulled out a few articles of clothing, a t-shirt and a pair of boxers, and without saying another word went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. After a few moments he could hear the water start to run.

John let out a small breath, unsure of how to feel about this. On one hand he was happy that she was here, even like this just to use him and whatever he had. On the other hand, the feeling of being used wasn't a pleasant one.

But for whatever reason, be it a shower and a place to rest, she chose him and that was enough to make him relax just slightly and smile.

It felt like forever before he heard the water turn off, most likely the hot water had run out, before she stepped out, wearing his clothes and her own folded in her hands. She placed it on the chair next to the table and he could see her move her jaw from side to side, could see her chewing on the inside of her cheek.

She always did that when she was thinking hard, he was glad to see that some things hadn't changed.

Gathering his courage he took a deep breath and finally asked, "Are you okay?"

Mary looked away from his direction at that, turning to stare at the wall instead. It took another few moments before she spoke, "Things...have changed a lot." her voice was quiet, almost mournful. "It's been about fourteen years that I've been dead. I've been trying to get used to everything, catch up on what I've missed. It's just...a lot. It's overwhelming."

John thought back for a moment about all the changes he could think of that had happened in the last few years, let alone fourteen years, and felt a stab of pity for her.

"Even my boys are different now, that's to be given, it's been so long." she continued. "All grown up and ready to be used by Hell. Every time I close my eyes I remember what they used to be, just children, my children." her hand went to her flat stomach before going to where she had thrown her jacket and rummaged through the pocket, taking out a cell phone that she stared at.

"They gave me this to keep in contact with them." she said. "And I don't even really know how. I get the green button, I get the number, but everything else about it I just don't get. I've been trying to call them but...I don't think I can."

John slowly crossed over the room to her, reaching for the phone. Her fingers tightened around it for a moment before she let him take it from her. He flipped it open with his thumb and looked it over, taking the symbols on top of the phone. "You have it set on airplane mode." he told her, pointing at the small black plane on top. "You just need to turn it off and you can call them."

He did that, making sure to let her see what he was doing. The plane disappeared and the rest of the screen came back to life, showing a picture of a black car, the impala. He held the phone back out to her and gingerly, she took it from him.

"Everything used to be so much simpler." she said, turning the phone around in her hand. "Even as a demon it was easier but I don't have the chalice to contact anyone."

He knew exactly what kind of chalice she was referring to, the one that demons used to call one another so long as it was filled with human blood.

It didn't put him off as much as it used to.

"Mary," he said quietly. "Why'd you come to me?"

"Cause everything else has changed, everything else is completely different." she told him, finally looking up at him. "You're the only thing that hasn't."

"I can't stop thinking about you, can't stop thinking about everything." Mary told him, not looking away. He barely dared to blink lest that she would disappear just as suddenly as she came. "And it pisses me off, just like before. Even when I was on the run with a kid, even when I was in Hell. Even to when I was trying to figure out a way to get the boys back up top. I couldn't stop thinking about you."

"Because in a sea of everything, of change and of differences and everything in between," she continued, turning for a moment to put her phone onto the table right next to his before she faced him once more. "You're still the number one rock that I have."

"I'm still mad at you, I'm still hurt and angry and I want to rip your goddamn spine out." Mary said, stepping towards him. "That hasn't changed. were right before." she looked down at her hand where his golden bang was, turning it and catching it in the light. "I still have feelings for you. Positive feelings."

His lips and throat felt dry, he had to clear it a few times before he managed to speak. "And what do you want from me Mary?" he asked in a hushed voice.

Mary didn't say anything, just stared at him. He wasn't sure who moved first but before he could even blink their arms were around one another as their lips locked together.

They kissed breathlessly, desperately to a degree. Her fingers dug into him almost painfully as he moved her, backing her into the wall. She pressed up into him, moving her hips up against his as they kissed.

The phone suddenly ringing brought them back to their senses, causing them to break apart. Breathing heavily, the air filled with the scent of sulfur, they looked at one another and then back at the phone. Shaking his head John pulled away, he gave that phone number out to people that might need his help, he reluctantly moved away from her, picking the phone up and flipping it open, putting it on speaker as he cleared his voice and tried to sound coherent. "Hello?"

There was no answer and John's forehead furrowed slightly, ready to just about end the call as Mary walked up to him and asked, "John, what is it?"

The both of their eyes widened when suddenly Dean's voice came from the phone. "Mom." Mary cursed under her breath, hands coming up to cover her face. "What the Hell are you doing with John Winchester?"

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